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A new set of PPC benchmarks reveals which industries are currently performing well, which ones are hardest hit, and which ones have seen mixed results during the COVID-19 pandemic.

WordStream typically releases its Google Ads benchmarks report on an annual basis. Due the unprecedented times we’re living in, WordStream just released its second report this year alone.

WordSteam’s updated Google Ads benchmarks during COVID-19 contains data across 21 industries and is current up to May 2023

Industries With Increased Ad Performance

The 8 industries with the greatest ad performance increases during COVID-19 are:

Apparel: Performance first spiked in April and carried that momentum into May.

Beauty & Personal Care: Conversion rates spiked in April. In May, as these local services began to re-open, shopping campaigns saw lower conversion rates but a surge in online bookings.

Hobbies & Leisure: Advertisers saw a stable performance the past few months with people having more time to spend on indoor hobbies.

Computers & Electronics: Consumers reportedly spent more on big-ticket electronics as stimulus checks were mailed out in April and May. This led to an increase in ad performance.

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Industries With Mixed Ad Performance

Some industries are on the verge of sink or swim as they react to changes brought on by the pandemic.

The 10 industries with mixed PPC performance during COVID-19:


Food & Groceries

Dining & Nightlife

Home & Garden

Sports & Fitness


Legal & Government

Business & Industrial


Jobs & Education

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Hardest Hit Industries

Many large industries are still feeling the impact of COVID-19, which is reflected in the performance of their PPC campaigns.

The 3 industries hit the hardest during COVID-19 are:

Travel & Tourism: Travel was one of the first industries impacted by COVID-19 and it remains impacted still.


This had lead to an almost universal increase in CTRs across Google and Bing.

Across many industries, CPCs and conversion rates are falling in tandem.

WordStream emphasizes that ad campaigns must continue to change as well.

For more insights, and a complete set of charts for all industries, download the full report here.

You're reading Data: These 8 Industries Are Ruling The Ppc Market During Covid

8 Things Advertisers Say They’re Doing During Covid

I’ve now hosted five PPC Town Halls and welcomed several PPC experts as panelists to share what they’re doing in response to the economic crisis that’s resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

I’d like to share a few of the key takeaways we heard.

1. Adapt to Survive in a Volatile Market

The volatility in digital marketing follows that of the real world.

As consumers in different locations have to abide by quickly-evolving government regulations, their behavioral shifts are forcing companies to adapt quickly or risk going out of business.

Levi’s CEO, Chip Bergh, says “this pandemic will further separate the winners and losers.”

But since there is no playbook for the scenario we now face, being nimble and adapting to the situation is going to be a critical part of being a winner.

If you’re on the digital marketing team, the first step to getting your client or company to agree to adapt is to show them data of how the pandemic is impacting them.

Regional Impact of PPC Script

My company, Optmyzr, has written a free Google Ads script that overlays regional coronavirus-related regulations on top of Google Ads performance data.

The annotated timeline can expose the underlying reasons why the results of PPC are in flux.

It can be especially helpful for agencies working with multi-location clients where it may be difficult to stay on top of a multitude of differing local regulations.

Pre- & Post COVID-19 Script

Another free visualization script is written by Martin Röttgerding.

It charts key PPC metrics before and after COVID for all accounts in an MCC.

This is useful because it considers the performance of each individual account rather than the aggregate data we tend to hear and which may misrepresent what is happening on an account-by-account basis.

Keyword Planner

And don’t forget about the engines’ own tools that you may have been visiting only sporadically before.

Advertisers might notice a change in competition and its corresponding impact on lost impression share.

Based on that they can decide to change targets for automated bidding to be better aligned with current market conditions.

2. Remain Relevant Any Way You Can

My wife just cut my hair and it looks great.

I started working out in my yard and I love not having to drive 15 minutes to the gym.

I wear sneakers more often and I love how comfortable they are.

These are just some of the ways I’m changing.

I don’t know yet to what degree I’ll return to things the way they were before.

That’s not great news for my hairdresser, my gym, and the makers of formal shoewear.

By the way, I can put on my shirt while doing a handstand so that’s indisputable evidence some things can be done as well at home as outside of the home.

We need to nominate another PPC’er to do this challenge next…

As a business, you must prove value, now more than ever, even if you may not get paid the same.

Consumers like routines.

Getting them to try something new is hard, that’s why the cost to acquire a new customer is higher than the cost to retain an existing one.

But now status quo-loving consumers are forced to change.

As a business, this is an opportunity to get a new customer if you can fulfill their exact need.

And it’s also a challenge to figure out how to retain that customer, even if you can only partially meet their need.

3. Sell by Inspiring & Having Up-to-Date Ads

“People are nervous, bored, and anxious; reminding people of that doesn’t inspire them to fall in love with a brand. Shift that messaging to talk about how you’re going to help consumers come out of this.”

Then again, if you are selling cars, connect business data about the local situation so that ad extensions and ad text correctly reflect the scenario.

4. It’s Feast or Famine

When international borders are closed and shelter-in-place orders are enacted, planes have to be grounded.

At the same time, consumers wanting to minimize trips outside their homes are looking for food and grocery delivery services at unprecedented rates.

But while the demand is there, the supply is not with Whole Foods delivery slots in scarce supply.

Being nimble helps as Instacart is on track to hire over 500,000 new workers to bring supply and demand in line.

“It’s almost a ‘feast or famine’ situation across commerce and service, and there are challenges with both scenarios,” Ginny Marvin from Third Door Media observed during PPC Town Hall.

As a digital marketer, there is more work than ever to keep things on track, regardless of where your company falls on the scale of feast or famine.

We heard from Benu Aggarwal whose agency works in the travel vertical that they immediately found new ways to help their clients, even if that meant going outside of the usual realm of the work they do.

5. It’s the Wild West Again

What makes the situation even more challenging and unique is that we no longer have the benefit of consistent laws that are uniformly enacted, a key criterion for an economy to perform at its peak.

I’ve heard several anecdotal reports of people in one city getting a ticket for the exact same activity that someone in the next city is allowed to do without penalty.

Store visits with social distancing.

Buy online, pick up by car.

Online orders only.

Or a total closure.

Besides a patchwork of regulations, we now also face the uncertainty of inconsistent enforcement.

In Los Altos, where I live, one day the police told everyone to leave the school fields, only to have the superintendent email the whole town to say this was a misunderstanding and fields were in fact open.

When rules are changing so quickly that the government can’t keep up, it’s no surprise consumers are confused.

There’s also a new land-grab that is now possible.

“Here’s a major company that runs a large part of the planet’s ecommerce saying it can no longer deliver what it’s conditioned us to expect, and not everyone realizes how disruptive this is,” said Elizabeth Marsten on Amazon’s decision to reprioritize certain FBA products.

Personally I am learning about a lot of new companies that can help me meet my needs now that there are several of the usual players with logistics problems.

6. Use Audiences to Your Benefit

There is a lot that can be done with audiences, even in search marketing and now may be a great time to try some new things our panelists shared.

If your business is no longer able to close the deal right away, there are still opportunities to “build demand now for when you once again have the ability to deliver the product or service,” said Susan Wenograd at a recent PPC Town Hall.

7. Experiment With Automated Bidding

I initially had concerns about how automated bidding would respond to an unexpected shift in behavior.

For example:

Would it quickly catch on to the fact that the same people who used to go shopping online from office parks were now all of a sudden doing those same searches from their homes in different cities?

Would that break the machine learning’s prediction of the geographic impact on a query’s chances to convert?

Google’s Peter Oliveira responded that “Smart bidding has the ability to pick up signals and compare it to other things going on in the market to make those adjustments. While it uses both aggregated and recent trends, it favors what’s been happening recently,” hence it should work pretty well right now.

Most of what we heard from participants and panelists confirmed what Oliveira said that automated bidding is working.

But remember that automated bidding needs good data to build predictions and part of that is about having the right measurement in place.

“It’s not a bad time to acquire users even if they’re not all going to convert right away,” Wenograd said.

Peter did add to “avoid the set-and-forget mentality, especially now. Smart Bidding is not automated bidding, you should still revise goals weekly.”

To be able to align goals with what’s happening on a regional basis, it may even make sense to get more granular in campaign structure, even if only temporarily.

Remember that campaign structure changes won’t break automated bidding models since the machine learning models look primarily at the connections between query and conversion and disregard things like campaign name.

8. Continue to Learn

Digital marketing has always been a fast-moving field and many of us work from home so we’ve been able to adapt relatively quickly.

But one thing I personally miss is the events where we learn from experts and have hallway conversations with smart peers.

I would also love to have you join an upcoming weekly PPC Town Hall to continue the conversation and benefit from collaborative learning.

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Google Finds Seos Are Getting More Work During Covid

Google’s Gary Illyes polled SEOs about changes to their work life during COVID-19, and the results were not what he expected.

Illyes asked SEOs about their workload, what it’s been like working with developers lately, and whether SEOs have had to pitch more work in order to stay afloat.

The poll results were discussed in the latest episode of Google’s Search Off the Record podcast, which just released its second full episode.

Before we get into that though, it’s worth bringing up an interesting point that was made at the beginning of the podcast.

Google is Always Watching

Even when Google’s webmaster outreach team isn’t actively engaging with people on Twitter, they’re still monitoring and reading tweets.

So don’t think because they haven’t responded to a tweet that they haven’t seen it. Chances are they know more about what’s being said on Twitter than we realize.

Here’s how Illyes addressed this:

“What we all do is observe what people are doing on Twitter, and what their problems are, and sometimes answering questions.

One thing that I noticed when this COVID-19 thing started is that some people started to post much less. Then other people started to post much more…

I wanted to figure out why or how is this happening. So I set up a survey.”

Now, let’s take a look at said survey. Here’s more about each poll question and why Illyes was surprised by the results

SEOs’ Workload: Increase or Decrease?

Illyes asks, “With this COVID crap, my SEO related workload…”

By a sizeable margin, poll results show that the workload of SEOs has increased.

A fair share of respondents say their workload has stayed the same, and the fewest number of respondents say their workload has decreased.

With this COVID crap, my SEO related workload…

— Gary 鯨理/경리 Illyes (@methode) May 22, 2023

Illyes explains why these results surprised him:

“I was very surprised by the results. I was surprised because SEOs’ workload actually increased instead of decreasing, which I can’t yet explain.

We have some theories why this would happen and it could be, for example, that more businesses moved online and then they need the extra help from SEOs.”

Are SEOs Pitching More Work?

Illyes asks, “With this COVID crap, I am pitching SEO work…”

The results of this poll are as split as they could possibly be, with each response having virtually the same number of votes.

With this COVID crap, I am pitching SEO work…

— Gary 鯨理/경리 Illyes (@methode) May 22, 2023

Illyes explains why these results surprised him:

“A second poll shows that SEOs are not quite pitching more for businesses. That roughly stayed the same.

That’s also an interesting fact because I would have expected that people have to pitch more to stay afloat, to have more business, to have more income, or to maintain their income.

But I would have been wrong if I said that. The poll shows that it stayed roughly the same for them.”

Working With Developers: Easier or Harder?

Something that’s not getting better for SEOs is their interactions with developers.

Illyes asks, “With this COVID crap, working with developers on SEO projects…”

With this COVID crap, working with developers on SEO projects…

— Gary 鯨理/경리 Illyes (@methode) May 22, 2023

Once again, the results did not go the way Illyes expected:

“One thing I would have expected that got better is that [SEOs] could work more easily with developers. Because you have an online setting and developers are more comfortable with online settings in general. There are various studies that confirm that.

I would have expected that it got easier to work with developers, and that was actually not the case. Most people said that it stayed the same, roughly the same.

I guess that’s good, but many people said that it actually got harder. That’s kind of surprising to me.

Usually, at least on our side at Google, we do lots of video conferences. We work with software engineers quite a lot, and our go-to medium is video conferences and it works really well I would say.

So I was kind of surprised that, for SEOs, it actually got harder to work with developers.”

These poll results were just one of several topics discussed in the new episode of Google’s podcast.

If you’re interested in hearing more, you can listen to the full episode here.

What Are The Advantages Of Paid Ppc Management Services?

PPC’s Time-Saving Approach is Extremely Advantageous

This is important for long-term development and success. This is a crucial factor in achieving success. This helps to save all your financial investments. It is an important part of your services and business. This is how you can manage your time and save it. You can also save time with the PPC approach. This is important for overall management. This could be a valuable asset to your business. This will allow you to save both time and money. This is a great investment in your business.

It is Important to Save Money or Make Financial Investments

This will help with the overall management. It is important to save money. Planning is only possible if you do this. Budgeting is difficult. Budget planning is essential. Budget planning is an essential part of any budget. This is why you must save your financial investment. This is a great step. Ask experts to help you save more money. Your business can save many costs. You can save money and invest your financial resources.

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Top 10 Helpful GitHub Storage For Web Developers

For Overall Management and Development, Experts are also Needed

PPC Practices also have The Advantage of Certainty

This improves the usability of the issues and aids in their use. This is a benefit of the issues. This is the use of certainty. Experts are a good idea. This will make your job easier and more efficient. This will allow for the effective implementation of strategies. This system is automatically generated. You should contact the experts. This is a great step towards development. This is the best investment. These issues and problems must be addressed. You can resolve most of the problems and issues.

Brand Image can also be Amplified, Verified

Modern Businesses are also Responsible for The Advertising Revolution


The PPC management services should only be hired by the best. This will help you organize and solve your problems.

What Are ‘Covid Toes’? Must

You are probably aware of the symptoms of COVID-19, which include coughing, fever, exhaustion, and shortness of breath. Could swollen and discolored toes possibly be related to it?

All you need to know about COVID toes symptoms, treatments, and more are provided below in this article.

What are the Reasons Behind Developing Covid toes?

At the moment this is unclear. Both those who tested positive for the coronavirus and those who tested negative for the virus saw these skin changes.

The state of your toes may be caused by your immune system developing “a robust antiviral” reaction to the coronavirus, which shows a direct connection between COVID toes and COVID-19.

What Symptoms are Associated with Covid toes?

Your toes or fingers’ skin may swell up, turn bright red, and then gradually turn purple. The skin color may appear bloated and purple and may have spots that are brownish-purple in color.

Many people report feeling nothing, and they only become aware of the changes when they examine their fingers or toes.

Along with discolored and swollen skin, one can also develop symptoms like −




Painful and raised bumps

Patches of rough skin

Pus development under the skin

Who can Develop Covid Toes?

Although the illness can manifest at any age, young children, adolescents, and adults may be more susceptible to developing it. Many young people with COVID toes appear healthy and do not develop the virus’ more typical symptoms. Individuals who do experience COVID-19 symptoms often exhibit little symptoms.

Are Covid toes Contagious?

Ask your doctor if you should get tested for COVID if you suspect you have COVID toes or any other Coronavirus symptoms. Stay at home. If you haven’t gotten the COVID vaccine or if you live with persons who haven’t gotten it, this is especially crucial.

How can you Treat Covid toes?

COVID toes will naturally disappear. However, if COVID toes symptoms annoy you, you can address them.

A hydrocortisone cream can be applied to relieve pain or itching. Call a certified dermatologist or your physician if that doesn’t work or if the condition of your fingers or toes worsens.

How Long can Covid Toes Last?

The majority of people’s duration of this ailment is unknown to experts at this time. It may last between 10 and 14 days. According to reports, some people had COVID toes for months.

How to Understand if it is Covid toes or Other Conditions?

Chilblains, a cold-weather ailment, may resemble COVID toes. Swollen and discolored fingers or toes may develop as a result. If you stand on damp, moist ground and receive a chill, you could develop chilblains. Frostbite, which occurs when your skin freezes, is not the same thing.

Chiblains can affect the skin in the ways mentioned below −


Become red or dark blue

Itching and burning

Chilblains can lead to sores and blisters.

How do Covid toes Affect the Skin?

The primary symptom that the virus might cause such as coughing, fever, chills, and difficulty breathing is more common than COVID-19-related skin abnormalities.

However, some individuals with the coronavirus experience several skin conditions, including −

Bumps that itches

Patchy rashes

Blisters that are similar to chicken pox

A lace-like pattern develops on the skin

Big patches along with similar smaller ones

Round and small spots on the skin

Flat spots and raised bumps merging

Can Covid toes be Caused by Virus Ailments?

COVID toes are simply one of several ways the body can react to a viral infection, similar to rashes. It manifests differently, and its root cause is still unclear. Many are reporting red lesions, usually on the soles. It could be a skin response, a tiny clot, or a small obstruction in the blood arteries in the toes.

Yet with sepsis patients in the ICU or people who were on life support, had developed Covid toes. COVID toes get this appearance because it is similar to clogs in the vessels that might cause toe discoloration. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry has not yet discovered a direct link between COVID toes and the severity or mildness of the virus in the body.

Should one be Concerned About Covid toes?

It’s not necessary to have COVID toes to be in the active stage of the sickness or to have any other symptoms. You could be asymptomatic but still, have an ongoing case of COVID-19. It’s also possible that you unknowingly went through an asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic acute phase, which is why your COVID toes didn’t fully emerge until a few weeks later.

There is some evidence to support the idea that COVID toes are more typical of a milder total COVID-19 case. COVID toes may be an illustration of how frequently skin rashes occur while the immune system is ferociously battling an infectious condition.

Again, it is crucial to emphasize that there is still a great deal we don’t understand. You should always take this issue extremely seriously, get tested, and take precautions to protect yourself and others as appropriate. There is substantial evidence linking COVID toes symptoms to COVID-19 infections.


Call your physician or a dermatologist right away because these symptoms can be brought on by conditions other than COVID-19. They can determine what’s wrong with you and assist in getting you the appropriate care.

The 8 Best Coins To Buy During The New 2023 Bull Run!

In the realm of cryptocurrency, the year 2023 delivered nothing but a decline. From causing weak blockchain initiatives to vanish to leading established businesses and platforms to wobble and investors to hold on to their assets as they wait for the next bull run – 2023 was undeniably a roller coaster. 

Yet, with the rapid crypto market price growth we are witnessing in 2023, this is your time to invest in some emerging and growing coins. But in the rising crypto market, where new projects are introduced daily, how do you know which coin is worth investing in this bull run? Don’t worry; with some innovative coins like Love Hate Inu (LHINU), Fight Out (FGHT), C+Charge (CCHG), Metropoly (MET), RobotEra (TARO), etc., already showing solid value growth in the market, you don’t have to make risky crypto investments this year. 

Now without further ado, let’s explore these top coins to buy in 2023.

Top Crypto Coin Investments You Shouldn’t Miss Out On During This Bull Run

Below are eight top coins that you can collect at a lower rate in this bull run and secure profitable returns in the future:

Love Hate Inu (LHINU):

Love Hate Inu is a new and groundbreaking addition to the survey market that combines a polling system and Web3 infrastructure. This project is based on the Vote-2-Earn (V2E) concept, rewarding you for sharing your opinions through a poll. 

Love Hate Inu rewards you for offering your thoughts on various topics ranging from politics to entertainment to social issues in the form of its token LHINU which is steadily increasing in value with time. Furthermore, with the safe space Love Hate Inu offers you to share your perspective, you can also secure an opportunity to earn passive income with LHINU by staking your tokens on the platform. 

Fight Out (FGHT):

For all those into workout and fitness, crypto investment can’t get any more fun than this with Fight Out around. Offering you a good run for your money, Fight Out is about motivating you to live a fit life with customized workouts while playing games and collecting its token FGHT for promising future profits. 

As a revolutionary new Play-2-Earn (P2E) project that innovatively combines cryptocurrencies with fitness through a mobile app – Fight Out is all you need to participate in live rewarding bets, create your fantasy league, and play while incentivizing your efforts to stay fit with FGHT by achieving goals. 

C+Charge (CCHG): 

There couldn’t be a better time to move to an eco-friendly lifestyle in a world that is currently struggling with various climatic disasters. And with C+Charge, you can do exactly that! What does this mean? 

Precisely, if you own an EV, you can pay to charge it using $CCHG tokens and earn valuable carbon credits in return. But its smart EV charging payment system and rewards aren’t all you get when investing in its coin CCHG. Instead, the platform also lets you track the nearest charging systems, track waiting time, and access many more eco-friendly features that make your investment in CCHG more than just a profitable return.

Metropoly (MET):

With inflation at its all-time high, real-estate investment is only a dream for many. However, Metropoly changes that, allowing you to secure property investment as part of your asset. 

With Metropoly’s blockchain investment app, you can acquire a piece of premium real estate property anywhere in the world for as little as $100. With the hassle-free property purchasing solution MET offers without the need for paperwork or bank involvement, what further adds to the value of Metropoly and its coin MET is the first real estate NFT it introduces. Moreover, you also get to earn passive income through the property dividend you own. 

RobotEra (TARO):

Another popular crypto you should invest in the ongoing bull run is TARO, a coin by RobotEra. Now RobotEra, as the name suggests, certainly is focused on gaming, but it doesn’t limit its features to that. Instead, with TARO, you can enter a new world where you can profit from digital assets and cryptocurrencies.

The Sandbox (SAND):

Another fast-growing and worth investing in metaverse projects during the ongoing bull run is The Sandbox. The Sandbox is a promising metaverse project that has successfully captured the crypto market’s attention and increased its value quickly. 

Its solid basis and long-term aims seek to make it the world’s largest blockchain-based social media network. Furthermore, The Sandbox has been incorporating cutting-edge crypto technologies such as NFTs and play-to-earn games into its metaverse, bolstering the potential of its SAND token to become the cryptocurrency of the future.

Stellar (XLM):

Stepping into the banking industry using a Web3 infrastructure, Stellar addresses the issue of financial inclusion experienced by many underbanked and unbanked people worldwide.

With its coin XLM, Stellar is growing to be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of the future, and this optimistic perspective has aided its uptrend. Furthermore, with its relevancy with Ripple, XLM constantly grows in value while transforming global banking sectors. 

Ripple (XRP):

Last but not least, XRP is another potential coin you can invest in during the current bull run. Because of its applicability in the finance area, XRP, the dedicated token of Ripple, is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies on the market. 

It is the Ripple Consensus Ledger’s native cryptocurrency (RCL). This popular digital token came out in 2012, providing a quick, inexpensive, and secure payment solution for banks to move money across borders.


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