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Alphabet, Google’s parent company, recently released its financial earnings report for the first quarter of 2023. The company announced a revenue of $69.8 billion, a 3% increase compared to the previous year. This growth exceeded analysts’ expectations, even amid significant changes and challenges within the company.

Slower Growth In Search & YouTube Revenue

Alphabet’s search revenue experienced a modest 1.87% year-over-year increase in Q1 2023, significantly lower than the 24.28% jump in Q1 2023 and the 30.11% increase in Q1 2023.

The company’s “search & other” revenues rose from around $39.6 billion to $40.4 billion, indicating potential difficulties in its primary business segment.

Despite these challenges, Google executives remain optimistic about Search’s performance. CEO Sundar Pichai stated that Search is “performing well,” while CFO Ruth Porat commended its “resilience” amid competitive pressures and economic uncertainties.

Alphabet’s Restructuring & AI Development

The company laid off approximately 12,000 employees in January, attributing the decision to over-hiring during the pandemic. The Q1 2023 financial results include $2.6 billion in charges related to these workforce and office space reductions.

Alphabet is also concentrating on AI development, seeking to compete with tools like ChatGPT by enhancing its in-house AI chatbot, Bard.

The company has merged its previously separate AI teams under the new Google DeepMind group, a change that Alphabet claims will not impact its Q1 reporting.

Google Cloud Achieves Profitability

Despite Alphabet’s challenges, Google Cloud was a positive highlight in the Q1 earnings report.

The division reported quarterly profits of $191 million, marking a notable achievement for the company.

Google also disclosed that its cloud business is now profitable for the first time.

Looking To The Future

As the I/O developer conference approaches in May, the tech industry eagerly awaits Google’s new developments and product announcements.

Alphabet’s Q1 2023 earnings report offers insight into the company’s performance amid substantial internal changes.

While facing certain challenges, the company remains dedicated to innovation, AI development, and future growth.

Source: Alphabet

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You're reading Alphabet Q1 2023 Earnings: Slower Search Growth, Youtube Downturn

Global Smartphone Market Ends 2023 With A 3.4% Yoy Growth

In 2023, 1.34 billion smartphones shipped globally, up 3.4 percent from the 1.29 billion units in 2023. The first half of 2023 was impacted, positively, by the recovery of the market which had begun towards the end of 2023 when the first rounds of COVID-19 restrictions were eased globally. After four quarters, growth ended in 3Q21 in the smartphone market. On-going component supply constraints and COVID-19 continues to impact smartphone makers and consumers around the world.

Samsung remains #1 smartphone OEM in 2023

Annual Result: 2023 Smartphone shipments

Rank OEM 2024 2024 YoY

Shipment M/S Shipment M/S

1 Samsung 271.5 20% 256.3 20% 5.9%

2 Apple 236.2 18% 204.4 16% 15.6%

3 Xiaomi 190.2 14% 148.3 11% 28.2%

4 vivo 134.2 10% 107.9 8% 24.4%

5 Oppo 134.1 10% 104.9 8% 27.9%

6 Realme 58.1 4% 39.1 3% 48.6%

7 Motorola 48.0 4% 33.3 3% 44.2%

8 Honor 39.8 3% 0.0 0%

9 Huawei 35.0 3% 189.7 15% -81.6%

10 Tecno 30.6 2% 23.2 2% 31.7%

  Others 161.1 12% 187.6 14% -14.1%

  Total 1,338.8 100% 1,294.7 100% 3.4%

Note: Honor’s shipments included in Huawei in 2023

Samsung remains the top smartphone OEM for yet another year. The company ended 2023 shipping 271.5 million smartphones, up 5.9 percent YoY from 256.3 million units in 2023.

In second place, Apple shipped 236.3 million units, up 15.6 percent compared to 2023. Apple’s market share grew from 16 to 18 percent, while Samsung’s was flat YoY.

Xiaomi, vivo and Oppo each grew shipments over 20 percent in 2023. Xiaomi, in third place overall, shipped 190.2 million units, compared to 148.3 million units in 2023 – up 28.2 percent.

Global smartphone market ends 2023 with a 3.4% YoY growth

The biggest jump, percentagewise, in 2023 came from Realme. The company shipped 48.6 percent more smartphones in 2023 than in 2023, up from 39.1 million units to 58.1 million. Motorola continues to expand its market in North America and Latin America regions. Aided by the exit from the smartphone business by LG, Motorola grew shipments 44.2 percent to 48 million units, compared to 33.3 million units in 2023.

In 9th spot, Huawei saw shipments fall a staggering 81.6 percent, compared to 2023 – shipping 35.0 million units, down from 189.7 million units in 2023. Lastly, Tecno grew shipments 31.7 percent YoY to 30.6 million units, up from 23.2 million in 2023.

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Top 10 smartphone OEMs in the 4Q21

Quarterly Result: 4Q21

Rank OEM 4Q21 3Q21 4Q20 QoQ YoY

Shipment M/S Shipment M/S Shipment M/S

1 Apple 87.0 24% 50.9 16% 84.5 22% 70.9% 2.9%

2 Samsung 69.1 19% 69.2 21% 62.0 16% -0.1% 11.5%

3 Xiaomi 45.2 13% 45.6 14% 47.2 12% -0.9% -4.2%

4 vivo 31.8 9% 32.6 10% 34.5 9% -2.5% -7.8%

5 Oppo 30.6 9% 33.2 10% 34.0 9% -7.8% -10.0%

6 Realme 16.5 5% 15.4 5% 14.3 4% 7.1% 15.4%

7 Honor 15.0 4% 14.5 4% 0.0 0% 3.4%

8 Motorola 12.5 4% 12.3 4% 9.8 3% 1.6% 27.6%

9 Tecno 7.4 2% 7.9 2% 7.7 2% -6.1% -3.9%

10 iTel 5.3 1% 5.8 2% 8.2 2% -9.1% -35.4%

  Others 36.0 10% 38.7 12% 79.6 21% -6.8% -54.8%

  Total 356.4 100% 326.1 100% 381.8 100% 9.3% -6.7%

Source: Omdia Global Smartphone Shipment Preliminary Result 4Q21 © 2023 Omdia

Note: Honor’s shipments included in Huawei in 2023

When analyzing the market on a quarterly basis, Apple took the top spot, shipping 87.0 million units, up 2.9 percent YoY, compared to the 84.5 million units shipped in 4Q20. The company saw shipments rise 70.9 percent quarter-on-quarter. “With the release of the iPhone 13 series, the overall iPhone ASP in 4Q is expected to exceed $1,000 for the first time. This resulted in a higher growth rate in revenue compared to the number of units” said Jusy Hong, Senior Manager in Omdia.

Analysis of the market on a quarterly basis

Samsung, in second spot, saw shipments decline 0.1 percent QoQ but grow 11.5 percent YoY. Samsung shipped 69.1 million units in 4Q21, up from 62.0 million units in 4Q20, and down slightly from 69.2 million units in 3Q21.

Xiaomi’s shipments declined YoY and QoQ to 45.2 million units in 4Q21, from 45.6 million in 3Q21 and 47.2 million in 4Q20. The big three Chinese OEMs, Xiaomi, OPPO and vivo all saw YoY and QoQ declines in 4Q21.

Vivo shipped 31.8 million units in 4Q21, compared to 32.6 million in the prior quarter and 34.5 million in the quarter a year ago. OPPO shipped 30.6 million units – down from the 33.2 million units it shipped in 3Q21 and down from the 34 million units shipped in 4Q20.

Realme jumped to 6th position globally, shipping 16.5 million units in 4Q21 – up from 15.4 million in 3Q21 and 14.3 million units in 4Q20, increases of 7.1 and 15.4 percent, respectively.

Honor landed in 7th position in 4Q21 – shipping 15.0 million units, up from 14.5 million units in 3Q21.

Motorola, in 8th place, increased shipments by 27.6 percent YoY, from 9.8 million units in 4Q20 to 12.5 million units this year. Motorola’s shipments also grew slightly QoQ, by 1.6 percent.

Transsion holdings brand Tecno saw shipments declined by 6.9 percent YoY, from 7.7 million units in 4Q20 to 7.4 million units this past quarter.

Rounding out the top ten, iTel shipped 5.4 million units or 35.4 percent less than in 4Q20. Compared to 3Q21, iTel’s shipments declined 9.1 percent, from 5.8 million units.

Google Search Patents 2023: The Mega

Hello and welcome to our great, big, mega-post round-up of Google Search patents from 2023.

Throughout the year, I spend time collecting and writing about Google Search patents that are of interest to the SEO community. I also write about the interesting ones every now and again here on Search Engine Journal.

Now that we’ve made it to 2023 (thank goodness), I wanted to share the entire 2023 collection with you.

They’re grouped to make things easier and so that if you’d like to do some research in a particular area, you can dig in.

It’s all about trying to learn more about various aspects of information retrieval and Google’s algorithm. I hope you find it useful.

Google Assistant

Authorship Conversational Search / Voice Discover Entities Image Search Indexing

Knowledge Graph Local Links Machine Learning Mobile NLP Neural Networks

Personalization Predictive Query Classification Ranking / Scoring Recommendation Engine Searching

Semantic Social Networking Spam Temporal Vectors Videos

And there we have it.

Whew, what a workout!

Next up, I’ll be sharing some of the odd, non-search related patents Google was awarded in 2023. Just for fun.

Then we’re back on with the new Google Search Patents for 2023.

Stay geeky out there!

More Resources:

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Featured image by author, January 2023

Top 10 Youtube Channels To Learn Coding Languages In 2023

For all the aspiring programmers, here are the top YouTube channels to learn coding that you can subscribe 

YouTube channels

are often the go-to place every time we need to know about something or learn something new. YouTube was perceived as a medium of entertainment only but now it has become a huge source for informative educational content. There are so many channels that provide free tutorials to youngsters. YouTube is transforming the way we consume audio-visual material.


has become a new television for the 21st century. Whether it is for free entertainment or free learning YouTube has become the only option. Recently, there has been a huge demand for courses in trending

programming languages

such as


, R, C++, and many more. There’s no better social media platform to learn coding than YouTube. Here is the list of the top 10

YouTube channels


learn coding

in 2023. 

This is the official YouTube channel of chúng tôi Team Treehouse is a learning resource platform established with the mission of providing affordable education in technology. Teamtreehouse offers lessons on numerous topics including coding in Python and C#. The videos are delivered in a casual and easy-to-understand style by a variety of presenters. The channel’s content also includes the Treehouse Show, which is a roundup of web development and programming news along with helpful tips and interviews. 

freeCodeCamp’s YouTube channel is one of the best platforms to learn coding from absolute scratch. This channel is a great source for long, full-scale courses in popular web development and programming tools such as Python, JavaScript, HTML and CSS, Java, and much more. If you are new to web development, there’s a full HTML and CSS course with over 11 hours of beginner-level tips and tutorials to help you learn how to start building websites from scratch.

This channel has everything you need for programming. It has a vast range of tutorials. This channel has influenced many other new YouTubers to start their channels. On this channel, you will be able to find tutorials on topics such as Python, Angular, and React. The quality of the content is impeccable. It’ll undoubtedly help you broaden your programming knowledge and enhance your computer programming skills.

Thenewboston is one of the biggest YouTube channels that teach programming. With over 2.5 million subscribers, you can be sure that all these people have subscribed for a reason and that you’re in the right place if your goal is to learn to code. The channel’s packed with thousands of lesson videos on HTML5, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, PHP, and more. Whether you’re looking to learn programming, web design, or software development, this channel is a good place to start. 

Banas is the creator of the hugely popular ‘Learn JavaScript in 30 Minutes’ playlist. As the title of that playlist suggests, Banas specializes in compact lessons for fast learning. Among the content, you will find videos for an entire topic like Learn the Ruby Programming Language in just one video. This is one of his videos that aims to teach as much as possible in as shortest time possible. He goes through a wide range of programming topics with content that includes thorough guides on PHP, along with Java and MySQL. In addition, there are resources on developing software for Android. 

DevTips is a YouTube channel with programming tips and tutorials for more experienced developers. You will find helpful tips for improving your coding skills and becoming a better developer. This channel focuses on web and software development, but they also publish videos with tips for learning and starting a tech career.

For absolute beginners, Edureka is one of the best YouTube channels to learn web development, as it provides extensive videos in different languages covering a vast range of topics. From DevOps to artificial intelligence, machine learning to Python, the channel is home to a different niche of video tutorials on major technologies.

Legal Search Advertising Benchmarks For 2023 (With Data & Tips)

We’re also sharing tips lawyers and legal services businesses can use to maximize the profitability and effectiveness of their Microsoft and Google Ads.

Legal business category

Accidents & Personal Injury Law 4.56%

Criminal Law 4.51%

Bankruptcy Law 6.23%

Estate & Probate Law (incl. Wills) 5.17%

Family Law (incl. Divorce) 4.70%

Tax Law 4.96%

General Practice Law 4.80%

Bankruptcy Law and Estate & Probate Law saw higher-than-average CTRs of 6.23% and 5.17%, respectively. Criminal Law and Accidents & Personal Injury Law saw a little lower-than-average CTRs of 4.51% and 4.56%, respectively.

CTRs for attorneys and legal services as a whole increased 12% year over year.

Legal business category

Accidents & Personal Injury Law $9.30

Criminal Law $12.30

Bankruptcy Law $11.70

Estate & Probate Law (incl. Wills) $7.92

Family Law (incl. Divorce) $7.69

Tax Law $11.82

General Practice Law $9.97

Of the industries we looked at, 91% saw increases in CPC in 2023, including attorneys and legal services. This year’s CPC for attorneys and legal services is only slightly higher than the average CPC they saw last year at $8.67.

Legal business category Avg. conversion rate

Accidents & Personal Injury Law 5.45%

Criminal Law 9.90%

Bankruptcy Law 13.56%

Estate & Probate Law (incl. Wills) 9.65%

Family Law (incl. Divorce) 8.52%

Tax Law 13.30%

General Practice Law 5.52%

Bankruptcy Law and Tax Law had the highest conversion rates at over 13% each. General Practice Law and Accidents & Personal Injury Law had the lowest conversion rates at 5.52% and 5.45%, respectively.

An uncertain economy and increased inflation have impacted almost every industry’s conversion rates, and the legal industry is no exception. Conversion rates fell for attorneys and legal services by 24% year over year. Keep reading for tips you can use to increase conversion rates for your Google Ads this year.

Legal business category Avg. cost per lead

Accidents & Personal Injury Law $159.17

Criminal Law $101.49

Bankruptcy Law $82.27

Estate & Probate Law (incl. Wills) $72.24

Family Law (incl. Divorce) $103.54

Tax Law $120.30

General Practice Law $96.54

Accidents & Personal Injury Law had the highest CPLs of the legal services businesses at $159.17. Bankruptcy Law saw the lowest CPLs of the bunch at $82.27.

While these numbers are higher than the average CPL across all industries of $53.52, it’s important to look at CPL in the context of average lifetime customer value. While an industry like Restaurants & Food or Animals & Pets may see lower CPLs, their customer value is much lower than that of those in the legal field. This is where understanding your law firm’s marketing ROI can play an important role in determining what a good CPL looks like for your business.

Try Local Services Ads

Plus, to run LSAs, your firm or business has to be Google Screened, which lets potential clients know that you’ve been vetted by Google. People want to make sure they’re finding legal services from businesses they can trust, and this extra vote of confidence from Google can help alleviate some of the hesitations over contacting your firm.

Audit and test your ad copy

This could be even more compelling with a strong CTA.

Speaking of competitors, to improve your ad copy, you can take inventory of how your competitors are talking about their services, what CTAs they’re using, and what they’re communicating about their business. Then you can find ways to tweak your ad copy so it stands out.

Optimize your landing page

You may also need separate landing pages for your keywords, services, or campaigns. The more you can tailor your landing page to a specific query, the better chances you have of conversion. Plus, the more relevant your landing page is to your keywords, the higher your Quality Score will be. And your Quality Score can impact your performance in the Google Ads auction.

This landing page closely matches its Google Ads copy.

By understanding the latest data and how your campaigns compare, you can make meaningful tweaks and optimizations that will drive the best results for your business. It’s important to understand that these benchmarks serve solely as a guidepost—every business is unique, and results will vary depending on a whole host of factors, including keywords, demographic and location targeting, and budget.

About the data Stephanie Heitman

Stephanie is the Associate Director of Content for LocaliQ and WordStream. She has over 10 years of experience in content and social media marketing and loves writing about all things digital marketing. When she’s not researching the latest and greatest marketing news and updates, she’s probably watching reality TV with her husband, reading, or playing with her two pups.

Other posts by Stephanie Heitman

Will Earnings Drive S&P 500 Higher This Week?

The earnings season for Q1 has had a strong start, with banking giant JP Morgan posting record revenue and earnings for the March quarter. The banking giant reported revenue of $39.34 billion and adjusted earnings of $4.32 per share in Q1. Comparatively, Wall Street forecast revenue of $36.19 billion and earnings of $3.41 per share in the quarter.

JPMorgan also surprised Wall Street by increasing its net interest income forecast by $7 billion to $18 billion in 2023.

Wall Street futures are ticking higher today, with investors keeping an eye on the health of corporate America ahead of a crucial earnings week. Futures tied to the S&P 500 gained 0.2%, while Nasdaq-100 futures added 0.1%. Dow Jones Industrial Average futures also ticked up 49 points, or 0.14%, at the time of writing.

Let’s see what investors should expect from the stock market in the upcoming week.

S&P 500 earnings season under the radar

This week is a big one for earnings reports, with financial giants including Charles Schwab (NYSE: SCHW), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS) reporting Q1 results on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, respectively. Other notable names outside of financials include Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA), Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX), and Procter & Gamble (NYSE: PG), which are scheduled to report second-quarter earnings this week.

Corporate earnings got off to a positive start last week, as Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase beat expectations. However, discouraging retail sales data showing a slowdown in consumer spending by 1% in March pulled markets lower on Friday.

However, stocks remained resilient last week, with the Dow positive overall for the fourth straight week and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite both having their fourth week in the green in the last five weeks.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen thinks banks could become more restrictive with lending, which could allow the Fed to stop hiking interest rates. Yellen told CNN on Saturday that the threat of further fallout from the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has been sustained thanks to successful policy actions, while outflows have substantially stabilized.

“Banks are likely to become somewhat more cautious in this environment,” Yellen said. “We already saw some tightening of lending standards in the banking system prior to that episode, and there may be some more to come.” If more tightening comes to fruition, Yellen added, such action could serve as “a substitute for further interest rate hikes that the Fed needs to make.”

Housing market updates and China’s growth

We’ll also get updates on the housing market next week, including March housing starts, building permits, and existing home sales, and the NAHB’s Housing Market Index for April. The U.S. housing market could be experiencing a rebound after a sharp slowdown in 2023 amid slowing annual price gains and a pullback in mortgage rates.

China will issue first-quarter gross domestic product (GDP) figures on Monday. China’s economy likely expanded 2.2% in the first quarter, or 4% year-over-year, after recording no growth in the previous quarter. For all of 2023, the economy is projected to grow 5.4% after expanding just 3% last year in what was the slowest expansion in decades.

As we head into another busy week of earnings and economic data releases, it’s important to keep an eye on the global economy and its impact on the markets. Stay tuned for updates and analysis throughout the week.

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