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Apple on Monday published 2024 Environmental Responsibility Report and an accompanying video entitled ‘Better Starts Here’, which highlights “significant progress” the company has made in terms of its commitment to preserving our environment during the 2014 fiscal year.

“We don’t want to debate climate change,” said the iPhone maker. “We want to stop it.” The video, along with the latest Environmental Responsibility Report, highlights projects that focus on renewable energy, climate change and forest preservation, as well as Apple’s efforts to preserve resources throughout its supply chain, data centers and solar power plants and get rid of toxins in its products.

A hundred percent of Apple’s U.S. operations, and 87 percent globally, is now running on renewable energy sources.

Apple focused on three key initiatives:

Reduce our impact on climate change by using renewable energy sources and driving energy efficiency in our products.

Conserve precious resources so we all can thrive.

Pioneer the use of greener materials in our products and processes.

“Apple’s commitment to the environment starts from the ground up,” notes the company. “We strive to create not only the best products in the world, but the best products for the world. And over the past year, we’ve made significant progress through projects that focus on renewable energy and forest preservation.”

Here’s that clip.

About 34.2 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions were emitted in the atmosphere during Apple’s 2014 fiscal year. About 24.8 million metric tons was the result of manufacturing operations and about seven million metric tons was attributed to product usage.

Greenhouse gas emissions from using Apple products dropped by 61 percent since 2008, notes the report. In addition to the video and the updated Environmental Responsibility Report, the Cupertino firm recently revamped the Environment Responsibility section of its website.

As part of the company-wide effort to “leave the world better than we found it”, Apple teamed up with SunPower Corporation on two solar power plants in China, marking SunPower’s first international solar collaboration with the iPhone maker.

Shown above: Apple’s solar farm in Hongyuan, China, that will generate more renewable energy than is used by all of Apple’s corporate facilities and retail stores in China.

“We take our passion for innovation beyond our products and into our practices,” said the company. “As part of our continuing mission to leave the world better than we found it, we’re partnering with The Conservation Fund to protect and create the type of forests we use in our packaging.”

As reported last week, Apple announced purchasing 36,000 acres of US forest land for sustainable product packaging, spanning an area 2.5 times the size of Manhattan.

About 80 percent of the paper and cardboard used throughout 2014 in iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac and the Apple TV packaging was sourced from responsible forests, said Apple, adding its aiming to reach 100 percent.

”For Apple, this is the beginning of a worldwide effort, one that represents a new approach as it reassesses its impact on the world’s paper supply chain,” said Lisa Jackson, Apple’s environmental head.

“Because it’s our responsibility to make sure that in creating beautiful products, we’re also caring for our beautiful planet,” the company added.

Top image: wastewater at Apple’s supplier facility in Dongguan, China, being treated and tested for reuse under the guidance of the firm’s Clean Water Program.

Source: Apple

You're reading Apple Posts ‘Better Starts Here’ Video Highlighting Environmental Progress During 2014 Fiscal Year

Microsoft Teams Starts To Force Video Conferencing Market

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Microsoft Teams Approaching Zoom

At the end of last year, Zoom’s single-day meeting participants peaked at only 10 million. And it reached 300 million at the end of April this year (not 300 million daily users, but meeting participants, meaning a large number of repeaters). In one quarter, it has increased thirty times. The Zoom share price has tripled this year, and its market value has exceeded $75 billion.

However, remotely coordinating productivity is exactly what Microsoft does. At the Build conference at the end of April, Microsoft CEO Nadella announced that Teams daily active users had reached 75 million, an increase of 31 million from the outbreak. The total number of participants in Teams’ single-day meeting is 200 million, which is about two-thirds of Zoom. But compared with the level before the epidemic at the beginning of this year, the growth rate of Microsoft Teams is even faster than that of Zoom, an increase of 894%.

Google Meet Should Be Careful As Well What Has Microsoft Teams Added?

First of all, Microsoft Teams supports up to 1,000 simultaneous online meetings. Thus, it is a killer tool launched for large enterprises. When needed, Microsoft Teams can simultaneously support 20,000 people online. This function is especially suitable for company or school meetings. But we shouldn’t be surprised because behind this is Microsoft’s powerful cloud service.

In contrast, the current free version of Zoom can only support 100 people online, and can only last 40 minutes. As for the paid version, the enterprise is limited to 1,000 people. Due to the surge in traffic, the cloud service capacity was insufficient. So Zoom has had to expand the cloud service at the end of April. They used the cloud services of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Oracle.

Secondly, Microsoft Teams has launched the Collaborative Virtual Background Together Mode. This helps the conference participants look like they are talking in the same room. In this way, the meeting will not be distracted by the other party’s background. And people will focus on the video conference itself. Zoom has tried to solve this problem by allowing participants to add virtual backgrounds. But agree they look fake.

In addition, Microsoft Teams also introduced Dynamic View function. So now you can customize the interface when adjusting the video conference. You can put the important content you want to see and the speaker in a prominent position. Starting next month, Teams’ video conference interface will display 49 participants at the same time. Plus, users can also use filters and emojis to personalize their own video conference image.


Of course, Microsoft Teams is a product for the enterprise market, and naturally has functions built for the enterprise market. Through a Reflect expansion application, enterprise managers can easily check in employees on Microsoft Teams. Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant joins Teams’ iOS and Android apps. Security and privacy are also the main features of Teams. In this sense, Zoom has nothing to offer.

But Microsoft Teams is not only about software. The company has even brought in two companies, Lenovo and Yealink, to create a video conferencing hardware product dedicated to Teams. These two products look like smart video speakers equipped with touch screens. And they will also come with a Cortana voice assistant.

United Nations Awards Apple For Its Environmental Work

One of Apple’s biggest projects is reducing its overall impact on the earth, making decisions that are more environmentally friendly in the long run.

And while Apple itself as touted these developments and milestones on its own, the United Nations is getting in on the action as well.

Announced amongst the backdrop of nations signalling their renewed determination to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement, these awards shine a light on 15 incredible examples of scalable climate action around the world,” said Niclas Svenningsen, Manager of the UN Climate Change Global Climate Action Programme

Today, the UN has awarded Apple as part of the “Mission Possible” effort, which includes Apple’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions, and to take responsibility for the company’s entire carbon footprint. Of course, transitioning to 100% renewable energy for the electricity that sources through its offices, data centers, and retail stores is a big step in the right direction as well.

Global: Apple is on a mission to make its products without taking from the Earth. It has transitioned to 100% renewable energy for the electricity it uses in its offices, retail stores and data centres in 43 countries across the world, and currently is transitioning its entire supply chain to 100% renewable energy.

The UN notes that Apple, over the course of the last three years alone, has reduced its carbon footprint by 35 percent. Across all of the company’s major product lines, Apple has decreased average energy use by 70%. In addition to that, Apple partnered with Conservation International to to not only protect, but also restore 11,000 hectare of mangrove forest in Colombia.

Apple’s efforts are good for its business, and helping the earth is also a bonus as well. However, it comes down to helping people as well:

Apple’s investments in energy efficiency and clean energy initiatives not only provide cost savings for Apple and its suppliers, but also promote economic opportunity by promoting new renewable energy markets. By issuing green bonds, Apple has invested in programmes that offer both environmental and organizational benefits. In 2024, its green bond was the first to be offered by a United States tech company and, at USD 1.5 billion, the largest green bond issued by any U.S. corporation. In June 2023, following the U.S. Administration’s announcement of its intention to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, Apple issued its second green bond, a USD 1 billion issuance. Apple has invested over USD 165 million, from this second green bond alone, to energy efficiency programmes which will reduce costs and save more than 2 million kWh annually throughout the life of the projects.

Apple’s SVP of Environment, Policy, and Social Initiatives, Lisa Jackson, weighed in on the award from the United Nations:

At Apple, we take our responsibility seriously to leave the world better than we found it. By running 100% of our operations on renewable energy and driving our entire global supply chain to do the same, we’ll bring more than 6 gigawatts of clean power online next year. From restoring mangrove forests in Colombia to launching a new Clean Energy Fund in China, we know that we must keep challenging ourselves to innovate and do more to take on the climate crisis globally. Thank you to the United Nations for recognizing our commitment to clean energy and reducing the carbon footprint of our products. We promise to keep leading the charge for bold climate action.

Apple is on a bit of a streak this week when it comes to good news about its environmental impact. We recently reported that Apple’s China Clean Energy Fund has invested in three wind farms in the region.

Laptop, Tablet Prices To Reach Lows During Year

Prices of some laptops and tablets have already fallen, with others expected to drop starting with Black Friday year-end holiday sales in the U.S. this week. Some Chromebook laptops will be available for $199 and some Windows 8 laptops could come down to $250. The price of Windows 8 tablets and hybrids could fall to under $250, while Android tablets could be available for under $100.


Finding a laptop under $200 would have been considered a steal during the holiday shopping weeks last year, but the number of products in that price range has expanded this year. Netbook-style Chromebooks running Chrome OS are the least expensive, while fully functional Windows laptops will cost more. Chromebooks are thin-and-light laptops with limited storage and without a full-fledged OS like Windows. They are intended for people who do most of their computing on the Web, with users likely to use online services for storage.

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Acer’s Chromebook C720-2848 is the least expensive Chromebook, already priced at $200. It has an 11.6-inch screen, an Intel Celeron 2955U processor based on the Haswell microarchitecture, 16GB of storage, and offers 8.5 hours of battery life.

Acer’s C720P Touchscreen Chromebook

One possible upgrade is Acer’s $300 C720P Touchscreen Chromebook, which has similar specifications to the non-touch Chromebook C720, but has a touchscreen and 32GB of storage. Other Chromebooks include Hewlett-Packard and Google’s Chromebook 11, which has an ARM processor and is priced at $279. HP’s 14-inch Chromebook 14 has an Intel processor and is priced at $299.

Deals for fully functional laptops with Windows 8 or 8.1 will pop up sporadically, with some laptops with 11.6-inch and 15.6-inch screens already priced at less than $300. Dell has listed Inspiron laptops starting at $199 for Black Friday and an Asus 15.6-inch laptop is on sale via Groupon for $280.

Beyond $300 laptops, HP will sell laptops Friday starting at $399. Toshiba is pitching deals for Friday and Cyber Monday. Prices have already been lowered on enterprise laptops and Lenovo is offering discounts on all ThinkPad laptops.

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Microsoft Store is now selling an Asus X102BA-BH41T Touchscreen Laptop with a low-end Advanced Micro Devices processor for $299.99. The company is also planning further discounts on Friday and there may be deals on its Surface RT tablet, which has been selling poorly. Prices of the tablet could fall to $199.99 at the Microsoft Store, Best Buy, Walmart and Staples, according to enthusiast site Neowin.


Another way to get Windows 8.1 is through small-screen tablets such as Dell’s Venue 8 Pro, which is an 8-inch Bay Trail tablet that for a limited time was available for under $230 at Walmart and TigerDirect. A source familiar with the product said the price of the tablet is expected to fall again.

PHOTO: ROBERT CARDINAsus Transformer Book T100

The tablet has 32GB of storage, but the Windows 8 OS occupies a lot of that space. Other tablets such as the Asus Transformer Book T100 will be available with keyboards and could fall to under $300 in the coming days. Windows 8.1 tablets with 8-inch screens now cost about $350.

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For Android tablets, retailer Walmart as part of its Friday deals will sell HP’s 7-inch Android tablet called Mesquite for $89. Many Android tablets could fall to under $150, an example being Dell’s Venue 7, which is priced at $149, but was recently sold for $127 in a short-lived deal. Lenovo’s S6000, an Android tablet with a 10-inch screen and quadcore ARM processor, is already priced at $194.

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Online deals

Newegg, one of the most popular technology retail sites, is running Black Friday promotions and brick-and-mortar stories like Best Buy and Target are also offering online deals.

Living Room Video Conferencing Is Here

Living Room Video Conferencing Is Here – Are We Ready?

It appears one of the themes of the second half of 2010 is video conferencing.  Apple has been driving a lot of awareness with FaceTime.   Sprint has been driving awareness with their EVO 4G commercials. Yesterday Cisco and Logitech demonstrated their video conferencing solutions.  Both Apple and Sprint have been driving awareness for video conferencing with mobile devices.   However Cisco and Logitech demonstrated their approach is to bring video conferencing into the living room.Consumer video conferencing has been one of those things I have watched as an industry insider for a while now.  Mostly because I do a lot of analysis around the personal computer and most consumer video conferencing solutions have thus far been PC based.  The big question is are consumers ready for living room video conferencing?   Is the mass market ready or is it still only for early adopters?    Read on for my further analysis.Cisco has taken an approach that simply focuses on getting the stand alone experience with video conferencing right.   They felt that introducing a box that did too much and where video conferencing was only a feature was not the right strategy given where the market is right now.  To this extend they have created in my opinion the best in home video conferencing solution thus far.

One of the primary reason’s I say this is because they focused their efforts on the quality of the video and the experience of the video conference.    One of the things our informal research always pointed out about the PC based video conferencing solutions was that the low picture quality was an inhibitor of the experience therefore it made it less desirable.    We humans experience face to face interaction in high definition (or higher) so it would stand to reason that we would desire nothing less when it came to virtual face to face interactions.    This is why Cisco decided to have their solution be capable of providing a 1080p video quality resolution experience.  To get 1080p it does require 3.5 mbps both up and down in order to deliver 1080p quality.   To deliver 720p 1.5 mbps is required which is probably more likely for the average home consuming broadband consumer.

My only knock on the Cisco Umi solution is the price.   At a $599 price-tag plus a $24.99 a month price tag I think it is clearly an early adopter / small business solution for right now.    That being said we are very early in this market and it will take time to develop and as it develops the price will come down.

Logitech RevueLogitech’s take on home video conferencing is very different.   Logitech, going full speed with Google TV, has built consumer video conferencing into their offering as an additional ad-on as a feature to their overall Google TV solution.   For Logitech its more about a new type of TV experience where video conferencing is a feature but not the sole reason for having the set up like Cisco’s Umi.The Logitech video conferencing solution was good quality as well only it was 720p.  Given the short amount of time we had for a demo I couldn’t tell any drastic difference in the video quality of the two solutions but in both implementations I feel video quality is key to getting consumers to adopt video conferencing in the home.The Pricing of the Revue at $299 + $149 for the video camera is a little more consumer friendly however set top boxes have not historically sold well in the past.  Again I feel like Google TV is still for early adopters and will take some time to mature before its ready for the mass market.

Video conferencing in the home will certainly happen and in particularly when all the devices capable of video calling can actually talk to each other.   Which is not the case right now.  The solutions are fragmented and will remain so for at least the next six month’s.

Retailers will be a key player in how consumers adopt home video conferencing.   It will be imperative that retailers position these products and provide an ample demonstration that highlights the value of home video conferencing.

Things to Watch– Will service providers like Comcast or AT&T begin selling either solution in order to drive demand for higher broadband speeds

– Will other entrenched set top boxes in the home begin doing home video conferencing like the PS3 or the XBOX 360

– How will retailers position the two products to allow for the optimal demo and display

Lbank Starts Off Brand Update Month With Logo Reveal And Diversity Video

Global crypto exchange, LBank, released a long-awaited brand-update video on their official youtube channel, giving detailed information about recent updates and plans for the coming years. A diversity video was also released accompanying the brand reveal. This will mark a campaign around the brand upgrade that will continue for the next 2 months. 

The 22-minute video went through a variety of questions. LBank’s Co-founder Johnason Chen, COO Shantnoo Saxena, CMO Kaia Wang, and head of marketing MENA Abhinav Mehta appeared in the video, covering topics in their respective areas. LBank has been teasing on their social media platform about the awaited logo update for some weeks before finally officially announcing the video release. The video also revealed that the logo change and all-around style update will be made gradually in the coming months. 

The biggest notable change to LBank’s new logo is the distinct design in the letter B. CMO Kaia Wang elaborated on the design by saying, “It’s actually a simple typography logo with just the word LBank instead of the old shape we had. The new logo is more flexible and classy and can be used in more diverse settings. We’re still our dedicated and professional selves, now upgraded and stronger. The B looks a bit like a match where you can create light, a strain of DNA that symbolizes life, or also it could be seen as a vertical sign of infinitas, which represents the limitless possibilities of metaverse and crypto verse. So it’s generally a symbol of creation, knowledge, and infinitas. ” 

Wang also touched upon topics such as globalization and localization in LBank’s Marketing plans. “We’re building a truly global team. We look for local talents who understand local markets very well and can help us to shape and communicate our brand locally and shape our offerings according to the specific markets. As we hope to get closer to our users, we want to be seen as one of the best options for local users when it comes to digital assets. ” 

Globalization is one of the main keywords of this video, with a portion of it dedicated to showing LBank’s achievements in growing markets, such as the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) regions. When asked how LBank is growing in key markets, COO Shantnoo Saxsena said, “We are trying to implement our business in several parts of Africa, the Indian subcontinent, and parts of the Middle East, mostly north Africa, and Turkey. The way we are…getting users to LBank is through education and by involving ourselves. ” 

LBank has taken an aggressive, community-oriented, education-based approach in developing markets, according to Saxsena. “ If cryptos were to go mainstream, it has to be only through education. ” Saxsena later added in the video. Grassroots was the word Head of Marketing for MENA Abhinav Mehta used. “Our community managers are our eyes and ears on the ground. And from there, we started connecting with people through events. They come, have a bit of networking, and then we discuss LBank. Slowly from there, we started understanding what the users would want in a crypto exchange. ” said Mehta. 

The video also announced new products and services that LBank will be providing, such as easy strategy trading tools. When asked what new services are on the way Co-founder Johnason Chen stated, “We have a new lending product. Users can use their bitcoin or Ethereum to lend USDT or any other tokens. This product has been launched on LBank on the new website, chúng tôi We will also provide a strategy trading center. ” Chen talked in detail about the new strategy trading center and plans for more derivatives products. 

The accompanying diversity video titled “LBank — Future & Diversity” showed LBank’s dedication to promoting inclusivity and growth within the industry. Images of LBank employees were fit together to show a company that embraces different backgrounds and gives people an equal opportunity of joining the world of cryptocurrency. 

About LBank

LBank is one of the top crypto exchanges, established in 2024. It offers specialized financial derivatives, expert asset management services, and safe crypto trading to its users. The platform holds over 7 million users from more than 210 regions across the world. LBank is a cutting-edge growing platform that ensures the integrity of users’ funds and aims to contribute to the global adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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