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Canon PowerShot PX uses AI to be your robot photographer

Canon will not allow the always-watching, always-shooting camera dream to die. Today they revealed a device called the Canon PowerShot PX, a camera that captures moments in your life without your input. This camera sits on a base on which it can rotate, and its head can move up and down, giving it a large area of potential coverage, so it can watch you whenever you are near.

Canon PowerShot PX is a self-motivated go-getter of a camera that uses artificial intelligence to operate. You’ll power the device up, turn it on, and leave it to move around on its own. The camera’s default protocol has it search for human faces and snap photos at the most optimal moments.

Ths PowerShot PX works with 110-degrees of vertical movement and 340-degrees of horizontal movement. Together these areas of movement allow the camera to deliver its pan-and-tilt feature with aplomb. This camera works with a 19-57mm (35mm equivalent) focal length range, with the ability to capture 11.7-megapixel photos or 1080p 60fps video.

The camera works automatically but can be operated with voice commands and on-screen controls (with a connected smartphone and the official app). The PowerShot PX app (for iOS or Android) also allows the user to select photos and video to keep and store on the camera’s memory card.

Canon suggested this week that this version of the camera works with both WiFi and Bluetooth for wireless connectivity, in addition to USB-C. The camera also charges using a USB-C cord.

If you have the Canon webcam utility app, this camera can be used as a webcam. That might be the low-key best part about the device, barring the relatively massive price for the camera’s next-generation features and AI capabilities.

The Canon PowerShot PX is the latest iteration of a device they first introduced earlier this year. Back in February of 2023, Canon revealed the Canon PowerShot PICK. That device was first released with Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake, and released only in that one country. That device – which you might find very familiar – had an initial release price of 40,900 JPY, roughly $390.

Now the form of the device – if not basically the same device in a new package – is ready for Europe. Canon Europe has the PowerShot PX ready for release with a price of approximately £500/€500. That’s a bit of a bump from its original price under a different name in Japan, mind you. Canon has not yet announced any sort of availability or pricing for a version of this camera for the United States.

The idea of an always-watching, always-snapping camera also appeared in a device released by Google and discontinued as of October of 2023. That device was Google Clips. That device could be placed on a flat platform to take photos straight forward, or attached to a necklace or “clipped” to a user’s clothing for on-the-go snapping.

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This Weird Robot Uses Living Bugs As Gripping Tools

The term “necrobotics” is relatively self-explanatory—using dead source material within robotic designs. Case in point: researchers at Rice University made headlines last year after repurposing a spider’s corpse as part of a “pneumatically actuating gripper tool” capable of grasping asymmetrical objects up to 130 percent its own mass.

But what if researchers harnessed living creatures as part of robotic devices? That’s the question recently posed by a team collaborating between multiple Japanese universities. In their paper, “Biological Organisms as End Effectors,” published earlier this month on the arXiv preprint server, researchers from Tohoku, Yamagata, and Keio Universities detailed how they developed a way to literally harness living pillbugs and underwater mollusks known as chiton as a robot’s gripping mechanisms without harming the animals.

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But, researchers such as Kent State University geographer James Tyner, aren’t completely sold. “To a degree, this is simply the domestication of species not yet domesticated,” Tyner explains to PopSci. Tyner co-authored an essay last year lambasting Rice University’s recycled arachnid necrobot as an “omen” of potentially even further “subsumption of life and death to circuits of capital.” When it comes to employing living organisms within robotic systems, Tyner also questions their efficacy and purpose.

“I’m hard pressed to think of a situation where I’d feel comfortable deploying biotechnologies solely or even partially dependent on the gripping power of a pillbug,” Tyner adds.

For Josephine Galipon, a molecular biologist at Yamagata University and one of the project’s team members, such situations are easier to envision. “Let’s imagine a robot stuck at the bottom of the ocean that needs to improvise a gripper function to complete a task,” she offers via email to PopSci. “Instead of building a gripper from the ground up, it could borrow help from a chiton, and as a reward, the chiton would be transported to a new place with possibly more food.”

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“‘Locomotion’ can be used for more than just getting around from one spot to another,” Galipon continues. “Surprisingly, it can also be used for tasks like picking up and moving objects, as illustrated [by the pillbug]. We can also learn more about how these organisms perceive the world around them.” Galipon points to previous instances of domestication, such as horses and messenger pigeons, and views their pillbug and chiton trials in a similar vein. 

Tyner, meanwhile, points to the longstanding history of biomimicry within robotics as a promising alternative to domesticating new animal species. They also raise the question of experts’ expanding concepts of sentience, and what that might entail for even creepy-crawler companions. Recent studies, in fact, offer evidence of a wider array of “feelings” for insects, notably the capacity for injury or discomfort in insects, such as fruit flies potentially experiencing a form of chronic pain. But critics like Tyner, however, the question still stands with or without evidence: “Do we extend moral standing, for example, only to sentient beings?”

In this sense, it’s a thought shared by Galipon and their fellow researchers. “[We] recommend caution when handling any type of animal, and to exercise mindfulness in avoiding their suffering as much as possible and to the best of our knowledge,” they write in their paper.

The Best Canon Lenses For Your Camera

Jonathan Feist / Android Authority

Canon’s kit lenses are great, but at some point, you need to step out of your comfort zone and get nicer glass. Those looking for the best Canon lenses have come to the right place. We have put together a list of our favorite lenses from the photography giant. We’ve included lenses from different price ranges and shooting styles to fit all users’ needs.

First: The best Canon cameras you can buy right now

The best Canon lenses

Editor’s note: We’ll be updating this list of the best Canon lenses regularly as new ones launch

The best Canon DSLR lenses

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Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM Macro

Every photographer should have a good macro lens in their bag, and the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L IS USM is one of the best Canon lenses. A 12-inch focusing distance and 10mm focal length will let you get up close and personal with any subject. Meanwhile, an f/2.8 aperture can allow plenty of light into the sensor while keeping a shallow depth of field.

Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM

In the photography scene, the “holy trinity” is a trio of the best lenses a photographer can get. These can take care of most focal lengths while outputting maximum quality. The Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L II USM Lens is the first one, and the following two lenses complete the “trinity.”

This 24-70mm lens has an f/2.8 aperture and quality optics. It is considered the king of standard zoom lenses, but it also comes at a steep price. Regardless, it might become your most valued lens, and it’s definitely among the best Canon lenses.

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L is III USM

The Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L is III USM Lens can zoom in even further while keeping a wide aperture. It is an excellent lens for those who need to shoot subjects from a distance. Sports, nature, and street photographers love it. It comes with a mighty price tag, though.

Canon EF 16–35mm f/2.8L III USM

A 16-35mm focal length keeps you covered for capturing wide-angle images. It’s great for landscapes, large subjects, and crowds. The f/2.8 aperture is also great for letting in light and keeping a tighter control on the depth of field. It’s expensive, but it’s worth the price.

The best Canon mirrorless lenses

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Canon RF 35mm f/1.8 Macro IS STM

This is one of the first Canon lenses with an RF mount you should get. It is pretty affordable for what you get, and the 35mm focal length and f/1.8 aperture will make this a great all-around lens for general purposes. Not only that, but this lens has macro abilities and can focus at a distance of 0.56 feet or 0.17 meters from the subject.

Canon RF 85mm F2 Macro IS STM lens

If you’re looking for a more serious macro lens for your Canon mirrorless system, it doesn’t get much better than the Canon RF 85mm F2 Macro IS STM. The 85mm focal length makes it easier to capture close-up images, and the f/2 aperture is very wide for a macro lens, which usually come with an f/2.8 max aperture at their widest. The price is also very reasonable for a macro lens of this caliber.

Canon RF 24-70mm f/2.8 IS USM

The 24-70mm focal length is considered part of the “holy trinity,” but this lens is specifically made with an RF mount for mirrorless cameras. This is a premium lens that will fit many photo scenarios. With an f/2.8 aperture, the lens is also pretty fast. This is a premium lens, and its price shows it.

Canon RF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM lens

The 70-200mm focal length range is great for getting up and close with your subject when you can’t physically get close. This RF mount lens is native to Canon’s mirrorless systems. It is praised for its smaller size, solid construction, and excellent image quality. Its f/2.8 max aperture is also very nice to have. You will have to pay up for the new mount and reduced size, though.

Now that you have the right photography equipment, it’s time to further polish your skills and knowledge on the topic. We have some great educational content you can use to improve your images regardless of your gear.

Photography terms

Mastering manual mode

Photography tips

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How Govee Uses Ai To Lead The Gaming Lighting Industry

Last Updated on April 13, 2023

Smart technology is becoming increasingly ubiquitous in the home, with an estimated 46.5% of homes containing at least one smart device. This is strong evidence to suggest that users are becoming more and more comfortable using smart tech in their day-to-day lives, and Govee is leading that charge when it comes to lighting.

Govee is the industry leader when it comes to smart home products, and its AI lighting tech  CogniGlow™ is changing the game, providing an unparalleled immersive gaming experience. This AI technology has positioned Govee leaps and bounds ahead of the competition, giving the user an automated and truly smart lighting setup for gaming, content consumption, and general home ambience.

That being said, how does Govee’s AI smart lighting technology work? How does it bring the user an elevated experience? We’re going to get into all of this and show off Govee’s latest paradigm-shifting product, the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit.

How Does AI Provide a Better Smart Lighting Experience?

We’re all familiar with the LED strips that you mount on the back of your TV. They take a look at your screen and roughly emulate the on-screen colours to provide a bit of extended immersion, either via a connected camera or (if you’re lucky) an HDMI sync box.

The effect looks cool and certainly adds some flair, but it lacks true synchronicity, which is exactly where Govee’s proprietary AI algorithm, CogniGlow™ comes in, addressing the lighting to specific-in-game events in addition to general color-matching.

The AI learning capabilities mean certain actions in-game will make the lights do certain things, irrespective of the color matching we mentioned earlier, giving the user a far more interactive and multi-dimensional experience.

This isn’t just making the lights flash red when you’re low on health, either; it’s more intelligent and more granular than that. The CogniGlow™ algorithm learns through over 100,000 specific characteristics of the game.

It does this by automatically analysing the individual architecture and characteristic gameplay of each title, which can provide more than 30 custom lighting effects per game, upping the intensity of every highlight as you play. This all sounds pretty spectacular, right? Well, the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit is the product that makes it all possible.



Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit: The Next Stage in the RGB Revolution

After all this talk of AI, algorithms, and smart tech, it’s understandable to think that setting all this up requires navigating a complicated mess of wires and plugs.

Thankfully this is not the case as Govee has taken steps to ensure that the user experience is as simple as possible, which is pretty impressive given the market-leading position of this product.

However, don’t confuse simplicity for lack of sophistication, as the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit is a particularly capable piece of hardware with a few key features that set it apart from the competition.

First up is the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit’s ability to handle up to 4K resolution and up to a 240Hz refresh rate. In fact, 240Hz is the highest refresh rate in the HDMI box market, further cementing Govee’s position at the bleeding edge of technology.

The 240Hz refresh rate means that those of you with a high refresh rate monitor can still count on the CogniGlow™ AI algorithm to provide all the lighting effects and in-game integrations we mentioned earlier, which is perfect for the competitive PC gamers out there.

Additionally, the Gaming AI Sync Box Kit has 3x HDMI in, meaning you can have up to 3 inputs, such as a Chromecast, PS5, and gaming PC. All of the signals from these devices are passed through and analysed by the CogniGlow™ algorithm with 0 delay, so there’s no impact on your gaming experience whatsoever.

The Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit also comes with everything you need to start elevating your smart lighting experience. You get LED strips for the back of your TV/monitor and two light bars. 

All of this conveniently and smoothly connects to the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, allowing you to sit back, relax, and experience a new dimension of gaming immersion. If you’re a stickler for image quality and color accuracy don’t worry. In addition to this system’s near-zero delay and 4K 240Hz capabilities, the lighting strip and light bars boast 99% accurate color-matching. This means that the spectacular lighting effects you’re about to experience will be perfectly matched to the colors on screen, ensuring a stunning and cohesive light show.

Govee CogniGlow™ Algorithm: Taking RGB Lighting to the Next Level

Govee provides you with the best reactive smart home light on the market via its intelligent AI, and we spoke briefly about how it works, but it bears some expansion here.

When you connect your device to the AI Gaming Sync Box Kit, be it a console, a PC, or a streaming stick, the algorithm seamlessly analyses the video and audio signal as it passes through to the TV or monitor.

As we mentioned, this allows the algorithm to learn from the visuals of the game, automatically creating more in-depth and enjoyable lighting effects over simply replicating the average colors on screen at any given moment. 

Govee AI Smart Lighting: Your Next Immersive Experience

With all the technology developed by Govee, its smart lighting products should be your next upgrade. Whether it be for gaming, music, or content consumption, the experience will be elevated by Govee Smart AI lighting. Check out the Govee AI Gaming Sync Box Kit($/£299.99) here or on Amazon here to upgrade your setup today. You can get a limited-time 15% discount on Amazon with code GoveeAIBox by April 22nd! 

Fifteen Practical Gifts For Your Photographer Friends

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Photographers can be notoriously difficult to shop for. We’re picky about our gear, tend to already own a lot of it, and the crucial pieces of our kits are prohibitively pricey. But there are plenty of practical gifts to get for the photographer in your life that isn’t a cheesy coffee mug shaped like a camera lens. (You’re photography-inclined loved ones probably has a few of these from holiday seasons of yore.)

We’ve handpicked gifts that are budget-friendly and that almost any photographer would find useful.

Every photographer needs a good tripod in their kit, and the Joby GorillaPod is a top-notch, compact option for anyone (though it’s particularly great for those dabbling in video). This compact ball-head tripod has legs that wrap around anything—tree branches! wire fences! ceiling beams!—and can be rotated 360 degrees. It’s made of anodized aluminum and can hold a camera that weighs up to 11 pounds.

Adding a shine of color with a gel—see how it looks here—is an easy way to enhance your flash photography or compensate for crummy lighting. The thin sheets of colored plastic fit any speedlight and have a clever band to keep them in place. The whole package includes 20 color options, all of which fit nicely into a secure carrying case, which will help keep your gear bag organized.

Photographers always need more storage options, but a hard drive is not as fun to purchase as a new lens or a set of gels. While a portable external drive might not be the sexiest of gifts, your photographer friend will be happy you got it for them. The Western Digital drives come in a variety of colors, boast a USB 3.0 port, and offer automatic backup. Don’t think you need something more sentimental; practical gifts rule.

Powerhouse camera. Amazon

Gaff tape is a magical product that can fix a variety of photography-related problems quickly. It can tape up camera logos, fix a broken strap, secure power cables, hang a lightweight backdrop—the list goes on and on. These mini rolls fit easily into an accessory bag, lens pouch, or pocket. And unlike duct tape, when you pull it off at the end of your shoot, you won’t leave behind a sticky residue.

Sony’s new memory cards are dustproof and waterproof to help protect the precious images stored inside. These cards have a new design that eliminates both the finicky lock switch and the fragile plastic ribs over the connectors, both of which have a tendency to break. They’re also the first SD card to use a totally sealed monolithic structure (conventional SD cards are made of three pieces) to help keep the data safe.

A flash won’t do you much good if it doesn’t have enough battery power to fire. Ripping through your bag to find your fresh batteries is stressful when you’re on a job. This nifty, compact battery holder from Think Tank helps alleviate that problem. It stores eight (the perfect number needed for a speedlight and a set of radio triggers like PocketWizards) and will keep you from losing track of pricy rechargeable batteries.

Adobe’s Creative Cloud is an integral part of many photographer’s professional lives. A year-long subscription to the service is a great way to save your photography-inclined loved ones some cash in the upcoming year. This package deal comes with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC, and 20 GB of cloud storage for image access anywhere.

Every photographer can benefit from a fresh burst of knowledge and inspiration. The Photographer’s Playbook offers 307 strange assignments and ideas to spark creativity and engage with their art in a new way. The book features anecdotes and ideas from photographers like John Baldessari, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, Jim Goldberg, Susan Meiselas, Alec Soth, and Roger Ballen.

This lens pouch from Peak Design keeps a low profile and attaches to your belt loop, making it easy to access a second lens or a speedlight when out on a shoot. It’s padded to keep your glass safe and comes in three sizes to accommodate different pieces of gear.

The best camera is the one in your pocket, and for many people that means a smartphone. Help your loved one enhance their smartphone photography with this wide lens from Moment. This lens works with the brand’s phone case (sold separately) and offers an expanded view (about 0.63x magnification) for a fresh perspective of any scene. The lens comes with a cap and a microfiber bag to keep it safe when its not attached to your phone.

When it comes to editing, faster is always better, and this tiny drive is big on speed. This portable SSD has read speeds of up to 550MB/s, capacities up to 2TB, and an IP55 ruggedness rating (meaning it can handle a bit of moisture). It’s 0.35 inches thick and weighs just 0.086 pounds, so it’s a great way to quickly back up your files or transfer them to a client.

A leather camera strap is always in style, and this one from Heavy Leather an absolute favorite. The handmade strap is two-inches wide, making it super comfortable to wear on your shoulder or around your neck. Its sturdy quick-release clasps won’t give out and send your camera tumbling to the floor. It’s an excellent choice for shooters looking for something understated.

A simple, portable light shaping tool is an incredible way for photographers to enhance their flash photography. Gary Fong’s collapsible lightsphere gives photographers a soft omni-directional light. This modifier works with any large speedlight and collapses down to 1.5 inches, making it great for travel.

Fujifilm’s analog instant camera have been a hit with all types of photographers. The SQ6 in particular gives shooters the ability to shoot Instax square frames in a true analog format. The instant camera can shoot in double-exposure mode, macro mode, landscape mode, and selfie mode and comes with gels to add pops of colors to your film photos.

Brainstorm Robot Soldier Will Be Deployed On The Border In Future


DRDO is Preparation of robot Military for target.

These robots will be equipped with high intensity capacities.

Strong minded of identifying enemies and friends.

Indian Army Robot fight with enemy in future

New Delhi: DRDO has started work on a new project(army developed robot), the unmanned warfare (war is going to be utilized ). Really, the future is going to be fought in the war, they willn’t human soldiers, but robots(Robot)will combat the military. DRDO is preparing the robot military for this.

According to DRDO, at the Robot Army in the Indian, technologies that can predict states and behaviours of the individual soldier may help create a more optimised team and helpful for soldiers in the battleground.

Researchers engaged in this project are trying to recognize the robot enemies and friends will perfectly. Along with this. Scientist called it ‘Brainstorm'(brain system to tramsmit and get magnetoelectric sign).

The difference between Enemy and friends is work Brainstorm ways the architecture and dynamics of the human mind consider be coordinated to forecast these behaviours and thus optimize team performance.

Based on specialists at Robot Technology – In the upcoming time, land and air can make use of these robots in both conflicts.

“In military operations, Robot troops perform numerous jobs at the same time. They will analysing information from several resources, browsing surroundings while concurrently assessing risks, sharing situational awareness, and communication using a distributed group,” explained DRDO.

The speciality of Brainstorm is as follows

Brainstorm robots will be able to ruin enemies from the army battleground.

According to specialists at Robots Technology- From The Future, both lands and air can make use of these robots in both conflicts.

Later – risrc done robot will prepare an individual soldier will have the ability to successfully perform.

According to DRDO these robots can help the soldiers. Then soldiers. Then they’ll also be employed for other functions.

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