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AirPods Pro sports a super comfy ergonomic design. And with multiple sizes of silicone tips to boot, the earbuds fit perfectly in the ears. But guess what? The right wireless earphones are still missing a key feature called “ear hook” that could be a deal-breaker for fitness freaks. Whether you are a fitness lover or someone who likes to have an extra cushion ensuring earbuds do not fall out, this short roundup of the best AirPods Pro ear hooks is for you. These sports hooks are pretty soft, smooth, and pair securely with the earbuds. Moreover, the sports running hooks keep the earphones intact so that you can go through the rigorous workouts comfortably. Take a peek at them all if you want one right now!

ICARERSPACE is the sort of ear hooks that seem to gel along nicely with the earbuds. Well, I say it because the AirPods Pro sports ear hook is designed to fit spotlessly. Due mainly to the TPU material, it’s also quite durable.

The soft material ensures you feel comfortable while wearing the earbuds during the gym or running. Even though it seems a bit delicate, it can hold up pretty well against the test of time. Considering these notable specs, ICARERSPACE is a reasonable price.

Here’s another excellent pair of ear hooks compatible with all AirPods and AirPods Pro. They are made of durable TPU that keeps its shape and stays comfortable for extended periods. It’s soft, ergonomic, and breathable.

So, you can use them to secure your earbuds and prevent them from falling out when running, jogging, cycling, or doing other activities. They’re easy to attach and remove whenever you like. Further, the hole punch at the end of the ear hook is a useful feature for straps or clips to keep them together.

Yet another comfy ear hook in this roundup from ICARERSPACE. Unlike its sibling mentioned above, it’s a bit lighter and less sturdy. So, chances are you will have a fatigue-free wearing experience.

It’s also made of TPU material so you can expect the hook to offer the needed comfort to your ears. Being smooth and flexible, it’s quite easy to install and remove. Overall, ICARERSPACE is one of the finest ear hooks for AirPods Pro in the market right now.

In terms of design, Earhoox is different from all other rivals mentioned in this lineup. However, when it comes to user experience, it’s equally up to the task. Earhoox is made of stretchy silicone material. Therefore, it will not only keep your AirPods secure but also ensure you feel convenient while wearing them.

Not to mention, it might also not play spoilsport with the force sensor of the AirPods Pro. To offset the high price, the company offers multiple pairs, which is a good move.

In terms of design, Earhoox is different from all other rivals mentioned in this lineup. However, when it comes to user experience, it’s equally up to the task. Earhoox is made of stretchy silicone material. Therefore, it will not only keep your AirPods secure but also ensure you feel convenient while wearing them.

Not to mention, it might also not play spoilsport with the force sensor of the AirPods Pro. To offset the high price, the company offers multiple pairs, which is a good move.

Keep the AirPods Pro Intact with the Sports Ear Hooks

Now that you have some pretty comfy ear hooks at your disposal, get a nice one to prevent your AirPods from falling out during intense workouts. As they can be easily installed and removed, you can use them depending on your needs.

As we are talking about accessories, I would want to take your attention to the adorable cases and the pro-looking leather cases. Besides, also check out the noted alternatives if you wish to find out where the earbuds are placed against the competition.

So, which sports ear hook is going to pair with your earbuds? Let us know its name and the features you like most in the new earphones.

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Best Usb Hubs For Macbook Pro In 2023

Only a few MacBook Pro users appreciated Apple’s decision to do away with essential posts like HDMI port, MagSafe 2 charging type, and SD card slot. On the other hand, some went so far ahead that the move could seriously damage Apple’s notebook reputation as a significant asset for professionals. If you belong to the group of users who are only partially pleased with removing multiple ports from MacBook Pro, take a peek at the most viable options in hubs and docks, which could help create your desired connections. These best USB hubs for MacBook Pro feature multiple ports and can transfer data at a lightning-fast speed. And, of course, they are up to providing rapid charging as well. So head over to know more about them!

1. The Elgato Thunderbolt 3 Dock

This has the most exciting varieties of a hub for 13-inch MacBook Pro. It has got not one, but two USB-C hubs for MacBook Pro which is enabled to transfer up to 40 GB of data every second. Three more USB-A 3.0 ports, the Gigabit Ethernet port, and another display port is more than we could have asked for.

It could even multi-function as a charger for various devices and can charge up to 85 watts for your MacBook. To connect your podcasting gear with the MacBook Pro, this Elgato Thunderbolt 3 has two 3.5 mm jacks for microphone and headphone.

Buy it from Amazon

2. CalDigit TS3

If you have a list of the number of facilities you want in your MacBook Pro Hub, you could run short as the CalDigit has too much to offer.

It features as many as 3 USB-A ports, two USB-C, one DisplayPort, and an HDMI port. With 2.1A energy consumption this hub can work as a charger for your iPhone and iPad, or say, the entire ‘i’ family. Not just this, it can be your Mac’s Super Drive, too. It’s portable and sleek design is convenient to carry, and you can disguise it between your books without a gist of its existence.

Buy it from Amazon

3. Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Express Dock HD

Belkin is undoubtedly the most user-friendly Apple accessory maker. This dock features a couple of Thunderbolt 3 ports with a speed of 40GB data transfer every second. It also has two 3.0 USB-A ports, another DisplayPort, and a 3.5mm Headphone jack. With a capacity of 85 watts power, it can efficiently charge your MacBook Pro and other devices, such as your iPhone and iPad. Its Display port along with the USB-C port can connect two 4k displays to give you an experience of the lifetime.

Do not doubt the efficiency of its tiny size for it could turn upright like any other models on the list. Its overwhelming price, however, could give you little trouble. With 3.3 foot cable, it costs up to $340 for all its exciting features and the genuinely portable design.

These Thunderbolt 3 hubs and docks are going to make sure that you make full use of your MacBook Pro like a total pro. All three of the models mentioned above are equally comparable to each other so much that it is difficult to choose between all. Therefore, it is most recommended to make a list of your requirements and then decide.

Buy it from Amazon

With that concludes our roundup of the popular USB hubs!

So, which one would you like using for your MBP?

Which of the above USB hubs have caught your eyes or are timed for your specific needs? It’d be great to know its name as well as the features you appreciate in it.

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35 Best Airpods Tips And Tricks In 2023

AirPods are tiny, but they pack a ton of innovation and can do several things that you may not be aware of. Thus to help you get the most out of them, I have listed the 35 best AirPods tips and tricks to elevate your experience. Some of these you may already know, while a few added in iOS 15 or later might be new. So take a look till the end.

Note: Most tips here apply to AirPods 1st gen, 2nd gen, and AirPods Pro unless mentioned otherwise.

Cool tips and tricks for AirPods

1. Conversation Boost

If you, your parents, grandparents, or friends have slight hearing problems, the newly introduced Conversation Boost feature can help them hear better during everyday conversations.

When you talk with someone and the AirPods Pro are in your ear, their beam-forming microphones will take the other person’s voice and isolate it for clarity when you are in a noisy environment. Thus, amplify it ensuring you hear clearly.

Source: Apple

To use Conversation Boost, bring the iPhone Control Center and long-press the volume slider. You can enable Conversation Boost and set the ambient noise, adjust the tone and the left-right balance.

2. Announce any app notification in your ears

Earlier, you could have notifications from the Messages app announced to you while wearing AirPods. With iOS 15 or later, only time-sensitive notifications like those from Calendar or Reminder are announced by default. But you can enable it for any app you like.

Here’s how to have any iPhone app announce notifications in your AirPods.

Open Settings and tap Notifications.

Tap Announce Notifications.

From the list of apps, tap the desired one. For example, Basecamp.

Toggle on Announce Notifications.

3. Announce reminders with Siri on AirPods

This is just an extension of the above feature. Suppose you create a location-based shopping list reminder with multiple entries. When you are in the grocery store, Siri will read your shopping list in your ears. Convenient? Right!

4. Find My for AirPods

Now, your AirPods Pro and AirPods Max can use the Find My network. This lets you locate them even if you left or lost them at a distant place that exceeds your iPhone Bluetooth’s range.

Tip: With the Separation Alert feature, your iPhone will notify you if you leave your AirPods behind. For instance, if you exit the restaurant leaving your AirPods on the coffee table.

5. Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking

Currently, you can enjoy thousands of Apple Music songs in Dolby Atmos. We have a dedicated guide that shows you how to do that on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV.

Later this year (around September), Apple will introduce spatial audio with dynamic head tracking for AirPods Pro and AirPods Max. This will give you an even immersive experience as the sound dynamically adjusts according to your head movement.

Basic AirPods tips and tricks

6. Pair AirPods with Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, Apple TV, Windows PC, and Android phone

Apple may like to keep its walls closed for various things like iMessage. But when it comes to AirPods, Apple Music, or Apple TV, they have a liberal approach.

You can easily pair your AirPods with almost any laptop, computer, or phone as long as it supports Bluetooth. We have a separate guide that shows you how to connect your AirPods to any Apple or non-Apple devices.

We even have a guide where you can learn how to connect AirPods to PS4 and Xbox One Controller!

7. Customize tap commands of each AirPod

Each AirPod (first and second generation) can perform a set of actions like call Siri, change tracks, or play/pause when you double-tap the top portion of the AirPod. If you use AirPods Pro, the same can be done by pressing its stick.

To assign customized actions to each AirPod, connect them to your iPhone or iPad and follow the steps below.

Open Settings and tap Bluetooth.

8. Use Siri on AirPods

Siri is the omnipotent voice assistant on all Apple devices, and AirPods are no exception. You can use Siri (obviously of the paired device – iPhone, iPad, Mac) via your AirPods. For this, double-tap and press and hold the AirPods Pro stick or say, ‘Hey Siri.’ Once you hear the Siri tone, give it a command.

9. Change volume using AirPods

Unlike AirPods Max, there is no easy way to increase or decrease volume using normal AirPods. But you can summon Siri and ask it to ‘set volume to 50%‘ or something similar.

10. Choose between left or right microphone

By default, the microphone (when on calls or Siri) is automatically switched between the two pods. However, you can set to use the microphone of any one side.

In iPhone Settings, tap Bluetooth.

Tap (i) next to AirPods name.

Note: Suppose you set left AirPods as the microphone. Even if it is out of the ear or in the charging case, it will be the assigned microphone. Thus, you might not be able to use the mic if you are using the right AirPod and the left is in the case.

11. Use AirPods as a remote mic using Live Listen

If you have an AirPods 2nd gen or the Pro version, the Live Listen feature turns your iPhone into a microphone, and the AirPods in your ear act as the speaker. This lets you hear the conversation clearly in a crowded place.

You may even use it as a sneaking device; just place the iPhone on a desk, and if you are within the Bluetooth range, you can hear the conversation going there via your AirPods. Head over to our article on how to use Live Listen for better understanding.

12. Share phone calls with another person

At one time, only one AirPod microphone is in action. But if you like, you can hand over one AirPod to someone near you while the other stays in your ear. This allows both to hear the other person talking. Pretty simple but worth reminding.

13. What your Apple AirPods lights say

You might have seen a tiny status light when you open the AirPods charging case. If your case supports wireless charging, this light is outside on the face of the case.

Source: Apple

Sometimes it may be white, sometimes green or amber/orange, and sometimes it may blink. Here’s what the different AirPods lights mean.

Green light when AirPods are in the case and the charging lid is open: means the AirPods are fully charged.

Green light when AirPods are not in the case and the charging lid is open: means the charging case is fully charged.

Amber light when AirPods are in the case and the charging lid is open: means the AirPods have less than one full charge.

Amber light when AirPods are not in the case and the charging lid is open: means the charging case has less than one full charge.

White flashing light: means pairing mode.

Amber flashing light: means you have to set up your AirPods again.

No light: means there is no battery left.

14. Share audio with two AirPods

AirPods Max

AirPods Pro

AirPods 1st and 2nd generation


Solo Pro

Powerbeats Pro

Powerbeats3 Wireless

Beats Solo3 Wireless

Beats Studio3 Wireless


Beats Flex

If you fulfill the above conditions, head over to this post and learn how to share audio using your iPhone.

15. Let Siri announce the caller’s name

When you get a phone call, Siri can tell you the caller’s name in your ear. This works with all Bluetooth devices, including AirPods. Here’s how.

Open iPhone Settings and tap Siri & Search (or Phone or FaceTime).

16. Announce messages via Siri

With AirPods 2nd gen, AirPod Pro, and some Beats headphones, Siri can read out messages without the need to unlock the iPhone.

After reading the message, Siri will listen, and you can dictate a reply. You do not need to say, ‘Hey Siri, reply.’ You can simply speak, and Siri will understand that you are replying to that message it read for you.

Inside iPhone Settings, tap Siri & Search (or Notifications).

Tap Announce Messages and enable it.

17. Automatic Ear Detection

This is a very useful AirPods ear tip. By default, Automatic Ear Detection is on. This means when you take the AirPods out of your ear, the music pauses. When you put it back in, it resumes. This handy feature also saves battery.

But if you are disturbed by the automatic pause of music and videos every time you take one pod out of the ear to hear someone talk, you may disable it.

Open iPhone Settings and tap Bluetooth.

Tap (i) next to the AirPods name.

Turn off Automatic Ear Detection.

18. Rename your AirPods

Open iPhone Settings and tap Bluetooth.

Tap (i) next to the AirPods name.

Tap Name.

19. Switch the audio output on iOS and macOS

Audio plays via the AirPods, but you can change it to some other device like HomePod or the device’s internal speaker. Here’s how to do that.

On macOS Big Sur: You can use the Control Center to change the output, just like iPhone.

20. Check AirPods battery status

The AirPods charging case can juice up the tiny pods multiple times. Here’s how you can check the battery status of the case and the AirPods using the iPhone, Mac, or Apple Watch.

21. Use one AirPod

I have been using the AirPods (1st and 2nd gen) for the last three years. And every time, I have noticed that both the pods do not discharge at the same rate. For example, sometimes, the left AirPod has a 34% charge while the right one has less than 10%.

If you, too, have noticed this, you can continue using one of the AirPods while putting the other in the charging case. You may use this trick of using one AirPod at a time to get more listening time out of the charging case.

22. How to find your misplaced AirPods

Find My makes it possible to locate your misplaced or lost AirPods. You can play a sound or get directions to the location it was last connected to your device. I recently wrote a dedicated post that shows you how to find lost AirPods. Take a look.

23. How to clean your AirPods

If you are like me, you may be taking extra steps to keep the AirPods and their case clean. But still, you might see dirt and wax accumulated in the AirPods grills and inside the lid. We have a dedicated post to help you keep your AirPods clean.

24. Check your AirPods firmware version

You can check the firmware version by following the steps below.

Connect your AirPods to the iPhone and go to Settings.

Tap General → About.

Scroll down, and tap your AirPods name.

Tip: You may even follow these steps to ensure your AirPods have the latest firmware.

25. Reset AirPods

If you face problems/difficulties using the AirPods, resetting it may help. This will disconnect them from the paired devices, and you will have to pair them again. You can learn how to reset your AirPods.

26. Get accessories for your AirPods

You might be using an excellent case for your iPhone, a screen protector, and some other helpful accessories. Similarly, you can customize your AirPods with ear hooks, a cover for the charging case, strap, etc. Here are some posts that might help you find the right accessory.

Advanced AirPods hacks

27. Use Spatial Audio on AirPods Pro

Spatial Audio on AirPods Pro and AirPods Max let you enjoy a theater-like sound that elevates your video experience. It gives you a feeling that the sound is coming from various directions.

Here’s how to use it if you have iPhone 7 or later or a new iPad running iOS 14 or iPadOS 14. The video content, too, must be from a supported app (and Dolby Atmos 5.1 or 7.1 audio supported)

Open iPhone Settings and tap Bluetooth.

Tap (i) next to AirPods Pro or Max.

Switch on Spatial Audio.

Tip: You can control and see the status of Spatial Audio from the Control Center. For this, touch and hold the Volume slider. You will see one of the following icons.

Source: Apple

28. Measure real-time headphone audio levels

Constant sounds above 80db can potentially harm your listening abilities. Thus, you must also keep your headphone level in control. iOS 14 with AirPods and some Beats headphones can now show you real-time headphone audio levels on your iPhone. If you often play media on high volume, take a minute to learn more about this safety feature and see how to use it.

29. Headphone Accommodations on AirPods Pro

If you have difficulty hearing low sounds, Headphone Accommodations in iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 help you by amplifying soft sounds and specific frequencies, making them easier to hear. It works with the following headphones.

AirPods (2nd generation)

AirPods Pro

AirPods Max

Apple EarPods (with 3.5 mm Headphone Plug or Lightning Connector)


Powerbeats Pro

Beats Solo Pro

Next, here is how to set up Headphone Accommodations:

Open iPhone Settings and tap Accessibility.

Tap Audio/Visual.

Tap Headphone Accommodations and turn it on from the next screen.

You can choose it to work with all calls (including FaceTime and third-party app calls) or Media (Siri, music, movies, podcasts, audiobooks, voicemail, and Live Listen).

Tap Custom Audio Setup to fine-tune it.

30. Enable noise cancellation on AirPods Pro

You can use the Control Center to turn on ANC effortlessly. For this, press and hold the volume slider and choose Noise Cancellation. You can use Transparency mode via the same steps.

Tip: One of the coolest things about AirPods Pro is that you can choose to enable noise cancellation even for one AirPod Pro. Open iPhone or iPad Settings → Accessibility → AirPods. Now, toggle on Noise Cancellation on One AirPod.

31. Control AirPods Pro noise cancellation and Transparency from Apple Watch

If you think that controlling noise cancellation or Transparency mode is quite simple from the iPhone, let me tell you that it’s equally straightforward from Apple Watch. When listening to audio through your smartwatch, simply wake the screen of your watch and hit the tiny AirPlay icon. After that, choose Noise Cancellation, Transparency, or Off.

32. Use AirPods Pro noise cancellation and Transparency Mode

Switching between Active noise cancellation and Transparency Mode is as straightforward as it can ever get. Simply press and hold either AirPod Pro stems to cycle between noise cancellation and Transparency. A tiny ding sound will confirm that you have successfully switched to ANC or TM.

33. Customize AirPods Pro Force Sensor

Depending on your convenience, you can fine-tune the duration of Force Sensor. For instance, you can choose to keep the default option when it seems to be in line with your taste. But if you want to get the better of it, you have the option to choose short or shorter.

Open iPhone Settings and tap Accessibility.

Tap AirPods Pro.

Under Press and Hold Duration, choose one of the options – Default, Short, or Shorter.

34. Customize AirPods Pro control press speed and duration

While most folks would find the default press speed of the AirPods Pro up to the task, it might not suit everyone’s convenience. If you feel the same, you can choose to fine-tune your earbuds’ press speed with ease.

Inside iPhone Settings, tap Accessibility.

Tap AirPods Pro.

Under Press Speed, choose among Default, Slow, or Slowest.

35. How to take out the AirPods Pro comfortably out of the case

While it’s easy to take out the AirPod from the case, some may find it inconvenient – especially those who hold the earbud wrongly. To take the earbuds out comfortably, push on the back of each bud, and it will pop out between your forefinger and thumb.

These are some of the tips and tricks that will help you use your AirPods to the fullest. Next, I would like to answer two related questions that several people ask.


Q. Which devices are compatible with AirPods?

AirPods are compatible with almost any unrestricted Bluetooth device. This means you can pair it with iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, Windows PC, Android phone and tablet, Chromebook, and much more.

Q. Are AirPods waterproof?

AirPods 1st and 2nd generation are neither sweat/water-resistant nor waterproof. AirPods Pro are sweat and water-resistant but not waterproof. This makes AirPods Pro ideal for heavy, sweaty workout and water splashes, but they can not be used while swimming, showering, rain, etc. The charging case of any AirPods are neither water-resistant nor waterproof.

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Airpods Pro 2: Apple’s Best ‘S’ Revision Yet

AirPods Pro 2 are the classic example of Apple taking an already great product and improving on it in meaningful ways. Only the most studious AirPods Pro observer could identify the new Pros over the originals.

Yet, the total user experience has been upgraded in a way that clearly warrants a new version. In prior years, this strategy would be marketed by appending the letter S to an iPhone product name. While that naming scheme has fallen out of fashion, the spirit of the letter applies to second-generation AirPods Pro in the best way possible.

AirPods Pro 2 features

Changes between AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2 ($249) are mostly on the inside for the earbuds:

Improved active noise-cancellation

Transparency mode that now includes adaptive option

Volume control with swipe gestures on earbud stems

Battery life increase from four hours to six hours

While still part of the AirPods Pro experience, the other new features belong to the charging case:

Improved battery life for the earbuds extends total listening time to 30 hours.

Case charging adds Apple Watch charger support.

Case now includes U1 chip like AirTags.

Built-in speaker for alert tones and pinging from Find My app

Built-in lanyard loop on the case (lanyard sold separately)

Any one of these changes could have warranted a hardware revision for AirPods. Apple added a wireless charging case option to first-gen AirPods. Then, Hey Siri support and not much more made second-generation AirPods. Apple similarly added MagSafe charging to AirPods Pro last year before actually releasing AirPods Pro 2. With that in mind, this ‘S’ revision to AirPods Pro is rather sizable.

Proven AirPods

The original AirPods defined the category of truly wireless earphones at the end of 2023. Wireless earphones at the time meant there was a cord between each earbud. It was truly a dark time, and AirPods made it better.

AirPods Pro somehow managed to pack active noise cancellation and a newer feature Apple called Transparency into an even smaller package. Frankly, this was like getting over-the-ear headphone features in something more compact than the standard AirPods.

Battery life

While the original AirPods promised up to five hours of battery life, AirPods Pro only dropped an hour off that with ANC and Transparency. The latter feature pipes in audio from your surroundings to compensate for environmental noise reduction from in-ear headphones.

The new AirPods Pro claim to have up to 2x improved active noise cancellation and includes an update to Transparency called Adaptive Transparency. They do this while adding two more hours of continued playback. Battery life doesn’t just catch up with the original AirPods this time. It exceeds it!

In a single test focused on battery life, I logged 5 hours 49 minutes of continuous on a single charge with AirPods Pro 2. Apple rates its battery life with 50% volume, which explains the slightly below six hours result.

While the original AirPods Pro quickly became my go-to headphones for running half marathons, battery life at higher volumes was always its own race. Up to two additional hours solves this at any volume.


Sonically, AirPods Pro 2 sound better than ever. Personally, my ability to fully appreciate this is as dull as ever.

Apple says its new H2 chip in AirPods Pro 2 “works in concert with a custom‑built driver and amplifier to deliver crisp, clear high notes and deep, rich bass in stunning definition — so every sound is more vivid than ever.”

I never found the original Pros lacking in sound quality given their compact size, and the new AirPods Pro certainly don’t sound any worse to my ears. The real H2 benefit for me is that previously mentioned battery life improvement.

Can you (not) hear me now?

Active Noise Cancellation claims to be up to 2x better on AirPods Pro 2 than first-gen AirPods Pro.

My first impression was that AirPods Pro 2 ANC is closer to AirPods Max ANC, but you still need big headphones to get closer to 100% noise cancellation, of course. A week later, I’m unsure if that was just the newness or if a number of factors account for the range between 1x and 2x performance.

I’ll echo what I said before. Noise cancellation was really good on first-gen AirPods Pro, and second-gen AirPods Pro either matches or improves it.

Transparency adapted

Adaptive Transparency is the new twist on how Transparency can perform on AirPods Pro. This is an optional toggle for Transparency mode that attempts to reduce loud noises while still piping in sounds around you.

The idea is that loud sirens, for example, aren’t amplified in your ears when you simply trying not to block out noise around you. I’ll have to report back on my experience with Adaptive Transparency. So far my experience has been that loud traffic sounds are still boosted with Adaptive Transparency than without AirPods at all, but that’s probably by design.

Volume control

Should you upgrade from AirPods Pro to AirPods Pro 2 for sound improvement? Maybe if you can appreciate the differences more than me. Two other differences are what made it worth it for me: battery life, as mentioned, and volume control.

Changing volume on AirPods has always required using a connected device (iPhone, Apple Watch, Mac, etc.) or voice control. Asking Siri to change volume is fine for HomePods, but it’s just not efficient for AirPods. I’ve mostly relied on pressing the buttons on my iPhone in my pocket or spinning the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch.

AirPods Pro 2 are the first to introduce on-board volume control, and it’s wonderful. I thought I would like this, and I do. It turns out if AirPods Pro volume control is easy, I’ll use it way more. In turn, that improves the overall experience.

Swiping the AirPod to change the volume now feels natural. This applies to sitting at my desk, walking around the grocery store, working out at the gym, or going for an outdoor run.

The swipe gesture has caught on enough with me that now I want to assign a different action to one of the AirPods. This already works with the squeeze gesture on the stem. You can assign sound mode to one AirPods and activating Siri to another.

Either way, people wanted a swipe gesture, and Apple delivered with AirPods Pro 2. And, it’s actually great.

I’ll also note that swipe gestures for volume almost brings AirPods Pro 2 up to audio control parity with wired EarPods. From Apple’s support document on EarPods:

Control audio with your EarPods

Pause: Press the center button. Press again to resume playback.

Skip forward: Press the center button twice quickly.

Skip backward: Press the center button three times quickly.

Fast-forward: Press the center button twice quickly and hold.

The only thing missing is the fast-forward control, and opening the swipe gesture to a second control for jumping ahead and back on the other AirPod exceeds that.

(EarPods can also “switch to an incoming or on-hold call, and put the current call on hold” by pressing the center button, then pressing again to switch back to the first call. For AirPods, you should probably just pull out the iPhone for this task. Siri can hang up on people in iOS 16, however!)

More capable case

I wonder what percentage of AirPods sales are buying to replace a lost pair? I’ve certainly been in this category more than once. The AirPods Pro 2 charging case is fully committed to easing that concern for customers. From the U1 chip to the new lanyard loop, there are more ways than ever to prevent losing your AirPods.

Everything is an AirTag

The U1 chip basically makes the AirPods Pro 2 case an AirTag sans year-long battery life. If your AirPods case is left behind, Apple’s Find My network will use nearby iPhones to show their location on a map. If the AirPods are in the case, you’ve found those too. This is a big deal if you’ve ever left your AirPods behind in a ride sharing car or coffee shop.

Everything is a speaker

And, for times when you know your AirPods charging case is nearby but not exactly where, you can now ping the case just like the iPhone can an Apple Watch. This has already been useful for me just around the house.

The built-in speaker also provides tones when charging or alerting you to low battery. The real purpose of the speaker is finding lost AirPods, but the tones add delight and whimsy to the experience.

Everything needs a lanyard

The last “don’t lose your AirPods” feature is the built-in lanyard loop. Lanyard sold separately. I dropped the whopping $13 on Incase’s lanyard marketed for AirPods and I like it, but any lanyard will do.

This is the one change to AirPods Pro 2 that I think could be considered a compromise. If you don’t use it, the silver loop is ugly compared to every AirPods case before it. On the other hand, building it in allows customers a way to add a carrying attachment without putting a case on a case.

Everything is a charger

Finally, the last two AirPods Pro 2 case features relate to charging. Apple touts up to 30 hours of listening time with the charging case. With six hours of continuous playback, that’s reached five AirPods recharges before needing external power. Math checks out. I did test how long it takes to recharge a pair of AirPods Pro 2 with the charging case. The result? About an hour.

Then there’s support for Apple Watch chargers. I didn’t ask for this, but thanks to whoever made it happen.

I would prefer Apple Watch to charge with MagSafe, but that’s not offered yet. Instead, Apple gave more purpose to the Apple Watch charging puck with AirPods Pro 2 case charging support.

This is especially useful if you have a MagSafe + Apple Watch charger. Prior to AirPods Pro 2, MagSafe Duo and similar chargers could power up one Apple Watch and one other thing that supported wireless charging (including AirPods). Now the same travel charger can power up your iPhone on the MagSafe side and your AirPods Pro 2 on the watch charging puck side.

Aside from that and previously mentioned feature requests, there’s only one thing that annoys me about AirPods Pro 2. The charging case uses the Lightning port like the iPhone, but the tides are turning toward iPhones dropping Lightning in favor of USB-C next year.

I can’t remember the last time I charged my AirPods case with a wire, so it’s not a big deal for me. It might mean we’ll see a charging case revision before AirPods Pro 3, however, just like when the original AirPods added a wireless charging case and AirPods Pro added a MagSafe charging case.

Put simply, if the original AirPods Pro were within earshot of perfect, this ‘S’ style revision gets us oh so much closer. The last major missing feature is … colors that aren’t white. Like black. Apple, make black AirPods.

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Best Heavy Duty Cases For Ipad Pro 10.5 In 2023

With the extremely rugged construction, the case can resist impact immaculately. It comes with a built-in stand to provide a delightful hands-free experience. Willing to check out what’s more have in store for you? Head over to scroll through the top 10.5-inch iPad Pro heavy-duty cases!


iPad Pro has begun to replace your Mac laptop, and accessory makers have got the hint. Therefore, manufacturers like ZUGU-CASE design iPad Pro cases that are heavy-duty in profile and flexible in use. ZUGU-CASE has used fiberglass material, which has gone through multiple quality tests.


iPad Pro’s size makes it uncomfortable for you to handle. BRAECN offers a welcome solution: hand strap and shoulder strap. When you are in the office or home, you can use a hand strap to hold your iPad firmly in your hand. Out of office, you can hang your iPad from your shoulder with a long strap.

Apart from convenience, BRAECN has taken enough care of your iPad’s protection, and for this very reason, the brand has combined plastic and silicone materials. This combination makes the case shockproof as it can resist the impacts of drops and bumps. The 3mm raised edges to protect your iPad’s screen.

3. MoKo

MoKo needs no introduction. This brand has successfully carved a niche in iPhone accessories. This iPad Pro heavy-duty case from MoKo is the best companion of your tablet as it comes with multiple features. Its robust, dual-layer protective case requires special attention as it can endure drops, bumps, and shocks.

Even if you are in the middle of a lot of actions, you should not be bothered about your pricey tablet. This case is made of high-quality material and equipped with PC hard-shell and flexible TPU. For the safety of your iPad’s screen, MoKo has built a screen protector as well.


Enjoy the purple patch of your life with BENTOBEN’s heavy-duty case in purple. This rugged case from BENTOBEN exudes feminine features, but when you hold it in your hands, the case shows its muscles. The impact-resistant case flaunts hybrid hard PC material combined with a soft silicone body. It is shockproof but slim so that your tablet won’t become bulky.

The soft silicone material provides you an anti-slip grip; you can move around casually without having to worry about your tablet. Better handling is a boon when you have to walk through crowded places, carrying your tablet in hand.

5. TSQ

Here is another heavy-duty iPad Pro case with two straps – for your hands and shoulder. TSQ iPad rugged case provides 360-degree protection to your premium tablet. TSQ has used a plastic bumper on the back to resist high impact. Moreover, it offers a sturdy 360-degree foldable kickstand to watch videos.

TSQ has used three layers of a hybrid defender to give extra protection to your iPad Pro. Your tablet is protected by a robust PC shell, drop-proof silicone outer cover, and a front frame. This multi-layer security ensures your tablet is safe inside the cocoon.

6. Poetic TurtleSkin

Offer strong defense to your iPad against any accidental falls. With Poetic TurtleSkin, your tablet will come out unscathed from any bumps thanks to the powerful outer shell. The turtle shell design not just boosts its strengths but also provides enhanced grip.

The quality silicone construction is pretty soft to the touch. While the cutouts allow easy access to all the functions, the responsive buttons let you easily control your device. What’s more, TurtleSkin’s case is available in four attractive colors including black, blue, green, and purple.


Heavy-duty cases with wide and raised edges usually prevent users from typing on the screen keyboard. SKYLMW has taken special care of this feedback and designed this heavy-duty case that allows you to interact with your iPad screen effortlessly. You can use the Notes app and other productivity apps with remarkable ease and finesse.

This kid-friendly iPad Pro case is easy to install. SKYLMW knows you will use your tablet as a substitute for a laptop, and therefore, it has provided kickstand for better convenience. You will love to watch videos and type long content on your large tablet.

8. Valkit

Valkit has packed two crucial features in this heavy-duty case: lightweight and slim design. People hardly think of a heavy-duty case to be slim. But Valkit has made it possible with its excellent design and marvelous engineering. This semi-transparent, matte-finished case has a rugged profile.

Don’t miss that extra protection for four corners; Valkit has processed those corners with premium quality TPC, which is thickened to avoid damage when you drop your iPad accidentally.

9. TianTa

TianTa presents a range of colorful iPad Pro cases for kids. Since children are more likely to drop the tablet, TianTa has installed two straps to carry your iPad in hand and hang it down the shoulder. Silicone skin, plastic frame, and a plastic shell create three-layer protection for your iPad.

The case is precisely cut so that your kids can quickly access essential buttons and ports on their iPad. The rotatable kickstand allows you to adjust the screen of your tablet while watching videos and using the FaceTime app.

10. Fintie

Fintie’s Tuatara magic ring is a notable feature in this iPad Pro heavy-duty case. With this ring, you can hold your tablet securely in your hands, and the same ring can be used as a kickstand to watch videos. You can adjust the ring in vertical and horizontal modes and fine-tune different angles.

Fintie has used two layers of TPU skin and PC hard shell to protect your iPad Pro against shock and impact. Also, check a dedicated Apple Pencil slot to carry your stylus with you always. The built-in screen guard protects your iPad screen from scratches.

That’s all for now!

Your Favorite?

Which one of these heavy-duty cases has impressed you? Let us know its name and the quality you have liked in the protective suit.

Personally, the one quality I like a lot in these cases is the robust construction that offers a reliable safeguard to your iPad against drops. Besides, they are available at affordable prices.

You would want to catch up with these top iPad accessory lists as well:

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Best Drag And Drop Apps For Ipad Pro In 2023

Apple has termed iOS 14 as a monumental step for the iPad. And looking at what the ecosystem has brought to the most popular tablet, we can say that the claim does have notable substance. “Drag and Drop” is probably the most sought-after feature of iOS 14 for iPad. Considering its significance in boosting your user-experience, it’s worth compiling the best drag and drop apps for the iPad.

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is great for creating and editing documents. You can also collaborate with others on documents. The app has updated to support the drag-and-drop feature. Now, it lets you drag and drop text into a document from other compatible apps. The D&D functionality works fairly well. When you drag any rich text into Docs, it is reformatted as simple text. Hence, you will need to reformat it again.

Beyond drag and drop, the app works even offline; allowing you to work without any interference. What’s more, Google Docs support multiple languages including English, Afrikaans, Albanian, Amharic, Arabic, Armenian, Azerbaijani, Basque, Belarusian, Bengali, Bulgarian, Cambodian, Catalan, Chinese, etc.

2. Bear

Bear is a fine writing app that allows you to create notes, prose, code and even sketches your imagination. You can drag text, files, images in and out of the app. Using the hashtag, you will smartly organize your notes. It has a focus mode to let you carry out y our work without any disturbance.

There are plenty of markup options that help you enhance your writing. Better still; you get the option to export your file in multiple formats including HTML, PDF, DOCX, MD, JPG, etc.

3. Spark

Readdle’s Spark is smartest email app for iOS. With the support of Drag and Drop feature, it lets you drag text, images, links, etc. from other apps into the message. You can also drag files, documents photos to easily attach them to an email.

Additionally, you can also drag PDF attachments to edit them. There is also an option to drag text from someone else’ email into another app.

4. 1Password

1Password is undoubtedly the best password manager for iOS. The app has become more functional with the latest update. Now, it lets you drag and drop usernames and passwords from 1Password to other app or webpage.

The app allows you to keep your items in several different categories such as logins, credit cards, addresses, notes, bank accounts, etc. You get the option to create multiple vaults to keep your passwords more securely. Besides, the password manager also supports multitasking features like Split View and Slide Over to let you enhance your productivity.

5. Things 3

If you are looking for a more practical app to let you take complete control of your tasks, go for Things 3. Of course, the task manager is pricey, but it does a great job of letting you deal with plenty of tasks with complete peace of mind. Using drag and drop, you will be able to quickly create a more efficient project for each of goals.

You can keep a tab on your calendar events as well as to-dos and plan your time accordingly. Moreover, the app also lets you customize your workflow to suit your needs better.

6. GoodNotes 5

Very few note-taking apps are as optimized for iPad as GoodNotes 5. Aside from fully supporting the Apple Pencil, the app is also designed to get along smoothly with all the multitasking features including the “Dark and Drop”. So, you can drag and drop a note from one folder to the other or from one note to the other to keep everything in line with your needs. 

Another notable feature of GoodNotes is the support for Sidecar that lets you use your iPad as the second screen of your Mac. Save it for the times when you want to double down on productivity by employing the powers of both macOS and iPadOS. Apart from being a handy note-taking app, it also does an efficient job as a PDF editor so that you can manage your PDF files with ease.

7. Evernote

Simply put, Evernote is excellent for taking quick notes and creating to-do lists. The app also lets you save things while browsing the web to read or view later.

As for drag and drop functionality, the app has completely embraced this feature; allowing you to drag and drop contents seamlessly. For instance, you can drag the notes into other apps and also easily move contents from other apps to your notes.

Apart from this handy feature, the app also allows you to create agenda, memos and impressive presentations. Even better, you can set custom reminders to never miss out any important tasks.

8. Airmail

Airmail is a feature-rich mail client, and I have always enjoyed using it. With the support of iOS 11’s Drag and Drag feature, it’s become more productive. You can drag multiple files to attach to your email. It lets you drag items in and out of the app with ease.

Additionally, the app allows you to edit messages in bulk. It works with Gmail, Exchange EWS, IMAP, and POP3. Moreover, it has the support of as many as 19 languages including English, Arabic, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, etc.

9. Zipped

What makes “Zipped” such an efficient app is the ability to make the process of zipping and unzipping tasks hassle-free. Using D&D, you can make the process incredibly simple. Head over to this guide to zipping/unzip files on your iOS device.

10. 1Writer

“1Writer” is what you’d want to make writing and text editing a more simplified and straightforward task on your iPad. With the use of the D&D feature, you can easily move images, links and more to enrich your article.

The app boasts 20 different fonts to let you personalize the text. There is also a dark theme to make it more convenient for you to read and write at night. With the in-app browser, you can search for anything you want without having to leave the app.

Furthermore, this writing app is compatible with several popular third-party apps including Drafts, Terminology, Day One, Editorial, Phraseology, Byword, Ulysses, Tumblr, Chrome, Gmail, Launch Center Pro, Tweetbot, Dispatch, Due, Fantastical, Clear, OmniFocus, Things, 2Do, etc.

That’s all!

What’s your favorite?

So, which one of these apps have you chosen to bolster your productivity? It’d be nice to know its name.

Have we missed to include any of your favorite apps on this list? Do inform us as well.

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