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If someone told me that I wouldn’t be able to use my iPhone and iPad for a whole week, I might fall apart. It’s not that I need to stay connected to friends and family (although I do care about their well-being). The real problem is that I am a little bit addicted to finding new apps and games to check out.

Because I love testing new apps and games so much, it makes it easier for you to decide what to pick up. If you are looking for a fun title to pass the time, or maybe need to organize all of your Dropobox pictures, we’ve got a list of apps and games you may like this weekend…

RollerCoaster Tycoon 4 Mobile

I have this friend who is a roller coaster enthusiast. He first got me involved with the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise about a decade ago. Players get to run their own amusement park. I love the game, but honestly, I’d rather ride the rides than worry about whether there are enough bathrooms in the par. This fourth installment of the franchise lets you create and share the wildest rides in the wilderness. There are 20 pre-designed coasters, more than 50 attractions and restaurants, and the ability to unlock new materials to make your rides better than ever. This game is available for $2.99.

Fans of the motorcycle mayhem that Trials offers will be happy to know that this side-scrolling platformer will have you on the edge of your seat as you perform stunts like a pro. This mobile exclusive game puts you out on in the wild with 10 different environments and more than 70 new tracks. Rise in ranks to become the best racer on the physics-based stunt courses. Unlock nine different bikes in three tiers and upgrade your ride with better equipment. Compete against others through ghost racing. No need to be online to compete. This game is available for free.

I’m a big fan of this graphic designer favorite dashboard display, Morning. It makes my iPad look great when I’m sitting at my desk. If I actually had coworkers walking past my office, I just know they’d ask about it. This app was just updated this week to support iPhone and iPod devices. Now, you can get a great looking peak at the weather, your reminders, the day’s stock, your RSS feed, and even a customized countdown. The app has been completely redesigned for the iPhone so it makes use of the smaller landscape in the best possible way. This app is available for $3.99.

Carousel by Dropbox

For a while now, Dropbox has included a feature that allows you to automatically store your photos to the cloud service by enabling the Dropbox Camera Import settings. With it, you can sync pictures that you take automatically when your phone is connected to your computer. Apparently, the feature is so popular that the cloud storage service needed to make a separate app for that. This new app lets you store and manage images and videos using albums and events. It also automatically backs up your photos the moment you take them in full resolution, so even if your phone gets stolen right out of your hands, you can be sure that picture you took at the park will be safely stored in the cloud. This app is available for free.


Remember when your mom found out what your girlfriend was like by doing a Google search on her? If you are even older, you may recall that the best way to find out someone’s history was to be or know a detective. Well, those days are over. Now, you can find out practically everything there is to know about a person before you even meet them. All you need is their name and the app will link you to their Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more. Plus, the app includes features to let you follow with people you’ve met with notes to help jog your memory about who they are. This app is available for free.

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7 Reasons Mobile Apps Are The New Frontier Of Marketing

It is easy to see why.

People constantly check their phones; in fact, researchers found adults spend a third of their day on their mobile devices, and 90% of this time is spent on apps.

Mobile is the Present and the Future

Globally, more than two billion people use smartphones. That number is expected to grow up to 2.5 billion by 2023.

Apps are the lifeline of smartphones. It’s no wonder, then, that businesses are embracing the mobile space to keep themselves relevant in a vastly changing technoscape.

Apps Allow for Business On-the-Go

We are far more likely to have our phones at hand than a laptop (no matter how light it is). A flagship smartphone can accomplish most tasks required for a business-owner—in fact, laptops are starting to look almost redundant for most of our business-related needs.

While a website is very important, along with the requisite SEO, it isn’t as light, nimble and fast-moving as apps, which are specifically designed for devices always in motion.

Apps Increase Engagement

Apps present you with a small, tightly-integrated world. If it is well-made, it’s easy to get sucked into an app and lose sense of one’s surroundings. Mobile game makers have mastered this art. The recent crazy success of Pokemon Go conclusively establishes the power of a good app. They hooked people’s imagination and users are finding it difficult to wean themselves off it.

But even without big bucks and a large legion of established fans, apps can and do take off. All major retailers these days have mobile apps–and local businesses are increasingly waking up to their potential. A local, city or community-based app can expand your business’ reach and engagement.

The question for small business owners used to be: Do you have a website?

Now the question is: Do you have an app?

Apps are Purposeful

That is not to say that websites don’t have a purpose.

Apps Encourage Repeat Visits

Simply because of the sheer simplicity and convenience, apps attract repeat users. Companies also are able to send notifications to users’ phones, prompting them to revisit. It’s like having a direct line right into your customer’s pocket. I love podcasts and love getting notifications when a new episode is available for download!

Small Businesses can Benefit

So here is one more compelling reason for you to consider an app. Most people search for businesses locally—and they do this through their phones. Businesses are therefore ramping up their mobile game. Your mobile-readiness is also a ranking factor with Google.

Local search engine optimization is also becoming more and more valuable. Mobile apps can be a great marketing tool for a local food order joint, for instance. Once you get people to sign up (via their Google or Facebook logins), you can send them periodic notifications and/or coupon codes. These are non-intrusive, and if pertinent to the user, likely to bring you more business.

App Notifications are Timely and Immediate

Ever noticed how Domino’s weekend pizza deals that never fail to land in our phones on Friday?

You may forget to check their website for deals and updates, and even newsletters often fall into our spam folders now. Apps are a new way to directly reach your customer base–in a way that’s helpful to them and your business, too.

Apps can be programmed to understand our preferences, our behavior, our last shopping spree — and send us nudges to keep us on track. It’s very clever marketing, and provides a service for the users, too.

Should all Small Businesses Get Mobile Apps?

Every business is different and thus require different marketing strategies. Certain industries and kinds of businesses are naturally more suited to the mobile platform.

The retail and food industries, for example, have a lot to gain. Payment apps, grocery delivery apps, coupon and weekend deal apps, beauty services, florists, and other similar businesses can benefit heavily. Online shopping is so pleasurable, it’s almost an addiction. Even if you don’t develop your own app, if you own or market for a small business in these areas, consider researching other “Local Deal” apps you can get listed on.

Just like developing a website, you can find many agencies that offer app development, so building an app is possible for any business. Staying on the cutting edge of marketing is how businesses grow. Do yourself a favor and research some apps in your city or industry and see where your company might fit in.

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Jailbreak Tweaks Of The Week: Confirmpasteboard, Enlighten, Iustum, And More…

One thing most jailbreakers have in common is that they like to configure their device in ways that Apple would never allow out of the box. One of the best ways to do that is with the help of jailbreak tweaks.

In this roundup, we’ll showcase all the latest jailbreak tweaks released from Monday, August 31st to Sunday, September 6th. As usual, we’ll kick things off by discussing our favorite releases first and then wrap things up with an outline of the rest afterward.

Our favorite releases this week Coeus – FREE

Coeus is an easy recommendation for this list because it makes Control Center that much more useful by adding a plethora of toggles that wouldn’t even be imaginable on a stock handset.

With Coeus, you can add custom app shortcuts and Activator shortcuts to a new module in the Control Center interface for ease of access.

You can learn more about Coeus and how it works in our full review.

ConfirmPasteboard – FREE

With privacy-centric concerns on the rise, now is a better time than ever to ensure that your device’s pasteboard can’t be snooped on by your favorite apps.

ConfirmPasteboard is a new jailbreak tweak that brings this feature to jailbroken iOS 13 devices, long before it becomes available with iOS 14 later this Fall.

You can learn more about ConfirmPasteboard and how it works in our full review.

Enlighten – $1.99

Enlighten is a new jailbreak tweak that tries to bring better low light camera performance to iPhones, especially older ones that don’t have access to Apple’s native Night Mode feature.

You can learn more about Enlighten and how it improves low light photography on the iPhone in our full review.

iustum – FREE

With the iPad’s large and, frankly, desktop-esque display real estate, it’s somewhat disappointing that Apple didn’t make the iPad’s notifications system more like the one in macOS.

A new jailbreak tweak called iustum brings a macOS-inspired notification banner system to the iPad by shrinking the overall size of banner notifications and pushing them off to the right side of the display.

You can learn more about iustum and where you can get it in our full review.

Other releases this week

DisableDeviceLock: Prevents your device from being locked until disabled (free via BigBoss repository)

FullPlay: A full-screen Now Playing viewer for the Apple Music application (free download available on /r/jailbreak)

Iris12: Live Photos support on unsupported iOS 12 devices (free via michaelmelita1 repository)

KeyboardTools: Adds more text editing tools directly to the iOS keyboard (free via BigBoss repository)

LeftyMessages: Makes it easier for left-handed people to use the Messages app (free via 0ver$hadowed repository – review)

Manaar: Lets you enable or disable your iPhone’s flashlight by double-pressing the power button (free via Packix repository)

Medusa12: Enables split view on the first-generation iPad Air with iOS 12 installed on it (free via michaelmelita1 repository)

Melody: Brings Now Playing music artwork to more areas of iOS for your viewing pleasure ($1.49 via Twickd repository – review)

MiniMessages: Change the appearance Messages app previews (free via BigBoss repository)

NetWorkManage: Lets you more easily manage your iOS device’s wireless network (free via BigBoss rpeository)

NotifyBarrage: A barrage of notifications (free via BigBoss repository)

OpenCV: A new library for iOS devices (free via Packix repository)

Raiffeisen Jailbreak Patch: A jailbreak detection patch for a Luxemburgish bank app (free via BigBoss repository)

SettingsNowPlaying: Set the Settings app background as the Now Playing album artwork (free via PopsicleTreehouse repository)

SmartNotifications: More user configuration in terms of what you can do with incoming notifications on a per-app basis ($1.99 via Packix repository – review)

Other important jailbreak news

libhooker updated: CoolStar released an updated version of the libhooker tweak injection method with optimizations to enhance memory usage requirements.

Odyssey v1.0.2 released: The Odyssey Team updated its jailbreak tool to fix kernel panics and to bundle the latest version of the Sileo package manager.

Wander: BurritoSoftware released an add-on for Apple’s Shortcuts app called Wander that lets users install and update the Odyssey jailbreak.

Wander Tutorial: Learn how to use the Wander add-on for Apple’s Shortcuts app in our detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Zebra: The Zebra package manager was updated to version 1.1.13 with bug fixes to improve the user experience on jailbroken handsets.

That just about wraps things up for this week’s roundup, but you’ll surely want to stay tuned to iDownloadBlog throughout the upcoming work week to ensure that you don’t miss a beat. Jailbreak tweaks and news are released on a regular basis, so you never know when something cool might tickle your fancy.

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The Week In Numbers: A Real Jetpack, The Dangers Of Laughing, And More

63 miles per hour: the speed of the P12 Jetpack, a personal flight device that can reach 8,000 feet

50 hours: the time it took electrical engineer Chris Fenton to build this 3-D printed, hand-cranked calculator that uses punch cards, string, and rubber bands to execute functions (video)

3-D Printed Computer

2023: the year private spaceflight project Mars One hopes an exploratory lander and satellite will arrive at Mars, in preparation for a human colony

Mars One 2023 Lander Concept Art

1,000 millisieverts: the amount of radiation astronauts on Mars would be exposed to if they stayed for 500 days (that’s more than 10 times as much radiation as an astronaut receives during six months aboard the International Space Station)

$40 billion: the cost of the Federal Aviation Administration’s transition from a ground-based, radar-based air traffic control system to a satellite-based system called NextGen


An image of airplane traffic from the simulation tool FACET.

2014: the year the U.S. Navy is set to debut a system that fires directed energy weapons at drone sensors to fry their electronics

Kratos Defense & Security Solutions Laser Weapon System

25 cents: the price per board foot of Mushroom Insulation, a compostable material with the benefits of foam board insulation but none of the petrochemicals, VOCs, or fire retardants

$42,000: the funding two scientists hope to raise via Indiegogo in order to distribute kits that would allow anyone to test leaves, twigs, insects, and fungi as candidate antibiotic sources

ILIAD Project Petri Dish and Instructions

785: the number of studies included in a recent analysis of the dangers of laughter, which include jaw dislocation, incontinence, cardiac rupture, and death

$89: the price of a DIY digital camera kit for kids

BigShot Camera Kit

10: the number of pennies you need to make a battery that powers an LED holiday light for two weeks

Jailbreak Tweaks Of The Week: Eva, Gemini, Surge, & More…

Jailbreakers know the struggle that ensues when trying to keep their pwned handsets up to date with the latest and greatest jailbreaks and jailbreak tweaks. That’s why our mission is to provide accurate and timely jailbreak-centric news every day of the week.

We understand that our readers have busy lives and may not be able to keep up with every new development as it unfolds, and so we come at you every Sunday with an easy-to-digest roundup just like this one so that you can get the gist of everything new.

In this piece, we’ll discuss all the latest jailbreak tweaks and jailbreak-based news released from Monday, June 21st to Sunday, June 27th. As usual, we’ll kick things off by discussing our favorite releases first and then wrap everything up with an outline of everything else afterward. So without further ado, let’s get started!

Our favorite releases this week Eva – $1.49

Wallpapers are a personal way of making your iPhone yours. It sets the scenery that you’ll see every time you unlock your device, and more importantly, it adds color to the Home Screen and Lock Screen.

Eva is a rather interesting jailbreak tweak that brings parallax effects to the wallpaper user experience on jailbroken iPhones. That way, as you scroll from one page to another, the wallpaper moves with you.

You can learn more about Eva and how it works in our full review.

Gemini – $1.99

Gemini is a true gem, and we say that because this jailbreak tweak takes the App Switcher and integrates three other commonly used interfaces into it to create a more immersive user experience.

More specifically, it adds the Control Center and Notification Center interfaces directly to the App Switcher interface, allowing you to see more and get more done at just a glance as opposed to using three separate interfaces to achieve the same task(s).

You can learn everything you need to know about Gemini in our full review.

Surge – $0.99

Surge is a jailbreak tweak that tries to reimagine the low battery alerts that come across your display when your battery level dips below a certain percentage.

With it, you can upgrade the alert with a banner or capsule-style notification that integrates a functional Low Power Mode toggle button directly into the notification.

You can learn more about Surge and how it works in our full review.

Other releases this week

BatteryHealthEnabler: Enables the Battery Health feature on iPod touch and iPad (free via PoomSmart’s repository)

BouncingApps: A bounce effect in your favorite apps (free via BigBoss repository)

CameraMobile: Removes the excessive black pixels from the Camera app user interface (free via BigBoss repository – review)

Diginetic: A floating phone dialer and calculator that can be accessed anywhere in iOS ($0.99 via TitanD3v’s repository – review)

Elixir: Displays your installed jailbreak tweak count in the Settings app (free via Luki120’s repository)

Eva Lite: A free version of the tweak above with limited features (free via Lauren repository – review)

ExpandedClassicScreen: Use iPhone 6s resolution (414 x 736 pixels) for classic apps on iPad (free via PoomSmart’s repository)

Flowing: Allows jailbreakers to disable paging on the Home Screen (free via TitanD3v’s repository – review)

InvisibleWidget: Let’s jailbreakers put empty space between app icons with invisible widgets in iOS 14 (free via Packix repository – review)

LPM Enabler: Enables the Low Power Mode option on unsupported devices, such as the iPad (free via PoomSmart’s repository – review)

miniBanner 14: Smaller notification banners for iOS 14 (free via BigBoss repository – review)

Palette: Lets jailbreakers colorize collections (free via TitanD3v’s repository – review)

PowerWidget: Adds a power widget to iOS 14 (free via Packix repository – review)

TappyKeyboard: Awesome haptic feedback features for the keyboard on pwned iPhones (free via Kanns repository – review)

TWSafeSearch: Automatically clears your search history in the Twitter app (free via BigBoss repository – review)

Unique: Swipe up on the keyboard interface to paste your handset’s UDID into a text field (free via TitanD3v’s repository – review)

All other jailbreak stuff from this week

Best keyboard jailbreak tweaks for iOS 14: In this curated list, we show you what we think are some of the best jailbreak tweaks to be used in tandem with the keyboard on pwned installations of iOS & iPadOS 14.

That’s all we’ve got for you this week, but we encourage you to visit iDownloadBlog every day for all the latest Apple and jailbreak-related news content.

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Jailbreak Tweaks Of The Week: Setupify, Ipsw, Canvaslive, & More…

The jailbreak community is ramping up with excitement again as the Odyssey Team gets increasingly close to finishing up and releasing the upcoming Cheyote jailbreak tool for iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1.

In the meantime, with all the latest updates coming at us left and right, iDB is the source to find everything you need to know about jailbreaking in one convenient place.

This roundup post will encompass everything you might’ve missed throughout the previous work week, spanning Monday, July 25th to Sunday, July 31st. As always, we’ll begin by showcasing our favorite jailbreak tweak release(s) first and then wrap things up with an outline of everything else afterward.

Our favorite releases this week Setupify – $2.00

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Setupify is a new jailbreak tweak that lets users save their jailbreak tweak preferences into profiles that can be switched between at any time.

Whether you’re trying to back up your existing settings, or save multiple jailbreak tweak profiles so that you can change between them on the fly based on how you’re feeling from one day to the next, this tweak offers a little something for everyone who wants more flexibility in how they configure their add-ons.

You can learn more about Setupify and how it works in our full review post.

CanvasLife – $1.49

The new CanvasLife jailbreak tweak gives your iPhone a Home Screen and Lock Screen wallpaper image based on the album artwork of your Now Playing track.

In addition to this, the tweak is fully compatible with Spotify and it’s unique Canvas interface, which it can display outside of the app when you’re using Spotify as your Now Playing app.

You can learn more about CanvasLife and how it works in our full review post.


IPSW is a handy app that lets you check to see whether a a particular firmware version is being signed for individual iOS or iPadOS devices, and it even lets you see OTA and beta statuses.

You can learn more about IPSW in our full review post.

Other releases this week

AwemeDeb: Offers additional features for certain Chinese apps, such as auto-sending private messages and account token trickery, among other things (free via BigBoss repository)

libhooker-shim: An alternative version of libhooker tweak injection for devices that can’t actually use the real libhooker, such as iOS 10 & arm32 devices (free via Havoc repository)

zorro佐罗全系備伇最新版: Provides a full system backup, an updated version of this service (free via BigBoss repository)

Everything else from this week

Best Video Playback Jailbreak Tweaks: We show you what we believe are some of the best jailbreak tweaks for video playback on jailbroken iOS 14 devices.

Blizzard Jailbreak: Blizzard is a new open-source jailbreak tool that supports legacy 32-bit iOS 9.0-9.3.6 devices.

CoolStar: The lead developer of the Odyssey Team shared a comprehensive checklist denoting what’s finished and what still needs to be completed before the release of the upcoming Cheyote jailbreak for iOS & iPadOS 15.0-15.1.1. That checklist continued to progress in another status update shared a day later.

iOS 15.5 Unsigned: Apple stopped signing iOS & iPadOS 15.5 on Wednesday, one full week after releasing the iOS & iPadOS 15.6 software update.

Safe Mode & Recovery on Cheyote: CoolStar showed off working Safe Mode and Recovery features for the upcoming Cheyote iOS 15.0-15.1.1 jailbreak tool.

Sideloady: The Sideloady sideloading app for macOS received an update to version 0.26.5 this week with important bug fixes and user experience improvements.

While we wish there was more we could share in this week’s roundup, that’s unfortunately the end of it. We’ll be right back at this same time next weekend with a roundup resembling this one, albeit with refresh content reflecting the time.

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