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For safety reasons, driving while using your phone is often against the law. Apple CarPlay routes apps and media to your car’s infotainment system, making it easier and safer to access apps hands-free. That way, you can use your iPhone to make calls, send or receive texts, and listen to music while driving.

However, there are times when CarPlay won’t connect, or you just can’t hear anything even if it’s connected. Other times, CarPlay apps won’t open properly, so you’re limited to what you can do. This guide covers factors affecting CarPlay and possible troubleshooting fixes.

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Causes for Apple CarPlay Not Working

Depending on your car, you can connect your iPhone to CarPlay using a USB Lightning cable. You can also pair your iPhone wirelessly if your car supports Bluetooth.

Whatever method you use, there are several reasons why CarPlay may not work even if it has been working fine before. They include:

    Faulty USB cable

    iPhone not detected

    Bluetooth connectivity issues

    Issues with an iOS update

    Incompatibility issues

    Problems with integration between apps

    How to Fix Apple CarPlay Not Working

    There are many different car systems beyond your iPhone, which makes it challenging to troubleshoot CarPlay issues. Whether the problem is no sound, no connection, or apps aren’t working, we’ve lined up some helpful fixes and tips in this guide to help you get CarPlay working again.

    Preliminary Checks

    Before trying any of the fixes below, here are some things to check:

      Make sure your iPhone and car’s infotainment system are turned on. If your vehicle has an activate option, ensure it’s selected.

      Check that your country region supports Apple CarPlay because it’s not available everywhere.

      Ensure CarPlay is compatible with your car model. If you’re not sure, check your car’s manual or contact the vehicle manufacturer. If your car stereo isn’t compatible, you can get a compatible aftermarket stereo from brands like Alpine, Clarion, Blaupunkt, JVC, Pioneer, Kenwood, or Sony.

      Make sure that your iPhone has the latest iOS version and that it supports CarPlay (iPhone 5 and newer).

      Check whether your car has the most recent firmware installed. If you’re using an aftermarket stereo, check for a firmware update from the manufacturer’s website to get instructions on how to update it.

      Unpair the iPhone from your car and try pairing it again. This usually helps when the Bluetooth connection between the phone and your car’s infotainment system gets corrupted.

      Unpair any other Bluetooth devices connected to your iPhone that may interfere or conflict with the device and your car as you use CarPlay.

      Airplane mode can interfere with your CarPlay connection, so ensure your iPhone isn’t in airplane mode.

      If you’ve performed all these checks and CarPlay still won’t work, try the fixes below to see if it solves the problem and gets CarPlay going again.

      1. Check Your Connections

      You can connect to your CarPlay stereo using a USB cable or wireless connection. Verify that the USB cable fits correctly in your car and iPhone’s USB ports for wired connections. Likewise, ensure the cable isn’t damaged or broken. Try a different cable if you have one.

      If you use a wireless connection, enable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi under Settings on your iPhone.

        Open the


        app, tap


        , and toggle its switch to on/green.

        Return to the


        menu, tap


        and ensure it is toggled on.

        2. Restart Your iPhone and Your Car’s Infotainment System

        If CarPlay doesn’t work after trying different connections, check whether the CarPlay logo appears on your car’s display. If not, restart your iPhone and your car.

        Use these steps to restart your iPhone based on your iPhone model:

          iPhone SE (1st generation) or iPhone 5 models: Press and hold the top button to power the iPhone off and back on.

          iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 6, 7, and 8 models: Press and hold the side button to power off your device and turn it back on.

          iPhone X or newer models: Press and hold either the volume and side/power buttons and move the power slider to the right. Wait some seconds for your phone to shut down completely. Press and hold the side button for 3-5 seconds and release it when the Apple logo appears on your screen.

          Note: To restart the car’s infotainment system, check the vehicle’s user manual for instructions. After restarting the devices, try using CarPlay with your iPhone again to check if the problem persists.

          3. Make Sure Siri is Enabled

          If your vehicle supports Siri Eyes Free, you can hold down the voice command on your steering wheel to make your request. However, if Siri is disabled, you won’t be able to use it with CarPlay.

          Enable the following options:

          Listen for “Hey Siri,”

          Allow Siri When Locked

          , and

          Press Side Button for Siri


          Press Home for Siri


          4. Make Sure CarPlay isn’t Restricted

          If CarPlay doesn’t detect your iPhone, check that the service isn’t restricted on your iPhone.

            To do this, open


            on your iPhone and tap

            Screen Time


            Next, tap

            Content & Privacy Restrictions


            Select your car and then tap

            Forget This Car

            . Refer to our tutorial on setting up Apple CarPlay to reconnect your phone and car infotainment system.

            5. Check Whether CarPlay is Allowed While Locked

            If CarPlay isn’t working after trying the checks and fixes we’ve listed, check whether it’s allowed while locked.


            Your Car


            Next, enable the

            Allow CarPlay While Locked

            option if it’s off.

            6. Disable USB Restricted Mode

            USB Restricted Mode is an iOS feature that protects iOS user data from passcode hackers who use USB devices to hack your passcode via Lightning ports. The feature disables the USB data connection internally after some time.

              To disable the feature, open


              on your iPhone and tap

              Face ID & Passcode


              Touch ID & Passcode


              Type your passcode if prompted and go to the

              Allow Access When Locked


              Next, tap

              USB Accessories

              and toggle its switch to


              to disable USB Restricted Mode.

              Note: Once you disable the feature, Lightning-based phone accessories can work even when your iPhone is locked. However, disabling USB Restricted Mode leaves your iPhone at risk of specific threats. But if you’re okay with it, you can keep it disabled while using CarPlay and enable it when you don’t need it.

              7. Update Your iPhone

              Bugs in your device’s operating system can cause CarPlay to malfunction. Thankfully, Apple occasionally releases software updates that fix CarPlay issues and improvise the feature.

              Several iOS 15 updates, for instance, ship with fixes for CarPlay-related malfunctions in iOS 14 and early iOS 15 builds. Update your iPhone if you haven’t done so in a long time.

              Install the update and check if CarPlay now works correctly. Reset your iPhone settings to factory default if the problem persists.

              8. Reset All Settings

              Sometimes issues with apps on your iPhone can change some system settings that may cause CarPlay not to work correctly. In this case, resetting all system settings to default will get everything back in order.



                , select

                Reset All Settings

                , enter your iPhone’s passcode and follow the prompts to complete the process. CarPlay should work properly again after the reset process.

                Your iPhone will restart automatically and load the default network options when the reset is complete. However, you’ll need to re-enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to use them with CarPlay again.

                Get CarPlay Working Properly Again

                We hope the tips and troubleshooting recommendations in this guide helped your CarPlay troubles. If Apple CarPlay still isn’t working, contact Apple Support or your vehicle manufacturer for guided assistance.

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                Camera Not Working On Mac: Possible Fixes

                How To Fix ‘Camera Not Working’ On Mac?

                The camera issues on Mac are usually very minor and can be resolved using a few simple hacks such as a mere restart. Well, if you are facing issues with your Mac’s camera, this guide here will help you resolve the issue in no time. But before we proceed, it is important to know if the camera on Mac is used by any other app?

                It is evident that the camera on Mac is used by one program or app at one time. Therefore, it is important to check if the camera is in use on any other app like Skype, FaceTime or more. The camera might be running in the foreground or background.

                Method 1: Force Quit VDCAssistant and AppleCameraAssistant

                If you immediately want to use the camera on your Mac and not having much time to troubleshoot the error, you can restart the camera related processes including VDCAssistant and AppleCameraAssistant. Wondering what these programs are? Well, these are the programs that run in the background everytime the Mac’s camera is used.

                Close all the applications that have camera access.

                Once launched, type in: sudo killall VDCAssistant and press If asked, enter password and press Enter again.

                Then type in: sudo killall AppleCameraAssistant and press Enter.

                Once done, launch an app that uses your Mac camera and see if it works. Usually, this is the best method to fix ‘camera not working’ on Mac.

                Method 2: Adjust Your Camera Settings

                If the first method didn’t work for you, you need to check for the camera settings. However there are no camera settings specified under the System Preferences section and therefore, you need to check for the app-specific settings. For instance check for Skype or FaceTime built-in camera settings to ensure you have selected the right camera choice i.e. built-in camera is selected.

                Method 3: Reboot Computer

                Another solution to the problem here is to restart your Mac and see if the problem still persists. Restarting your Mac will close all the background running apps and temporarily shut down your device. While you can also opt for restarting your Mac as it will clear the RAM and end all the processes. Even the apps including the camera use will also be forced closed after a quick restart or shut down of a computer.

                Method 4: Update Software

                Last but not least, you can check your macOS for any software updates. If you are getting error messages like ‘no camera available’ the reason may be the available security updates on Mac. While you check for macOS updates, you might find some bug fixes or something related to the camera issues that might be restricting your camera to work. Check this out and see if updating software resolves the error.

                Wrapping Up

                That’s all folks! These were some of the quick and the best ways to fix Camera not working on your macOS. Checkout these ways and see if the problem is resolved. If not, you need to rush to a service station to get your Mac camera fixed.

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                Akshita Gupta

                Lockdown Browser Is Not Working? 3 Quick Fixes

                LockDown Browser is Not Working? 3 Quick Fixes Check our expert fixes for quick resolution




                Institutions use LockDown Browsers to avoid the manipulation of exams by the students.

                It locks all other applications on the computer so that you can’t access any of them during the exam period.

                If the Respondus LockDown Browser is not working, that problem may be caused by your antivirus or other installed software.

                Struggling with various browser issues? Try a better option: Opera One

                You deserve a better browser! Over 300 million people use Opera One daily, a fully-fledged navigation experience coming with various built-in packages, enhanced resource consumption, and great design.

                Here’s what Opera One can do:

                Optimize resource usage: Opera One uses your Ram more efficiently than Brave

                AI and User Friendly: New feature directly accessible from the sidebar

                Gaming friendly: Opera GX is the first and best browser for gamers

                ⇒ Get Opera One

                If you did an online exam during the corona period, you might have had to download the LockDown Browser. Many universities, institutions, and online courses use browsers to administer exams for students to avoid exam irregularities.

                LockDown Browser, compatible with Windows 10 and Windows 11, uses different technology and mechanisms to control cheating. It records the student’s webcam, which the teacher reviews after the exams are over.

                Some students and other people are coming ways how they can bypass browser tracking. Many students reported the LockDown Browser was not working during the exam when they tried to access it. This article will look into several ways of fixing the error.

                Preliminary steps to fix the LockDown Browser

                Before starting to tweak the Windows and browser settings, let’s go through a couple of checks to eliminate some of the potential causes for this error.

                ➡ Close any other apps, especially the browsers

                LockDown Browser detects if there are other open programs like Chrome and File Explorer and other software that may interfere.

                Check if there are open programs; close them. Relaunch the LockDown Browser to see if the error persists.

                Make it compulsory to confirm this before using the browser. You will get rid of the browser not responding error.

                ➡ Check your Internet connection

                Exit the browser and confirm if the network connection is stable. If not, try troubleshooting or changing the type of network from Public to Private.

                And if you have no choice but to rely on the wireless connection, try to position yourself closer to the router.

                How can I fix the LockDown Browser not working error? 1. Disable your antivirus

                Windows Defender or your third-party antivirus may block some of the browser’s features preventing you to access certain web pages.

                Expert tip:

                Turning off the virus protection is then the logical choice to unlock the page in the LockDown Browser.

                However, don’t leave your PC unprotected for a long period of time because there are a lot of threats lurking online.

                2. Try changing the account type to an administrator. 3. Check the version of the LockDown Browser you use

                Respondus releases different versions of the LockDown Browser occasionally. You have to keep checking if the browser needs an update. Confirm if there is a pending, update it, and try accessing it.

                Pending updates slow down the browser’s activity, making it misbehave. If it’s corrupt or fails to update, you can download it direct from their website.

                It’s free to download, and it will take a few seconds. Run the executable file and perform a clean installation of the browser.

                What are the features of the LockDown Browser?

                The LockDown Browser has many features that ensure exam cheating doesn’t through. It uses different methods to achieve this. Some of the features include:

                Do I pay to use the LockDown Browser?

                The browser offers a two-month free trial for teachers, students, and institutions. Those who want to use the browser to monitor online exams have to pay an annual fee ranging from $2795 to 10,000, depending on the number of students per school.

                If you have over 40,000 students, you may be required to contact them to provide a special price. This browser helped thousands of universities to administer exams. Once the school pays, everyone gets catered to in the plan.

                You can check out the best interactive training module software to host your online courses if you are a university or college teacher. Some tools allow you to set your questions to gauge if the students understood what you taught.

                The solutions here, though meant for Windows, hold good for other operating systems as well and will help you fix things if the LockDown browser is not working on iPad, Macbook, and Chromebook.

                Remember, the LockDown browser is not compatible with Windows 10/11 S Mode and the SE version of the OS. So, if you are running these, switch to the regular versions of either Windows 10 or Windows 11.

                In case you are one of those who had trouble downloading it, find out what to do if you can’t install the LockDown browser. Also, for those using the browser, learn how to fix things when the webcam is not working on the Lockdown browser.

                Still experiencing issues?

                Was this page helpful?


                Start a conversation

                Is Hulu Not Working? Try These 10 Fixes!

                Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

                With over 48 million subscribers across its on-demand and live TV plans, Hulu is one of the largest and most recognizable streaming services. However, even with such a large subscriber base, Hulu isn’t immune to issues. Let’s take a look at what you can do if you find Hulu not working for you.

                Editor’s note: Some of the instructions in this article were generated using a Google Pixel 7 running Android 13, an Apple iPhone 12 Mini running iOS 16.4.1, and a custom PC with Windows 11. Keep in mind that steps can be slightly different depending on your device and software version.

                Is Hulu down?

                Close and reopen Hulu

                Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

                Sometimes closing and reopening an app or website can iron out simple problems. Try this if you’re having issues with Hulu not working. If you’re using a computer and browser, you might want to exit the browser and open chúng tôi again. If you’re using a mobile device, here are some instructions you can follow to close Hulu.

                How to close Hulu on Android:

                Launch the Settings app.

                Go into Apps.

                Tap on See all apps and select Hulu.

                Select Force stop.

                Confirm by hitting OK.

                How to close Hulu on iOS:

                Go into the Recent Apps section. You can do this by sliding your finger from the bottom edge of the screen and holding your finger for a few seconds.

                Look for the Hulu up. Slide it up.

                If this doesn’t work, you can simply log out of your account and log back in. Now, if that doesn’t help, you can also try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Sometimes app files can get corrupted and create issues. A clean install often helps.

                How to uninstall Hulu on Android:

                Launch the Settings app.

                Go into Apps.

                Tap on See all apps and select Hulu.

                Select Uninstall.

                Confirm by hitting OK.

                How to uninstall Hulu on iOS:

                Look for the Hulu app.

                Tap and hold on to it for a few seconds.

                Select Remove App.

                Tap on Delete App.

                Now you can go to your app store and redownload Hulu.

                Clear the cache How to clear app cache on Android:

                Open the Settings app.

                Go into Apps.

                Select See all apps.

                Find the Hulu app and tap on it.

                Tap on Storage & cache.

                Hit Clear Cache.

                You can also select Clear storage for a clean start.

                Clear the cache on Chrome for Windows:

                On your Windows computer, open Chrome.

                Go into Settings.

                Select Privacy and security in the left-side column.

                Pick Clear browsing data.

                Check the boxes to select what you want to delete. I like clearing everything if there are serious issues.

                Select All time in the Time range.

                Hit Clear data.

                You can’t clear the cache on iOS apps. The only effective way to accomplish this is to uninstall and reinstall an app. The previous section has instructions for this.

                Keep streaming limits in mind

                Robert Triggs / Android Authority

                A Hulu subscription is meant to be for a single household. As such, the service doesn’t want you streaming on many devices simultaneously. This could be the reason for Hulu not working for you.

                Is there anyone else using your Hulu account? Maybe more than one other person? Hulu only allows you to stream with two devices simultaneously. If you want to stream on your device, you’ll have to ask other users to stop streaming.

                Also, you might want to get the Unlimited Screen add-on, which is only available for Live TV subscribers. It costs an extra $9.99 a month, but it will allow you to stream live TV on as many devices as you wish. These should be within your same household, but Hulu understands sometimes you want to watch content on the go. With the Unlimited Screen add-on, three of the devices can be mobile devices in other networks.

                Try a simple restart!

                Restarting the device is one of the most popular troubleshooting methods around. I always recommend it to friends and family whenever they come with tech problems. It turns out a simple restart seems to fix most issues, so give it a try!

                How to restart an Android phone:

                Press and hold the Power button.

                Select Restart.

                Learn to restart your iPhone:

                Press and hold the Power and Volume Up buttons until the power screen appears.

                Use the slide to power off slider.

                When the phone is off, press and hold the Power button until the Apple logo shows up.

                How to restart a Windows computer:

                Select the Power button.

                Pick Restart.

                How to check for Hulu app updates on Android:

                Open the Google Play Store.

                Tap on your profile icon.

                Select Manage apps & device.

                Pick Updates available.

                If Hulu shows up, you can select the Update button next to it. You can also tap on Update all to take care of all your updates in a single sweep.

                How to check for Hulu app updates on iOS:

                Launch the Apple App Store.

                Tap on your profile icon.

                You should see all available updates here. If Hulu shows up, select Update next to it. You can also hit Update All to take care of all your updates in a single sweep.

                Update the device

                Open the Settings app.

                Go into System.

                Hit System update.

                Tap on Check for update.

                You’ll be told if there is an update available. Suppose there is, select Download and install.

                Follow instructions and let the phone update.

                Try using Hulu again!

                Updating your iPhone:

                Launch the Settings app.

                Go into General.

                Tap on Software Update.

                The system will automatically look for updates. If there is one, tap on Download and install.

                Your device will let you know if there are any extra steps to take. Follow the instructions.

                How to check for Windows updates:

                Open the Settings app.

                Go into Windows Update.

                Updates will start downloading if available. Some are optional, and an option will appear if they are. We recommend you get them too.

                Some updates require restarting the device. The page will tell you if that’s the case. Go ahead and restart if needed.

                Let the computer do its thing. It will restart after it’s done updating.

                Now check if Hulu is working!

                Open the Settings app.

                Go into Network & internet.

                Under SIMs, select your primary network.

                Toggle Mobile data on.

                If you’re outside your country or network coverage, also toggle Roaming on (this may incur extra charges).

                How to turn on mobile data on iOS:

                Open the Settings app.

                Go into Cellular.

                Toggle on Cellular Data.

                If you want to turn roaming on, go into your main network under SIMs and toggle Data Roaming on (this may incur extra charges).

                Is the network blocking Hulu?

                Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

                Those using a public network or someone else’s Wi-Fi might be facing a network block. It’s common for administrators to block streaming services, including Hulu. This is often the case when you use a worried parent’s Wi-Fi, or when using the internet in a library, school, etc.

                If this is why Hulu is not working, your only solution is to ask the administrator to lift the ban on the service. Or you can move back to your own mobile data.

                Check your device location and VPN settings

                Edgar Cervantes / Android Authority

                All video streaming services have geographical restrictions, but Hulu is especially known for its strict location rules. The service is only available in the USA. This includes Puerto Rico and US military bases.

                If you’re anywhere outside USA borders, then that’s why you’re having issues with Hulu not working. Your only real solution is to go back to the States. If you’re on a military base, and Hulu tells you you’re outside the USA, you can contact support to get everything sorted.

                Additionally, those using a VPN for security or location purposes might also come across issues. Streaming services don’t like VPNs and have ways to detect them. This means that you might be blocked off Hulu if you’re using a virtual private network, even within the USA.

                Common Hulu error codes

                Are you getting an error code? We know how confusing these can be. Let’s take a look at some of the most common ones and try and find a solution for them.

                How to fix Hulu error code p-dev340

                This usually signifies a problem with the device or the internet connection. You can try restarting, reinstalling the app, updating the app, or checking your network. Clearing the cache may also help.

                How to fix Hulu error code p-dev318

                This code shows up when there are connection problems. Try to see if your internet is working, make sure mobile data is on (if you’re using a cellphone), or check if Hulu is down.

                How to fix Hulu error code p-dev301

                This is a playback error, and is usually a problem on Hulu’s side. It can also be caused by an outdated app, or a faulty internet connection, though. Update your app and check your internet connection.

                How to fix Hulu error code 137 on Samsung TV

                This error code seems to show up pretty often with Samsung TVs, and not only for Hulu. It just means your device is having issues connecting to Hulu. This could be due to a weak internet connection, slow speeds, an outdated app, or faulty cache files. Try clearing the cache, updating the app, and making sure your internet is operating correctly.

                How to fix Hulu error code 137 on Samsung TV

                This is usually an issue with Hulu’s servers. Check if Hulu is down. If it isn’t, the issue is probably your internet connection.

                How to fix Hulu error code 21

                Hulu sends this error code when it notices a drastic change in your internet connection. You may have switched networks, or moved from Wi-Fi to cellular. The easiest solution is to close Hulu and reopen it. It’s not a big problem, usually.


                You can download Hulu content for offline watching only if you have a No Ads plan.

                Hulu plans are meant to be for a single household. This is why the plans only allow for two simultaneous screens streaming. If you have a Live TV plan, you can also pay for an Unlimited Screens add-on, which costs $9.99 monthly.

                Hulu has 4K content available, but not everything has this higher definition. Most Hulu original content is available in 4K. Syndicated content is usually limited to HD.

                Are you tired of trying to get Hulu to work? There are plenty of other services you can try. Check out our list of the best video streaming services to find some great alternatives.

                Google Maps Not Working? 13 Fixes To Try!

                Google Maps is a popular and reliable choice when it comes to navigating your way around a new city, traveling to a tourist destination, or simply knowing the traffic status of your daily commute route. With great features and capabilities, Google Maps is one of the most popular apps for navigation out there. I, for one, rely heavily on Google Maps on a daily basis. If I am looking for a new place to eat, I turn to Google Maps. If I want to check out transit routes, I turn to Google Maps. I even have offline maps saved for my favorite and frequent destinations. So, I can understand how annoying it can be to find Google Maps not working properly, or even worse, it glitching out while navigating the route.

                1. Check the Google Maps Server Status

                Sometimes the Google Maps servers can experience downtime or get glitched. In such instances, Google Maps might not function properly. Now, you cannot do anything in this case. You will have to wait until the issue is resolved from Google’s end.

                However, you can verify whether or not Google Maps’ servers are optimally functioning. Google offers a dedicated Google Maps Status Dashboard to provide information on all the services that are part of Google Maps. To check whether the Google Maps servers are up and running, you can visit the Google Maps Status Dashboard using your favorite web browser on your Android or iOS device.

                If you find that all the services are running as expected, it is safe to assume that the issue is from your end. So, continue reading below to find the possible fixes for the Google Maps not working issue.

                2. Restart the Google Maps App

                You will be surprised to know that many issues can be solved just by restarting the app. Restarting the Google Maps app will end all of its existing tasks and relaunch its processes. This will allow your Android phone to free up its memory as well. Once you restart Google Maps, it should rectify the issues you were facing earlier with the app.

                3. Clear Cached Data on Android & iOS

                The apps on your smartphone store temporary data to load information faster and quicker when you relaunch them. This enables the apps installed on your device to access information directly from your device instead of establishing a connection with the server again. But, this cached data can sometimes get corrupted due to various reasons. Faulty cached data can cause your app to behave abnormally, and in some cases, even crash continuously.

                Hence, another way to fix the Google Maps not working issue is clearing cached data stored by that app onto your phone memory. Continue reading to know how you can delete the cached data of Google Maps on your Android and iOS devices.

                On Android

                2. Select “Storage & cache”.

                On iOS

                Follow the below-mentioned steps to delete the Google Maps cached data on iOS.

                2. Select “Settings” and scroll down to the bottom to find the “About, terms & privacy” option.

                Now relaunch Google Maps on your iPhone, and it should start working without any hiccups.

                Sometimes the simplest solutions can terminate the most complex of issues. In this case, something as simple as updating your Google Maps app can do the trick for you. Here’s how how you can check for Google Maps app updates on your Android and iOS devices.

                On Android

                Once you have confirmed that there is no pending update for Google Maps in the Play Store, relaunch the app. If the issue still persists, proceed to try out other fixes to resolve the Google Maps not working issue.

                On iOS

                On your iPhone, open the App Store and search for Google Maps. If there is any pending update for Google Maps, you will notice the update icon below the app name. Download the latest update if available.

                Once you have confirmed there is no pending update for Google Maps in the App Store, relaunch the app again.

                5. Uninstall and Install Google Maps On Android

                Note that this does not completely remove the Google Maps app from your device. It simply rolls back all of the updates that you have installed in recent times. You will need to use the Universal Android Debloater to completely remove the Google Maps app from your device. Visit our detailed guide to debloat your Android smartphone.

                Now, when you launch the Google Maps app on your Android device, this should remove all the previously encountered issues. If Google Maps is still not working on your device, then proceed to the next fix.

                On iOS

                6. Restart Your Device

                The next fix that I will recommend to you is to restart your Android or iOS smartphones. Restarting your device is the most common fix for most of the issues and it might just be the trick to get Google Maps working flawlessly.

                So, continue reading below to find out how you can restart your Android and iOS device.

                On Android

                Wait for the phone to reboot and launch the Google Maps app on your Android device. This should fix the issue for you.

                On iOS

                Long press the power button and the volume up button simultaneously until the “Slide to power off” option appears. Once you power down your iPhone, long press the power button to restart it.

                Wait for some time and launch the Google Maps app on your iOS device. This should fix the issue for you.

                7. Check the Network Connection

                One of the biggest reasons why Google Maps might not be working properly for you could be due to slow or inconsistent network connectivity. In case your mobile data and/or Wi-Fi isn’t functioning properly, Google Maps will have a hard time working as intended.

                Another reason why Google Maps might be struggling to work properly is if you have a VPN turned on on your device. You might have forgotten to turn it off before using Google Maps, hence the issue. So, turn off the VPN and try using Google Maps again.

                8. Improve Location Accuracy

                Google Maps relies on your smartphone’s GPS to give accurate location data to you. This is why any inaccuracy with your phone’s location or GPS data will interfere with the smooth operation of Google Maps. So, let’s learn how you can improve the location accuracy of Google Maps on your Android and iOS devices.

                On Android

                1. Open the Settings app and then visit the “Location” section.

                2. In here, open Maps and enable the “Use Precise Location” option. This will grant Google Maps permission to use your precise device location and give you much more accurate and relevant data.

                On iOS

                1. Open the Settings app and then scroll down to Google Maps.

                2. Open the Location menu from Google Maps and enable “Precise Location”. This will allow Google Maps to have access to your specific location and not your approximate location for improved navigation.

                9. Change Location Services Permission

                Google Maps relies on your location data to function properly. Hence, any issue with your on-device location permissions, GPS, or other location-related issues, will interfere with the functioning of Google Maps. Ensure that necessary location permissions are granted to the Google Maps app to have it working again. Here’s how you can do that:

                On Android

                1. Open the “Settings app” on your Android device and scroll down to the “Location” option.

                Now, relaunch the Google Maps app.

                On iOS

                1. Open the “Settings app” on your iPhone and scroll down until you notice the Google Maps option.

                Now, when you relaunch the Google Maps app, it should function as expected.

                10. Try Using Google Maps Go

                The Google Maps Go app is essentially targeted at low-end smartphone users, who might encounter issues while running the full-fledged RAM-intensive Google Maps app on their device. You can download the Google Maps Go app for free from the Play Store.

                Once installed, you should be able to run the Google Maps Go app smoothly on your Android device. However, if you are on iOS, this lightweight version of the Google Maps app is not available for you.

                11. Enable Background Data Consumption

                While the background data consumption is on, apps installed on your smartphone can download data for future usage and provide you notifications when they are not running actively. This allows the apps to stay ready from the get-go as soon as you launch them. For an application like Google Maps, enabling background data consumption is essential since this will enable the app to keep itself updated constantly with the latest information and data, based on your GPS, and real-time location data.

                Let me show you how you can enable background data consumption for Google Maps on Android and iOS.

                On Android

                2. Now, select the “Mobile data & Wi-Fi”option and enable “Background data”.

                Once toggled on, Google Maps will be able to use your smartphone’s background data even when not in active usage.

                On iOS

                2. From General, select “Background App Refresh”. Toggle Background App Refresh on for Google Maps as depicted below.

                12. Disable WiFi-only Mode

                For better results, you can disable the Wi-Fi-only mode for Google Maps on Android. This will allow Google Maps to use both your mobile data and Wi-Fi to operate. Follow the steps below to learn how to disable the Wi-Fi-only mode for Google Maps on your Android device.

                2. From the pop-up window, open “Settings”. Disable the Wi-Fi-only mode.

                Google Maps will now be able to function using your mobile data as well.

                So, it is important that you double-check the date and time on your Android and iOS devices. Check out our detailed guide on changing the time on your iPhone.

                Possible Reasons for Google Maps Not Working?

                It is hard to pinpoint the exact reason for the failure of Google Maps. Google Maps can crash or not work as intended due to a multitude of reasons. From server crashes to hardware and software issues on your smartphone, the reasons are diverse. But, the most common reasons are inconsistent or slow network speed, low GPS accuracy, pending app updates, and Google Maps server downtime.

                Fix Issues with Google Maps Now!

                Can’t Unlock Iphone With Apple Watch? 7 Quick Fixes

                Plenty of people on Apple forums have complained about the unlock with Apple Watch feature not working on their iPhone. Typically, you have to swipe up your iPhone’s Lock Screen while wearing an Apple Watch and a mask to unlock it. But if you’re facing problems using this feature, try these quick fixes listed below.

                However, ensure you are meeting the basic requirements before you dive into the fixes.

                Note: This feature is only for unlocking your iPhone. If you’re trying to authenticate a transaction using your Apple Watch, it won’t let you do so.

                Requirements for using the unlock with Apple Watch feature

                If your setup does not match the below requirements, the feature won’t work for you.

                Make sure your iPhone has a Face ID sensor. This includes all iPhones with the notch, iPhone X, and above.

                It is only available on iPhones running iOS 14.5 and above, so make sure your iPhone is up to date.

                Make sure you have an Apple Watch Series 3 or above running watchOS 7.4 or later.

                Ensure that your Apple Watch is passcode-protected and unlocked when trying to unlock your iPhone.

                You must wear a face mask covering nearly 50% of your face’s area for this feature to work.

                Ensure that your Apple Watch and iPhone are in range and connected.

                Despite meeting the requirements, if you are unable to use the feature, jump to our fixes.

                Unlock iPhone with Apple Watch not working? Try these 7 fixes!

                1. Make sure all the settings are correct

                2. Turn off/on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

                For the feature to work correctly, make sure Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both Apple Watch and iPhone are enabled.

                To turn off Wi-Fi on your iPhone, head over to Settings → Wi-Fi → Toggle off Wi-Fi. Similarly, go to Settings → Bluetooth → Toggle off Bluetooth.

                On Apple Watch, go to Settings → Toggle off both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

                Remember to turn them on after you disable them. Otherwise, the feature won’t work.

                3. Reset Face ID on iPhone

                Sometimes, the problem might be with the Face ID sensor on your iPhone. In this case, try resetting the Face ID on your iPhone.

                4. Restart iPhone and Apple Watch

                It’s recommended that you restart your iPhone at regular intervals, such as every couple of days, to keep it running smoothly. In this case, it might just help you to make this feature work.

                5. Re-connect Apple Watch and iPhone

                In some cases, re-pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone may solve the problem.

                To unpair the Apple Watch, go to the Watch app on iPhone → My Watch → Tap the ‘i’ button → Unpair. To re-pair, just bring your Watch near the iPhone, and the pairing screen to connect them should pop up.

                6. Reset iPhone Network Settings

                If the problem persists, I recommend resetting your iPhone’s network settings. To do so, go to Settings → General → Reset → Reset Network Settings and enter your device passcode to confirm the action.

                7. Reset Apple Watch and pair it with your iPhone

                If none of the above fixes work, a complete reset of the Apple Watch might be required. It will reset all the settings to default. Here’s how you can easily reset your Apple Watch and re-pair it to your iPhone.


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