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BlueStacks is among the popular android emulators that let users install and run android apps on their computers. The app is completely free and available for both Windows and Mac. You can download it from its official website. After installing BlueStacks, you can access Google Play Store directly from your Windows device and install all the android apps and games on your Windows PC. Sometimes, BlueStacks gets stuck on Starting the Engine screen. If you are experiencing such an issue with BlueStacks on your computer, the solutions listed in this post may help you fix it.

In order to run a particular software on your Windows computer, it should fulfill all the hardware requirements. You will also experience this problem if your system is not compatible with BlueStacks. Therefore, before you install BlueStacks on your system, it will be better if you check the hardware requirements for BlueStacks from the official website.

BlueStacks is stuck on Starting the Engine screen

If BlueStacks gets stuck on Starting the Engine screen and is not proceeding further, you can try the solutions explained in this article to get the issue resolved. Before you proceed, we suggest you try the following quick fixes and see if they help:

Restart your computer.

Kill unwanted background processes and applications to free up some RAM.

Check if your system is running on the latest version of Windows 11/10. If not, install the latest Windows 11/10 updates.

Repair the corrupt system files by running the SFC and DISM scans.

If after trying the above quick fixes, you still experience the same issue again, you can proceed towards the troubleshooting methods described below.

Enable Virtualization

Allocate more CPU cores and RAM to BlueStacks

Disable your antivirus temporarily

Update your graphics card driver

Let’s see all these solutions in detail.

1] Enable Virtualization

To use BlueStacks, your Windows computer should support the Virtualization technology. If your computer supports Virtualization, you have to enable it. Computers of different brands have different methods to enable Virtualization. After enabling Virtualization, launch BlueStacks and check if it gets stuck on Starting the Engine screen this time or not.

2] Allocate more CPU cores and RAM to BlueStacks

If your system supports Virtualization and despite enabling Virtualization, you are still experiencing the same issue with BlueStacks, allocating more CPU cores and RAM to BlueStacks may fix the problem.

The following steps will guide you on how to allocate more CPU cores and memory to BlueStacks:

Launch BlueStacks 5.

Select the Performance category from the left side.

Allocating the higher CPU cores and memory to BlueStacks will boost the performance of apps and games running inside BlueStacks. But this will also increase pressure on your CPU and RAM. This may affect the performance of the laptops with low configurations, say 4 CPU cores and 4 GB RAM. In this case, if you run another application in parallel to BlueStacks, your system may hang or freeze. On the other hand, increasing the number of CPU cores and RAM for BlueStacks will not affect the laptops with a good configuration, say the laptops with 8 or more CPU cores and 8 GB or more RAM.

Do not allocate all the CPU cores and entire memory to BlueStacks. While increasing the CPU cores and RAM for a particular app, always select a value lower than the total number of CPU cores and RAM your system has.

3] Disable your antivirus temporarily

Your antivirus might be interrupting the working of BlueStacks. To check this, first, disable your antivirus software temporarily and then launch BlueStacks. If BlueStacks does not get stuck on Starting the Engine screen, your antivirus is preventing BlueStacks from working properly. In this case, you can disable your antivirus while using BlueStacks and enable it again after exiting BlueStacks.

4] Update your graphics card driver

You may also experience this issue with BlueStacks if your graphics card driver is not up to date or corrupted. In such a case, updating the graphics card driver fixes the problem.

When it comes to updating the graphics card driver, Windows 11/10 users have the following options:

Installing the latest version of the graphics card driver via Windows Optional Updates feature.

Visit the official website of the graphics card manufacturer, download the latest version of the graphics card driver, and install it manually on the system.

Update the current version of the graphics card driver without uninstalling it via the Device Manager. In this case, you have to follow the below-listed steps:

In the Device Manager, expand the Display adapters node.

Now, select the Search automatically for drivers option to let Windows install the latest version of the driver automatically.

This should fix the problem.

How do I fix BlueStacks stuck on startup?

The problem of BlueStacks getting stuck on startup or on initializing screen might be occurring due to a minor bug in the software. In such a case, uninstalling and reinstalling the latest version of BlueStacks may fix the problem. Apart from that, you can also try running BlueStacks in compatibility mode and checking its administrative privileges.

Why is BlueStacks not working on Windows 11/10?

If BlueStacks is not working on your Windows 11/10 system, first, you should check whether or not your computer fulfills the minimum hardware requirements for BlueStacks. If despite having the compatible hardware, BlueStacks does not work on your system, you can try a few more things, like enabling the Virtualization, updating your graphics card driver, etc. If nothing helps, uninstall and reinstall BlueStacks after downloading the latest version from its official website.

If BlueStacks is not starting when Hyper-V is enabled, you should check and configure the settings of Hyper-V.

Hope this helps.

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Bluestacks Is Crashing My Pc: 7 Ways To Fix Blue Screen Issues

Bluestacks is Crashing my PC: 7 Ways to Fix Blue Screen issues You may need to boot into safe mode to isolate the error’s trigger




Many users can enjoy playing Android games on PC using the BlueStacks emulator.

However, you may encounter the Blue Screen of Death error and may be required to check the Hyper-V feature.

We recommend performing a fresh install, but you should do this as a last option.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Android emulation is possible on Windows, but many users reported Blue Screen of Death errors while using the BlueStacks software.

This can be a big problem and cause stability issues with your PC, but in this article, we’ll show you how to fix this problem.

Why does Bluestacks keep crashing?

Users have noticed this error, and it is triggered by a few different elements, the most common being:

Outdated or corrupted drivers – Curropt drivers are a huge factor and sometimes will even mean that the BlueStacks engine won’t start. We discuss how to fix this below.

Errors in the Hyper-V feature – If the BlueStacks isn’t opening or constantly crashing, it’s possible that there’s an issue with the virtualization and everything is not configured correctly.

Third-party applications – Third-party applications can cause this error to appear, which will require a detailed fix in some cases.

Compatibility issues with antivirus – While antivirus software keeps you safe, it may not interact with some legitimate applications in some cases. You should use only the best antivirus software.

Blue Screen of Death errors can be pretty problematic, and sometimes these errors can appear in different variations while using BlueStacks, including:

BlueStacks keeps crashing Windows 10 – Sometimes BlueStacks can keep crashing on your PC. This can occur due to the Hyper-V feature, so be sure to disable it.

BlueStacks BSOD memory_management – Third-party applications can cause this error to appear. You will have to identify and eliminate the trigger applications.

Blue screen after installing BlueStacks – Your antivirus can also cause problems with BlueStacks to appear.

BlueStacks quit unexpectedly – This is very similar to the restarting error, and just like it is with other variations, you should try some of the solutions recommended below.

How can I fix Bluestacks crashes on PC?

Before you go into any of these solutions, you may decide to change emulators altogether. However, many users who have switched to get LD Player have had a positive experience.

1. Use a professional solution

The BlueStacks Blue Screen of Death error will prevent you from having an excellent gaming experience. However, after fixing this problem, you can enjoy playing the best Android games on your computer.

We recommend you use a professional solution that offers you many benefits. First, it safely repairs and secures your computer, bringing it into an optimized state.

2. Disable the Hyper-V feature

A tested and reliable solution is to disable Hyper-V Windows feature on your device in order to repair Bluestacks crashing errors really fast.

1. In the Search field, enter Windows Features. Select Turn Windows features on or off.

3. Restart your PC to apply the changes.

3. Reinstall the BlueStacks software

A Blue Screen of Death can sometimes appear while using BlueStacks if the installation is damaged. To fix this problem, users are suggesting reinstalling the software entirely.

Expert tip:

This is an excellent uninstaller software, and it can remove any application from your PC and all its files and registry entries.

By using the uninstaller software, you’ll ensure that there will be no traces of Bluestacks on your computer, and you will be ready for a fresh install.

4. Reinstall your graphics card drivers

If you find this process tedious, you can always use third-party tools to update all your drivers automatically.

Try out a highly-efficient software such as Outbyte Driver Updater that updates all your drivers, including the ones for your graphics card. It’s simple, fast and secure technology allows it to improve the performance of your graphic card.

5. Disable or uninstall your antivirus

If you’re getting Blue Screen of Death on your PC while using BlueStacks, the problem might be related to your antivirus software.

If the problem is still there, you must uninstall your antivirus and try rerunning BlueStacks.

6. Try running BlueStacks in Safe Mode 7. Perform a Clean boot

Once your PC restarts, check if the problem is still there. If the Blue Screen of Death doesn’t appear anymore, one of your startup applications or services was certainly causing the issue.

To pinpoint the cause, you must enable the disabled applications and services.

Once you find the problematic application, remove it, or keep it disabled to prevent this issue from reappearing.

You should note that there are a few variants to this error, including, BlueStacks crashing on Windows 11 and BlueStacks 5 crashing on Windows 11. But these solutions should work for any of these.

We hope that our solutions helped you solve this problem and if you have any suggestions, please let us know in the Comments section below.

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How To Fix Apex Legends Stuck On Infinite Loading Screen

The Apex Legends infinite-loading screen bug isn’t one most player experience on a regular basis, but it isn’t the least common issue either. When it happens, you can’t get past the initial loading screen on the game; therefore, you can’t actually play or access your content. Like many issues with modern games, the cause won’t be immediately obvious. You’ll have to try a few different solutions to find a cure.

What Causes Infinite Apex Loading Screens?

A few common causes might be the cause of the Apex loading screen problems. Start with these issues that have fixed the screens for other players so you can get back to your path to Apex championship.

Connection Issues: There could be a problem with your internet, game platform, or Apex itself. When the connection between each of them isn’t working correctly, it will stop Apex from working and could result in unending loading screens. For example, once Steam’s authentication service for Apex went down, Steam players could not connect. Instead, they logged on and were met with infinite loading screens.

Corrupted Files: The game files themselves could be damaged or even missing. You can try to repair or reinstall the game to fix this issue.

Outdated System Software: Your game or platform may need an update. Sometimes updates include bug fixes to address issues that cause problems like an infinite loading screen.

Other problems can also be responsible for infinite Apex loading screens. Make sure you check all the potential fixes before you attempt to reinstall, especially because it might not solve the problem if one of the issues outside the game is causing it.

How to Fix Apex Loading Screens

To fix Apex infinite loading screens, check for the simplest reasons the problem could be happening before moving on to the more involved and rare causes. Once you find the right one, you can start playing and stop troubleshooting. 

Check Server Status

Check Apex and your platform’s server status to see whether they’re experiencing issues. Everyone should check Apex itself, but you only need to check Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox if you connect to Apex through those services.

You should also check the Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam server status if applicable. If everything is working, then you know the problem is likely on your end. 

Restart Everything

If the servers are functioning properly, try restarting your game and your computer or console to see whether it makes Apex pass the loading screen the next time you turn it on. Since it’s stuck in a loading screen, you won’t be able to shut it down like usual.

PC Xbox PlayStation

You should also look for any updates for Windows or your console software.

Once the game restarts, if the infinite loading screen is still happening, you’ll have to continue to try other troubleshooting options. 

Restart Your Internet

Restarting your internet and flushing your DNS will help ensure there’s nothing wrong with your connection creating the unending loading screens on Apex.

If that doesn’t work, try a few other solutions. 

Unplug Unnecessary Devices

Some Apex players found that USB devices plugged into the computer were the cause of their problems. Once the right device was unplugged, Apex would start and get past the unending load screen like normal.

Try removing USB devices one at a time and loading Apex to see whether it works. 

There might be a problem with your game files if it’s still happening after you’ve attempted the rest of these fixes.

Repair the Game Files

You can repair the game files without deleting and reinstalling the entire thing. The option looks for damaged or missing files and replaces them, so the installation is good again.

On Steam

You need to be connected to the internet during this process in case Steam needs to download clean copies of the files you’re missing.

On EA App

If your game was missing files or corrupted, this might fix it and let you play again. If not, continue to the next suggestion.

Clear Save Data on Xbox

One suggestion that Microsoft recommends for Xbox users is to clear the data saved on their Xbox. It shouldn’t remove the data stored on the cloud, which you can re-download after you’re done.

Once you reopen Apex while you’re connected to the internet, the saved data in the cloud should download. 

Reinstall the Game

If all else fails, reinstalling the game completely has worked for some Apex players. While it will take quite a while to re-download the entire game, it means you’ll be able to play again.

One caveat: players who reinstalled the game would sometimes encounter the same error later and have to reinstall again. If it’s repeatedly happening, reach out to EA to see whether they can help address your problem. Sometimes it means waiting awhile for a patch that addresses a known issue that isn’t fixed yet. 

Stuck At Configuring Windows Updates Screen? Try These Fixes

Stuck at Configuring Windows Updates Screen? Try These Fixes




If you get your screen stuck at updating Windows. One of the most common fixes is to wait it out.

Removing any USB peripherals and accessing Safe Mode is another way to get around this issue.



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

Performing regular updates on Windows 10 is crucial for your security and system stability.

However, sometimes there might be problems with certain updates and many users reported being stuck with Configuring Windows Updates 100% complete don’t turn off your computer message on their Windows 10 devices.

According to users, Configuring Windows Updates 100% complete don’t turn off your computer is displayed and they cannot access Windows 10 at all, as if the update process is stuck.

This is a rather big problem since you won’t be able to access Windows 10 at all, but there are few solutions available that can help you fix this problem.

There are many problems that can occur with Windows Updates, and in today’s articles we’re going to show you how to fix the following issues:

Configuring Windows Updates stuck, frozen, failed, hang, very slow – According to users, the Windows Update process can often get stuck or frozen. This can be a big problem, but you should be able to fix it with one of our solutions.

Configuring Windows Updates won’t finish – This is another common problem with Windows Updates. As users claim, it seems that the update process can’t finish at all.

Failure configuring Windows Updates endless loop – Several users reported that they were unable to install a specific update. According to them, they were stuck in an endless loop.

Configuring Windows Updates every time I turn on the computer – How do I stop my computer from configuring Windows updates? If that’s your question too, you should be able to fix it with one of our solutions.

Configuring Windows Updates restart loop – Sometimes users might get this message whenever they restart their PC. This can be a big problem since you won’t be able to use your PC at all.

Configuring Windows Updates reverting changes – This message can appear if a certain update can’t be installed. However, sometimes your PC might get stuck while reverting changes.

Configuring Windows Updates taking a long time – Many users reported that this process can take a long time. In most cases, it’s best to wait for the process to finish, but if waiting doesn’t help, you might want to try some of our solutions.

Configuring Windows Updates 100% complete don’t turn off your computer message is a normal part of every Windows update.

Sometimes it can take a while in order for the update to be installed, so it’s no wonder many users assume that the update process is frozen.

The simplest solution to this problem is to wait for the update to install itself. In most cases, the update process isn’t stuck so you’ll just have to patiently wait for a while before the update is completely installed.

2. Remove any USB peripherals

If you’re stuck with Configuring Windows Updates 100% complete don’t turn off your computer, you might want to try removing your USB peripherals such as your external hard drive, printer, even your USB mouse and keyboard.

Users reported that disconnecting USB peripherals successfully fixed their problem, so try removing your USB peripherals and wait for a few minutes for the update to finish.

You can read more about how a USB peripheral can block the latest Windows 10 update in this article. In some cases, it applies to other updates as well.

3. Turn off your device and turn it back on again

Users reported that this solution works with Surface Pro devices, but you can try it with your Windows 10 PC as well. Just hold the power button for a few seconds until your device turns off.

After the device turns off completely, press the power button again to turn it on. If something doesn’t go as expected or you hear weird noises, it’s possible that you experience some power supply issues.

Don’t know how to fix power supply issues in Windows 10? Check this guide and set things right once again.

4. Try accessing Safe Mode

Expert tip:

5. Use Automatic Repair or System Restore

Few users reported that they have managed to fix this problem by performing Automatic Repair or System Restore. After you turn on and turn off your PC a couple of times, you should see the Advanced Startup screen.

Once you see that screen, you’ll need to apply the above steps. If System Restore isn’t working, don’t panic. Check this useful guide and set things right once again.

6. Check your RAM

If you get stuck at Configuring Windows Updates 100% complete don’t turn off your computer screen, it might be because your RAM is corrupt.

Try swapping your RAM in order to find the faulty module. This is an unlikely cause, therefore you should try this solution if all other previous solutions don’t work.

If the problem still persists, you might want to try updating your BIOS. We highly doubt that this issue is caused by outdated BIOS, but a number of users are suggesting BIOS update, so you might want to try it if all other solutions fail.

If your PC won’t start after a Windows update, you can take a look at this article to solve the problem easily.

If you’re constantly getting Configuring Windows Updates 100% complete don’t turn off your computer message, the problem might be a problematic update.

Several users reported that they fixed the issue simply by finding and removing the problematic update. To do that, follow these steps.

After removing the update, check if everything is in order. If so, you might want to prevent the update from installing. To see how to do that, be sure to check our article on how to disable Windows 10 automatic updates.

If you’re having trouble opening the Setting app, take a look at this article to solve the issue.

Being stuck on Configuring Windows Updates 100% complete don’t turn off your computer screen can be rather frustrating, but keep in mind that your update probably isn’t stuck, and you’ll just have to wait a while in order for it to complete its installation.

Still experiencing issues?

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Windows 11/10 Stuck On Working On Updates

If your Windows 11/10 Updates are stuck on the – Working on updates, Don’t turn off your computer – screen, during their installation, which seems to be taking forever to complete, this fix will help you resolve the issue.

There are many other places where Windows get stuck. Some scenarios are where Windows 10 is stuck while downloading updates or Ready to Install or stuck at the login screen after upgrade on Windows 11/10. This post offers solutions to resolve Windows 10 stuck on Working on updates.

Windows 11/10 stuck on Working on updates

When you see the message ‘Working on updates’, it is best to keep it that way for a couple of hours. The whole progress seems to be very slow and seems to be taking forever. Sometimes it is even more than 100%!

If you have already waited for a long time – say overnight – and still face this issue, then the only way out from here is to force shutdown your PC with a long press on your PC or Laptop. Then reboot, and see if your computer boots normally, and takes you to your login screen. If yes, then let’s follow the methods below. But if it starts updating again, then we will have to use the Safe Mode to Restore Windows to a state where everything should be working fine. We will talk about it in the end. So assuming you are back to your account, follow these suggestions.

If you can boot to Desktop

If you could boot to your desktop, then it’s a good thing and the issue in all likelihood could have been resolved on its own. Nevertheless, as a matter of abundant precaution, so that you do not face Windows update or upgrade problems in the future, I suggest you do the following.

The default location of Windows Update is C:WindowsSoftwareDistribution. The SoftwareDistribution folder is where everything gets downloaded and later installed.

Open a command prompt with admin privileges and type the following command — net stop wuauserv

Go to the Software distribution folder, and delete all files from there, and empty the recycle bin.

Type the following command  net start wuauserv  and hit enter in the command prompt.

Restart your PC

Related read: How to delete downloaded, failed, and pending Windows Updates.

2] Run Windows Update Troubleshooter 3] Reset 

Windows Update


We have covered this in full detail about how you can almost reset Windows Update. You will need to have admin privileges and use PowerScript to accomplish this.

Related: Stuck on Updates are underway, Please keep your computer on

4] Run Windows Module Installer

The Windows Module Installer is a built-in Windows 10 service. It lets you fix the Windows updates which are stuck.

To use this, open a command prompt with admin privileges.

Type the following and hit Enter:

SC config trustedinstaller start=auto

Once successfully executed, you should see [SC] ChangeServiceConfig SUCCESS display within the Command Prompt console.

Exit the command prompt, and check if the buttons are back to normal.

5] Run Windows Update

Run Windows Update to see if any updates are available still.

Related posts:

6] Add Safe Mode to your Boot Menu

If you cannot access Desktop

Now say even after restarting your computer after the hard shutdown, you find yourself still stuck on the Working on updates screen, then you need to find a way to boot Windows in Safe Mode. The options include:

Type shutdown /r /o in an elevated CMD prompt to reboot your computer into Advanced Boot options or Recovery console.

If you had already enabled the F8 key earlier, things are easier as you press F8 while booting, to enter Safe Mode.

You may use a Windows 11/10 DVD or a bootable USB drive, or you can burn Windows 11/10 ISO to a USB drive using another computer. You can also try Automatic Repair option to see if that works for you before restoration.

Let us know if any of these helped to fix this problem on your PC.

Opera Browser Stuck In Full Screen Mode: 3 Ways To Fix It

Opera Browser Stuck in Full Screen Mode: 3 Ways to Fix It The issue isn’t specific and is not related to a particular website




Multiple user reports can be found about the Opera browser stuck in full screen mode.

Because of this error, the users aren’t able to come out of the Opera browser and surf the web.

This guide lists down some of the most effective methods that have helped users fix the problem at hand. For example, use the context menu.

Opera is one of the most popular internet browsers next to Google Chrome. With in-built features such as VPN, speed dial, and sidebar to access apps such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, a built-in ad blocker, etc., it is a versatile package if you are looking for one.

There are other features as well, including a floating video player, tab previews, Opera Turbo for saving data while surfing, battery saver mode that uses fewer resources, and much more.

While all these features have made Opera a sort-after web browser, there are a few glitches or issues that have been troubling Opera users for quite a while.

While you might think using the dedicated option or button will fix it, unfortunately, that hasn’t helped multiple users.

Thankfully, this guide is here to help you if you are facing the Opera browser stuck in full screen mode issue. Let us get into it.

Why can’t I exit Opera full screen mode?

After our research, we found out that the reason for this Opera browser being stuck in full screen mode isn’t anything specific and is not related to a particular website.

Notably, users are facing this issue on any website, even on the homepage. The error is so severe that when Opera is reopened, it stays in full screen mode and doesn’t come out of it.

We have a list of some common reasons that would probably be the reason for this problem in the Opera browser:

There is some glitch in the current Opera version

Your PC is infected by a virus or malware

Some important files are missing

The full screen shortcut isn’t selected in the Opera browser

Note that these are only a few reasons that could potentially cause the Opera browser to get stuck in full screen mode.

We have deduced some working solutions that have helped multiple users fix the Opera browser stuck in full screen mode error, which you will find in the below section.

Expert tip:

To benefit from all the Opera features and get the best experience possible, make sure you always use the latest version. A corrupt or old browser may give you some headaches.

The current version of Opera gives you multiple options on how to enter and close full screen. Plus, it includes a battery saver, an adblocker, and many other useful and performance oriented features.


Get the latest Opera version from the official website for seamless, bug-free browsing!

Free Visit website

How can I get out of full screen mode in Opera browser? 1. Use shortcuts

To enter full screen mode in the Opera browser, all you need to do is press the default keyboard shortcut F11. Similarly, you need to press F11 again if you wish to exit full screen mode. Since this isn’t working for several users, you can try the below solutions:

You can try pressing the Alt + Space buttons. This will open a context menu on top, from where you can select Minimize, Maximize, or Close options.

Alternatively, you can try pressing Win + D keyboard shortcut to go back to your desktop home screen. Once you are on your home screen, you can close the instance of Opera.

2. Reinstall Opera

Reinstalling fixes most of the problems, and it might do the same for you and fix the Opera browser stuck in full-screen mode error.

You can either restart your PC or use the steps mentioned in the first solution to go back to the desktop home screen. From there, you can follow the above steps to reinstall the Opera browser on your PC and hopefully fix the problem.

3. Use the context menu

If the above solution, for any reason, doesn’t work and you are still stuck in full screen mode, then you can try the good ol’method of exiting the full screen mode from the context menu.

Although for some, the context menu also doesn’t work, you can give it a try and hopefully fix the Opera browser stuck in full screen mode issue.

Is there a shortcut for full screen mode?

Yes. By default, F11 is the shortcut to enter or exit full-screen mode in the Opera browser. The best thing is that you can change it as well.

How do I change screen size in Opera?

That’s it from us in this guide. We hope the solutions in this guide helped you resolve the issue of the Opera browser being stuck in full screen mode.

Still experiencing issues?

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