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Apex Legends new Arenas mode detailed: Watch the Legacy gameplay trailer now

As promised, today Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts detailed Apex Legends’ incoming Arenas mode. The two companies did this by way of a new trailer that shows off a lot of Arenas gameplay. The trailer didn’t stop at just showing us the Arenas mode, however, as we also got a glimpse at Valkyrie gameplay and the new Bocek Compound Bow.

Arenas is a new permanent game mode that will be available from the start of the Legacy season onward. It almost seems like Arenas is Apex Legends’ take on CounterStrike, as it’ll pit two teams of three against each other in a deathmatch that plays out over multiple rounds. Before each round begins, players on both teams will have a chance to pick their loadouts by spending resources, so you’ll be able to choose the weapons you want to use each round.

You’ll also be able to spend resources on upgrading weapons with attachments and hop-ups (assuming those are available on the weapons you’re using) or to buy additional tactical ability and ultimate charges. That’s right – in Arenas mode, your tactical abilities and ultimate won’t recharge over time, but rather you’ll have a limited number of uses for all of them. While the weapons you buy won’t carry over from round-to-round, Respawn says that any ability and ultimate charges you buy will.

This is a permadeath mode, meaning that if you die, you’re out until the next round begins. Teammates will still be able to revive players who have been knocked out, but those who have been outright killed can’t respawn. The game is over when one team wins at least three rounds and has a two round lead on their opponents. If the match makes it to 4-4, then players enter a sudden death round where the winner of that round takes the entire match.

Respawn said today that Arenas will launch with five maps. Three of these maps will be based on existing locations from battle royale maps – Artillery from Kings Canyon, Thermal Station from World’s Edge, and Golden Gardens from Olympus. Two other maps, Phase Runner and Party Crasher, are entirely new and made specifically for Arenas. Respawn says that more custom Arenas maps are coming in the future, so we’ll keep an eye out for those as well.

So, how do you gain resources to buy more weapons and ability charges? For starters, players get an increasing amount of resources at the start of each round, but they’ll also get 75 resources for each enemy kill. Opening resource cannisters scattered around the battlefield will award resources for the entire team. There are also supply bins scattered around each arena will contain healing items, and a care package that will drop as the round wears on and the ring begins to close.

Today’s gameplay trailer also gave us a look at Valkyrie and how she plays – though we don’t have a precise description of her abilities yet, it’s clear that she can fly with the help of her jetpack, which could change the game in a big way. We also got a look at the Bocek Compound Bow, which is a slow firing weapon that seems to deal a lot of damage when shots connect.

So, starting next season, Apex Legends will have a new competitive mode that seems perfect for players who want to go toe-to-toe with other teams without the worry of third-parties entering and tilting the fight in one trio’s favor. Next up, we’re looking for patch notes for Apex Legends’ Legacy season, which should be arriving alongside the update sometime next week. We’ll let you know when that happens, so stay tuned for more.

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Fifa 23: Extended Gameplay Trailer

FIFA 23: extended gameplay trailer

Where to watch the FIFA 23 extended gameplay trailer and what to expect

We finally got our first extended look at gameplay and what is in store for us going into FIFA 23.

The reveal was ten minutes of unseen footage and showed off everything we can expect from FIFA 23, that releases on September 30th this year.

According to the release schedule above we shouldn’t expect more information until August, and we expect a late August reveal for FIFA 23’s Ultimate Team.


FIFA 23 progresses further with the technology that was introduced last year with the introduction of HyperMotion2. This is the foundation of the gameplay for the next-gen consoles. 

The way this is done on FIFA 23, is by recording two full matches with two professional teams, as well as completely capturing the women’s teams as well. 

For FIFA 23, they have also recorded training drills to try and capture as many unique animations as possible. This has allowed them to have twice as many as they did in FIFA 22. 

According to EA, these have all helped to make the gameplay experience more immersive and unique from moment-to-moment. 

In FIFA 23, women’s club teams will be playable for the first time and by using the HyperMotion2 technology, they have been able to ensure they feel completely unique, and different to the men’s sides.

Women players will have their own unique run styles much like the men do in the game, three different types of movement archetypes as well as animations completely unique to the woman’s teams. These include: Shots, kick-offs, celebrations, jockeys, passes, dribbling and more. 


Dribbling has been overhauled with the introduction of Technical Dribbling. This is the default dribbling style that can be done using the left stick on the controller. All players have this available to them but it will work best with the best players.

In FIFA 23, EA are saying there will be more personality with how a player dribbles with the ball, as well as the unique run styles. 

The example given was Vinicius Jr running with the ball is completely different to him running without it. This could make for some great variation in FIFA 23, as well impact players’ values.

In order to combat the improved dribbling, EA have worked on improving the Jockeying in the game too. This is to try and ensure that you can still prevent a top class player from getting around you. 

The jockeying in FIFA 23, will look more realistic and fresher than it ever has done before.


Movement as been overhauled in FIFA 23, with three new types of player acceleration types: 

Controlled: Majority of players will be controlled and they will accelerate in a normal way.

Explosive: This is likely to be the most terrifying going into FIFA 23. These players will be shorter and more agile, covering short distances very quickly, but they will also slow down quicker too. 

Lengthy: These are the taller, stronger players. They will take more time to get going, but once they do they can be quicker over long distances. 

Power Shots

Power shots are something we have heard about for quite some time in FIFA 23. They will be high risk, but high reward. Your aim will need to be more precise, and they will rely on the player’s aim completely. 

Set Pieces

Redesigned completely. Composure bar is different now on penalties, now a circle around the ball that shrinks closer to the ball as you choose how to take it. They look like they could take some getting used to. 

The focus now is less about placement, and more about timing power as well as placement. 

Freekicks are also completely different, you can now choose where you are to strike the ball, before you choose where you wish to place it. 

This should allow for greater variation with things like spin and the way the ball travels. Draft excluder is now in the game for defending set pieces too, which is a nice addition. 

Skill moves 

Left footed skills are more accurate than before, fake shots improved, stutter feint skill move, heel fake and then ball roll new skill. There appears to be many more new skills coming to the game too, for those players who love to play with that extra sauce.

If you would like to watch the trailer then it is just here for you.

Stick around after too as we take a good look at everything we learned about FIFA 23.

Here Is Every Game Mode Available In Apex Legends Mobile

Many people know Apex Legends Mobile as a battle royale shooter. It definitely is one, but as is necessary these days, the game is more than just a one-trick pony. Apex Legends Mobile includes a few different game modes, including a solo mode where you can try out builds and a seasonal mode that should change from time to time. We’ll briefly run through each Apex Legends Mobile game mode, how they work, and how to unlock them.

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There are six total game modes in Apex Legends Mobile, including Battle Royale, Ranked Match, Multiplayer, Tutorial Level, Free Practice, and Limited Time Mode. Some modes have multiple sub-modes and every mode is unlocked after level ten.


All Apex Legends Mobile game modes and how they work

How to select a game mode to play

All Apex Legends Mobile game modes and how they work

Here is a full list of each game mode and what they do.


Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Multiplayer is a 6v6 unranked game mode. It’s basically just your basic slayer or deathmatch mode. Unlike its Battle Royale counterpart, Multiplayer has respawns, lets players select their loadouts, and automatic shield restoration. This Apex Legends Mobile mode also has three sub-modes.

Base Respawn – Players respawn at a base location every time and combat is encouraged on the battlefield between the two bases. This unlocks at level five.

Random Respawn – Players respawn at random places around the map, but otherwise the rules are the same. It also unlocks at level five.

Tutorial Level

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The Tutorial Level is pretty self-explanatory. You go through this tutorial mission when you first open the game and the game gives you the option to do it again in case there was something you missed. As of the time of this writing, the only option here is to do the original tutorial mission over again.

Free Practice

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

By far my favorite game mode in Apex is the Free Practice mode. All the sub-modes here let players go at it solo or with a squad to complete missions or test out builds. A lot of players use this mode to test controller or virtual control changes or test things like loadouts, specific weapons, and more.

Firing Range – My personal favorite game mode. There are targets and bot opponents that don’t move. There is little point to this mode aside from practicing your aim, tweaking your controls, and testing out various weapons, loadouts, and abilities. The mode comes unlocked to all players.

Mastery Missions – Mastery Missions are missions where players attempt to complete challenges. The game considered Mastery Missions as a training mode of sorts and they refresh periodically. The mode is also unlocked to all players immediately.

Tutorial Trainings – Tutorial Trainings are similar to Mastery Missions but with different objectives. You unlock Tutorial Trainings at level six.

Limited Time Mode

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

The Limited Time Mode shows you temporary game modes that refresh periodically. At the time of this writing, the options are Quick Battle and Flashpoint. The modes will pop up and disappear as time goes to help give players something else to do other than the base playlists.

Flashpoint – Also similar to Battle Royale. This mode has points around the map where players can gather to recover health and armor. Ideally, players congregate and duke it out to control these valuable points.

More coming – We’ll update the post when we can to add other Apex Legends Mobile game modes as they come out.

How to select a game mode to play

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

This is pretty obvious stuff, but just in case you’re having trouble switching modes in Apex Legends Mobile.

From the main screen, tap the button just to the left of Play which should be showing the current game mode.

On the next screen, select the game mode category from the right side and then choose the sub-mode (if applicable).

Return to the main screen and tap Play to load up the game.

We know that you probably already know how to do this, but we did see a lot of searches for how to redo the tutorial mission in Apex, so we thought we’d include it here.

Up next: Does Apex Legends Mobile have controller support?


Tap the game mode from the main menu and select the Tutorial Level. Go back to the main menu screen and hit play. That’s it. You can replay the original tutorial level as many times as you want.

Not really. There are some story elements sprinkled through some of the Mastery Missions, tutorials, and other stuff. However, by and large, there is no dedicated story mode in Apex Legends Mobile.

All game modes are unlocked by gaining player levels. To make things easier, everything unlocks once you reach level ten.

No. You must be online at all times, even in solo player modes. The game actively keeps track of your ping so if it detects you went offline, it’ll try to reconnect. If the reconnect attempts fail, the game shuts itself down with an error code.

How To Change Servers On Apex Legends. (Manually Choose Apex Legends Server)

If you are playing Apex Legends but are super frustrated by the fact that you can’t choose your own server/servers. This article will show you how to bring up the server selection list on your gaming machine, either computer, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One.

How to Change Your Name in Apex Legends.

Apex Legends launched a couple of weeks ago to raving reviews and shortly after skyrocketed to the top of streaming services around the globe. Although it was thought that the hype would die off and users would return to their old battle royale titles, like Fortnite and PUBG, that hasn’t been the case, at least not yet.  

Sadly, on PC Apex Legends hasn’t been running as well as it should with an assortment of issues making the game near unplayable on most PC builds. Constant crashing, FPS fluctuations and driver issues have been the main causes but there are also potential memory leaks to worry about as well.

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Can You Change Servers on Apex Legends? YES! (Xbox PS4, & PC)

If this change stays after you have closed the game cannot be checked, so it’s best to make the change each time you start Apex Legends. Generally, Apex Legends will pick the optimal server for your connection and location, but it’s nice to know there’s an option to manually select your own server.

Xbox & PlayStation 4.

For consoles, both Xbox and PS4 the process is a tiny bit different but it will require you wait for the same amount of time. On PS4 press X then O a few times to exit back to the main screen, once you are back on the main screen you will see the Data Center option. On Xbox press A then B a few times to exit back to the main screen, once you are back on the main screen you will see the Data Center option.

Note: If you are playing the game in a language other than English, you may not see Accessibility Options but you can still press Escape or Back after the time limit and the Data Center option will appear.

Before you head off on your next Apex Legends marathon, make sure you check out some of our other Apex Legends articles.  

How to Hide a Players Pings in Apex Legends (Hide/Mute Teammate/Player Pings)

How to Play Incoming Text Chat as Speech in Apex Legends.

How to Convert Incoming Voice Chat to Text in Apex Legends.

Another Suggestion While You Have Apex Legends Open.

Make sure you check out the following Apex Legends article which will show you how to disable the games default setting that shares usage data and system information with EA. Although this information is very helpful for optimizing the game early on, it is something you are probably going to want to disable as soon as possible.

How to Disable Data Collection in Apex Legends. (Apex Legends Usage Sharing)

First Apex Legends Season 2 Details Revealed, New Event Incoming

First Apex Legends season 2 details revealed, new event incoming

Electronic Arts has already revealed plans to talk in depth about Apex Legends season 2 during E3 2023, but before that happens, Respawn Entertainment is parting with a few morsels of information today. Respawn has revealed some high-level changes coming to the season 2 Battle Pass, and they seem like changes the larger playerbase is really going to like. On top of all of that, Respawn also announced a new event called The Legendary Hunt that’s coming to the game next week.

Chief among the additions in The Legendary Hunt is the Apex Elite Queue. This is a special queue that you’re granted access to once you place in the top 5 in any match. You’ll need to continue placing in the top 5 to stay in the queue, which might prove to be quite the challenge considering you’ll be going up against other high-placing players. Even better is that finishing in the top 5 during a match will get you a full Battle Pass level, though that’s a bonus you can only get once per day.

During The Legendary Hunt, there will be a number of limited-time challenges to complete, which will unlock new rare, epic, and legendary skins. Plus, from Friday June 7th at 10am PST to Monday, June 10th and 10am PST, you’ll be able to earn double XP for both account progression and Battle Pass progression, so you’ll be able to kick off The Legendary Hunt with some bonus experience.

Finally, we come to the topic of skins. There will, of course, be some new skins to buy during The Legendary Hunt, and they’ll rotate through the in-game store every three or four days. On top of that, all current Battle Pass owners will get the Legendary Honored Prey skin for the R-301, while those who have reached Battle Pass level 15 will get the Night Terror skin for the Wraith, both of which can be seen in the image above.

As far the changes to the Battle Pass formula in season 2 are concerned, Respawn says that it’s listened to player feedback and has tweaked rewards as a result. Three additional legendary skins have been added to the premium track, meaning players will receive a legendary skin every 25 levels starting at level 1. The level 100 reward, meanwhile, will become an evolving weapon skin that will be given a special recolor once players reach level 110.

Beginning in season 2, you’ll also be able to level up your Battle Pass by completing daily or weekly challenges. The hope, Respawn says, is that these challenges will make it easier for players to level up their Battle Pass while at the same time making it so players who begin leveling their Battle Passes later in the season can catch up.

We’ll also see the removal of badge and stat tracker rewards on the premium track, with seasonal win trackers remaining in the free track. Those badge and stat trackers will be replaced with “items from three new content categories,” but those won’t be revealed until closer to season 2’s start date. Last – but definitely not least – is the reveal that there won’t be any voice lines as rewards in the season 2 Battle Pass; they’ve been replaced by crafting metals, and if you level your Battle Pass completely, you’ll earn enough metals to craft a legendary item.

So, in the end, it sounds like there will be a lot of good changes coming along with season 2, with The Legendary Hunt event there to tide us over while we wait for more information. The Legendary Hunt begins on Tuesday, June 4th, and will run for two weeks. We’ll have more information for you when EA and Respawn announce it at E3, so stay tuned for that.

How To Fix Apex Legends Stuck On Infinite Loading Screen

The Apex Legends infinite-loading screen bug isn’t one most player experience on a regular basis, but it isn’t the least common issue either. When it happens, you can’t get past the initial loading screen on the game; therefore, you can’t actually play or access your content. Like many issues with modern games, the cause won’t be immediately obvious. You’ll have to try a few different solutions to find a cure.

What Causes Infinite Apex Loading Screens?

A few common causes might be the cause of the Apex loading screen problems. Start with these issues that have fixed the screens for other players so you can get back to your path to Apex championship.

Connection Issues: There could be a problem with your internet, game platform, or Apex itself. When the connection between each of them isn’t working correctly, it will stop Apex from working and could result in unending loading screens. For example, once Steam’s authentication service for Apex went down, Steam players could not connect. Instead, they logged on and were met with infinite loading screens.

Corrupted Files: The game files themselves could be damaged or even missing. You can try to repair or reinstall the game to fix this issue.

Outdated System Software: Your game or platform may need an update. Sometimes updates include bug fixes to address issues that cause problems like an infinite loading screen.

Other problems can also be responsible for infinite Apex loading screens. Make sure you check all the potential fixes before you attempt to reinstall, especially because it might not solve the problem if one of the issues outside the game is causing it.

How to Fix Apex Loading Screens

To fix Apex infinite loading screens, check for the simplest reasons the problem could be happening before moving on to the more involved and rare causes. Once you find the right one, you can start playing and stop troubleshooting. 

Check Server Status

Check Apex and your platform’s server status to see whether they’re experiencing issues. Everyone should check Apex itself, but you only need to check Steam, PlayStation, and Xbox if you connect to Apex through those services.

You should also check the Xbox, PlayStation, and Steam server status if applicable. If everything is working, then you know the problem is likely on your end. 

Restart Everything

If the servers are functioning properly, try restarting your game and your computer or console to see whether it makes Apex pass the loading screen the next time you turn it on. Since it’s stuck in a loading screen, you won’t be able to shut it down like usual.

PC Xbox PlayStation

You should also look for any updates for Windows or your console software.

Once the game restarts, if the infinite loading screen is still happening, you’ll have to continue to try other troubleshooting options. 

Restart Your Internet

Restarting your internet and flushing your DNS will help ensure there’s nothing wrong with your connection creating the unending loading screens on Apex.

If that doesn’t work, try a few other solutions. 

Unplug Unnecessary Devices

Some Apex players found that USB devices plugged into the computer were the cause of their problems. Once the right device was unplugged, Apex would start and get past the unending load screen like normal.

Try removing USB devices one at a time and loading Apex to see whether it works. 

There might be a problem with your game files if it’s still happening after you’ve attempted the rest of these fixes.

Repair the Game Files

You can repair the game files without deleting and reinstalling the entire thing. The option looks for damaged or missing files and replaces them, so the installation is good again.

On Steam

You need to be connected to the internet during this process in case Steam needs to download clean copies of the files you’re missing.

On EA App

If your game was missing files or corrupted, this might fix it and let you play again. If not, continue to the next suggestion.

Clear Save Data on Xbox

One suggestion that Microsoft recommends for Xbox users is to clear the data saved on their Xbox. It shouldn’t remove the data stored on the cloud, which you can re-download after you’re done.

Once you reopen Apex while you’re connected to the internet, the saved data in the cloud should download. 

Reinstall the Game

If all else fails, reinstalling the game completely has worked for some Apex players. While it will take quite a while to re-download the entire game, it means you’ll be able to play again.

One caveat: players who reinstalled the game would sometimes encounter the same error later and have to reinstall again. If it’s repeatedly happening, reach out to EA to see whether they can help address your problem. Sometimes it means waiting awhile for a patch that addresses a known issue that isn’t fixed yet. 

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