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While there are a few song recognizer apps for iPhones out there, very few apps can recognize a song if the user is humming it. Thankfully, with the magic of technology and AI, you can now find out the name of the song that’s been stuck in your head for hours on end!

In fact, the way that AI works is quite ingenious. It takes your humming waveform for the elusive song (small snippets only) and compares it to similar waveforms on the database. Of course, it doesn’t have to be completely on point, but it helps if you are audible and clear when you’re humming the song. So, I’ve listed the iPhone apps that will help you recognize a song by humming its tune or lyrics.

1. Apple’s Siri – Editor’s choice

When it comes to apps that recognize songs, especially for Apple products, very few will be as compatible and accurate as Siri. Apple has done a magnificent job on its end with the programming for its resident AI assistant, ensuring that Siri can help you in pretty much every way possible.

However, there’s a small catch. Siri itself isn’t responsible for recognizing the song that you’re humming. When you tap on your phone’s Home button and ask Siri to recognize the song, it’ll often use a third-party app called Shazam. The reason for this is that Shazam has one of the largest databases of sound waveforms in the world.

Shazam was one of the companies Apple acquired for roughly $400 million in 2023. Siri now uses this app for recognizing songs. Even though Siri isn’t directly identifying a song for you, it’s good to know that Apple has ensured this service with all of its products.


Decent database thanks to Shazam integration

Doesn’t need the Shazam app to be used

Quite fast in recognizing songs


Have to be very audible and clear when humming

Price: Free

2. Shazam – Vast database

If Siri using Shazam isn’t your cup of coffee, you could always download the Shazam app directly onto your iPhone. This is one of the best apps to identify songs by humming and also to keep track of your song recognition history.

Using the app is pretty easy too. When you’re humming a song or having a song played in the background, just open the app and tap on the icon in the middle of the screen. In a few seconds, you should have the name of the app at your fingertips!

After the song has been identified, you’ll also be provided with links to the song on Spotify, YouTube, and iTunes. However, the only issue with the app at the moment is that it needs to expand its Asian music database.


Vast database for music identification

Extremely convenient to use

Provides song links through Spotify, YouTube, Apple Music


Needs to add more Asian music to the database

Price: Free


3. SoundHound – Integrates with Apple Watch

If there is any app that gives Shazam stiff competition, it’s SoundHound. The app was first developed in 2005 and since then has become one of the biggest music discovery apps in the world. You’ll find plenty of music aficionados debating on which app is better – Soundhound or Shazam!

However, one area where SoundHound stands out is the Apple Watch integration. The Apple Watch version of the app can help you identify music quicker and also provides LiveLyrics.

Apart from this, the app provides complete Apple Music and Spotify integration as well. You’ll be able to explore across genres and diversify your music taste with immaculate ease. In case you don’t have Apple Music or Spotify subscriptions, SoundHound also has a free built-in YouTube player that you can use to listen to newly identified music.

You can also save all your recently searched tracks for easier picking later on. Moreover, as an enthusiast listener, the artists/songs also have their biographies provided on the app. Overall, SoundHound provides a holistic listening and music discovery experience.


Integrates with Apple Watch

Built-in YouTube player for music videos

Artists, songs, and albums have biographies for more information


Most of the features are only available through the Premium subscription

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $6.99)


4. Google app – Decent free option

If you’re looking for a free app that identifies songs, you don’t really have to look much further than the Google App on your phone. On October 15, 2023, Google added an update to its database that allowed Google Assistant to identify songs. Of course, it’s been a while since then, and most updated smartphones have this feature through Google.

To use the app and this “searching by humming” feature, you’ll have to open the Google app. After opening the app, you’ll find the Mic button in the middle of the screen. Tap on this and then select the “Search a song” option at the bottom of the box. After this, hum your favorite tune or play a song. The app will ‘listen’ to the waveforms and run a comparative analysis. After this, it should provide you with an accurate answer.

While it’s nice to see that Google has added this feature to the Search bar, the database will need constant updates. The results of this Search or Listen feature aren’t always accurate. In fact, the accuracy is far lower than that of other music identification or music discovery apps. Considering this, I’d recommend the app as an experiment or as a backup option!


Very easy to use

Available on every recent iPhone


The accuracy for identifying songs needs to be better

Its database needs to be updated with more songs

Price: Free


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Best Watermark Apps For Iphone In 2023

Be it an amateur or a professional, watermarking your images is always essential. It not only helps in claiming ownership of your image but also makes the image look professional. Well, it isn’t possible to have your MacBooks with you every time to watermark your content. Under such circumstances, a quick solution is what we need.

There are many watermark apps for iPhone available on the App Store that help you watermark the images directly from your iPhone. It is hassle-free, does not require technical know-how, and can be finished in a matter of time. Let’s explore these apps individually and pick the one that best suits your needs.

1. Watermark Studio X

What makes “Watermark Studio X” a top choice is the ability to let you add Watermark to your photos instantly and easily. You have several professionally designed watermarks to choose from. If you want to add some personal touch to your photo, customize the mark to your best liking.

With the option to change color, opacity, and size, you have the needed freedom to design your photo just the way you want. With new templates added from time to time, you will always have something fascinating to try out.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $2.99)


2. Watermark Photo: Add Copyright

Featuring an easy-to-use interface, ‘Watermark Photo’ makes an immediate impact. It offers a hassle-free way to add a watermark to your photos. Now add unique custom logos, signatures along with plenty of design elements and customize your photos with absolute perfection.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $1.99)


3. eZy Watermark Photos Lite

Secure your photos with eZy Watermark Lite. With this app, you will be able to add a watermark to your images using a QR code, copyright, text, signature, and even trademark. It provides more than 150 different fonts and colors to select from.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $0.99)


4. Add Watermark – Batch Process

Add Watermark-Batch Process is an app to secure your photos against any piracy online. Secure your photos using the app by developing fully customizable watermarks or digital signatures. You also have many symbols to choose from, be it a copyright symbol, a trademark symbol, or a registered symbol.

As flexible as it can get, this app fulfills all your needs while giving you the option to customize more according to your preferences. If you are looking for hassle-free watermarking, this is the app to look for.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $3.99)


5. My Watermarks

Impressively, you can manage all your watermarks, which can help you use different watermarks for different images. You can also take a picture of your signature and use it as a photo signature eventually. Lastly, the app is entirely free to use, and there are no in-app purchases.

Price: Free


6. Canva: Graphic Design and Video 

Not a watermarking app per se, Canva is a multipurpose application that lets you do much more than that. You can add text to images, design images according to your choice, and a lot more. Scale your image for social media applications such as Instagram and Facebook, and work accordingly.

A multipurpose app and content creator’s hot favorite, Canva is a go-getter. The best part, they also have a web-based application with a single account login that lets you edit the same content from any device across the world.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $0.99)


7. Over: Graphic Design Maker

An app to woo your audience, Over, is a multipurpose app that does much more than watermarking your images. The perfect app to build your brand digitally, Over lets you enhance your pictures to strengthen your brand across social media platforms. From an eye-catching overlay to graphic add-ons, Over is a great app to work those photos out.

Add a watermark to your image, design your logo, customize your photo for your social media calendar, or make a banner out of it. This app believes in the ideology of don’t just copyright, build them for a robust online presence.

Price: Free (In-App purchases start at $6.99)


Which is my go-to watermark app for iPhone?

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An entrepreneur by heart, I am obsessed with the world of Apple. I survive on Apple products and their updates. Over the last five years, I have been writing all kinds of content that are remotely connected to Apple and sharing across digital platforms. When not writing, you will find me on the court playing basketball or in my room playing the sitar.

Best Instagram Caption Apps For Iphone In 2023

Want to increase your Instagram followers quickly? Then ensure that every post you add to your account is paired with an equally fascinating caption. The better you play with words, the more appealing the caption gets. Interesting, right? But unfortunately, not all of us are born wordsmiths. Like a true GenZ, you can seek help from some amazing Instagram caption apps available for iPhone users and put your worries to rest. 

The App Store offers various options for the best Instagram caption apps. You can visit the App Store or skip the hassle and stick to this article to find the best one. But, of course, you know what’s the easy way, right? 

1. Caption Expert – Best app for Instagram captions

Do you face trouble creating unique captions to spice up your Instagram posts? If yes, the Caption Expert app can be your go-to solution. Skim through thousands of community-submitted captions for your posts with this popular caption creation app for iPhone. Moreover, the captions included in the diverse portfolio of the app can be copy pasted in over twenty quirky and fun fonts so you can easily add a zing to your social media post. 

Cool people like you feed new captions daily on Caption Expert, so you always have something interesting to post. You can quickly gain followers by submitting these captions and adding your Instagram username to the portal. All these submissions flood the app’s gallery with captions. However, the app allows you to search using keywords and categorize by emojis. Cool, isn’t it? 

In addition, you can participate in multiple caption challenges and share interesting captions with others. This can be a simple quote, a witty one-liner, or a line from your favorite song. You can feature on Caption Expert’s Instagram account if your caption wins. The app also has a 30-day no-questions-asked refund policy.  


Perfect line-breaking spacing 

Easily adjustable fonts 

Simple copy-paste customized captions and hashtags 


Issues in saving content 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


2. Caption Writer – Instagram captions using AI

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms for sharing and connecting with the world through pictures and videos. Adding captions and alt text to photos is optional on Instagram, but adding them surely adds a personalized touch to your post. If you find it challenging to write captions, then Caption Writer can do the work for you.

Also, you can make your post stand out from the rest of the world using Caption Writer’s AI Assistant, which lets you embrace diversity with 30+ fonts and symbols. Further, there is a vast pool of pre-designed captions to choose from. Just search the gallery and pick the caption that mirrors your thoughts.  

Caption Writer allows you to store your newly created captions and hashtags for future access. You can easily include the captions and hashtags you find while browsing the app’s gallery in your saved list. This way, you will never lose your favorite content. The perfect line breaks, text format, and captions this app offers will make you love it.   


Perfect line-breaking spacing 

Easily adjustable fonts 

Simple copy-paste customized captions and hashtags


Issues in saving content 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99) 


3. Jester AI – Clever Instagram captions in seconds

Jester AI is all about using Artificial Intelligence to create clever, fun, and exciting captions for your Instagram pictures. The simple, highly intuitive interface of the Jester AI app makes it one of the best caption apps for Instagram. You only need to pick a photo and move to the Jester AI app. The AI analyses the picture and curates four different captions suiting the vibe of the photograph submitted by you. 

You can pick one caption from the options and move to the next stage – editing. Jester AI gives complete freedom to you to edit the caption to your taste. Add emojis, photo locations, symbols, and slang in the caption to groom it as per your personality. Once satisfied with the variations, share it and post it on your Instagram account.   


Captions created in seconds 

Complete freedom to edit captions 

Emojis and symbols supported


Generalization in captions 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99) 


4. Caption 123 – Creates cool Instagram captions

Caption 123 is an excellent pick if you are looking for inspiration for writing catchy captions for Instagram pictures. With this app on your iPhone, you can turn any boring photo in your gallery into an eye-catching work of art. Weave worthy stories with unique captions created by the creativity assistant of the Caption 123 app within seconds.



User-friendly interface 

Multiple captions for a single picture 


Time lags 

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $0.99) 


Wrapping up!

Instagram has become an inevitable part of our iPhones. The platform offers a great tool to connect with friends, family, and even strangers from any corner of the world through pictures and captions. So, when Instagram captions hold so much importance, why not make them attractive? This is where my list of best Instagram caption apps for iPhone in 2023 will be your best pick.   

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Best Business Card Scanner Apps For Iphone In 2023

The business card reader/scanner apps for iPhone can be a great way to save time when you add a contact to your address book. Combining iPhone’s powerful camera with a really good character-recognition/text-scanning can be useful, and that’s what business card scanning apps do.

In addition to all these features, the feature we liked most, and what makes this application special is the ability to export your business cards to Excel. Scan the business cards you receive after an event or a business trip, and Card Scanner to Contacts + OCR application will create an excel file for you. Thanks to cloud sync, your business cards are synchronized to the cloud, even if your phone is broken or stolen, you will not lose your business cards.

2. CamCard

Having won the trust of 100 million users, CamCard is worth a serious look if you wish to keep your contacts clutter-free. Take control of your business cards without any stress and keep your address book organized without any stress. With a simple user interface, it ensures you are to manage your cards fast and without any hassle. You can flawlessly scan and store cards.

If you don’t want to forget important things, add notes and reminders to your contacts. It sends you the contact updates so that you don’t fail to send congratulations. Lastly, the support of 17 languages Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian makes CamCard an ideal contact manager.

3. ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards is a simple, elegant, and neat business card scanner. With the integration of multiple services like Salesforce, SugarCRM, mailer, and Oracle Fusion you can keep your CRM updated with ease. The app allows you to quickly add contacts to your iPhone address and also export them as CSV files.

You get the option to either create new contacts or merge scans with existing records. With iCloud backup, you will be able to sync your contacts across devices. Additionally, ScanBizCards comes in a lite version which you can try before switching to the pro version.

4. Business Card Scanner-sam Pro

As compared to its rivals mentioned in this list, SamCard Pro doesn’t have too many elegant features. However, it does the work of scanning cards flawlessly. The anti-shake photo shooting technology ensures all the information on the cards is captured accurately.

It allows you to shoot both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, SamCard Pro is compatible with seven languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish.

5. ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro

“Business Card Reader Pro” is lightning fast and boasts of the ability to scan cards with absolute precision. It automatically detects all the edges of the card and removes the defective edges.

With the use of auto-normalization of the phone, as well as extension numbers, it aquatically puts the missing parts. What’s more, it can even correct any typos and fill in the missing address filed to ensure. Additionally, Business Card Scanner Pro supports 25 languages including German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

6. CardKeeper

CardKeeper is a simple yet highly effective business card reader for your iPhone. It is fully capable of scanning cards with the desired result. Once you have scanned any card, you can easily add it to your address book.

The app allows you to manage your cards without any hassle. Besides, you will also be able to quickly share your cards via AirDrops. Besides, the support of multiple languages makes CardKeeper more user-friendly.

“Contact Snapper” is an exceptionally user-friendly and perfect app for those who are looking for a high-quality business card reader. What sets it apart from the rest is the ability to support more than 200 languages. The optimized OCR technology enables you to convert images into text with ease.

Important features like QR code recognition and the ability to assign groups to multiple contacts add more value to its profile. It lets you export your address book as PDF or excel to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive. Business Card Scanner allows you to scan only three cards for free after that you will need to upgrade the app.

8. Business Card Reader Pro

Perhaps the most solid of all, Business Card Reader Pro is a really pricey affair at $6.99, but it’s also one of the most accurate card readers for the iPhone. There’s a lot of features that the app rides on including things like background image processing so that you can scan a bunch of cards quickly, anti-shake to compensate for bad picture quality (caused due to shaky hands), and much more.

The app also features a decent sort, filter, and search function (which is quite helpful because the app functions as a contacts manager). You can export the data to Evernote, SalesForce, and VCard. Easily edit your cards, keep them organized, and back up them to iCloud so that they remain secure and accessible from anywhere.

9. Card Scanner

I rate Card Scanner very highly based on its functionality. What impresses about this business card reader is the ability to recognize 14 languages, which makes it very handy.

You can ask Siri to let you quickly search for photos for business cards. Furthermore, Card Scanner lets you sync contacts with Google Drive, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Book, and Zoho Desk.

10. WorldCard Mobile

It lets you easily sort information like position, name, company, fax number, phone number, address or other fields. You can make a phone call, send SMS and email to your contacts right from the app.

The compatibility with 25 languages such as English, French, German, and more makes it very handy for users. Even better, this business contact reader also lets you sync contacts with Google Contacts and manage them with ease.

11. Eight

Apart from reading business cards with precision, Eight also offers a better way to organize the digital cards. For instance, you can add notes and tags to profiles to not only keep them in the perfect sync but also easily find them.

As for the freemium variant, it has most of the basic features that can pretty much take care of your simple needs. But just in case you want a full-fledged business card reader, you can upgrade to Eight’s premium version to unlock many handy features including exporting data and more efficient digitization of the visiting cards.

That’s all!

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How To Find Beautifulsoup By Class?

Introduction to BeautifulSoup Find

BeautifulSoup find is a python package for parsing HTML and XML files and extracting data. An XML passed to a BeautifulSoup function Object. BeautifulSoup has parsed the document and produces data structure in memory corresponding to it. Find and find all are the most commonly used methods for locating anything on a webpage. BeautifulSoup find is handy and important in python.

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What is BeautifulSoup Find?

When we feed BeautifulSoup a well-formed document, the processed data structure looks exactly like the original. This is because beautifulSoup find employs heuristics to develop a viable data structure.

BeautifulSoup uses a class named UnicodeDammit to receive and convert them to Unicode regardless of the encoding. We can use UnicodeDammit by itself if we need to perform documents of others (without needing BeautifulSoup to parse them). The Universal Feed Parser’s code largely influences it.

BeautifulSoup is a widely used Python package for navigating, searching and extracting data from HTML or XML webpages.

How to find BeautifulSoup by Class?

The find method returns an object of type bs4 after locating the first tag with the supplied id or name. BeautifulSoup has a lot of ways for searching through a parse tree. Find and find all are two of the most commonly used techniques.

We have a variety of filters that we are passing into this method, and it’s essential to understand them because they’re used often throughout the search API. These filters can be applied to tags based on their names, attributes, string text, or combination.

A string is one of the most basic types of filter. BeautifulSoup will do a match on a string if we pass it to the search method. We can search for all tags that begin with a specific string or tag.

The below steps show how to find BeautifulSoup by class as follows.

In this step, we are installing the bs4 package by using the pip command. Bs4 box is used to import all the BeautifulSoup modules.

pip install bs4

After installing the bs4 package in this step, we create the HTML page. We have made the below HTML page to find BeautifulSoup by class as follows.


After creating the HTML code in this step, we open the python shell using the python3 command.


After opening the python shell, we import the BeautifulSoup, os, and requests modules. We are importing the BeautifulSoup module using the bs4 package as follows.

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import os, requests

To use BeautifulSoup find, we need to import the module of bs4; without importing the bs4 module, we cannot use the BeautifulSoup module in our code.

After importing the BeautifulSoup, os, and requests modules in this step, we check how to find BeautifulSoup by class.


from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import os, requests py_con = chúng tôi (url) py_soup = BeautifulSoup (py_con.text, 'html.parser') print (py_soup.find ('title'))

In the above example, we can see that first, we have imported the bs4, os, and requests modules. Then, after importing the module, we use the HTML page URL we created.

After using the URL, we accessed this URL using the requests and get method. After accessing the URL, we use BeautifulSoup by using the html.parser. Then we print the title of the HTML web page by using the BeautifulSoup find method.

BeautifulSoup Find all class

BeautifulSoup (bs4) is a Python module that extracts information from HTML files. This module is not included with python. We are executing the “pip install bs4” command in the terminal to install it.

Queries make it very simple to send HTTP/1.1 requests. Unfortunately, the request module is also not included with python. We are executing the “pip install request” command in the terminal to install it.

The below example shows find all classes by URL are as follows.

from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import requests py_con = chúng tôi (url) py_soup = BeautifulSoup (py_con.text, 'html.parser') print (py_soup.find_all ('title'))

In the above example, we can see that we have imported the bs4 and requests module. Then we are using the HTML page URL.

After using the URL, we have access to the URL by using the requests and get method. Then we are using BeautifulSoup by using the html.parser.

To print the data from the HTML web page, we are using the find_all method.

BeautifulSoup Find Searching

The find method is discovered on the page, and the find function returns the result. It’s only used to get the first tag of an incoming HTML object that meets the requirement.

As a result, we can only print the first search. After scanning the entire document, find all is used to return all matches.

We created the HTML document in the example below when writing the BeautifulSoup code.

The below example shows searching the class using a given HTML document.


“”” from bs4 import BeautifulSoup py_soup = BeautifulSoup ( py_html , ‘html.parser’) py_soup.find ( class_ = “body” )


BeautifulSoup is a widely used Python package for navigating, searching and extracting data from HTML or XML webpages. BeautifulSoup find is a python package for parsing HTML and XML files and extracting data. The find method returns the object of type bs4 after locating the first tag with the supplied id or name.

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Best Flight Tracking Apps For Iphone And Ipad In 2023

Despite being an avid traveler, I only recently learned about flight tracking apps on iPhone and iPad. These offer the convenience of viewing flight status on the go, getting alerts about delays or cancellations, checking arrivals and departures at any airport, organize travel itineraries, and more. As someone who’s always excited to fly or even spot a plane go by overhead, I had a lot of fun and felt a fair bit of FOMO playing around with these apps. Here’s my take on the best flight tracking apps for iPhone and iPad that every traveler needs.

1. Flightradar24

Out of the apps I tested, this one wins when it comes to interface and features. It boasts a unique interactive world map that displays all the flights occurring in real-time. You can tap a plane for detailed information such as its route, time of departure, estimated time of arrival, aircraft type, speed, altitude, photos of the aircraft, etc.

Of course, you can also search for individual flights using flight number, airport, or airline and filter flights by airline, aircraft, altitude, speed, and more. You can also view detailed weather reports along the selected flight’s route. Further, you can set up custom alerts about emergencies or unique flights nearby.

The most fun feature is the 3D view that lets you see what an aircraft’s pilot sees in 3D. This makes it feel like a flight simulation game and will keep travel lovers engaged. You only get a few sessions of this feature in the free version and will need to subscribe for more.

Price: Free (Subscription starts at $1.49 per month)


2. Flighty

Check out this iOS flight tracking app to log your travels and access all the information you might need. Flighty keeps you informed with customizable and perfectly timed notifications from detailed flight maps to live tracking, delay forecasts, and more.

Further, it’s beautifully designed and a real breeze to use. I especially appreciate that you get Flighty Pro included on your first flight without needing to enter any credit card info or sign up for a free trial. The Pro benefits include push notifications, delay forecasts, calendar sync, and more. Once you experience how this app transforms your travel life, you won’t be able to live without it.

Price: Free


3. The Flight Tracker

Here’s another must-have flight tracker for frequent fliers. You can save and view any flight you want and organize your trips for convenient access. Interactive maps and comprehensive information about your routes will ensure that you’re always in the know and can avoid delays. Further, it also offers aircraft information and seat maps for the flights you’ve saved or are tracking.

Given the plethora of features, the app was slightly tricky to find my way around at first. But don’t let that deter you from downloading it because it’s a mandatory addition to any traveler’s toolkit. You can get insights into airports, see real-time arrivals and departures, stay updated with the latest weather reports, and more.

Price: Free (Membership starts at $1.99)


4. FlightAware Flight Tracker

Here’s another excellent app to see the real-time flight status and tracking map of any commercial flight worldwide. It can also track general aviation in the US and Canada, such as private and charter flights. You need to create an account on the app to access its features.

You can set up custom alerts for flights you’re tracking to stay informed on the go. Moreover, it makes it easy to see nearby flights at a glance and know of any delays. You can choose from four different map views, namely Classic, Streets, Satellite, or Hybrid, plus Weather overlay options. It’s great to see the planes move in real-time on the map anywhere in the world. Tap any flight to see the route play out live on your screen and get relevant details such as timings and gate info.

Price: Free


5. App in the Air

More than a mere flight tracking app, this one’s a personal travel itinerary manager. It offers an all-in-one solution that makes it easy to search and book flights, keep your itineraries and boarding passes, track your miles, and more.

I love it because it’s a convenient and safe place to have all my travel info and access at a moment’s notice. Moreover, it’s available on Apple Watch and within iMessage to quickly share flight details with contacts.

Moreover, the app learns from your travel preferences over time, such as which airlines and routes you prefer, to find and curate the best options for you. It’ll definitely ease the stress in your travel life and help you plan your trips better.

Price: Free ($4.99 for Monthly Premium)


6. Distance Too‪l

Here’s a tool that lets you measure the distance between points on a map quickly and easily. You can also calculate the area for non-overlapping polygons drawn. See the results in metric units for distance (meters, kilometers) and imperial units (yards, miles, feet for altitude).

It’s handy for mapping plots of land/home boundaries, agricultural fields, or any other distances/areas. You can also draw any shape on the map and calculate the area. Further, the Follow Mode allows you to calculate distance or areas simply by moving.

Price: Free (In-App Purchases $3.99)


8. Flight Board

Offering information about over 16,000 airports and 1,400 airlines worldwide, this app is a must-have for frequent fliers the world over. Whether you’re a passenger or a crew member, this app will help you check and keep track of real-time flight status information and details updated every minute.

Price: Free


9. Planes Live

“Planes Live” is designed to let you accurately track planes and helicopters from around the world. You will receive instant alerts for canceled flights, schedule changes, and flight changes. Furthermore, you can search for any flight, location, and airport.

You have the option to add airports and locations to my places to access and track them with ease. Find the weather forecast for any airport or location and make the most of smart filters to track a specific airline or airplane model.

This app is also compatible with multiple languages like English, Arabic, Danish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, and Japanese. Whether you are an airline worker or an aviation enthusiast, you’ll appreciate this informative app with powerful functionality.

Price: Free (Premium starts at $2.99)


Tried any flight tracking apps yet?

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