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Message Groups is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to give you more organization in your Messages app, especially if you’re like the developer and have many conversations going on at once, as shown above.

With this tweak, you can add and manage your own custom groups in the Messages app, making it easy to filter through certain contacts or conversations, and as a result, making it quicker and easier to text in general.

In this review, we’ll talk about Message Groups and how it can help you.

Message Groups: group your texts by person or conversation

Because the Messages app can become a busy place, Message Groups aims to help you organize your conversations in a more readable manner. It’ll let you add and manage custom groups in the Messages app that will include or exclude either certain people, or certain conversations between you and another person.

For example, in the screenshot below, I’ve made a group called iDB, and I’ve added only myself and Sebastien into this group. Now, when I open this group, only conversations between myself and Sebastien will appear in the message thread view.

When you go into a group to modify its parameters, you will see an interface similar to this one:

Within this interface, you can tweak all of the following things:

Give the group a title of your choice

Enable or disable the group for use

Hide or show conversations added to custom groups in default groups

Choose the contacts you want to appear in this group

Choose the individual conversations you want to appear in this group

Another cool feature of your groups is that they can be password protected. On devices with Touch ID on them, you can use the feature to authenticate yourself rather than enter a password, and this prevents your groups from being deleted or modified without your permission.

After creating the iDB group as I did above, I can also make a group for my close friends only, and another for my acquaintances.

If I want, I can even sort by conversation rather than person, which would be useful for anyone who does a lot of Craigslisting and wants to make a group specifically for conversations with strangers to conduct business so they remain separate from the rest of your messages.

The preferences pane

Message Groups adds a preferences pane to the Settings app where you’ll find a few options to configure to your liking:

Here, you can do things like:

Enable or disable the tweak on demand

Sort groups either by creation date or title name

Sort by order of ascending or descending

Manage your license information

Yes… we said license information. It’s worth noting that Message Groups is a free download from Cydia, but you’ll be required to purchase a license for the tweak for $1.49 after downloading it. This license is then assigned to your email and you can sign in and use your activation code from the Miscellaneous cell.

My thoughts on Message Groups

I personally like the idea of being able to make my own custom groups right from the Messages app and filter my conversations on demand. This tweak has a lot of potential to make using the Messages app feel a lot more organized, and the added protection by passcode or Touch ID helps ensure security of your groups.

On the other hand, I’m not really a fan of the rounded corners added to the Messages app after the installation, and I really don’t like third-party licensing systems as much as I like just being able to purchase the tweak directly through Cydia like other tweaks.

Nevertheless, if your Messages app is a mess, this is a jailbreak tweak that could potentially help keep you more organized.

Wrapping up

Message Groups, which can be activated for $1.49 after downloading the package for free from Cydia’s BigBoss repository, provides jailbreakers with a number of new conversation grouping options and can help keep even the untidiest texter in order.

What are your thoughts on being able to make custom Messages app groups at this micro-level of management? Share below!

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Breaking Silos: How To Enable Seo Across Your Organization

Have you ever tried to implement an SEO project and received pushback from IT, development, product, design, UX, brand, content strategy, or any other non-SEO team?

If so, you aren’t alone.

SEO is often dependent on other teams, and your project can be dead on arrival without the right support.

Therefore, gaining stakeholder buy-in is a critical, yet challenging, component of implementing an SEO project.

To solve this challenge, I’ve heard many people say that getting SEO a seat at the table can help get that necessary buy-in and prioritization.

However, SEO professionals should aim for more because what value does that seat have if you aren’t given the chance to speak at that table, or if no one else is seconding your opinion, or if you’re not invited to the right meeting?

Don’t get me wrong.

Getting a seat at the table is a critical first step, but the seat is not enough.

SEO Enablement Is the Key to Implementation

Many times, our job as SEO professionals forces us to act either as gatekeepers or, as my colleague Stephan Bajaio puts it, as janitors.

As gatekeepers, we’re charged with QAing every content and technical decision to ensure SEO best practices are followed.

As janitors, we’re forced to retroactively fix or mitigate decisions other teams make that inevitably stunt or damage SEO progress.

Neither position is ideal.

This is when enabling SEO in your organization can help.

SEO enablement is the continuous process of sharing SEO knowledge, resources, and tools with other teams so that they are empowered to make decisions that always align with SEO best practices for every project.

Creating this process in your organization democratizes SEO and helps others develop an SEO mindset.

Some positive outcomes from this process are the following:

Keeps SEO top of mind when other teams are building and prioritizing their roadmaps.

Develops workflow efficiencies.

Allows for coordinated cross-channel and cross-team strategies and execution.

In this way, SEO becomes a team sport, with responsibilities shared across the organization.

You no longer have to play the role of gatekeeper or janitor.

Here are some ideas on how to enable SEO in your organization.

1. Teach, Don’t Preach

We tend to use a lot of technical jargon in SEO.

To those who don’t understand SEO like we do, it can be incredibly off-putting and unintentionally cause them to tune out.

You want to avoid this reaction.

Every time you communicate out an SEO recommendation, think of it as a mini SEO business case, or a persuasive essay.

You want to keep your audience engaged and for them to buy into what you’re saying.

When you send an SEO POV email, or you’re asked to present SEO data to a group of stakeholders, don’t just throw out a recommendation with a bunch of unintelligible data and charts.

Frame SEO accessibly.

Take the time to explain, even if it takes longer to craft your message, and even if you’ve explained the same concept multiple times to the same people.

Whenever I’m providing an SEO recommendation to stakeholders, I like following this format:

TLDR Executive Summary: Provide 2-3 sentences at the top with your SEO recommendation.

What’s the issue? Explain the SEO problem you’re trying to solve. This section will normally contain definitions for jargon.

Why is it important? Explain why SEO should be considered in this project. This section is a good one to pull out best practices, quotes from industry experts, and the like to reinforce the importance.

What’s the impact on performance? Explain what can happen if they follow your recommendations to a T, and on the flip side, what can happen if they only partially implement (or pass on your recommendation). Use case studies and data to showcase your point.

The more you explain SEO in a way people can understand, the more you reinforce the concepts, and the easier it is for others to internalize this information.

Do this enough times and pretty soon, you won’t need to be the one communicating these concepts; they’ll start doing it for you!

2. Develop SEO Skills Outside Your Team

There are certain SEO skills that are critical to making sound SEO decisions.

It’s important that others across your organization have these skills as well.

Helping your team and colleagues develop these skills can remove roadblocks to decision-making and implementation.

Here are some useful skill sets for SEO stakeholders.

Analytical Skills

Many website projects can impact SEO performance, so it’s helpful if other teams understand this and know what and how to pull the most relevant data sets that will help them execute on their project.

Teach your stakeholders the value of incorporating SEO data in their workflows and show them which metrics and reports are most important to look at and why.

Here are some examples:

For dev teams: Talk to them about the importance of technical SEO. Then, empower them to monitor and extract these insights themselves by analyzing crawl data.

For writers: Convey the importance of keyword research, then teach them how to track and monitor keyword visibility of their published content.

For designers and UX strategists: Explain how Google crawls and renders pages, then show them the traffic impact of pages that aren’t well-linked or have hidden content.

They don’t need to know how to do every SEO task under the sun.

However, teaching others how to analyze SEO data that is most relevant to their role will help them develop an SEO mindset that can help them – and you – execute a project.

Excel Shortcuts & Data Manipulation

So much of SEO work starts and ends in Excel.

After all, even if people know how to pull SEO data themselves, they may not want to if it means manually sorting through thousands of rows of keyword rank or traffic data.

To combat this, teach your colleagues common Excel formulas, or send them a starter Excel template with pre-built in formulas and pivots for them to use.

Do you work with product managers seeking data to benchmark a project?

Teach them how to use VLOOKUPs to marry landing page traffic to keyword rank data.

Do you work with content strategists researching ideas for their next campaign?

Teach them how to use IF formulas to categorize keyword data by content theme and quickly see topics that have the greatest search demand.

The list goes on.

For more Excel ideas, Distilled has an amazing Excel for SEO guide, with many useful formulas you can use for common SEO tasks.

3. Equip People with the Right Tools

When I first started out as an SEO, my default was always to restrict tool access and instead only share out finalized research documents and “client-ready” reports.

I came to realize that this mindset is the wrong way of going about things.

When you’re the only person who has access to or knows how to use SEO tools, you remain in that “gatekeeper” role.

As such, people have no choice but to ask you for SEO data or a POV instead of doing it themselves.

Thus, SEO remains in their periphery instead of becoming an integrated component of their workflow.

Give others the tools and training they need to integrate SEO in their day-to-day.

This is a must-do if you want to develop an SEO mindset within the broader organization.

At a minimum, here are the platforms I recommend sharing access with other folks in the organization:

Content Analytics: To enable traffic analysis and trends reporting.

Keyword Analytics: To enable topic research and visibility tracking.

Website Crawling: To enable technical issues diagnosis and monitoring.

SEO Chrome Extensions and Testing Tools: To enable quick SEO insights.

When other teams have access to your tools and can research and monitor themselves, they’ll start feeling partly responsible for the channel and will make decisions accordingly.

4. Create a Culture of Knowledge Sharing

There’s an old proverb you may have heard before:

“Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day. Teach a person to fish and you feed them for life.”

Teaching others SEO concepts and workflows, especially those that connect to their responsibilities, is one of the best ways to enable SEO.

Here are some ways you can do this.

Host Lunch & Learns

Create a form and ask people for input on which topics they’d be most interested in learning.

Don’t just make it all SEO all of the time either. Ask people from other teams to share their knowledge.

Sessions like this can help break down silos and create a better understanding of what is important to other teams.

Develop SEO Workshops

I like hosting multi-part training sessions, so as not to overwhelm people.

The first session is geared towards providing an intro to SEO and the value it provides to the business. The second session can then be more tactical, where you walk through specific workflows.

Set up a Recurring ‘Office Hours’ Meeting

Create an optional, recurring meeting at a cadence that makes sense for your company and invite people you often work with on cross-functional projects.

Yes, it’s more meetings on the calendar.

However, office hours can not only cut down on drive-bys but also offer another way to teach others how to troubleshoot SEO problems on their own.

Create a Slack Channel

Start a channel and open it to anyone who wants to join.

The channel can be a space to share SEO tips, articles, case studies, and shout-outs.

In the past when I’ve done this, I invited folks from many other departments, and it was a helpful way to share quick tips and industry news.

In Summary

With so many competing priorities and tasks, it can be hard to find the time to prioritize SEO enablement.

Enablement is a critical part of ensuring SEO gets the right buy-in and prioritization.

It’s important that you don’t just give your stakeholders the insight.

Show them the steps you took to get to that decision and teach them how to do it themselves the next time they encounter this issue.

More Resources:

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Ios 16 And Ipados 16 Bring A Far Richer Experience To The Weather App

Apple’s line of tablets are pretty powerful and helpful. And while some folks might see plenty of shortcomings with iPadOS, it’s also plenty useful. And it’s getting better with iPadOS 16, which is expected to arrive later this fall. To that end, Apple is finally getting around to adding one of the most important apps the company’s tablets have been missing for years.

That’s right, the Weather app is finally coming to iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, and iPad Pro with the launch of iPadOS 16 later this year. This has been a bit of a head-scratcher for years now, with people wondering how on earth Apple could continue to leave the iPad lineup without an official weather app. But the wait is almost over, and the even better news is that Apple’s updating the app in general to be a better, far richer experience.

So here’s what’s new with the Weather app, in addition to the fact it’s coming to the iPad lineup.

Dig in for more info

Right now, the Weather app has plenty of information to show when the user opens it up. But, there could always be more. And with iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, Apple is aiming to offer up as much info as it can. To get there, though, users will need to tap on any one of the different modules that’s present in the Weather app. Doing so will bring up even more information about that specific topic.

For instance, you can now see hourly temperature and precipitation over the next 10 days by selecting the specific module. The details are shown in beautiful graphics, too, so it’s easy on the eyes. Which is always a good thing.

This is a new feature that’s available for both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

For when things get severe

The Weather app on iOS already offers up notifications for rain, which is nice. However, things are getting a bit more robust –and helpful– with notifications built for upcoming severe weather. With iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, the Weather app will send the user a notification when a severe weather alert has been issued for your area. This also expands on the flood warnings, too.

This is a new element for both iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

For the iPad

Now, this is technically new for the iPad because, well, the Weather app is new for the iPad. However, for folks who like using the Apple Weather app on their iPhone, the rest of these features will be familiar. Still, it’s worth noting that the Weather app is going to be par with the iOS version, so here’s what iPad users can expect from the Weather app with the launch of iPadOS 16:

Thousand of animated backgrounds, offering up variations that show off precipitation (like heavy or light rainfall), the sun’s position, and cloud cover.

Air quality can be seen directly from within the Weather app, all with a color-coded scale to make it easy to interpret the information. This feature lets users also compare air quality from the previous day to the current, get health recommendations based on the information, pollutant breakdown, and more.

Forecasts that update to current weather conditions.

So, that’s what’s new with the Weather app in iOS 16 and iPadOS 16. Are you happy about the fact the app is finally making the leap to the iPad lineup?

Boldly Bring Them Back: Interventions For Student Reengagement And Dropout Prevention

Schools can work to inspire confidence in students who have fallen behind by offering consistent support, starting in the summer.

School administrators across the nation have seen a lack of student engagement during Covid-19. The school structure during the pandemic has made it easier for students to disengage from school, leading to random pop-ins on Google Meets and sporadic responses to emails. This lack of engagement and focus places students at risk of dropping out of high school. 

In order to prevent this, school administrators can seek out opportunities to intervene and reengage those students. Fundamentally, students want and need to feel connected and cared for. When schools uphold their responsibility to provide social and emotional support, the consistent and intentional connection with students can support engagement and prevent dropouts. Summer and early fall is a good time to implement practical interventions to help disengaged students before the issue progresses.

Mobile Mondays 

Visiting students’ homes during the summer is a meaningful tool for reengagement. This can be done as often as a district likes, with a specifically designated team of administrators, teachers, and support staff.

Try visiting homes every Monday during the summer. This should not be done in the style of a typical truancy home visit—show care and interest in the student’s well-being to identify and reduce barriers to their engagement. When done with care and intention, the visit shows that the school is committed to the student and welcomes them back.

This is a great opportunity to get to know the student better. Call ahead and schedule the home visit according to the student’s and family’s availability. It’s perfectly acceptable to visit in the front yard and socially distance during the pandemic.

R&R: Reengagement at Registration

Registration for the new school year is also a great time for reengagement. Use previously collected data to create a list of students who were disengaged during the previous semester or academic year. When the student arrives at the registration event, follow up with them. If your district or school does not have a formal registration process, invite families to come to the school before the school year begins. The location of where the following steps occur is flexible and can be adjusted to fit your school’s needs.

1. Hold a conference. Choose a private space for an administrator, teacher, or support staff to hold the conference. This provides an opportunity to create a relationship with the student and their parents.

2. Collect information. Provide a brief form asking questions to gather information about the reason for the student’s disengagement and identify their needs. Providing a list of possible options (e.g., family issues, mental health, employment) can be helpful. Schools can choose to address those needs as a preventive measure.

3. Provide a list of resources. The reengagement process includes sharing information with students about services that the school offers for support and school credit recovery. Social and emotional services are essential for this population of students. The list can include local agencies that partner with the district.

4. Create a check-in system. Every student benefits from having at least one supportive adult at their school. They can go to that adult throughout the school year for assistance as needed. That adult (or the school) can send ongoing motivational and encouraging emails or texts to the student. If a student can’t think of anyone on their own, the school can identify a teacher or support staff member who is available to help. The hope is that the adult and student will develop a strong rapport as they spend time checking in together.

5. Determine the student’s level of confidence. Students who lack self-efficacy need support to build their confidence and reduce self-inflicted barriers. There are plenty of self-efficacy measures available online, but simply asking students to rate their own level of confidence about whether they think that they can pass all their classes is acceptable (e.g., on a Likert scale: very confident, somewhat confident, not confident). 

Transition Track 

Accepting that some students won’t have the capacity to attend full days of school for five days per week is a realistic perspective. It may sound counterintuitive to reduce the instructional time for students who already missed so much, but some students might need to slowly transition back into the full-time school structure.

Students are unlikely to just bounce back from being disengaged for a year or two. They might feel overwhelmed by pressure to catch up with their peers. Discovering what works for the nontraditional student is key. A half-day program or another form of an abbreviated schedule might be more appropriate. Check with your state board of education in regard to seat-time and attendance policies. Some state boards issue waivers that allow students to use competency-based education in place of seat time.

If reducing the school day isn’t an option, try starting the school year earlier. Students who were disengaged can transition back to school a week or two before the rest of the student body. The transition time could focus on executing functioning skills and social and emotional learning. A program focused on these areas helps reduce some of the anxiety connected to attending school and failing behind. 

Your school can create a path for disengaged students to succeed.

How To Link Your Arc Games Account To Your Xbox One Or Ps4

How to Link your Arc Games Account to your Xbox One or PS4 A comprehensive guide on linking your accounts




Read our article to find out how to link your accounts across platforms.

Linking your Xbox or Ps4 console accounts to your Arc account has many benefits.

One of them includes receiving exclusive in-game content, such as pets.



Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you want to link your Arc Games account to your Xbox One or PS4 account, you have found the right guide.

Being able to have your accounts connected across platforms can help make the entire process of keeping the settings up to date a lot easier.

It is worth noting that even though this enables easier management of settings, the characters you were using on your Arc Games account will not be ported to your Xbox One or PS4 platform.

If you don’t find this to be problematic, then read on to find out how you can link your Arc Games account to your Xbox One or PS4 accounts.

Note: If you perform the link between your console and Arc accounts by using the Neverwinter game, you will also get a bonus and exclusive companion named Renegade Illusionist as a reward.

How can I link my Arc Games account to Xbox or PS4 consoles?

2. A splash screen will appear that will ask if you would like to link your Arc account to your Xbox Live/PSN accounts.

3. Press the Y button (Xbox) or the Green Triangle button (PS4) to open the browser.

4. This webpage will allow you to log into your Arc account, or create a new account.

5. Once your account is registered, and you’ve signed in successfully, tick the box next to the option Link your Arc Account to your Xbox Live Gamertag or PSN user name.

6. Once this process is completed, your accounts are linked and you can enjoy the benefits of this.

Some of the perks of having your accounts linked is receiving exclusive content in-game, that cannot be obtained in any other way.

For example, in Neverwinter, once this process is completed, you will be able to claim the Renegade Illusionist from the Rewards Agent in the Protectors Encvale after completing the quest Rags to Riches. This quest comes immediately after the tutorial.

In today’s guide, we explored the best and fastest way of connecting your Arc Games account to your Xbox One or PS4 console.

You need to understand that your character from the Arc Games or any of the console accounts will not be ported once you connect the profiles.

Still experiencing troubles? Fix them with this tool:


Some driver-related issues can be solved faster by using a tailored driver solution. If you’re still having problems with your drivers, simply install OutByte Driver Updater and get it up and running immediately. Thus, let it update all drivers and fix other PC issues in no time!

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How To Clean Your Ipad Screen

Is your screen dirty and you want to clean it? This article explains how you can thoroughly clean your iPad’s touchscreen. It is very important you follow certain guidelines for cleaning your iPad’s display. Regular cleaning is essential. And sometimes you may want to disinfect your iPad. It is also important that you should keep your iPad clean and sanitary without damaging your device and screen to ensure that you’re getting the best experience from your iPad. Here is how:

If your screen is unresponsive, see this article.

Before you do anything, make sure that:

Your iPad is unplugged. Make sure that all cables are unplugged.

Your iPad is turned off. Here is how you can turn off your iPad:

iPad with Face ID models: Press and hold the power (side or top) and the volume up (or down) buttons together until you see the power off slider. Then drag the slider to turn off your iPad.

Other iPad models: Press and hold the side or top button until you see the power slider and then drag the slider.

Do not use excessive force when cleaning. Do not apply much pressure. Be gentle.

There are no liquids nearby.

See this article if your iPad is running slow.

General cleaning

To clean, gently wipe your screen for fingerprints, dust, and lint.

Use a soft, lint-free cloth. The best option is a lint-free microfiber cloth. You may also use a camera lens cleaning cloth.

Do not use paper towels, washcloths or similar items as they may cause damage, for example, they may scratch your screen.

Do not use compressed or canned air.

Stubborn stains cleaning

This cleaning includes cleaning ink, oils, lotions, makeup, food stains or similar. Clean your iPad’s screen immediately if your screen comes into contact with these types of stains.

Again use a soft lint-free cloth. This time lightly dampen a section of the cloth with distilled or tap water. And gently wipe the dirty area. Then dry the area with another soft, lint-free cloth.

if the material is still present, you may use a soft, lint-free cloth with warm soapy water. Wipe it over the iPad.

Make sure that you do not get moisture in any openings like the Lightning port, the speaker or mic.

Absolutely never submerge your iPad in a cleaning liquid or solution.

How to disinfect the display

It is important to note that your iPad’s screen is an often overlooked source of microbes. Is your iPad screen covered in germs? Probably yes. This means that you should clean and disinfect your iPad but not compulsively.

You may want to disinfect your iPad’s display especially if multiple people are using it. According to Apple, you can use a 70 percent isopropyl alcohol wipe or Clorox Disinfecting Wipes to clean your screen.

Gently wipe your screen.

As stated above, do not use bleach.

If you are using a disinfectant (containing 70% isopropyl alcohol), do not apply these liquids directly to your iPad. Instead, moisten a soft cloth or a microfiber cloth until it’s damp. Then wipe your iPad.

Don’t use Dettol wipes.

Never use bleach, harsh chemicals or cleaning solvents, ammonia, or abrasives on your iPad. Never spray cleaners directly onto the screen.

Another important point is that you should use a microfiber cloth as it has the ability to collect bacteria and it can remove microorganisms.

Furthermore, you may want to change your iPad usage habits. For example:

Wash your hand before using your iPad.

Stop taking it into the bathroom yes we know you are doing this.

Do not share your iPad with others.

Here is what you can do if you get your iPhone wet.

See also: iPhone Screen Not Rotating? Fix

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