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The recently released Avira Free Security Suite for Windows PC offers complete protection against viruses, ransomware, and all kinds of malicious code & makes your browsing safe & private.

Today, the world of digital media is not safe! Be it the Internet or offline media storage. If you stumble upon some malicious data on the Internet or media storage devices like USB, DVD, etc., your PC can get affected by deadly viruses. To save your PC from harmful virus and Trojan attacks, it is important to have a good antivirus or an Internet Security Suite installed on your PC. Windows Defender comes pre-installed on Windows PCs, but most users want feature-rich security software. If you are looking for one, take a look at Avira Free Security Suite.

Avira Free Security Suite review

Avira is largely famous for its product lineup in the security field for Windows OS. The company has launched the 2023 version of its traditional anti-virus and other sister products. Avira Free Security Suite is a software bundle provided to you by Avira for free, which consists of Avira Free Antivirus for Windows along with some other useful products to help secure your computing environment. All of these products are also available for premium usage which you can buy from the official Avira website.


The suite triggers an online installation of the applications that are included in this bundle, through Avira Connect hub which is the company’s official Application Manager and Launcher tool.

One thing worth mentioning here is that you don’t get a full-fledged version of some of the applications included in this pack. These are cut short in terms of features that you get only with the premium plans. Also, you don’t get to customize the settings of these programs during installation. However, you can manually choose to opt-out of installing any application in this package.

Once all your selected applications are installed, Avira Security Suite takes over the job of managing security tasks on your PC. Now, let’s take a look at the key software included in this suite.

Avira Free Antivirus

When you launch the Antivirus, you will notice two sections. One is the left-side navigation pane where you can switch between various Administration and Protection modules. Other is the right side pane which puts forth a brief system protection status along with some context menu for PC and Internet protection. You can start the system-wide scan right from the landing page while configuring the Scanner process and settings per your wish.

The native system scanner is quite powerful with a wide range of options to scan local drives, removable drives, Windows system directories, active processes, etc. for possible penetrative threats. Its live real-time protection module gives you an overview of the total number of files scanned and suspicious ones detected.

You can start the system-wide scan right from the landing page while configuring the Scanner process and settings per your wish.

The native system scanner is quite powerful with a wide range of options to scan local drives, removable drives, Windows system directories, active processes, etc. for possible penetrative threats. Its live real-time protection module gives you an overview of the total number of files scanned and suspicious ones detected. Avira’s detection technology is quite impressive where it matches any possible threat against a list of dangerous and safe files.

Overall, Avira Free Antivirus is quite august in its detection mechanism, but the presentation could still be improved. Comparing to its peer competitors like Avast, Kaspersky, etc., Avira lacks a bit behind in terms of an impressive UI. Although truth be told, its Antivirus program is really good with its subtle approach and solid execution.

Avira System Speedup

Another wolf in this pack is Avira System Speedup which helps you accelerate your PC and free up some memory. Over time, an average PC user ends up with an unwanted glut of temporary unwanted files and programs which eat up the storage space unnecessarily, lowering down the performance as a whole.

Avira System Speedup punctures deep into your system and tracks down the unwanted programs, junk files, logs, cookies, leftover registry entries thoroughly removing them and improving overall system health.

With a surprisingly clean UI, this app divides the system cleanliness factors in terms of disk health, system performance and privacy score. A score is maintained in terms of these factors which determines how responsive, safe and clean your device is.

You can scan your PC for unwanted and bad files right from the first leaf. While scanning, it measures the potential junk files, registry errors and private data breaches across the system storage. You can optimize your device by fixing the issues detected and henceforth increasing your device score.

Apart from this, you can also optimize the average boot time which calculates the effect of various startup programs on system boot time and calls for action accordingly on the programs that can be started up after boot or during boot. Then there are these power modes that manage your device’s performance and compare energy usage. The tool is overall quite effective in terms of tracking down dangling issues which are rather a hard nut to crack for an average PC user.

Other gems in the box

Apart from the above two big shot software, Avira Security Suite comes uploaded with some other useful tools as well. Phantom VPN secures your Wi-Fi connections and enables you to surf anonymously while keeping you unhackable, untraceable and uncensorable. It masks your IP address and safeguards your private data while securing your online connection. Whether you’re a movie lover, intense gamer or website owners like us, Phantom VPN connects you safely and anonymously over the internet via a VPN tunnel.

Our Conclusion

Avira Security Suite Free is a great package in terms of vast security features that you get rewarded with without paying a single penny, and we recommend it highly. It does not include a Firewall, though, but instead, adds some features to the Windows Firewall.

Even so, it is quite better than most of its competitors in the market including Windows Defender. You’d, for sure, want to consider installing it for its impressive threat detection technology. While making you pay zero bucks, it is worth a try.

You can download Avira Free Security Suite from its official website. Let us know your thoughts on the same.

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How To Build The Best Free Pc Security Software Suite

If you have a PC, you’re a target. You need security software. 

The pros and cons of free AV 

Going free can save you some cash, but it isn’t a perfect solution for everyone. When you buy a paid antivirus product you usually get some form of customer support with it. Free products, on the other hand, often mean you’re on your own for solving problems. Going free also means stitching together a combination of utilities. That takes a little trial and error to find the best tools for your needs. Premium suites, by comparison, offer seamless, relatively pain-free security solutions.

Best free AV software: Our picks

Antivirus software is the key component of any security suite, and for good reason—it’s going to be your primary defense against malware. Windows offers its own built-in anti-virus program called Windows Defender for Windows 8.1 and up—Windows 7 users can download and install Security Essentials. Windows’ solution offers fairly good basic security, but most third-party testing firms find that it falls short of third-party security suites. The upshot is: If you’re a security-aware user who’s willing to occasionally run a scan with Malwarebytes (see below) then Defender may be enough.

If you aren’t willing to do that, however, then a third-party option is probably better, and when it comes to free antivirus apps you have some really good options.

Ian Paul/IDG

Independent tester AV-Test gives Avira Antivirus top marks, so you can feel assured about the integrity of its free product.  

Avira Antivirus Free Edition and Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition are two free products worth your attention. According to recent benchmarks published by the German antivirus testing firm AV-Test, paid products for both Avira and Bitdefender won top marks on all three of the firm’s major testing categories including protection, performance, and usability; both did a perfect or near-perfect job at stopping malware and other threats. Avira did score one false positive from AV-Test when it identified legitimate software as malware during a system scan.

No matter which antivirus app you choose, make sure you pick one that does a good job at catching so-called “zero-day” attacks. Antivirus programs that can stop zero-day attacks are going to be more effective at stopping brand-new malware, which is very important given how quickly malware can evolve.

Use a secondary antivirus app

Ian Paul/IDG

Malwarebytes can remove rootkits and other baddies that other antivirus products won’t touch. Best of all, you can run it alongside your traditional antivirus.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free can provide an extra layer of security against internet baddies. It is not for use as your primary antivirus since the free version doesn’t offer real-time protection. You can use it alongside most other antivirus programs as a tool for infrequent, secondary manual scans, and it’s earned its stellar reputation by offering above-average protection against cutting-edge zero-day attacks. In other words, it can sometimes catch infections that other antivirus software might miss.

Use a firewall

Windows comes with a built-in firewall that’s turned on by default. It’s a good basic option that sits quietly in the background until it detects a suspicious connection attempt, and it’s as low-maintenance as low-maintenance can be.

Ian Paul/IDG

GlassWire serves the dual purpose of being both a firewall and a wealth of system information.

Still, one additional piece of software worth installing is the firewall GlassWire. This program blocks outgoing connections if you explicitly mark them as disallowed (say you install a new program that you’re a little leery of, preventing its ability to make outgoing connections could ease your concern). That’s more than Windows Firewall does since Microsoft’s basic solution doesn’t block outgoing connections at all—though there’s debate over whether that’s truly necessary.

Bolster your browser’s security

Even with the best security software in place, you can still be taken for a fool online. 

McAfee SiteAdvisor will check links in search results and indicate, via a small icon next to a link, whether it’s safe to visit. It also works on social networks like Twitter or Facebook, which tend to be security minefields thanks to the widespread use of URL shorteners as well as viral links of questionable origin.

If you’re on Firefox, check out NoScript, an add-on that blocks all JavaScript from running unless you approve it. It’s a bit of a power-user tool, and it can disable some features on websites you visit, but it does help protect you from all-too-common JavaScript attacks online, assuming you’re okay with the added hassle.

In addition, the EFF’s Privacy Badger is a popular option to stop tracking cookies and other forms of online surveillance.

Keep the kiddies from seeing stuff they can’t unsee

Ian Paul/IDG

Windows 10 will step you through the process of setting up parental controls on your PC.

Beyond that, OpenDNS FamilyShield is worth a look. FamilyShield isn’t an app; instead, it’s a service offered by OpenDNS that automatically blocks adult websites. You can set it up on individual computers at home, or you can set it up on your router so that every device on your home is protected. Of course, FamilyShield won’t provide you with the full suite of parental controls, such as app restrictions and time limits, but you can use it in conjunction with other parental controls tools for added online safety.

Oftentimes, malware creators don’t target Windows itself—instead, they’ll target security holes in popular PC software such as Adobe Reader. To reduce this risk, you’ll want to keep all your software up to date. Doing this manually can be a pain, so an update checker can save you lots of time. 

Ian Paul/IDG

Flexera PSI will let you know if you need to install software updates. 

Flexera Personal Software Inspector—formerly Secunia PSI—is a free tool that does just that: It scans your PC for insecure older versions of popular programs and can even automatically install the latest security patches for them.

Lock down your laptop

The Prey service lets you lock down your laptop in case it’s been stolen. It consists of a piece of software that runs in the background and tracks your laptop’s location whenever it goes online.

Ian Paul/IDG

The Prey Project provides various tools for tracking and locking down a wayward laptop.

If your laptop ever goes missing, you can use Prey to find its whereabouts, snap a photo of the alleged thief, and lock down the device if necessary. For $5 per month, you can also remotely wipe your machine, or retrieve files from a wayward laptop. It may seem weird to suggest paying for something in an article about free security products, but in this case it’s money well spent.

Ian Paul/IDG

Windows 10 offers a find-my-device feature that lets you locate a lost or stolen laptop or tablet; however, Microsoft’s built-in version doesn’t offer all the features of Prey, including the critical remote wipe.

If you’re running Windows 10 Pro you can also use BitLocker encryption, which comes built-in. It’s also available on versions of Windows going back to Vista. See our tutorial to get started. Alternatively, there’s VeraCrypt, a free and open-source fork of the long-trusted (and now defunct) TrueCrypt software.

Go forth and be free

Those are the essentials for putting together a free security suite. It takes a little work, but the savings are worth it. Plus, you can swap out any of these components when better options come along. 

Best Free Antivirus For Windows 11 For Enhanced Security

Want to have a secure browsing experience and keep your data safe? Use the best free antivirus for Windows 11.

Being the most popular operating system in the world, Windows has always been the target of viruses, spyware, malware, and other cybersecurity threats.

If you’re a Windows 11 user, you use a highly secure OS. But there is always a chance that your files will get corrupted or inaccessible due to a virus attack.

So, you must use antivirus applications on your Windows 11 PC to protect it against any external threats.

Listed below are the best free antivirus for Windows 11. Read on to learn the top features of these free antivirus solutions.

Best Free Antivirus for Windows 11

1. Windows Security

Windows Security is an all-in-one security service from Microsoft. It comes built-in with your Windows 11 PC, and Microsoft Defender is one of its components.

It offers comprehensive protection against viruses, malware, spyware, adware, and many more.

This application provides virus and threat protection, firewall and network protection, account protection, device security, and app and browser control.

You can visit the virus and threat protection section and navigate to the Scan options to choose from Quick scan, Full scan, Custom scan, and Microsoft Defender offline scan.

You also get the option to allow detected threats and check the protection history. Managing settings for ransomware, virus, and threat protection is possible here.

Microsoft Security also lets you choose who can access your network. You can enable or disable Windows Defender firewalls for private, domain, and public networks by visiting the firewall and network protection section.

You can also choose if an app can communicate through the public or private network firewall. This program also lets you have control over your apps and browser.

By utilizing the reputation-based protection feature, you can find out about potentially unwanted apps, websites, and files.

Isolated browsing, exploit protection, core isolation, and security process are other highlighted features of Windows Security.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus

Bitdefender Antivirus is one of the best free antiviruses for Windows 11 that safeguards you against all the latest online threats and keeps your PC clean and virus-free.

This software stops the constantly-evolving threats that run in your system background. This application is lightweight. Hence, it consumes fewer system resources.

Unlike many free Windows 11 antivirus applications, it offers live customer support to resolve your security threat-related issues.

Besides the regular antivirus and malware, Bitdefender Antivirus protects you against ransomware, cryptocurrency, zero-day exploits, spearphishing, trojans, and rootkits.

It keeps you informed of the threats through gentle reminders without annoying you. Moreover, the program doesn’t interfere with other apps on your PC.

It even upgrades automatically to protect you against the latest threats and viruses.

3. Avast Antivirus

As a Windows 11 user, you can join hundreds of millions of people who use Avast Antivirus for world-class protection against viruses and malware.

You can also use it to improve your privacy and secure your Wi-Fi network. The software is easy to install, and you can use it effortlessly right from the start.

It boasts the largest threat-detection network in the industry. Also, features like home network security and machine learning (ML) based virus protection ensure optimum speed for your PC.

Avast free antivirus offers multiple layers of antivirus security — Smart Scan, CyberCapture, Behavior Shield, File Shield, Rescue Disk, and Quarantine.

Additional features of this free antivirus software include safe browsing and emailing ransomware protection and data leak alerts.

4. AVG

AVG is a powerful free antivirus for Windows 11 that protects your computer while ensuring the safety of your online life as well.

Using its six robust protection layers, it saves your computer from viruses, malware, and spyware.

The antivirus also comes with an email shield that automatically blocks phishing links and harmful attachments that might contain viruses.

It has access to the largest virus database in the world and gets updated in real-time. Hence, it can also provide you with zero-day protection.

While browsing, AVG stops you from landing on web pages that contain malware and scams.

You can also use its firewall feature to protect your home network from threats.

What’s more, if anyone hacks your email password, it’ll notify you instantly.

Its improvised anti-ransomware technology offers extra protection to your most important files. Also, the webcam protection feature prevents unauthorized access to your webcam.

5. Avira Free Antivirus for Windows

Avira is one of the best free antivirus solutions for Windows 11 users. It also helps you block spyware, adware, and ransomware to ensure maximum protection.

This program is lightweight, so it doesn’t affect your PC performance or speed. Moreover, you get real-time updates and protections.

The antivirus scanner of Avira detects and blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, trojans, and others. Its automated system continuously learns about new and evolving threats to protect you.

The software can also detect unnecessary programs hiding inside a legitimate application. You can also trust it for safe browsing as it blocks harmful websites before the page loading is complete.

6. Immunet Antivirus

If you want basic antivirus protection for your Windows 11 computer, use Immunet Antivirus. For additional security, you can use it with any other paid or free antivirus software.

The application provides fast and real-time online protection against viruses, worms, keyloggers, bots, trojans, and spyware.

The antivirus software offers Quick Scan, On-Access Scan, and On-Demand Scan for your network security. It provides features like history and reports logging that help you with documentation.

Managing your files is also easy with this tool. You can scan individual and compressed files, exclude files from scanning, and put infected files into quarantine.

7. Malwarebytes

Malwarebytes is another free antivirus for Windows 11 that protects you against viruses.

Win 11 users can easily download the free version of this software and scan their computers for malware.

Once the viruses have been detected, the tool can remove them and bring your computer back to a clean state.

You can go through it and select the items you want to remove from your Windows 11 computer. It also shows you a summary report of the threat scan.

8. ZoneAlarm

Are you looking for a free antivirus with a robust firewall? In that case, ZoneAlarm should be your go-to option.

This fast and reliable software can seamlessly detect viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, bots, and other security threats and remove them successfully.

If you have this application installed on your Windows 11 PC, you don’t have to worry about hackers while browsing online.

Its firewall protects your data by making your computer invisible to hackers. The tool only takes seconds to disable malicious programs.

ZoneAlarm can detect when your Wi-Fi networks are in use and apply firewall protection for maximum security.

9. Panda Free Antivirus

If you’re willing to find the best free antivirus for Windows 11 for personal usage, Panda is an ideal option.

Whether browsing online for fun or using the internet for office or school work, this antivirus tool can offer you real-time protection.

Moreover, it has the maximum virus detection rate without having much impact on your Windows 11 device.

The software gets updated in real-time to protect you against zero-day vulnerabilities, so you don’t have to update the tool manually.

While it provides real-time protection against viruses, you can even schedule a scan at regular intervals or scan it any time you want.

Panda also scans your USB devices as you insert and stops them from automatic malware execution.

10. TotalAV

TotalAV isn’t just the best free antivirus for Windows 11; it’s a security suite that safeguards your digital life and activities.

Whether you’re running Windows 11 on a desktop, laptop, or tablet, TotalAV will function with equal efficiency.

You can install it quickly without any interruptions. This antivirus software doesn’t hamper your PC performance while gaming and video editing.


Antivirus application has become an essential component for Windows 11 PC security. These programs protect your files and computer from all kinds of security threats, including viruses and malware.

If you don’t want to use any paid antivirus, free antivirus for Windows 11 is available in the market.

You can choose any tool from our list of the best free antivirus for Windows 11. Since all antivirus applications are free, you can try many of these to select the right one.

Best Free Mp4 To Mp3 Converter For Windows Pc

In the following article, you would find the best free MP4 to MP3 converters for Windows 11/10/8/7 PC. We have included freeware, Microsoft Store apps, and online MP4 to MP3 converter tools on this list. MP4 is the most popular video format and MP3 is the most popular audio format. All major media players support these two formats.

MP4 to MP3 converters for Windows 11/10

Users usually convert music videos from MP4 to MP3 since the MP3 audio files are smaller in size and you wouldn’t need to play the video to listen to the music this way. Below is the list of the best free MP4 to MP3 converters for PC:

Video Converter Any Format

Free Video Converter

Total Video Converter

Wondershare UniConverter

Freemake Video Converter

Online Converter


1] Video Converter Any Format

When an app is literally called “Any Format” it will support any format. This is your go-to app if you have small and large files of various formats lying around. You can convert any video to MP3 or vice-versa. Download this app directly from the Microsoft Store. This Cidade app made some changes and bug fixes. Now it is smooth and flexible. You can convert various types of files at the same time. You will like this app.

2] VideoSoft Converter

3] Total Video Converter

This freeware from Fruit Candy specializes in video-to-audio conversion. Also known as Any Video Converter, this app actually allows you to convert any media file format. Download the app from the Microsoft Store. Enjoy high-quality audio and video every time you convert a file. The original quality of the audio or video file is not compromised with Total Video Converter.

4] Wondershare UniConverter

5] Freemake Video Converter

The Freemake Video Converter makes it to every video converter list. It is not only free of cost. It allows the user the freedom of platform, file size, media file format, and storage space. Download the app from the official website here. Download whichever converter you need. Convert as many files you want to and in any format. You can trim and edit videos without needing any tutorial. This app is very responsive and user-friendly.

You don’t have to worry about paying or about sticking to the daily limit. These apps are all free and fully functional. You won’t need to upgrade to the premium version as long as you choose the software best suited to your needs.

6] Online Converter

Online Converter service brings a separate MP4 to MP3 converter tool. You can upload up to 200 MB MP4 file (*.mp4, *.m4v, *.h265, *.264, *.hevc, *.m4b, etc.) from your system and get the output as MP3 audio file. The output audio quality can also be set using the drop-down menu. You first need to select the Options box and then choose an audio quality (320 kbps, 128 kbps, 256 kbps, 192 kbps, etc.) using a drop-down menu.

To use this tool, open its homepage from chúng tôi Use the Choose File button to add an MP4 video. Set the audio quality or leave it to default. Press the Convert button and then it will upload the input video. After that, the conversion process will start and you will get a Download Now link to save the MP3 audio file to your Windows 11/10 PC.

7] FreeConvert

FreeConvert is also an online tool that comes with a handy MP4 to MP3 Converter feature. It lets you add multiple MP4 files from your system and convert them to MP3 at once. The feature to add the input video file from Google Drive or Dropbox account is also available to use.

Before starting the conversion process, you can also access the Advanced settings section for each input file separately and then set the audio options as per your requirement. It lets you use fade-in and fade-out options, reverse audio, and trim audio to get only specific parts from the MP4 video as MP3 audio, adjust volume, and more.

You can use this MP4 to MP3 converter tool without signing up. To use this tool, open its homepage from chúng tôi In the free plan, users get 25 conversion minutes per day but that would be sufficient.

Once you have opened its homepage, use Choose Files button to add MP4 files. Set audio options if you want or keep them to default. Press the Convert to MP3 button. The tool will upload the input files, convert them, and provide you with the download links to save the MP3 files.

How do I convert MP4 to MP3 on Windows for free?

To convert an MP4 video file to MP3 audio on Windows for free, you can use free software, Microsoft Store apps, and/or online MP4 to MP3 converter tools. We have created a list of such tools for Windows 11/10 in this post that you can try. Some of these tools also let you set the audio quality for the output MP3.

What program can I use to convert MP4 to MP3?

If you want to convert MP4 to MP3 audio files on a Windows 11/10 computer, then Freemake Video Converter, FreeConvert, DVDVideoSoft Free Video to MP3 Converter, etc., are some good free tools to use. A list of all these tools is covered by us in this post. Check them out.

More converter tools that may interest you:

Alexa For Pc: Here’s How To Download Alexa App For Windows 10 Pc

Alexa For PC: Here’s How To Download Alexa App For Windows 10 PC Getting Started With Alexa For PC Here’s How To Download Alexa App For Windows 10 PC

On your Windows 10 PC, go to Start or Search Bar and search for Alexa on Windows or download it directly from Microsoft Store.

Once the Alexa app for Windows is downloaded, Launch the app and proceed.

Select Set up Amazon Alexa to proceed setting up the app.

You’ll see a screen with Terms and Conditions, choose Continue to proceed.

From the list of settings, choose any one (these settings can be modified later) and select Finish Setup.

Now, choose Sign in and login to your Amazon account or you can create a new Amazon account if you do not have one.

After this, Alexa is ready to be used on your PC.

How To Use Alexa For PC?

To use the Alexa app on Windows 10, you can start by saying ‘Alexa’ or ‘Computer’ followed by a command. For instance, you can ask Alexa to turn on your computer or so. Or you can directly select the Alexa on Windows icon to start using the application. Not only this, there are multiple ways to use Alexa for PC like using it as your computer speaker.

How To Use Alexa As A Speaker For A Windows 10 PC

Yes, you read it right!  You can use Alexa as a speaker for your Bluetooth-enabled PC. For this, you should have an Echo device that can be connected to your Windows computer and later be used as a speaker. To pair a Windows PC with an Echo device, follow the steps below:

Go to chúng tôi and login to your Alexa account.

Open Settings and choose your Echo device from the list.

Now opt for Bluetooth and choose Pair a new device.

Then, Alexa will search for new available devices.

Now, on your computer search for Bluetooth and open Bluetooth settings.

Ensure that the Bluetooth is ON and your PC is discoverable.

Select Add Bluetooth or other device and choose Bluetooth.

You’ll see a list of devices, choose your Echo and select Done.

Point to Remember: You cannot turn on a powered-down PC using Alexa voice assistant on Windows 10 PC. However, you can always turn on your sleeping or hibernating computer using Alexa app on Windows 10.

Alexa Is Currently Not Available: What To Do?

Recommendation: To try Alexa for PC, you can use a VPN like Systweak VPN, change your location and then try downloading the Alexa app for Windows PC. This trick might work for your PC and you can enjoy using this amazing voice assistant for your Windows 10 PC.

Wrap Up:

Wouldn’t it be amazing to use a voice assistant other than Cortana on Windows PC? Not only this, you can also use Google Assistant on a Windows PC. Windows 10 is a flexible operating system with numerous features and incredible applications. Check out what Windows 10 new updates has to offer.

Keep reading Tweak Library and don’t forget to follow us on our Social Media platforms. 

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Best Gaming Browsers For Windows 11/10 Pc

If you are an avid gamer then you may want to know the best Gaming Browsers for Windows 11/10 PC. Microsoft Edge, Chrome, and Firefox are some household names that almost everyone used – but today we will take a look at browsers that will give you the best gaming experience.

Gaming Browsers for Windows 11/10

Opera GX

Microsoft Edge


Coowon Browser

Mozilla Firefox

Let’s get started with our first browser.

1] Opera GX

When you are searching for a proficient gaming browser, then Opera GX should be the first one to look for. Opera GX has a GX control feature that allows you to control the number of hardware resources the browser will use. So, you can make changes such that your computer has adequate resources to focus on different tasks.

Opera GX is an all-in-one gaming browser that has an in-built messaging tool so you won’t have to change software or tabs for messaging and adblocker that enable websites to load instantly.

If you are a person who wants a fast downloading and streaming option then Opera GX’s Network limiter feature gives you only that by freeing bandwidth.

2] Microsoft Edge

Microsoft users, most probably, have used the Microsoft Edge browser. Recently, Microsoft has completely updated Edge in such a way that it can compete with Chrome. Edge has the same web standard as Chrome, because of Chromium, and you can easily have the same experience here as it supports its extensions. It has a ton of features and all the perks of Chrome.

The new Gaming Efficiency mode helps improve PC gaming by reducing the RAM and CU the browser uses when you are playing PC games. To optimize and improve the gaming performance in the Microsoft Edge browser on Windows 11/10 PC, follow these steps to enable Gaming Efficiency Mode in Edge.

You can access Edge on Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android.

3] Vivaldi

Vivaldi is not only a good gaming browser but also a great option if you want privacy. It can handle multiple tabs without putting a lot of strain on your RAM, making it a perfect gaming browser.

Talking about its privacy, according to the company’s policies, your data won’t be extracted and sold. This is something we can’t say about most companies.

4] Coowon Browser

A Google-based browser, Coowon Browser has a wide list of features for a gamer. Mouse gestures, special tabs, Floating, and translucent windows are some of the topmost features of the Coowon browser.

Read: Best Privacy browsers for Windows PC.

5] Mozilla Firefox

Another well-known browser, Mozilla Firefox is also not a dedicated gaming browser but it works exactly the same as any gaming browser. The sole purpose of Mozilla Firefox was to ensure users’ privacy, transparency, and performance and a professional gamer needs that.

In comparison to the dedicated gaming browser, Opera GX, Mozilla Firefox also has a pop-out feature that lets you multitask by screening the video in a separate mini window along with the task at the hand.

If you are the kind of person who likes to arrange everything according to your taste then it has a feature that lets you select the tools, toolbars, and buttons that you need and remove the unwanted buttons.

Mozilla Firefox may not be the ideal deal for gaming browsers but it’s worth checking it out. So, get Mozilla Firefox from

Hopefully, we have helped you in finding the best Gaming browser for Windows 10.

Is Opera GX better than Chrome?

Opera GX is a browser dedicated to gaming. However, Google Chrome is not a dedicated gaming browser. You can play online games in Chrome but it lacks many useful gaming features that are available in Opera GX. If you are comparing both of these browsers with respect to gaming, you can go with Opera GX, otherwise, you can use Google Chrome which is one of the best and most popular browsers for internet surfing. Also, Google Chrome has wide extension support.

Which is the fastest browser for Windows 11 PC?

There is no exact answer to this question. Chrome, Firefox, and Edge are the most popular web browsers. The speed of a web browser depends on several factors. Sometimes, extensions can slow down the speed of a browser. Also, some websites are loaded in some web browsers faster than other browsers. Moreover, your hardware compatibility also affects the speed of a web browser. If your computer does not provide enough resources required by a web browser, it will not be able to give its maximum performance.

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