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Apple’s Bionic Chip – Is It Worth The Hype? What Is Bionic Chip? Versions Of Bionic Chip At A Glance Name of the model Bionic Chip Version (Chipset) Launch Date

iPhone 7 Plus A10 Fusion (16 nm) Sept 2024

iPhone 8 A11 Bionic (10 nm) Sept 2023

iPhone 8 Plus A11 Bionic (10 nm) Sept 2023

iPhone X A11 Bionic (10 nm) Sept 2023

iPhone XR A12 Bionic (7 nm) Sept 2023

iPhone XS A12 Bionic (7 nm) Sept 2023

iPhone XS Max A12 Bionic (7 nm) Sept 2023

iPhone 11 A13 Bionic (7 nm) Sept 2023

Apple’s Bionic Chip – A11, A12, and A13 At A Glance

Apple’s A11 10 nm bionic chip which debuted with the iPhone 8 kicked it up several notches. The A12 Bionic processor on iPhone came in iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max and we saw a dip in size and increase in power and efficiency.

Processor Neural Engine

Neural engine is a part of the bionic chip processor which came with the iPhone X. It was specifically aimed at enhancing the AI software which are good at processing speech and images. In more technical terms, these software are known as neural networks. The neural engine that already impressed in A11 Bionic Chip with a dual-core design.

From a neural engine standpoint, the iPhone has constantly been given its share of muscle. While A11 neural engine could perform 600 billion operations in a single second, for a chipset this was a start of something commendable which other chipsets could only dream of. A12’s neural engine clocked at 5 trillion operations and when some might think that this is probably the highest the bionic chip can reach, wait till you have iPhone 11 whose A13 bionic chip will give you an astonishing 20 trillion operations per second.

When the Bionic Chip ascended from A11 to A12, its size dipped from 10 nm to 7 nm. Now, many might be expecting a further dip in size. This is not the case and we might as well have to wait till 2023.

Having said that, TSMC has in no way has stopped on making the chip better. TSMC is all set to give its customers the N7+ process which uses extreme ultraviolet (EUV) lithography for some chip layers. The chips will become more efficient (10 percent better than previous ones) and will have a better density (approximately 20 percent more).

The A13 chip will likely come packed with an Auto-correction feature that’ll put people back who have been cut out of the frame accidentally. The A13 chip powered models shall come with “ultra-wide angle” sensors that have the ability to take images.

How Else Might A13 Bionic Chip Affect Overall Performance You Be The Judge

The iPhone 11 is already creating a lot of noise with features like three rear cameras with an ultra-wide lens, better water and shatter resistance, an updated Face ID system,  new colors and several others. However, this iPhone is yet to hit the market for us to judge whether it is this A 13 bionic chip that could make iPhone class apart from many other devices.

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Is Facebook Worth Its Platform Hype?

In May, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced the Facebook Platform, which allows third-party developers to build applications for the social utility’s users. The parade hasn’t stopped since.

Whether it happens on the Today Show or tech gossip blog Valleywag, coverage for Facebook since the platform launch has been nothing short of iPhone-esque in some circles.

But Facebook users aren’t so sure the platform is worth the hype.

“I’m not really into it,” Phillip Carkuff, a Facebook member going into his freshman year at the University of Dallas, told chúng tôi The mini-apps, he said, are nice. “But I’d rather stick to the basics.”

George Washington Law student Zach Williams, a Facebook member since 2004, was also unimpressed.

“The appeal of Facebook is how simple and organized it is,” Williams told chúng tôi “All those new applications just clutter up profiles and are largely ignored or forgotten by most users.”

Facebook spokeswoman Brandee Barker told chúng tôi different story, of course. To counter Williams and Carkfuff, she said more than 50 percent of Facebook users have added at least one application.

The most popular application is iLike, which allows members to add streaming music and music videos to their profiles. In addition to recommending new music and artists, iLike alerts users when their artists go on tour, as well who else plans to go to the concerts.

Numbers-wise, iLike is a hit. With more than 4.5 million Facebook users signed up, the application has more than doubled its user base since joining Facebook Platform, adding over 300,000 users a day.

But there’s a long list of also-ran apps on the platform, making the popularity of iLike seem an anomaly. The drop-off from the fourth most popular app, Super Wall, to the fifth most popular app, My Aquarium, is particularly steep, from 1.7 million subscribers to just 200,000.

With the disparity in these stats, can Facebook justify the hype, or is the social network in the middle of developing its own little platform bubble? That depends on whom you ask.

The platform’s architect

The first thing you’ll notice about Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo is that he needs more sleep. Maintaining the site at all hours of the night doesn’t leave him and his developers time to create new Facebook features.

D’Angelo said that during the first few years of Facebook’s existence, many new features emerged only out of a series of all-nighters called “hackathons.”

Now that there’s a Facebook platform, third-party developers will do most of that work. “We don’t even create the features on Facebook. We just create the platform and then developers create the features and then users create the content,” D’Angelo said.

Of course, Facebook wouldn’t be able to outsource its workload to third-party developers without offering some incentive. Or at least promise of it. To help with that, D’Angelo was happy to play the prophet. He said they hope developers will make money with their apps.

The word has reached the masses.

Facebook’s Barker said that more 25,000 developers have already created more than 1,000 applications for Facebook in the month since the platform’s launch.

Among them is developer BJ Fogg who attended the Facebook platform launch rally in May. “I’m excited about Facebook; they’ve reached critical mass,” Fogg, founder and chairman of chúng tôi told chúng tôi adding that Facebook will provide his application the thing it needs most: users.

The Facebook platform, in the minds of converted developers like Fogg, will provide instant access to an audience that by May, according to ComScore, had grown 89 percent over the same period last year and 100 percent since September.

“Before we had to convince people to join a social network, and it’s gotten to the point where a lot of people are getting registration fatigue. Now they’re already there [on Facebook]. It’s perfect for our application.”

And every other developer’s too.

But the question remains, are those 25,000 developers Barker mentioned creating an economy on the Facebook platform or just a logjam? Remember, only the top four applications have more than a million users at this point.

The only way to know might just be for developers to keep building.

Is Photoshop Ai Worth It?

Last Updated on June 7, 2023

In our opinion, the new Adobe Photoshop AI is worth it. Whether you are an artist, a photographer, or a designer, Photoshop AI is a tool that you should have if you want to help your creativity flourish. It combines the power of artificial intelligence and the familiar workflow of Photoshop to help make the process of photo editing and graphic design a lot easier and faster.

In this article, we will look at some of the features that make Photoshop AI one of the best options for creators looking to integrate the capabilities of AI into their work.

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Features of Photoshop AI

Let’s have a closer look at some of the features of Adobe Photoshop AI.

Instant Image Makeover Generative Fill in Photoshop (Beta)

It allows you to do complicated photo adjustments instantaneously by using generative AI. By inputting a text prompt into the engine, the generative fill tool can do all kinds of modifications to an image. This only takes a few seconds to complete.

Remove Object from Image

Adobe Photoshop AI has a Remove tool that allows you to remove large objects from images easily. To do this, open the image and select the Remove tool from the editing menu. Then do a rough sketch of the object you want to be erased. Once you do that, the AI tool will access the image and replace the chosen area with another suitable substitute while keeping precise depth and details.

If you aren’t still satisfied with the result, you can fine-tune it further to get the desired result. And once you’re done with that, all that remains is to save the image.

Efficient Editing with Contextual Task Bar

Photoshop AI has a Contextual Task Bar that facilitates the image editing process. What the Contextual Task Bar does is it predicts your next moves based on what you are currently doing. It provides you with a menu of options to match your next step during the editing process. This helps facilitate the completion of your work.

WordPress Jetpack: What Is It And Is It Worth Installing?

Some of the many benefits of the self-hosted chúng tôi is its out-of-the-box features and its flexibility via plugins and themes.

Many choose chúng tôi over chúng tôi for increased access and control over a website. However, chúng tôi does come with some valuable features that require a plugin to be used on chúng tôi One of those is the WordPress Jetpack plugin.

Table of Contents

What Is The WordPress Jetpack Plugin?

Jetpack is a suite of productivity, security, and optimization tools, developed by Automattic and used on all chúng tôi sites.

There is also a Jetpack plugin version for chúng tôi users who want the same features on a self-hosted website. Jetpack connects you to a chúng tôi account and gives you access to features you didn’t previously have.

Jetpack comes pre-installed with WordPress from many hosting companies. Users must first sign up for a chúng tôi account to gain access to all Jetpack features. Then activate the plugin on the self-hosted chúng tôi installation.

Is The WordPress Jetpack Plugin Free?

Upgraded versions provide additional security and performance functions such as automated backups and spam filtering. They are:  

Personal: $3.50/month ($39 yearly)

Premium: $9/month ($99 yearly)

Professional: $29/month ($299 yearly)

There are three ways to install the free version of the WordPress Jetpack plugin. 

Download it from the WordPress repository.

Use the Jetpack Wizard.

Jetpack’s modules vary in functionality from important features such as backups and site stats to minor features such as Gravatar hovercards and post likes.  

Jetpack Modules & Features

From there you can deactivate modules you don’t want to use or keep the default settings as is.

The free WordPress Jetpack plugin features include:

WordPress Security: Downtime monitoring and protection from brute-force attacks.

WordPress Performance: Lazy loading image and unlimited image and static file hosting.

Traffic and Revenue: Automated social media posting, actionable site statistics, and showing related content to keep visitors on your site longer.

Site Activity: Shows activity records of everything that happens on your site for the 20 most recent events.

Free Jetpack users also get standard email support.

There are dozens of modules available from Jetpack. Some are free, and some require an upgrade for access. Below are the most popular and useful:

Security modules

Security is the most critical feature of Jetpack.

Protect and prevent brute force attacks

Monitor site for downtime

Update plugins

Site backups

Scan for malware and protect with automated resolution

Appearance Modules

Load next posts automatically with infinite scroll

Optimize, cache, and serve images from chúng tôi CDN

Use conditional rules for when to display specific widgets

Only load images on the screen to boost page speed with Lazy Image feature

Display images in tiled galleries

Engagement Modules

Add sharing buttons to pages and posts

Extra sidebar widgets such as Twitter timelines, RSS links, and Facebook like boxes

Keep visitors on your site longer by showing related posts

Automatically share newly published content on your social media profiles

Use shortcodes to embed tweets, YouTube videos, and other media

Writing Modules

Use shortcodes to create simple contact forms

Add custom post types to your website

Publish blog posts using any email client

Add a grammar checker tool to proofread content before publishing offers many plugins to accomplish some of the above functions. However, Jetpack offers them all in one place.

Advantages Of Using Jetpack

Because Jetpack’s core functionality is free, there is no need to spend a lot of money on other premium plugins. The WordPress Jetpack plugin is maintained and frequently updated. More features are continually being added to the plugin.  

It is an excellent way to add more features and functionality to a standard WordPress experience quickly and easily using a single plugin without having to worry about coding.

The massive number of different categories and modules offered with Jetpack can slow down your site. Do not enable all of them if you want your website running quickly. 

There are many submenus and toggle switches. It could be cumbersome to find the modules you want to enable or disable. Professionals don’t all agree on whether Jetpack slows sites down or not. Some users find that it does slow down their site significantly.

On the other hand, some users believe there are security risks involved when connecting your account. If you have privacy concerns, Jetpack might not be your best solution.

Should You Install Jetpack On Your Website?

The answer is it depends. Do you need the functionality provided by Jetpack’s modules? How many will you use?

If you will only use a few of the modules, it makes more sense to use other plugins that serve the same purpose. This will avoid the extra bloat that comes with Jetpack.

Apple’s M1 Chip Makes The New Macbook Air Shockingly Good

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I keep a big, hardcover book next to my couch for when I want to edit photos in Lightroom with the computer on my lap. Without that tome to protect my legs, my laptop slowly roasts my thighs as if they’re salty, delicious slabs of meat at a Brazilian barbecue restaurant. Laptops get hot when you subject them to resource-intensive activities. That’s just a way of life—and why they generally need fans to stay cool. But when Apple announced its new MacBook Air last week, the company promised the new M1 chip would keep the whole machine cool even without a built-in fan to funnel hot air away from the delicate electronics.

After almost a week of putting the new MacBook Air through the wringer of my daily computing routine, I’m extremely impressed (and my thighs remain shockingly uncooked, even without the book). The M1 chip certainly seems like the real deal.

What’s the difference between this and the old MBA?

The rose gold finish isn’t my style, but it is very nice. Stan Horaczek

How fast is it?

It sounds complicated on paper, but in the real world, it translates to a tiny, silent computer that’s absurdly fast. I ran the MacBook Air through the popular benchmarking software, Geekbench 5, which puts computers through a standardized set of computing tasks and spits out a score to help compare one machine to another. The new $999 MacBook Air trounced the 2023 16-inch MacBook Pro (which cost $2,399 in 2023) in single-core performance and edged out the win in the multi-core score. Beyond the numbers, just about everything feels like it moves faster on the MBA. Apps open instantaneously, photo previews snap into full resolution immediately. It’s extremely impressive.

That’s not to say that the Air will replace every MacBook Pro or Mac Pro out there. The lack of a cooling fan means that performance does indeed start to slow down as heat builds up. After an hour of editing photos in Lightroom, the MBA had clearly throttled back a bit when it comes to computing power—things took a bit longer. The new M1-based MacBook Pro has a fan built in specifically for this purpose—in fact, that and the battery are the main difference between the two machines (unless you count the Touch Bar, which I do not.)

Battery performance

In addition to the speed upgrades, Apple also claims to have effectively doubled the usable battery life compared to the previous Air. In the real world, I got a solid 10 hours of typical work done on it during a workday without having to worry about plugging it in. That’s a huge jump over the previous model, which usually tapped out some time after lunch.

Don’t expect much of a change on the outside from the previous model. Stan Horaczek

What about those apps?

There are three different kinds of apps you can run on the new M1-powered Macs. Optimized apps run natively on Apple silicon, which means the developers have rebuilt their software to work directly on the M1 chip. Obviously, Apple’s own apps fit this bill, and others have already jumped onboard.

These native apps really allow you to see what the M1 can do. They open quickly, and they take only dainty little bites off of the battery as they operate. Safari on the MacBook Air is the quickest and snappiest web browsing experience I’ve ever had. The latest Big Sur macOS update made it a lot simpler to navigate when you have a ton of Safari tabs open, which is good because the MBA has plenty of power to handle the load. I opened 40 tabs with no trouble at all.

Non-optimized apps will still typically run on the M1 Macs, but there are some exceptions. They run through Apple’s emulation software, Rosetta 2, and you probably won’t even notice a difference when using them. I ran the original versions of Adobe’s Photoshop and Lightroom without issue. Adobe is planning on optimizing both programs in the coming months, but you can try a version of the optimized Photoshop now in beta if you’re eager to give it a try. Just note that it’s missing a ton of typical features and you shouldn’t expect to use it for any real work until the official release early next year. Luckily, the old version seems to work just fine.

Lastly, you can now run iPhone apps directly on an M1 Mac by downloading them directly from the macOS App Store. So, if you want to load up the iPhone version of Among Us and try to murder your friends in adorable ways, you can do so. I can’t see myself using iPhone apps on the Mac all that often. They’re built with a touch interface in mind, which doesn’t always translate well to a mouse and keyboard. Also, companies can keep their iPhone apps out of the Mac App Store, which means some of the software you want—yes, that includes Instagram—isn’t available. Right now, iOS apps on the Mac are kind of a mess, so don’t get too excited about it just yet.


Despite all the internal upgrades, the new MBA looks and feels exactly like its older sibling. The Air was already the most popular laptop in the world, so it’s not much of a surprise that Apple wouldn’t change up the overall feel. It would be nice to have more than two USB-C ports for connecting monitors and accessories, but that’s more of an issue with the M1-powered 13-inch Pro than it is here. The Air’s keyboard feels great, the screen has improved color reproduction, and the whole package feels generally excellent.

Who should buy it?

I can easily say that the new MacBook Air is the best overall laptop I’ve ever used. That said, this is still a transition period for Macs. Buying the new M1 MacBook Air means buying into a first-generation product, which always carries at least a bit of risk. Before taking the leap, I’d recommend making a list of all the apps you use regularly and checking on whether they have optimized yet or when they plan to do so. But, barring any weirdness that pops up down the line, the MacBook Air is a rather amazing start to Apple’s new generation of Macs.

Is It Worth To Invest In The Workforce Automation Application?

Despite the debate about machines and automation systems replacing humans in the next ten to fifteen years, machines can be used as tools for increased productivity and better business outcomes. They can help people in managing everyday tasks that are both mundane and time-consuming. Workforce automation application is capable of managing multiple tasks with efficiency and divert the human workforce where it is precisely needed.

The factors explaining the worth of a workforce automation application are given here:

Easy Employee Analytics

Many companies are implementing a workforce management application that can gather employee data to understand their true potential. Businesses have realized that employee analytics is more than just statistics. This results in efficient task management as the managers can assign tasks to the employees whom they see fit for the job. Employee data analytics also includes organizing and characterizing sophisticated employee data which is further utilized for a detailed employee performance analysis. HR managers and decision-makers can use this data for predictive analysis and evaluation of employee potential and tenure.

Many departments in a company including human resource management are turning to data collection and management to deal with turnover, overtime, and headcount-related aspects.

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Hassle-Free Hiring Process

Sending interview invitations to candidates manually is a tedious task for HR managers and sorting and shortlisting the right candidates is even more tiresome. Here, a workforce automation application comes to rescue as it can single-handedly manage these tasks. It can send automated messages to the candidates and shortlist the chosen ones. This reduced the task of HR managers to a macro level where the experts only have to choose the candidates with the required skills and qualifications, and the rest can be left to the software Workforce automation application also uses anti-bias technology which maintains transparency in the process and keeps it impartial.

This technology only focuses on a candidate’s skill and qualification regardless of his/her background, college or university. For instance, a hiring manager may prefer certain candidates belonging to a university or college which can discourage other candidates and the company may also miss out on a deserving candidate just because he or she does not belong to a specific institution.

Easy Management of the Facility

Workforce management is not only for big companies and Multinational Corporations (MNCs). It can be readily employed in a relatively small workshop or a startup. For instance, the software can create, manage and maintain the technician’s shift patterns and gain visibility of their working hours.

This can be further utilized for analyzing their true activity hours and evaluating their productivity. This is achieved through virtual calendars that can track, maintain and manage employee data on a micro level. Therefore, a highly managed workplace results in high employee productivity, better utilization of resources and enhanced customer satisfaction.

In addition, it will automatically eliminate the need for a separate admin as the software itself can calculate leaves, working days, working hours, and compensation of employees and technicians. The manager only has to authenticate the outcome presented by the software and salaries of the employees as per their respective evaluation will be credited automatically.

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Minimize Compliance Risks

Workforce automation platforms can help companies maintain records related to state and government bodies that are required to sustain legal compliance. Such compliance records are not easy to maintain as manual management may lead to errors that can be hazardous to a business.

Here, even the smallest errors can be hazardous to the health of a business as these can cost huge fines. Workforce automation software can maintain these documents and notify the management in case of any requirements. In addition, it is easy to keep track of the documents that are stored in one place.

However, managers may worry about the security of documents due to them being stored virtually. They do not have to worry as workforce automation platforms are equipped with high-tech security measures such as encryption and data tracking that require proper authorization before accessing crucial data and in the case of data theft, they can also track data.

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Easy Customer Database Management and Support 

The primary function of workforce automation software is data collection and management. Therefore, it can help in customer database management and in facilitating excellent customer support. This is because decision-makers can integrate employee’s performance reviews to the company’s customer satisfaction index.

Smart workforce automation applications are not here to steal jobs. Instead, these have the potential to completely change the workplace management for good. The seamless integration of this software to the core systems is capable of facilitating the uninterrupted flow of processes.

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