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The act of mining cryptocurrencies using a remote data center’s shared computing power is known as “cloud mining.” Users can mine bitcoins using this method without buying expensive mining equipment or overcoming the difficulties of solo mining.

To begin with cloud mining, you have to open an account with a service provider, pay a charge, and you’re ready to go. The service provider will then mine the coins on your behalf using their equipment, and you will receive a share of the coins as determined by the hash rate you have ordered.

A highly reliable cloud mining platform in 2023

 When Bytebus was founded in 2023, it was one of the first businesses to provide cloud mining services, and it has since earned the trust of more than 360,000 people worldwide. Enrolling and joining Bytebus makes cloud mining participation straightforward and uncomplicated.

Because of its user-friendly web interface, customers may quickly sign up and verify their accounts with Bytebus. Additionally, you are qualified to receive a ten-dollar sign-up bonus as a new member.

Additionally, Bytebus has a referral program through which users can earn a 3% bonus for recommending the company to their friends and family.

For cloud mining, Bytebus now provides several plan options, including $10, $100, $1,600, and $6,000, among others. Each of these contracts has a unique length and offers a special rate of return on investment.

How to profit without investing?

Everyone is welcome to attend this program; no financial commitment is necessary. When you sign up for our free experience plan, you receive $10. With $10, you can sign up for the free project and receive $1 daily. You can withdraw money after your balance reaches $100.

Options for flexible investment

At the moment, Bytebus offers various cloud mining pricing options, such as the $10, $100, $1600, and $6000 plans, among others. Each gives a unique Return on Investment and has a particular contract period.

A $100 plan with a three-day contract period generates a return of $6.

A $480 investment plan with a 10-day contract period and a return of $102 is being offered.

A $6,000 investment plan with a fifty-day contract duration generates a $7,400 return. Daily rates might rise as high as 2.47 percent!

You may anticipate receiving a payment each day because prices are provided regularly. The level of returns remains constant regardless of how long an investment is held. After the time frame specified in the contract, you can either withdraw the money or keep investing. Bytebus fully guarantees the principle and interest of each investment they make.

How to use the referral system?

Even without investing, you can start making money. Copy your referral link and share it with others to earn incentives. Each Bytebus user gets a unique referral link that anyone may share. Any new user who signs up using your referral link counts as a referral for life. Even if you don’t invest, you can begin making money. You will receive a 3% referral commission bonus. For instance, you would receive $3 for free if someone used your referral code to make a $100 transaction.

As for Bytebus

Licensed cryptocurrency mining platform Bytebus adheres to the FCA regulations (Financial Conduct Authority) law to ensure that consumers are treated fairly; the FCA regulates financial services, businesses, and markets. 

Large Bytebus are currently running large data centers in Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and Iceland. The Kazakhstani government has given Bytebus the exclusive license in the world to support land leasing and exploitation within the next five years.

With the most cutting-edge deployment technologies, we have created the top cloud mining platform in the world, providing 2%–10% of the global hash rate. We have more upcoming plans for new products and services.


In conclusion, you should use Bytebus’ services if you’re seeking a reliable source of passive income through investing in cryptocurrencies.

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Gemtrx Adds New Tron Cloud Mining Features And Options

GEM-TRX Links:

Official website:

Look at what cloud mining is precisely, and the several options GemTRX has available to its users

GemTRX added a new cloud mining option called The Mining Cycle Model to celebrate their one million partners. Because of the enhanced capabilities, participants may now deposit TRX from their promotional account into the new model. The Mining Cycle features a unique strategy separated into several stages. Let’s look at what cloud mining is precisely, and the several options GemTRX has available to its users.

What Is Cloud Mining? What Is GemTRX?

GEM-TRX is a uniquely-built cloud mining service made to ease the process of users renting out suitable hash power to mine crypto by paying an appropriate fee. This service is built on the Tron network known for being a safe, efficient, and high-performance blockchain that is perfect for cloud mining. This affordable cloud mining service ensures that its users have a budget-friendly way to mine cryptocurrencies. So if you are interested in being a part of the cloud mining revolution, then GEM-TRX is an ideal platform for them. GemTRX pursues long-term strategic cooperative relationships with users through its future data analysis and rewards program. GemTRX is a cloud mining offering services on the Tron (TRX) network, providing a convenient and efficient TRX mining experience. GemTRX allows users to mine the Tron (TRX) cryptocurrency at a low cost with its cloud service without dealing with the technical knowledge of setting up your mining equipment, hosting it on your own, and paying the various fees associated with it.

GemTRX Cloud Mining Features and Options

There are two main ways to earn with GemTRX. The first way is to simply deposit TRX to your GemTRX account and make a certain percentage of the deposit every day. Users can withdraw their earnings every day after verifying their accounts one time. The second and more recent method introduced by GemTRX is the Mining Cycle, which is comparable to mining contracts. There are various mining cycles ranging from 7-days to ones over 60-days. After placing TRX into the mining cycle, on a continuous basis, users will earn a daily return of 1.3% to 5% on their initial deposit. There are no exceptions to this, as users will accrue interest seven days a week. These gains will accumulate up to the maximum amount of the deposit value. After the day is up, the entire sum, including the daily rate and principal, will be automatically restored to the promotion account. Users will be able to withdraw the amount in full.  

Check out the chart below for a breakdown of each mining cycle and its returns:

7 days 1.3% – min 100TRX 15 days 1.6% – min 100TRX 30 days 2.5% – min 100TRX 45 days 3.0% – min 100TRX 60 days 3.5% – min 100TRX 90 days 4.0% – min 100TRX 120 days 4.5% – min 100TRX 150 days 5.0% – min 100TRX Essentially, deposits in GemTRX are divided into two modes: Recharge to the basic account and receive income according to the coordinated universal time (UTC) (after 24:00) every day. Basic Account is used to mine in cloud mining. You’ll get 5%-10% daily profits and the withdrawal limit is 2.80%-6% based on your deposit amount. Recharge into the promotion account, you can receive income according to different cycles. You’ll earn a daily return of 1.3%-5% of your initial investment. The daily profits will accumulate up to the maximum amount of the investment value. Mining contracts also range from daily to 150-day contracts. This gives a lot of flexibility in investment for you. The best part is you don’t need to know anything about mining to invest in this great opportunity. The returns are fixed for any period of time for which you invest. After the cycle end, the entire sum including the daily rate and principal invested in the mining cycle will be automatically restored to the promotion account and this can be withdrawn in full. In addition to the various cloud mining options, GemTRX offers a rebate option comparable to an affiliate program. Check out the chart below for a breakdown of GemTRX’s invite rebates:  

Invite Rebate: Invite users to create an account via your referral link.

You invite level 1 users, and if they complete registration, you’ll get 30TRX. Level 1 user invites level 2 user and completes registration, and you’ll get 20TRX. Level 2 user invites level 3 user and completes registration, and you’ll get 10TRX.  

Deposit Rebate: Based on your down-line deposit amount per time.

Level 1 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 120TRX(12%) Level 2 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 20TRX(2%) Level 3 user deposit 1000TRX, you’ll get 10TRX(1%)  

Trading Rebate: Based on your down-line mining income per time.

Level 1 user mines 1000TRX and gets 50TRX, and you’ll get 5TRX(10%) Level 2 user mines 1000TRX and get 50TRX, and you’ll get 2.5TRX(5%) Level 3 user mines 1000TRX and gets 50TRX, you’ll get 1.5TRX(3%)

10 Ways How To Earn Revenue Without Selling Links

Domaining : Do keyword searches in a given topic, and then register domain names that go along with these keywords. You can then resell the name to the highest bidder, either by placing a “for sale” sign on your working website or hiring a website broker to find a buyer. You’d be surprised how investing $8 into a domain and then uploading WordPress and some originial content can then turn into a $100 site, that’s a rather large return on investment.

Sell Hosting Space : Web host reselling is another way to generate income for the computer savvy. You buy the reselling account or VPS and then rent out extra space to website designers that need a host for their latest and greatest website ideas. If you know a lot of small bloggers, this can come in extra handy.

Paid VIP Subscriptions : Creating paid subscriptions to e-Books or email newsletters is an excellent money strategy for those who have a specialization in their knowledge field. For example, there are many investment newsletters that generate high incomes, but the income is only sustained if you are an expert in the field.

Again, you have to find a topic that is interesting and compelling to a broad audience, and then you must be the authority in the topic. Offering tools and other perks to your subscribers is a nice way to get them signed up and paying, especially if the savings offsets the subscription price for them.

Sponsored Reviews : Sponsored blog posts are somewhat controversial, but can be very lucrative. There are companies that will pay anywhere from ten dollars to thousands of dollars for blog writers to review their products publicly. If your blog generates a good amount of traffic, and loyal traffic at that, chances are there are companies that will pay you to review their products.

Sell a Product or Service : Selling tangible products is, of course, one of the best ways of making money online. If you can find a discounted supplier, or niche distributor, then you can find a target to which you may sell your products.

As the Internet continues to evolve, the methods of generating profits online will change as well. There are a myriad of options for you to choose, and often it is a mixture of profit opportunities that will generate the highest revenue for your website.

Diversification is really the key in this respect, so if you get booted by AdSense or the value of the links you sell begin to fall, you always have enough in the reserve tank to keep running.

Data Mining Vs Web Mining

Difference Between Data Mining vs Web Mining

Data Mining: It is a concept of identifying a significant pattern from the data that gives a better outcome. Identifying patterns from where? From the data that are generated from the systems.

Start Your Free Data Science Course

Web Mining: Web mining is performing Data mining on the web, extracting the web documents, and discovering the patterns from them.

Example: Techniques applied for predictive analysis. (Weather forecast based on identifying the patterns from the history data)

Lets us understand the significant Difference Between Data mining and Web mining in detail in this post.


The process of gold mining produces gold, which is extracted and refined from ore. The outcome of gold mining is the precious metal. We apply a data mining technique to remove key information (valuable data) from a raw source. Here the pattern discovered from the raw data source is considered precious for the data analyst/data scientists to proceed with the decision-making that influences the business value.

Data Mining

In plain terms, data mining is a concept of mining knowledge from different data sets. We further use the extracted knowledge to provide forecasts or recommendations. The data to be mined are available in the data warehouse or other external systems. Data could be available on different tables with different behaviors or attributes. We must determine the correlation between multiple data sets to identify the pattern.

Steps in Data Mining:

As data mining is an abstract, here are the steps involved:

Data preparation

Pattern discovery

Build models to forecast/recommend(to mention a few cases)

Summarizing the model value

Web Mining

Web mining is abstract as there are three different types of techniques of mining.

Web content mining

Web structure mining

Web usage mining

1. Web Content Mining

Extracting data from web pages enables discovery of patterns that provide valuable insights. Many data extraction techniques are available, including web scraping, which involves using tools like Scrapy and Octoparse for web content mining.

That’s where web content mining comes into the picture.

2. Web Structure Mining

We gather and prepare data from hyperlinks that lead to different pages to discover a pattern. To view a person’s public profile from a blog or any other webpage, there are chances that they would embed their social media links. We extract data from a single source and its nested pages by following the hyperlinks associated with each page. There are various algorithms to perform this. (Example: PageRank algorithm)

3. Web Usage Mining

Hosting a web application generates numerous web server logs that record the user’s web activity for the application. These logs are considered raw data. In return, meaningful data are extracted, and patterns are identified. For example, if an e-commerce business wants to expand or enhance the customer experience, they monitor the user’s web activity through application logs and apply data mining techniques.

Web mining and data mining are more or less similar techniques, but web mining is all about analysis on the web. Data mining extends beyond the web and is not limited to web data. It’s a traditional process that takes place for any data analytics.

Head-to-Head Comparison Between Data Mining vs Web Mining (Infographics)

Below are the Top 7 Comparisons Between Data mining vs Web mining:

Key Differences Between Data Mining vs Web Mining

The following is the difference between Data mining vs Web mining are as follows:

Web mining and data mining are both nearly similar when it comes to identifying patterns. But where and what is the difference in web mining from data mining? What kind of data and data is extracted from where? These are the two ultimate aspects that differentiate between data and Web mining.

Data mining encompasses web mining, which focuses on identifying patterns in web-related data. Data mining is a vast concept that involves multiple steps, from preparing the data to validating the results that lead to the decision-making process for an organization.

Data Mining vs Web Mining Comparison Table

Below is the comparison table between Data Mining and Web Mining.

Basis for comparison Data Mining Web Mining

Concept Pattern identification from data available in any system. Pattern identification from web data.

Application/use cases Weather forecast using historical weather reports. HITS/PageRank techniques.

Who does this? Data scientists, Data engineers. Data engineers.

Process Same process but on the web using web documents.

Tools Machine learning algorithms. Scrappy, PageRank, Apache logs

How significant Many organizations are relying on data science results for decision-making. Web-related data pull would influence the existing data mining process.

Skills Data cleansing techniques, machine learning algorithms, statistics, probability. Data engineering, statistics, probability.


Data mining techniques enable the discovery of valuable knowledge and facilitate its application for better outcomes. Organizations keen on enhancing their businesses and making a high profit need many decisions based on the data mainly available in their systems generated in humongous volume. Not all data is deemed helpful in gaining knowledge and insights. Which, why, and what are the main questions data scientists/data analysts must consider when identifying patterns? In a very layman’s terms, data mining is like churning milk to make butter.

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This has been a guide to Data Mining vs Web Mining. Here we have discussed Data Mining vs Web Mining head-to-head comparison, key differences, infographics, and a comparison table. You may also look at the following articles to learn more –

Nest Cam Outdoor Offers 24/7 Video Streaming And Easy Install

Nest Cam Outdoor offers 24/7 video streaming and easy install

Nest is taking its intelligent cameras outside with the launch of the Nest Cam Outdoor, a weatherproof version of its streaming security system that makes ease of use and simplicity of installation its twin priorities. It’ll work with a new machine learning system intended to cut out false warnings from motion-triggered alerts, together with a redesign of Nest’s app that will affect users of its entire range of smart home products.

Assuming the majority of people buy a Nest Cam to serve as a digital security guard, “what sort of guard would you hire?” Mehul Nariyawala, product manager at Nest, asked rhetorically when I met him to see the new camera. According to the company’s research, security is indeed the primary reason people buy Nest Cam; moreover, Nariyawala says, 30-percent of those buyers go on to point the camera out the window.

Some go even further. Even though it’s not officially weatherproof, a surprising number of owners install Nest Cam outside.

A version specifically intended for use outside was an obvious next step, then, though that involved more consideration than just wrapping the existing Nest Cam in a water-tight enclosure, Nariyawala explained.

Installation is the big issue, and it forces you in one of two directions. On the one hand, you have a battery-powered camera; that’s easiest for the user to initially install, but it runs into issues along the line. No battery lasts forever, and so replacing or recharging such a camera’s batteries becomes a regular chore.

To try to delay that, battery-powered cameras aren’t recording 24/7. Instead, recording and streaming is triggered by sensors, and that introduces its own problems, Nariyawala argues.

“Sensors are not reliable,” he explains, pointing out that they’re prone to laggardly triggering that doesn’t start recording until thieves or intruders are out of frame, assuming they even start recording at all.

The other direction – and the one Nest has gone with – is a wired camera. Nest Cam Outdoor uses WiFi to connect to your router, but it gets its power from a regular outlet. That means it can record 24/7, as well as capture audio which battery-powered cameras often eschew since it’s another significant consumer of power.

The result is a multi-part system. Nest Cam Outdoor itself is a white, IP65 weatherproof plastic bullet with a 1080p camera and 130-degree lens. It has both a microphone and a speaker, supporting two-way audio so you can challenge intruders or ask delivery people to leave packages in the garage, and a carefully arranged set of eight night vision infrared LEDs that avoid over-illuminating the center of the frame or leaving the edges in darkness.

It mounts magnetically to your choice of two brackets, one with traditional holes to screw into the wall – Nest provides all the mounting hardware you might need, including nine low-profile cable clips – and another that itself uses magnets to grab a metal siding or rainspout.

You connect that to a USB power supply, courtesy of a custom weatherproof and twist-locking USB plug. The power brick – which is actually a small, circular puck – is IP67 weatherproof, meaning it can survive being buried in snow or even submerged in water.

Altogether, you get around 25 feet of cable to run to the nearest outlet. Even the plug has been given special consideration: it’s angled down, so the the hinged cover most outdoor outlets use can still fold down.

The idea, Nariyawala explained to me, is that buyers will first pair the camera with their network, then head out into the garden with their smartphone in hand so that they can check both that the WiFi signal is strong enough and that the mounting angle is correct.

Video streamed from Nest Cam Outdoor is, as with its indoor siblings, encrypted with a 2,048-bit RSA key over a 128-bit SSD connection. From the cloud, it’s accessed from the Nest app, which is also getting an update.

Nest v5.6, which is expected to hit iOS and Android devices later this month, will include a new interface that the company is calling “Spaces”. Rather than a list of your cameras, thermostats, and smoke alarms, they’ll be organized by room.

So, if you have a Nest thermostat and a Nest Cam in the living room, you’ll see a thumbnail preview of the video and the thermostat underneath. The idea, Nariyawala says, is to tap into the idea that Nest users already have a mental understanding of how their house is organized, so why not use the same schema to organize their smart home technology too.

It’s not the only change in Nest v5.6. The new app will also support private sharing, where you can give someone password-protected access to one of your video feeds. That might be a neighbor who is monitoring your house while you’re on holiday, perhaps, or a grandparent wanting to see inside the nursery.

Paired with an Android Wear smartwatch or an Apple Watch, meanwhile, there’ll be support for setting Nest thermostat temperature from the wrist.

The other big change in the Nest app won’t arrive until Nest Cam Outdoor goes on sale. Person Alerts arrived in recognition that, Nariyawala admits, “motion alerts are dumb.”

Although you can already set certain areas of your Nest Cam’s frame where motion is or isn’t monitored, it’s still likely that you’ll get false-positives from falling leaves, passing cars, or even the change of sunlight as the day progresses. Nest’s answer is to introduce new machine learning systems to try to better differentiate between a person and an object.

So, if there’s movement – either spotted by a Nest Cam or a Nest Cam Outdoor – Person Alerts will try to distinguish whether it’s an object or a pet, or if it’s a human. There’s room for uncertainty, too: if Nest isn’t entirely sure, the push notification you get will say it “thinks” it sees someone.

That notification will include a preview image on Android – the same is coming to iPhone when iOS 10 drops – so that you can quickly decide if it’s something worth opening the app for. Nest will try to be smart about how many notifications it sends out, too: if it looks like the same person is hanging around, perhaps because you’re running late to meet them, it won’t ping you with a warning every time they step into the frame.

Nest knows it won’t always get it right, Nariyawala says, but hopes that this “intelligent augmentation” is the first step to a far smarter, more flexible security system. Person Alerts will only be included in Nest’s subscription plans, though there’ll be no change in the price despite the new features.

Nest Cam Outdoor will hit shelves this fall, priced at $199.

5 Easy Ways To Fix A Read

5 Easy Ways to Fix a Read-Only Drive in Windows 11/10 PC (2023) Are You Frustrated With Your Read-only Drive? Learn How to Make Your Read-Only Drive Writable Again in Just a Few Minutes! What Happens When Drive Is Read Only and How Does That Happen?

Potential reasons why a Drive might be stuck in Read-only mode:

Physical write protection: A switch on the drive may be set to read-only.

File system corruption: The file system on the drive may be damaged.

Virus infection: A virus attack may have changed the file system or permissions on the drive.

Write protection enabled in Windows: Windows may have been set to read-only.

Hardware failure: The drive may have failed.

If you find that a drive is read-only, you can fix it by changing the file system permission. It is one of the simplest solutions to fix the problem, but if that doesn’t work, you can try the following workarounds that have been recommended by several computer experts.

Can’t Write to Your Drive? Don’t Panic! Here’s How to Fix It

We understand that being unable to write to your drive can be a frustrating experience. That’s why we’ve put together a list of solutions that we believe will help you fix the problem.

How To Fix Drive is Read Only: 1. Change Permissions In Properties

After going through the above steps, you know which of your hard drives is read-only, right? Here are a set of simple steps with the help of which you will be able to change your hard drive’s read-only status –

1. Go to This PC

6. Scroll down and check the Write checkbox


If you encounter a read-only status on one of your disk drives, it is essential to address any underlying errors promptly to prevent further damage. One commonly used command, CHKDSK, can quickly identify these errors. Follow these steps to use CHKDSK:

1. Type CMD in the search bar.

3. In the Command Prompt window, type “chkdsk g: /f /r /x” (replace “g:” with the appropriate drive letter).

4. Wait for the process to complete.

If any errors are detected on your drives, they will be listed. You can then use one of the methods described in the post to resolve these errors. Once resolved, check the drive status again.

3. DiskPart is The Way To Go

Oftentimes when drives are locked and all you see is the read-only state flashing, DiskPart can be your ultimate life savior. Here are the steps for using DiskPart –

2. Locate the Drive which is read-only. Here’s how you can find if a drive is read-only. Under the Disk # (0,1,2…) you will either find the Online or Read-Only status. If it’s the latter, you can head over to the next step.

3. In the Windows search bar, type CMD

5. When the Command Prompt opens, type diskpart

6. Next type list disk and press Enter

7. Select disk which has the read-only parameter on it. E.g. if it is disk 1  then the command should be select disk 1 (press enter)

8. Next, type attributes disk clear read-only  (press enter)

The read-only parameter should have been removed by now.    

4. Check If The Issue Is Caused Because Of Your Antivirus

Is your drive or folder showing you read-only error as soon as you restart your computer? It could be because your third-party antivirus is detecting the folder as a threat and stopping you from accessing it. In that case, you can do one of the following things –

1. White list the folder in your antivirus if it hasn’t been yet

2. Reinstall your antivirus

3. If problem still persists and you are sure that the file is genuine look for an alternate solution

If you are looking for an alternative solution, you can choose Systweak Antivirus which is touted as one of the best antivirus for Windows PC. Here are some of the core features of Systweak Antivirus –

Systweak Antivirus – Features At Glance

Quick, deep and custom scans to catch hold of every bad file

Real-time protection from all kinds of cyber threats

Systweak Antivirus is updated with latest virus definitions

Exploit protection scans every file and prevents PUPs from intruding your PC

Small file size

Read Full Review of Systweak Antivirus

Price – Starts from US$ 39.95 per year

5. Remove Read-only Using The Registry Editor

1. Press Windows + R key to open the Run dialogue box

2. Type Regedit to open the Registry Editor

3. Navigate to the following path


5. Close Regedit and restart your PC

You can recheck if your Windows 10 USB drive is read-only or not.

Also Read: How Safe Is A Reg File and How To Deal With It?

BONUS TIP = How to remove the ‘This Drive Is Read-Only’ error on an SD card or USB flash drive:

● Check the physical write protection switch = Some SD cards and USB flash drives have a physical switch that can be used to set the drive to read-only mode. If the switch is set to read-only, move it to the write-enabled position.

● Try formatting the drive in a different file system = If the drive is formatted in FAT32, you may try formatting it in NTFS.

Frequently Asked Questions – Common User Queries


What happens when a drive is in a read-only state?

When a drive is in a read-only state you can copy and read files but you can’t perform any edits on those files. In most cases, you will have to get rid of the write-protection if you want to edit or write files.


Why is my drive read-only?

There could be several reasons why your drive is blocked and is write-protected. It could be that there are issues in the drive or maybe you have mistakenly activated the read-only permission on the drive. There are cases where users have reported this issue after upgrading their Windows 20.


How can I get rid of the read-only state?


How can I remove read-only from a USB drive?

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