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Can’t obtain an IP address on PS5? 2 Quick Ways to Fix This Often, DNS misconfiguration will lead to this issue






To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

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Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

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readers this month.

Many of our readers have complained about struggling to connect their PS5 console to an internet connection like Wi-Fi or Ethernet network. They report the error indicating the PS5 console can’t obtain an IP address within the time limit. However, this article will discuss basic steps to fix the issue.

Alternatively, our readers may be interested in our guide on how to fix the CE-112840-6 error on PS5.

Why is my PlayStation failing to obtain an IP address?

Several factors may be responsible for the PlayStation5 not obtaining an IP address for the internet connection. Some notable ones are:

Router connection issues – The most common cause of the PS5 console failing to obtain an IP address is a faulty or unstable router. An outdated router firmware can cause your network connection to fail due to bugs and compromised components.

DNS error – The error may occur if the DNS server running on the console is not working. It can be because the DNS settings are not correctly configured, causing PS5 to fail to resolve the IP address from the server or requested resources.

Issues with PS5 console network settings – You may experience internet issues if your console’s network configuration impedes its connection to network devices like routers and Ethernet. Hence, it causes the PS5 redirect error, preventing it from obtaining any IP address.

Nonetheless, you can fix the problem by troubleshooting your network device and the PS5 console.

What can I do if my PlayStation fails to obtain IP address?

Reconnect the console to the network device.

Restart the PS5 console and check if the problem persists.

Power cycle your Router or Modem.

Check for Router Firmware updates – Using the router for a long time can cause its firmware to become outdated and infected with bugs. You can read our article on router Firmware updates for more steps.

If you can’t resolve the error, proceed with the solutions below:

1. Change PS5 console DNS Settings

Changing the PS5 DNS server’s configuration allows it to quickly translate the web addresses and read IP addresses.

2. Run a Network test on the PS5 console

Testing the internet connection will resolve issues with the communication modules impeding the console from obtaining an address.

Check how to test internet speed for more detailed steps.

Additionally, you can read about what to do if you can’t sign in to the PlayStation Network account. Also, we have a comprehensive article about how to change the region on the PS4 console.

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How To Fix WordPress Showing Localhost Ip Address For Comments

Instead, WordPress displays the localhost IP address

Fix an Incorrect IP Address in WordPress

Note: before editing any file in WordPress, please create a good backup of that chúng tôi backup helps you restore the file in the event of any mishaps.

The easiest way to solve this problem is by adding a simple code snippet to the “wp-config.php” file. To do that open your FTP client, log into your website’s FTP account and open the chúng tôi file.

Once the file has been opened, copy the below code snippet and paste it at the bottom of the file. Next, save the file and re-upload it.

// Code for showing correct client IP address


































What’s Happening With that Code Snippet?

When your WordPress website is behind an HTTP proxy or using a load balancer, an HTTP header called “X-Forwarded-For” is used to store all the IP addresses including the real client IP address in the chain.

By default, the IP addresses in the “X-Forwarded-For” HTTP header are comma separated and the first IP address in the chain is always the client IP address.

What we are doing with the above code snippet is taking all those IP addresses, exploding them into individual pieces and storing them in the $mte_xffaddrs array. Since the first IP address is related to the client, we can use the zero index and point it to REMOTE_ADDR within the $_SERVER array.

Fix Incorrect IP Address in WordPress Using Plugin

If you don’t want to mess with core WordPress files, then you can use a plugin called Proxy Real IP. Though the plugin hasn’t been updated in a long while, it is still functional. The plugin basically does the same thing as the above code. However, the plugin uses the preg_match function rather than the explode function.

Just install and activate the plugin like any other. There is no settings page or options to configure.

Fix Incorrect IP When Using Cloudflare

When you are behind a proxy like Cloudflare, WordPress may sometimes show the Cloudflare IP rather than the actual client IP or even the localhost IP.

There is an easy fix for this issue, too. Just paste the below code at the bottom of the chúng tôi file.

// Fix incorrect IP when using Cloudflare






















With the above code we are grabbing the real client IP using HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP and pointing REMOTE_ADDR to that IP address.

Vamsi Krishna

Vamsi is a tech and WordPress geek who enjoys writing how-to guides and messing with his computer and software in general. When not writing for MTE, he writes for he shares tips, tricks, and lifehacks on his own blog Stugon.

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How To Track The Original Location Of An Email Via Its Ip Address

You’ve received an email and you want to figure out where it came from. At first glance, it seems impossible. There’s just an email address and that could have come from anywhere in the world. There’s no stamp, postage mark, or return street address like letter mail.

Email does have similar features to letter mail that most of us never see. One of them is an IP address that’s sort of like a street address. The challenge is to track an IP address from an email. 

Table of Contents

Let’s look at how to view and read an email header first. This is also a good way to tell if an email is fake, spoofed, or spam.

How To Read An Email Header

With every email, there is an email header. Think of this as a sort of envelope that travels with the mail. It has the sender and recipient information, as well as information picked up along the way. It’s not obvious that the header is there and it can be difficult to read.

How To View An Email Header In Gmail

On the page that opens, you’ll see the plain text version of the email at the bottom. All the odd text up to where the email content begins is the header.

How To View An Email Header In Yahoo Mail

The window that opens will have the plain text version of the email. Everything right up to the body of the message is the header.

The Message details window will open, showing only the header of the email.

How To View An Email Header In Outlook

Look at the bottom part of the Properties window when it opens, for the Internet headers section. The text in the box is the header.

How To Read An Email Header

The easiest way to read an email header is to use an online header analyzer. Some choices include Google’s GSuite Toolbox Messageheader or MX Toolbox’s header analyzer. We’ll use Google’s.

The results will be displayed in order of hops through the internet, starting at 0 for the point of origin. In the example below, the IP address has been blurred out for privacy. To track an IP address from an email, this is the IP you would use to try to find the geographical origin of the email. It might also be there as a domain name.

How To Track An IP Address Location From An Email

There are several sites on which you can perform a whois search to track down an IP address location. A whois search is a search to find out who the owner of the domain name is or the IP address. Search for one that you like, but we’ll use chúng tôi today.

The results will come back with a lot of information. The Registrant Contact section will likely list the Name, Street, City, State/Province, Postal Code, and Country of the person or company that registered the domain name or owns the IP address.

What If The Domain Is Google, Yahoo Or Outlook?

When an email is sent from a free email service like Google, Yahoo, or Outlook, it won’t carry the IP address of the sender. It’ll just show the IP or domain name of Google, Yahoo, or Outlook. Of course, that could be thousands of miles from the sender’s actual location.

Check The Email Domain Name Turn A Domain Name Into An IP Address

What if you have a domain name but no website to check? And the whois search hides their actual location? Try turning the domain name into an IP address and doing a whois search on that.

Open the Windows Command Prompt.

What If I Still Can’t Find The Location?

Trying to track an IP address from an email is detective work. Work being the important part of that phrase. How much work you put into it depends on how much you want to know where the email came from. 

Keep trying different combinations of what we’ve gone through. Try different email header sites and whois search sites. Try just searching the entire email address and see if it’s associated with someone’s profile on a website. That might have their location. Maybe you’ll find a post from it in a forum. Sometimes forums will show what country a person is from. Get creative, you’re the detective!

Ps5 Keeps Crashing – 8 Ways To Fix It

New hardware shouldn’t cause problems to its users. If your PS5 keeps crashing, it means you’re experiencing hardware or system errors. Understanding its causes can lead you straight to the solutions.

In essence, the circumstances causing your PS5 to crash and freeze are easy to identify. You may be dealing with Rest mode errors, an overheating console, a wrong HDMI device link, or outdated system software. Alternatively, there could be a random hardware issue or a random bug in one of your games. 

We’ve found several reports on forums, like Reddit, detailing how the PS5 keeps crashing or freezing. In particular, the error occurs while playing Spider-Man Remastered, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, CoD: Vanguard, and Returnal. 

Taking a deeper look at the reasons why your PS5 keeps crashing may help you prevent the problem:

Rest Mode: The power saving mode can lead the console to random crashes, as the firmware may enable it by default. It’s the most common reason for the problem. 

Damaged power cord: If you see any signs of damage in the cable or the adapter, proper power won’t reach the console. It causes the PS5 to crash and freeze.

Outdated system software: If the console is running on outdated firmware, you’d have to update to the latest version. 

Faulty game: Damaged or corrupted game files may cause crashing and freezing. Re-installing the game could fix the problem. 

Overheating console: Lastly, your console may be overheating. You can clean its insides, or put it somewhere where it can receive more fresh air.

It’s normal for any hardware to crash now and then. However, if your PS5 keeps crashing, you may want to check our solutions.

We’ll go through a series of solutions in a logical manner. You can try them one by one until you find the one that works.

Before moving forward, though, please restart your PlayStation 5 to erase random power bugs. Additionally, check your power cord for signs of damage.

The rest mode feature allows you to download and install games and updates while saving power. Likewise, it will enable you to download games from the PlayStation Remote App and let the console start the process remotely. 

Moreover, whenever you download games in Rest Mode, the internet speeds are faster than usual. 

Additionally, it also charges your PS5 controller and other peripherals. It does so while saving power. 

The feature has been unstable so far. For starters, sometimes you may fail to properly exit Rest Mode, which means the console gets stuck in a loop. In other words, if you let the console idle for a couple of minutes (like pausing a game), it may go to Rest Mode automatically. 

The crashing may also occur after waking up the console from the power-saving feature. 

So, until a system update makes Rest Mode more reliable, it’s best to turn it off completely. Here’s how to do it: 

Disabling Rest mode is the immediate solution, but only if there’s no extra damage in the console. However, if you’re still encountering errors, move on towards the next fixes. 

The next step is updating the PlayStation 5. The console should do it automatically, but it could miss an update if your connection is not stable.

Here’re the steps for a manual update:

After the process ends, the console will restart automatically. Then, test it again and see if it fixes the problem. 

The next step is rebuilding the database. We can do it through the Safe Mode troubleshooter.

The feature cleans up the console’s data to fix errors, faulty game files, and hard drive corruption. It’s the solution if particular games are crashing the console. 

Here’re the steps:

The process may take a while. Afterward, the console will restart automatically. Please try the console again at this time. 

Perhaps it’s a single game the culprit or a couple of titles that crash the game all the time. 

For example, if you can play various games without issue, but there’s one that keeps crashing, you can try reinstalling it. 

Here’s how to reinstall a PS5 game: 

Bear in mind the PS5 should auto-update games and apps. However, the auto-update feature may be off. 

Here’s how to manually update your PS5 games: 

Keeping games to their latest versions prevents continuous crashing.

Additionally, you can enable auto-updates: 

Auto-download will check the latest versions of your games and apps whenever you have an internet connection. 

Beyond a threshold, the PS5 will throttle its components to try and lower the temperatures and avoid heavier damages. However, if the situation continues, the GPU, CPU, ram, or SSD storage can suffer the consequences.

An overheating PS5 is very hot on touch, and it also freezes, crashes, and restarts. There’s also an error code (“PS5 is too hot”) as well as frame drops and glitches indicating the console is overheating.

The glitches can be black or white dots and purple, green, black, or white screens. Additionally, the fans may be making louder-than-usual noises, like a plane taking off. 

Here’s how you can lower your PS5’s temperatures: 

Instead of using Rest Mode, turn off your PlayStation 5 after long gaming hours.

Notice how much time you play AAA titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Put the console in an open area, preferably nearby windows, doors, or A/Cs.

Clean the area around the console regularly

Put the console on top of its stand. Moreover, put the whole setup on cold surfaces like wood, marble, or stone.

Leave room between the back vents and the walls. The PS5 must have space to breathe.

Clean the vents regularly with a cleaning brush and a low-powered vacuum. Only do this with the PlayStation unplugged.

If the fan is making noises, you should clean the PlayStation from the inside. You’ll find the information on our PS5 overheating guide. In essence, you can lift both PS5’s lids and clean the insides with a cleaning brush, canned air, and a low-powered vacuum. 

Hopefully, lowering the temperatures will allow your games to run smoothly. 

The last resort is resetting the console to factory presets. If your PS5 keeps crashing after prior solutions, it will erase any potential bug. 

Because a factory reset will delete your data, you can manually back up your files in an external hard drive. 

Plug an external drive into your PS5

Now, here’s how to reset the console to factory presets:

The process may take a while. Along the way, though, follow the instructions to put your console back in service. 

Lastly, restore the data you backup:

If all else fails, you should contact PlayStation Support to get service or receive a new console. It would mean your device has a random hardware error, like a faulty optical disc drive, preventing proper functionality.

Alternatively, you can take your console to a service store.

10 Ways To Fix Can’t Connect Iphone Hotspot On Android Device

One effective way to connect your Android phone to an iPhone hotspot is to pair both devices via Bluetooth before turning on the Personal hotspot service (on your iPhone). Here’s how you can pair your Android phone to an iPhone:

1. Enable the Bluetooth Service on both smartphones and search for the available Android device to connect in the iPhone’s Bluetooth list.

2. Next, tap on your Android device name and pair it to your iPhone by tapping the Pair button on both devices.

3. That’s it! You’ve successfully paired both devices via Bluetooth. You can now turn on the ‘Personal Hotspot’ service on your iPhone to connect your Android phone for internet access.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Mobile Data to configure it.

2. Next, turn off the toggle for Mobile Data to disable cellular data service on your device.

If you’re facing issues while connecting your Android phone to an iPhone hotspot all of a sudden, then it might be due to an existing bug or glitch associated with the Personal Hotspot service. To resolve this issue, you can manually toggle off and on the personal hotspot service to fix it. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Personal Hotspot to configure it.

3. Wait for a few seconds and re-enable the iPhone hotspot by turning on its toggle.

1. Open the Settings app and tap on Personal Hotspot.

3. Further, turn on the toggle for ‘Maximise Compatibility‘ to apply the enhanced settings to your iPhone hotspot.

Sometimes an issue with the existing network settings might prevent your Android device from connecting to your iPhone’s hotspot. To fix it, you should reset the existing network settings on your iPhone to restore the personal hotspot service.

1. Tap on General inside the Settings app on your iPhone.

3. Next, tap on the Reset button.

4. Further, press the Reset Network Settings to remove all the existing network configurations from your iOS device.

An issue with the hotspot service doesn’t necessarily mean a problem with your iPhone but can also indicate incompatible or incorrect WiFi configurations on your Android device. To fix this issue and allow your Android device to connect to an iPhone hotspot successfully, you must troubleshoot the existing WiFi settings on your Android phone.

One of the most common reasons behind the iPhone hotspot issue on Android devices is the incorrect WiFi connection password. If you’re unsure about the hotspot password, here’s how you can locate and view it on an iPhone.

1. Open the Settings app and tap on Personal Hotspot to configure it.

2. Further, tap on the WiFi password to view the configured hotspot password.

3. You can also edit this password to your preference.

The network carrier on your iPhone also provides timely updates to improve the existing network settings, especially when you switch to a new network or travel to a different location. In such a situation, you must check for any network carrier updates to improve cellular data connectivity to share the internet across different devices. Here’s how you can check the same:

1. Head to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General to view associated options.

2. Next, tap on About and wait for a few seconds to receive any new network carrier updates.

3. Tap on the install button when prompted to update your existing network carrier settings.

Suppose you haven’t successfully connected your Android phone to the iPhone’s hotspot after trying all the above methods. In that case, you can utilize Bluetooth tethering to provide internet access to your device. Here’s how:

1. Pair your Android device and iPhone using the first method listed above.

2. Next, tap on the connected iPhone device in your Bluetooth list.

3. Turn on the toggle for internet access to use the cellular data of your iPhone via Bluetooth tethering.

This setting is only available for iPhone 12 series and above models that support enhanced network settings.

Q2: I am getting an “Incorrect Password Error” while connecting to my iPhone Hotspot.

You should ensure you’re typing the correct password on your Android device to connect to an iPhone hotspot. You can refer to the steps above to find your iPhone hotspot password.

Q3: I can’t discover the iPhone hotspot on my Android device?

We hope you’ve learned to fix issues connecting your Android phone to an iPhone hotspot using the above methods. If this comprehensive read has aided you in accomplishing the same, then hit the Like button and share it with your friends to help them avoid unnecessary trouble while connecting to their iPhone hotspots. Subscribe to GadgetsToUse for more informative troubleshooting guides like this one.

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2 Quick Ways To Change The Default Font In Scrivener

You want to change the default font in Scrivener, your favorite writing application. You find 13 Point Palatino Regular boring, bland, and uninspiring and can’t live with it another minute. Don’t worry—in this short article, we’ll show you how to change it.

But first, I want to give you something to think about. What do writers do when they don’t feel like writing? Fiddle with fonts. It’s a form of procrastination. Do you relate? It can become a problem.

To be productive, you should separate style and content. In other words, you shouldn’t obsess about the font and formatting of the published manuscript when you’re still knee-deep in writing content. It’s distracting!

Now, back to why we’re here: Scrivener allows you to use a different font when typing than the one your readers will see once you’re finished. Choose a font you’re happy with, then move on.

Ideally, you will choose one that is clear, readable, and pleasing without being distracting. Once you’re engaged with your writing, the text should just disappear so you’re alone with your thoughts.

Once your manuscript is finished, obsess all you want with the final appearance of your book or document. Scrivener’s Compile feature allows you to override your favorite typing font with the one you want your readers to see. You can even choose different fonts for your printed document, PDF, and ebooks.

Why Your Choice of Font Matters

Changing the default font may be more significant than you realize. It can provide a fresh perspective on your writing—like purchasing a quality keyboard or pen, getting up early, playing a certain style of music, or stepping out of the office to do some work at a coffee shop.

That’s no exaggeration. Studies clearly show that the font we use can affect our productivity. Here are some examples:

I hope that convinces you that it’s worth spending a little time finding a font to help you write more productively. Do you already have a favorite? If not, here are some articles that will help you choose one:

On Windows, open the Control Panel and select Appearance & Personalization, then Fonts. Drag your new fonts onto the window.

Now that you’ve chosen and installed a font to use when writing, let’s make it the default font in Scrivener.

How to Change the Font You See When Typing

When typing, Scrivener uses the Palatino font by default. It’s also the default used when printing or exporting the final manuscript.

Here, you can individually change the fonts for:

Alternate Method

How to Change the Font That’s Used When Publishing

Once you’ve finished writing your book, novel, or document, you can think about the font to use in the final publication. If you’re working with an editor or agency, they may have some input on the topic.

Here, you can choose the final output from the Compile for… dropdown at the top of the screen. Choices include Print, PDF, Rich Text, Microsoft Word, various ebook formats, and more. You can choose different fonts for each of these.

Next, several formats are available on the left, each of which can change your document’s final appearance. We have the Modern style selected.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what you can achieve using the Compile feature and section layouts. To learn more, refer to these official resources:

Update the detailed information about Can’t Obtain An Ip Address On Ps5? 2 Quick Ways To Fix This on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!