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Apple estimates that a full charge of your Apple Watch should provide up to 18 hours of “All-Day” usage. But that’s not always the case. Several factors determine how long your Apple Watch’s battery lasts: usage frequency, apps installed, notification settings, display configurations, and so on.

If you’re experiencing Apple Watch’s battery drain issues, that’s most likely because the device is handling more processes than it used to. In this guide, we highlight ten power-saving tips that’ll help maximize your Apple Watch’s (Amazon, Best Buy) battery life.

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1. Reduce Display Brightness

The brighter your Apple Watch’s screen, the quicker the battery dies. That’s because more battery juice is required to power a brighter display. Reducing your Apple Watch’s display can extend its battery life and usage hours.

Open the Settings app on the Apple Watch, select Display & Brightness, and tap the sunlight icon on the left to reduce the display brightness by one level.

Don’t reduce the brightness to a point where you struggle to see the screen’s content. You can also remotely adjust your Apple Watch’s brightness from your iPhone. 

Launch the Watch app, go to Display & Brightness, and move the slider to the left to reduce your Apple Watch’s brightness.

2. Disable Always-On Display

The display of the Apple Watch Series 4 and older editions only comes on when you raise your wrist or press the Digital Crown. For Series 5 and newer editions, there’s an option to keep the display on at all times. While the “Always-On” feature comes with its benefits, it’ll cause Apple Watch’s battery drain issues due to the display drawing down the power.

If your Apple Watch is connected to an iPhone, launch the Watch app, go to the “My Watch” tab, select Display & Brightness, tap Always On, and disable the “Always On” option.

3. Disable Wake On Wrist Raise

Waking your Apple Watch only when you tap the screen or press the Digital Crown will maximize battery performance. Head into the Apple Watch Settings, tap General, select Wake Screen, and disable Wake on Wrist Raise.


4. Reduce On Tap Wake Time 5. Disable Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a watchOS feature that keeps the content of your Apple Watch apps updated. Despite the benefits, battery drainage is an issue when many apps refresh their content in the background. Go through your Apple Watch’s settings and disable Background App Refresh for unneeded apps.

Open the Settings app, select General, select Background App Refresh and toggle off background refresh for unimportant apps.

6. Modify Siri Settings

Using Siri with your Apple Watch can drain the device’s battery faster than usual if Siri always listens for voice commands. Disable the virtual assistant’s voice command to get the best out of your Apple Watch’s battery.

Open the Settings app, select Siri, and toggle off Listen for “Hey Siri.”

Better yet, turn off Siri if you don’t use the virtual assistant at all. See Step 2 for instructions.

    Turn off both Raise to Speak and Press Digital Crown.

    That’ll immediately display a confirmation prompt on the screen.

      Select Turn Off Siri.

      7. Disable Notification Alerts from Unneeded Apps

      When paired with an iPhone, iOS routes notifications from supported apps to your Apple Watch. It’s good to have your Apple Watch notify you of new messages and alerts. On the flip side, unnecessary notifications can cause significant Apple Watch battery drain issues.

      Go through the list of apps sending notifications to your Apple Watch and disable alerts for unneeded applications. 

      Open the iOS Watch app, go to Notifications, scroll to the “Mirror iPhone Alerts” section and toggle off apps whose notifications aren’t worth forwarding to your Apple Watch.

      8. Disable Fitness and Health Monitoring Features

      Apple Watch ships with a handful of fitness and health and fitness features that track heart rate, blood oxygen, calories, etc. If you bought your Apple Watch for the aesthetics or just to tell time, disabling these features will reduce battery drain.

      Open the Watch app on your iPhone and select Privacy.

        Toggle off both Heart Rate and Fitness Monitoring.

          Scroll to the bottom of the page and disable Blood Oxygen Measurements.

          9. Enable Power Saving Mode

          In Power Saving mode, watchOS will turn off unneeded features during workout activities to extend your Apple Watch’s battery life.

          Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch, scroll to the bottom, and select Workout.

            Toggle on Power Saving Mode.

            10. Update Your Apple Watch

            watchOS updates ship with bug fixes and security enhancements that can reduce battery drainage and resolve other issues. Connect your Apple Watch to a WiFi network and follow the steps below. 

            Open the Settings app, select General, and select Software Update.

            You can also remotely update your Apple Watch from your iPhone. Open the Watch app, select General, select Software Update, and install any watchOS update available on the page.

            You're reading Apple Watch Battery Drain Issues: 10 Best Fixes

            How To Fix Airpods Battery Drain Issues

            The battery drain issue has been faced by millions of users all over the world. Do not worry, though, as there is nothing wrong with your AirPods. So in this article, we will show you a few quickfire ways to troubleshoot and optimize your Airpods’ battery life.

            Note: This guide covers fixes for AirPods (1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation) and AirPods Pro (1st and 2nd Generations).

            What could be causing AirPods battery drain?

            Several reasons can cause your AirPods battery to drain quickly. Here is a ready reckoner of some possible reasons.

            Keeping the AirPods out of the case when not in use.

            Charging case malfunction.

            Battery optimization is turned off for your AirPods.

            Dirt and dust get accumulate in your AirPods and the charging case.

            Note: Looking for ways to maintain AirPods battery health? Check out our AirPods battery guide for some great hacks.

            How to fix the AirPods battery drain issue

            No matter why your AirPods battery is draining, we will help you find the most effective solution for your AirPod battery draining issues. Each step is aimed at fixing a probable cause of concern.

            1. Factory reset AirPods

            Factory resetting your AirPods is one of the most sure-shot ways of fixing the battery drain issue. To reset your AirPods, connect them to your phone and keep them in the case. And then remove and forget them from your list of BlueTooth devices on your iPhone. After that, you can long-press the Setup button on your charging case for 15 seconds till the lights glow amber. Then reconnect your AirPods to your phone.

            Check out our detailed guide on how to factory reset AirPods.

            2. Switch off automatic ear detection

            Apple put a lot of thought into designing this feature of your AirPod. Your AirPods can sense when they are in your ear. So if you are not wearing the AirPods, the music or video you are watching will stop automatically. It would resume again if you put the AirPods back in your ear.

            While this is a very good invention by Apple, it does drain a lot of battery. So if you are facing issues with your AirPods battery, we suggest you turn off the automatic ear detection feature of your AirPods.

            3. Always place your AirPods in the case

            AirPods is a highly intelligent device that works based on the input from the sensors of both the left and right AirPods. When they are kept out of the case, the sensors are always alert if you suddenly decide to put them back in your ear.

            This causes a lot of battery draining. So if you are in the habit of leaving your AirPods out and about, we suggest you change that and put the AirPods back in the case after you are done using them.

            4. Use AirPods battery optimization

            If you own the latest versions of the iPhone and AirPods, you should avail yourself of the battery optimization option from your phone’s settings menu.

            Connect your AirPods to your phone and open Settings.

            Tap and enter the Bluetooth option.

            Enable the Optimized Battery Charging option.

            6. Check and replace AirPods battery

            Sometimes it might be the case that your AirPods have faulty battery or hardware. In such cases, the only course of action for you is to change your AirPods. It is impossible to replace the AirPods battery; thus, the Podswap is the only option.

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            Mahit is an engineer by Education with a corporate stint to his name. He ditched the corporate boardroom wars in favor of the technology battleground. For the better part of a decade, he has worked for popular publishing outlets, including Dennis Publishing, BGR India, AppStorm, MakeUseOf, and iPhonehacks.

            Can’t Unlock Iphone With Apple Watch? 7 Quick Fixes

            Plenty of people on Apple forums have complained about the unlock with Apple Watch feature not working on their iPhone. Typically, you have to swipe up your iPhone’s Lock Screen while wearing an Apple Watch and a mask to unlock it. But if you’re facing problems using this feature, try these quick fixes listed below.

            However, ensure you are meeting the basic requirements before you dive into the fixes.

            Note: This feature is only for unlocking your iPhone. If you’re trying to authenticate a transaction using your Apple Watch, it won’t let you do so.

            Requirements for using the unlock with Apple Watch feature

            If your setup does not match the below requirements, the feature won’t work for you.

            Make sure your iPhone has a Face ID sensor. This includes all iPhones with the notch, iPhone X, and above.

            It is only available on iPhones running iOS 14.5 and above, so make sure your iPhone is up to date.

            Make sure you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or above running watchOS 7.4 or later.

            Ensure that your Apple Watch is passcode-protected and unlocked when trying to unlock your iPhone.

            You must wear a face mask covering nearly 50% of your face’s area for this feature to work.

            Ensure that your Apple Watch and iPhone are in range and connected.

            Despite meeting the requirements, if you are unable to use the feature, jump to our fixes.

            Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch not working? Try these 7 fixes!

            1. Make sure all the settings are correct

            2. Turn off/on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

            For the feature to work correctly, make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both Apple Watch and iPhone are enabled.

            To turn off Wi-Fi on your iPhone, head over to Settings → Wi-Fi → Toggle off Wi-Fi. Similarly, go to Settings → Bluetooth → Toggle off Bluetooth.

            On Apple Watch, go to Settings → Toggle off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

            Remember to turn them on after you disable them. Otherwise, the feature won’t work.

            3. Reset Face ID on iPhone

            Sometimes, the problem might be with the Face ID sensor on your iPhone. In this case, try resetting the Face ID on your iPhone.

            4. Restart iPhone and Apple Watch

            It’s recommended that you restart your iPhone at regular intervals, such as every couple of days, to keep it running smoothly. In this case, it might just help you to make this feature work.

            5. Re-connect Apple Watch and iPhone

            In some cases, re-pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone may solve the problem.

            To unpair the Apple Watch, go to the Watch app on iPhone → My Watch → Tap the ‘i’ button → Unpair. To re-pair, just bring your Watch near the iPhone, and the pairing screen to connect them should pop up.

            6. Reset iPhone Network Settings

            If the problem persists, I recommend resetting your iPhone’s network settings. To do so, go to Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings and enter your device passcode to confirm the action.

            7. Reset Apple Watch and pair it with your iPhone

            If none of the above fixes work, a complete reset of the Apple Watch might be required. It will reset all the settings to default. Here’s how you can easily reset your Apple Watch and re-pair it to your iPhone.


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            Kernelmanagerd Causing High Cpu Usage & Battery Drain

            When there is a process on your Mac that runs constantly and has a high CPU usage, your system will be taxed. Your computer may run more slowly, your fan may be running constantly and loudly and your Mac’s battery will drain quickly. Some users are reporting that, after upgrading to macOS Big Sur, a process called kernelmanagerd is using a high percentage of their CPU. In this article, we will tell you what this process does, and how to resolve the problem.

            See also: Wi-Fi Not Working after Big Sur Upgrade

            If your Mac is having issues with short battery life, has a fan that is running constantly your problem might be the KernelManagerd process. To check this, take a look at your processes in Activity Monitor:

            If you find that your problem is a process called accountsd, see: Mac Running Slow, Noisy Fan: accountsd High CPU Usage.

            What is KernelManagerd

            KernelManagerd is the kernel extension server.

            See also: Mac Spotlight Search not Working after macOS Upgrade, Fix

            What is Causing the Problem

            Often this problem is being caused by incompatible software. If you are experiencing the issue of having KernelManagerd using too much of your CPU, you will need to look for third-party apps that you have installed that need to be either updated or deleted. The following apps have been reported to cause this issue:




            Karabiner Elements

            Bit Defender

            See also: “HPDeviceMonitoring.framework” will damage your computer, Fix

            How to Find Incompatible Apps

            If you don’t have one of the apps listed above installed on your Mac, you may need to look further to find the incompatible software. Many of the apps causing issue are anti-virus/anti-malware apps, so if you have such software installed on your Mac, this should probably be the first app you investigate.

            See also: What to do if Mail or other Apps Quit Unexpectedly on Mac

            Your KernelManagerd problem is likely caused by a third-party kernel extension. These kernel extensions (kexts) can be found in


            To view this folder

            Open a Finder window. From the menu bar at the top of your screen, select Go. Select Go to Folder from the dropdown menu.

            Type /Library/Extensions into the text field.

            You will see a list of files with the .kext file extension. For example, mine looks like

            You may ignore the following files, if you see them:





            You will want to investigate the other files you see in your list. For me, chúng tôi comes from my printer software and chúng tôi comes from Samsung Kies. You should be able to find information on your .kext files with a Google search.

            How to Fix the Problem

            First of all, after you have identified the app origin of your kexts, you will need to decide if you should uninstall the software or update it. You may go to the app’s website for more information on compatibility and available updates.

            How To Uninstall

            For more information, see How To Uninstall Apps On Your Mac.

            Other Options

            If the troubleshooting tips here weren’t able to help you solve your problem with your Mac, you can contact Apple Support.

            For some users, the only way they found to solve their issue was a clean install of macOS. This erases your entire disk, so this should probably be the last thing you try. Don’t forget to make a full backup before you begin.

            See also: How to Downgrade from MacOS Big Sur to Catalina

            Reinstall macOS

            See also: The Disk “Macintosh HD – Data” Can’t be Unlocked, Fix

            Recover Data from a Time Machine Backup

            If you made a Time Machine backup, you can use Migration Assistant to transfer files from your backup. Note that whatever was causing the problem originally is likely part of your backup. Consider, especially, third-party apps before you reinstall them.

            Recent Articles:

            Installing Windows 10/11 On Surface Pro 3: Issues And Fixes

            Installing Windows 10/11 on Surface Pro 3: Issues and fixes






            Try Outbyte Driver Updater to resolve driver issues entirely:

            This software will simplify the process by both searching and updating your drivers to prevent various malfunctions and enhance your PC stability. Check all your drivers now in 3 easy steps:

            Download Outbyte Driver Updater.

            Launch it on your PC to find all the problematic drivers.

            OutByte Driver Updater has been downloaded by


            readers this month.

            Some Surface Pro 3 owners have decided to give Windows 10 a go and try it out on their devices. However, in doing so, they have encountered plenty of annoying problems, so we’ve decided to round them up, so you could know what you could be possible facing prior to making the upgrade.

            What problems can you encounter when installing Windows 10 on Surface Pro 3?

            One of the first problems seems to be related with the install process not getting until the end, according to one user:

            I’m not having any luck. The install runs up to somewhere near 40%. Then the installer closes, no error message or anything. I’m not sure what is wrong.

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            Also, what you need to take into account is that if you do a fresh install of Windows 10, don’t expect wireless drivers to be available for the Surface Pro 3, which has already been plagued by a lot of WiFi problems that have been recently fixed.

            If you do a fresh install, like the old 8.1 retail install, there are NO wireless drivers for the SP3 built into this preview. Either use winreducer and integrate the driver pack 9/9/14 into the install ISO then do a USB drive install, OR download the driver pack, install windows through USB install, and then from within manually install your wireless driver.

            Here are some other bugs related to the Windows 10 install on the Surface Pro 3:

            Some more problems related to the pen functionality, the rotation and even some issues pertaining to the functionality of the Fitbit App:

            Buttons on pen not operating properly. Can’t rotate screen. Can’t bring down menu in FreshPaint with finger or pen, can with mouse. Fitbit App similar problem.

            Somebody is complaining about the functionality of Internet Explorer, as well:

            On my SP3 i can’t have internet explorer in metro mode. always launch in desktop mode.

            More issues related to the swiping down for menus

            Swiping down for menus isn’t supported with the new layout of apps on the desktop. There is a menu button in top left of window.

            After this article was written, there was plenty of other issues reported by users. We will list here common issues encountered when trying to install Windows 10 so you could start to troubleshoot your installation process. Here they are:

            There are many other similar problems reported so far, but I think you get a picture of what you could get yourself into. That’s why you need to install Windows 10 on a virtual machine or on a device that you’re not actively using. Have you installed Windows 10 on your Surface Pro 3? If so, how does it perform?

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            10 Best Cloud Computing Companies To Watch

            Today, every business wants to go digital. For serving the purpose, numerous technologies have evolved, aiding far more than proposed requirement. These technologies are not only cost effective but also long-term and agile. Cloud computing is one of the technology boom, which has certainly added an extent of ease and accessibility for every second business to manage their data and operations in a more sophisticated and organized way. The cloud management services are offered with various compatibility criterias. In fact, choosing the best one is an arduous task. Here we have got some of the best companies, which offers wide range of solution oriented cloud services.  

            1) Amazon Web Services

            Amazon web services (AWS) established in 2006, is a subsidiary of amazon. The company is headquartered in the US. AWS is well known for its large customer base, right from individuals to companies and governments. The wide range of services offered are purely customer centric which are paid and with a free tier for 12 months. Currently, AWS is serving in 16 geographical regions including India, China and UK. The success behind the wide adoption of AWS is the varied product range offered by them, including Elastic Compute Cloud, Amazon Elastic Beanstalk and Amazon Lambda. Website:

            2) AT&T Inc.

            AT&T is originally named as ‘American Telephone and Telegraph’ and was founded in 1885. The company is the world’s largest telecommunication provider, headquartered in Texas. The biggest asset of AT&T is its IT infrastructure spread across the globe. The cloud-based connectivity and security features of the company are exceptional. The successful product of the company, Synoptic Hosting is key to the success for AT&T. Website:

            3) Google Cloud Platform

            Google the name itself is enough. The cloud service primarily works on the internal applications of Google like Google search and YouTube. The cloud service was launched in May 2010 and in a short period of seven years, it has acquired a commendable position in the market. The USP of Google is its widely spread customer base and user accessibility. The most used products of the company are, Google Compute Engine, Google App Engine, Bitable, Big Query and Google Cloud Functions, etc. The well-established infrastructure of Google is an additional benefit for the firm to set itself into the field. Website: 

            4) Microsoft

            Microsoft is yet another big fish in the sea. It was founded in 1975, and since then the company has not looked back. The success milestones of the Microsoft are being added since then. Specifically, in the cloud sector, Azure is a brand name. It is a windows service platform incorporated by operating system and developer options that are used to access and enhance the web-based cloud applications. The data migration from current systems to Azure is quite easy, and that is the game changer for Microsoft. Website:

            5) RightScale


            6) Enomaly Inc.

            Enomaly Inc. is a Toronto-based cloud management and software development company which was founded in 2004. The company is a subsidiary of Virtustram and was established as an open source platform. Enomaly’s current software, named Elastic Computing Platform offers a programmable virtual cloud infrastructure for small, medium and large businesses. In November 2010, Enomaly launched chúng tôi which is a revolutionary product in the cloud management services. Website:

            7) GoGrid

            GoGrid is a subsidiary of DataPipe, which is amongst the topmost cloud service management companies worldwide. The company was acquired by DataPipe in 2023. It is headquartered in the US. GoGrid is honored to be the first company with multi-server control panel empowering deployment and management of need driven server hosting. The company is one of the prime competitor to Amazon’s cloud storage services. It has a couple of technical superiorities over Amazon. The USP of GoGrid is that it is being served with preinstalled software including Apache, PHP, Microsoft SQL and MySQL. Website:

            8) RackSpace


            9) IBM Cloud

            IBM cloud computing is a set of cloud management services offered by IBM. These are provided with three major categories: infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as service (SaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS). The features of these services include client centered deployment, customization, flex image technology, and the most crucial one is integration capability. Some of the reliable products of IBM that have turned out to be the name worth are, IBM softlayer, IBM Bluemix etc. Website:

            10) Oracle Cloud

            The company is an established player in the market. Oracle cloud is a service platform suite developed by the company to serve the cloud computing needs of customers. The latest version of oracle database for cloud management services was launched in 2013. The Oracle cloud management services offer one stop solution for enterprise level cloud computing needs including SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS. Planning, forecasting and monitoring the credentials, leading to operational intelligence are some of the major features of Oracle cloud management services. Website:


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