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How to start using Google Duo for video chat

Setup your Google Duo account:

First, download the Google Dup app from the Play Store and complete the painless setup process. It will ask for your cell number so it can send a verification code via text, which allows Duo to link your cell number to your Google Duo account. The app recognizes anyone who’s signed up for Duo using phone numbers stored in a device’s contacts list. By verifying and linking your cell number to your account, your friends will be able to see that you’re available for Duo video chats.

Something else that should be mentioned here is a feature called “Knock Knock”. Instead of seeing the photo that’s associated with your contact information, Knock Knock lets the person whom you are calling actually see you via your front-facing camera before he or she answers the call. It’s a bit of an odd feature that has brought up issues concerning privacy, but you have the option to turn off Knock Knock in the settings. If you have Knock Knock turned on, make sure you’re actually ready for your video chat before you begin initiating the connection.

Getting started with video chat on Google Hangouts

Sign up for Hangouts

: Chances are you’ve already signed up for Hangouts and used it for one reason or another. It doesn’t require a cell phone number and comes pre-installed on virtually all Android phones, so all it takes to start using it is to be signed into your Google account.

Start Skyping in three easy steps

Download Skype app and create an account:

First, you’ll need to download the Skype app from the Play Store on your Android smartphone. Upon opening Skype for the first time, you’ll be prompted to log in or create an account; choose the latter option. You’ll be required to provide either your phone number or your email address so that other Skype users can find you and engage in video chats, voice calls, and instant messaging.

Using Facebook Messenger for video chat

Download and sign into Facebook Messenger:

You probably already have Facebook Messenger set up; however, if you’ve not yet used it, download Facebook Messenger from the Play Store. Open the app and either sign into your Facebook account or follow the prompts to create a new one. It will ask for your cell number, which is optional; providing your cell number will allow people with whom you’re not Facebook friends but who have your cell number saved in their phones to contact you via Facebook Messenger.

Find someone for a video chat:

After logging into Facebook Messenger, you’ll be taken to the main screen where you’ll see any messages you’ve exchanged with Facebook friends in the past. If you have “favorited” any of your friends, you’ll likely see a special section for your favorite contacts here, too. If you don’t see anyone with whom you want to video chat, look to the tabs running along the top of the screen and choose the icon that looks like a telephone. This will take you to a list of your contacts who are ready and able to receive voice calls and video chats.

Initiate the video chat:

Once you’ve found the person with whom you want to video chat, it’s as simple as pressing the corresponding button. Beside each person on the list, you’ll see two icons, a telephone and a video camera. Press the video camera and Facebook Messenger will begin to “call” the recipient much like a regular phone call. Be aware that while you wait for an answer, the call will be minimized to a small window at the top-right corner of the screen, allowing you to continue using your device while you wait for your recipient to answer.

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7 Best Beginner Cryptos To Invest In

2.LastChain (LAST): Discovering the full potential of Web 3.0

LastChain is a Web 3.0 platform where users can access cutting-edge tools to deploy secure and scalable dApps. It also doubles up as a decentralized exchange where you can also stake NFTs. Its native token is LAST and it’s built on the ERC-20 protocol of the Ethereum network. The team has been working hard to roll out a sovereign public chain called LastChain. It would be a Layer 1 permissionless blockchain that would ramp up LastChain’s utility and make it an ideal cryptocurrency for beginners. Its key USPs are ensuring highly-scalable tools at cost-effective rates and a user-friendly interface. Moreover, LastSwap is the network’s in-house exchange for cryptocurrencies and can offer users quick, seamless, and pocket-friendly services. Another feature of the blockchain that has been garnering a lot of attention is Last Bridge which facilitates seamless transfers of assets and data between Ethereum and the LastChain ecosystem. Minus the complications, the transfer service comes without any hidden charges.

3. Goracle (GORA): Bringing the power of real-world data to DeFi platforms

Goracle’s journey to the list of top crypto coins is a perfect example of how a crypto project can be successful by solving a crucial industry problem. As blockchains are decentralized and do not have access to real-world data, dApps are often limited in their capabilities. Goracle solves the problem by providing developers with an Oracles-based tool that matches the security framework of a blockchain. Goracle facilitates this by leveraging the proof-of-stake consensus algorithm to offer the same level of speed and security as Algorand – the blockchain it is built on. What further pushes Goracle’s capability is that it uses quality enterprise data that ensures complete transparency. The community members also get to have a say in deciding which data providers can be allowed to join its network. Like most other blockchains, Goracle has a network of nodes/validators to keep its ecosystem secure. Users who volunteer to operate as validators or nodes are rewarded with LAST tokens.

4. MaziMatic (MZM): Unleashing the potential of virtual reality and Metaverse

It might be among the new alt coins but don’t dismiss MaziMatic too soon. The decentralized platform leverages reality to create a dynamic play-to-earn platform where users are rewarded handsomely for their participation. Powered by the Polygon network, MaziMatic’s services are also preferred by users because of its low transaction fee. Its native token MZM opens many doors for users and is the key crypto token on the network. Those interested can also create their own Metaverse platforms by using MaziMatic’s next-generation Web 3.0 technology that can help you scale to reach out to a global audience. Talking about the games that one will come across on MaziMatic, Partyverse is among the most popular ones on the network. One can jump straight into the realm of MaziMatic and have a good time with thousands of other virtual users. From live performances to foot-tapping music, there’s a lot to look forward to. What’s more, if you don’t like the party, you can always teleport to another party. 

5. Swot Token (SWOT): A blockchain solution to capitalize on your talent and skills

The SWOT token is a unique crypto project where users come together to share their skills and talents to build unique products while exploring new opportunities. In other words, a crypto user can be a seller, buyer, business owner, or even an investor.  The word SWOT here stands for ‘Solutions for Wealth, Opportunities and Time-freedom’. What makes it a good crypto to buy is the fact that users get to earn high revenue by choosing opportunities that best complement their talent and knowledge. Its native token is SWOT and it’s used for all transactional uses. Its USPs include SWOTMART which is an e-commerce portal where registered users can purchase a wide range of products using their SWOT tokens. SWOT token also offers its users the SWOT Wallet that can be used for holding and storing tokens by earning passive income on them. 

6. Censis Wallet (CWK): Making crypto payments seamless 7. Vivi (VIVI): Ecosystem of dApps to promote passive incomes

The beginner cryptocurrency has been a game-changer for the decentralized gaming and entertainment ecosystem by introducing a unique dynamic that enables users to maximize their passive earnings while accessing a multitude of opportunities. Vivi is a decentralized ecosystem of dApps that facilitate secure Web 3.0 interactions. Vivi Academy and Vivi LiveVivi Sport are among the platform’s core products that open a world of opportunities for their users. These dApps enable users to share and interact with videos and earn rewards for their participation. Its native token is called VIVI and it is used for all types of transactional uses on the platform. At the same time, the platform’s smart contracts take care of tasks like creating and sharing video content and managing users’ accounts and rewards.

10 Things Every Beginner Photographer Should Learn And Practice

10 Things Every Beginner Photographer Should Learn + Practice

Thinking back to when I first started photography, I remember how daunting it felt. The gap between where I was and the types of photos I wanted to take seemed impossibly large. Many beginners struggle to find a bearing to follow in their quests to become better photographers, so you aren’t alone. Of course, with practice and time, you will improve, but what if you want to streamline this process. What are the exact things that every beginner photographer should practice to improve their photography?

This article will help you to find a new sense of purpose in your photography and figure out what areas are most important to improve on. By putting to use the tips outlined here, you’ll be able to stay more focused and clear on what areas of photography you should practice more of.

#1. Learn Your Camera Like The Back Of Your Hand

One of the most important things every beginner photographer should learn is their camera’s! This may seem counter-intuitive at first, but it’s absolutely essential if you want to improve. If you don’t know the ins and outs of your camera, how can you capture a great image?

There isn’t some secret formula to magically learn your camera. The only answer is time and practice. The more you play around with your camera, the faster you’re going to learn everything it can do! A lot of beginner photographers will focus immediately on trying to capture photos, even though they’ve never browsed through their menu settings.

The next time you’re idle and watching TV, take out your camera and take a moment to flip through the menus. Press buttons you’ve never pressed before and see what happens. Your camera won’t suddenly combust or break in two, but you will absolutely learn a little something new! Another option is to take a browse through your camera’s user manual. This can be tedious and admittedly a bit boring, but there is so much useful information in there you may be missing!

Learning the ins and outs of your camera is a huge part of taking better images. Not only because you know what every button will do, but you’ll gain the confidence to change settings more efficiently. The more efficient you become, the fewer photo opportunities you miss because you weren’t ready for the shot.

Get out, practice, and see what your camera is capable of!

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#2. Start Using Manual Mode

Manual mode is one of the most intimidating camera modes for beginner photographers. In this mode, you’re in charge of all your settings and in total control of your camera. There are no more automatic settings to help you along to capture the photo you want.

The earlier you start using manual mode, the sooner you’ll be able to experiment with more creative aspects of your photography. You’ll have the know-how to capture literally anything you want to from stars, long exposures, action sports you name it. Manual mode teaches you more about your camera settings than any other camera mode. It gives you real-time feedback, and you learn more quickly through trial and error.

If you want to learn how to get started with manual mode, be sure down download my free Photography Essentials Ebook!

#3. Learn The 3 Pillars Of Exposure

The three pillars of exposure are the settings that are key to every image you take. The three pillars are shutter speed, aperture, and ISO.

Shutter Speed: Controls the way motion is captured. Depending on how fast your shutter speed is, you can freeze fast-moving objects or create motion blur for creative purposes.

Aperture: Works to limit the amount of light that can pass through your lens and how much is in focus at once. It can be used to change the exposure of your photo and also dictate your background blur.

ISO: This setting works to fill the gaps between your shutter speed and aperture settings. The ISO setting increases the sensitivity of your camera’s sensor to light, creating a brighter image.

By learning these three settings, you’ll find choosing camera settings and understanding manual mode a breeze. Although simple, these settings are in charge of creating every image you take. That’s why it’s so important to use them, right!

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#4. Don’t Limit Yourself To One Genre

Many beginner photographers should learn how to be competent across multiple genres of photography. Some beginners can have a one-track mind and only focus on one type of photography they think is best.

Trying out genres that are entirely different from the ones you typically favor is the best way to identify weaknesses in your work. Each genre of photography has its own set of challenges that you can learn from. By practicing with a few different styles, you’ll be amazed at how your skills will progress. If you want to be a great photographer, it’s essential to be well rounded in your abilities.

#5. Try To Emulate Someone Else’s Work

Every photographer has someone whose work they look up to and feel inspired by. This is the type of inspiration you can use as an incentive to practice a new skill or push your creative vision. One of the best ways to improve your own photography is to try to emulate the work of someone you look up to. Try to imagine yourself in that photographer’s shoes. How would they take this photo? What might they change about the image you just captured?

Practicing this is a great way to get outside of your head and do things in a way you wouldn’t normally. Emulating other’s work is a fantastic way to develop your own style as a photographer to make your images uniquely you. Although you are trying to ‘copy’ what someone else has done, you are also practicing new techniques you may have never tried before. Each technique you learn builds into your stockpile of skills that you can choose from later.

As you play around with a handful of different styles, you’ll start to pick and choose certain aspects that you really enjoy. Whether it be the lenses you use, the colors you include in edits, or how you pose your models are all aspects that you will pick up on over time. Eventually, you’ll connect all the pieces and use this variety of new skills to develop a photographic style that’s uniquely yours.

#6. Practice Editing Your Photos

The truth is, editing your photos is going to enhance them. If you want to start experiencing more quick wins for your photography, start editing your images. Editing your photos doesn’t have to be a crazy process that makes your photo unrecognizable. Rather than seeing is at a way to ‘change’ your image, think of it as a way to enhance it. To make the colors that are already there come to life. To make the clouds look a little more epic or your sunset more colorful.

Learning how to edit your photos as a beginner is a great way to further develop your style. Yes, you can show off your style by the way you capture a picture, but I genuinely believe your unique ‘look’ will come mostly through photo editing. The earlier you get started with editing your images, the quicker you can begin refining your style.

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#7. Become More Conscious Of light

In the most basic sense, photography is all about capturing light. Taking note of the way light is falling across the scene or the way it hits a subject. Unfortunately, many beginner photographers neglect the importance of light in their photos. Becoming more conscious of light is an easy way to level up the quality of your images.

You may be wondering what it means to be aware of light when you see it all around you. How can you not notice it? Rather than just acknowledging that it’s there, take a look at the color and brightness of a light. Look at how its illuminating a room or hitting someone’s face. Become aware of light and shadows and how it changes appearance on someone’s body as they move. Once you see how light is continually changing, you can develop a keener sense of how to capture it in your photography.

There are a few great methods to help you practice becoming conscious of light. Something as simple as photographing someone near a window is a good starting ground. Pay close attention to how the light on their face becomes more flattering or less depending on how they stand.

Another excellent method to help you practice being more conscious of light is with black and white photography. With this style of image, there are no colors you can hide behind. If the lighting looks terrible, it’s going to be glaringly apparent!

I outline more tips to help you become more conscious of light in my free 12-weeks to photography blueprint!

#8. Make The Most Of The Equipment You Have

The truth is, you’re the one that captures a great image, not your camera. You can capture anything you want with the gear you currently own, you just may have to get creative with it in some instances. Rather than finding a reason why you can’t capture something because you don’t have the ‘right lens’ or a ‘good enough’ camera, get out there and try anyway. Whether you’re shooting on a GoPro, a smartphone, or a $7000 DSLR, you’re still in charge of how the photo turns out.

The truth is, you’re the one that captures a great image, not your camera. You can capture anything you want with the gear you currently own, you just may have to get creative with it in some instances. Rather than finding a reason why you can’t capture something because you don’t have the ‘right lens’ or a ‘good enough’ camera, get out there and try anyway. Whether you’re shooting on a GoPro, a smartphone, or a $7000 DSLR, you’re still in charge of how the photo turns out.

It’s important to realize that there is a workaround for nearly everything you feel stuck on. Expensive gear doesn’t equal better images. If you wish your photos were better now, you’ll still feel the same way if you spent a load of cash on a more expensive camera. Beginner photographers need to practice more with the gear they have if you want to improve.

Eventually, you will feel limited about the capabilities of your camera, and you’ll know it’s time to upgrade. Until you get that feeling, keep practicing with what you own to max out your skills!

#9. Focus On Your Composition

So many people like to focus only on camera settings and not about composition. Although getting your settings right is an integral part of any photo, it won’t matter if the shot is framed weirdly. In the most basic sense, the composition is the way everything in your picture is positioned. There are a countless number of rules around composition that all photographers use to help them frame their photos more professionally.

If you’re completely new to composition, it’s best to start small and not overwhelm yourself with the countless rules that are out there. That’s why I put together a list of the 5 most important rules of composition for beginner photographers. From the rule of thirds, light and dark, leading lines, depth, and frame within a frame, this post shares the must-know rules you can begin applying into your photography instantly.

#10. Capture What Makes You Excited

If you want to improve your photography, it’s important to have fun. Just like anything in life, if it feels like a chore, it’s unlikely you’ll feel inspired to do it. To get better at photography, it takes a whole lot of practice. Thankfully it’s a ton of fun to get out and explore with your camera, especially with a friend! Getting excited about taking photos for no other reason great than ‘I feel like it’ is a massive part of improving your work.

If you’re wondering how to get more excited about taking photos, try to focus on a style of photography that inspires you. Try to visit locations you’ve never been before, ask people to shoot that you’ve never met before, or try a genre of photography that pushes your comfort levels. These are all great ways to change things up and make you feel excited about what’s coming next. If you need a little extra, pick me up, try these awesome tips to stay motivated in your photography!


It’s not always clear to see the things every beginner photographer should know, especially if you don’t have anyone to show you the way. If you don’t have someone to mentor you it can feel like a guessing game as to whether you’re actually improving. By putting to use the 10 tips outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to photographic success!

If you enjoyed this article and have a beginner photographer in your life, make sure to share this post with them!

If you want more articles like this one, make sure to subscribe to my weekly newsletter for more photography and photo editing tutorials delivered straight to your inbox!

How To Connect A Macbook To A Tv

Your MacBook has a beautiful display, and it’s excellent for any kind of work on the laptop – but if you want to watch your favorite show or play content stored on your Mac, you may wish to connect it to a TV.

There are multiple ways to do this. Some require a physical cable, while others need nothing more than a steady Wi-Fi connection. Regardless of which method you choose, you’ll be able to watch your favorite content on the TV – and it’ll look pretty good, too.

Table of Contents

Connect Your Macbook With an HDMI Cable

The most basic and straightforward option is to connect an HDMI cable to your Macbook and the other end to your TV. Once you do this, just switch the input to the correct HDMI port and your Macbook screen will appear on your TV. Be aware that your computer will change resolution and appear scaled on the TV.

If you’re using an older Macbook Pro, it might have an HDMI port. If it’s a newer Macbook model, you might need a Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter. Some older-model Macbooks also support Mini DisplayPort, giving you even more connection options.

If you don’t have an HDMI port, you can also use a USB-C port to HDMI or DVI port adapter. Most newer models of MacBook Pros or MacBook Airs are equipped with Thunderbolt 2 or Thunderbolt ports, but other Apple devices like the Mac Mini have different types of ports.

Connect Your MacBook With Screen Mirroring

One of the easiest ways to share your MacBook screen with another device is through screen mirroring. A smart TV will work well for this, but if you don’t have a smart TV, you can connect a Roku, Google Chromecast, or Amazon Firestick to achieve the same result.

Select the

Control Center

in the top right of your screen.

Select the Screen Mirroring icon and then select which device you’d like to cast to. All compatible devices will appear; if none show up, ensure your MacBook and the streaming device are on the same Wi-Fi.

If you haven’t connected to this device before, you’ll be prompted to enter a code on your MacBook. Once you enter it, you will automatically be connected to the device, and your Mac screen will appear on it.

To stop mirroring your display, select the device within the Control Center again. Your MacBook screen will return to normal.

When mirrored, any content will appear the same on both. Even if you use something like Flux to reduce the brightness of your Mac, connecting an external monitor will disable it.

Connect Your MacBook With AirPlay

The majority of modern smart TVs are compatible with AirPlay. This allows you to stream video and audio over your Wi-Fi network straight to your TV. AirPlay is virtually the same as screen mirroring, but you can often choose to use AirPlay directly from the content.


Add Display.

Your Macbook will automatically add it as an external display. You’ll be able to adjust your settings. If your TV’s resolution is higher than your Macbook, the image can be pixelated. In situations like this, watch content in windowed mode.

AirPlay works with many streaming devices but is most effective when paired with an Apple TV. You can also use AirPlay to stream content from your iPhone or iPad, too.

Although it might not seem like it, video input choice matters. It affects the resolution and ultimate quality of the stream. For example, watching Netflix directly on your TV will look different than if you watch it on your Mac and stream it to the big screen. Streaming over Wi-Fi is more convenient, but a steady connection like an HDMI cable will have better output.

Of course, it also depends on your TV screen. If your TV isn’t an HDTV, then it doesn’t matter what you use – content will look noticeably worse than on a higher-end screen. If you plan to watch a lot of content, but don’t have a modern TV, consider looking into a smart TV option. Both Vizio and Samsung have affordable, budget-friendly picks that make upgrading a lot easier than you might think.

Is A Gaming Laptop Better Than A Macbook?

Is a gaming laptop better than a MacBook?

We compare Gaming laptop vs MacBook and ask: Is a gaming laptop better than a MacBook?

So, Is a gaming laptop better than a MacBook? Well hold on to your headwear, but for gaming, the answer is a resounding yes. For other uses though, the answer isn’t as clear cut, and ultimately depends on what you prioritize.

See the comparison below for a more thorough breakdown of the relative pros of both.

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Gaming laptop vs MacBook

Gaming laptop pros

Access to Windows software: Gaming laptops are Windows laptops, and Windows machines have access to a much wider range of software than is available on the MacOS.

Game compatibility: The fact is there are comparatively far fewer game titles that you can even play on a MacBook compared to a Windows gaming laptop, which is compatible with virtually everything. Even those titles that do technically play on Mac sometimes run very poorly, suffering crashses, bugs, or just lower-than expected performance (more on this below).

Hardware and OS optimized to play games: It’s somewhat obvious that a gaming laptop will be better at playing games, however it’s important to note why. The Windows operating system is just far better suited to getting the most out of a CPU, GPU, and the other internal components than MacOS is when it comes to gaming. This means a MacBook with similarly powerful internal components just won’t run games with as high FPS as you’d get on a Windows gaming laptop, not to mention it often won’t support features like Ray Tracing to the same degree, nor come with features like a MUX Switch.

More powerful CPU, GPU, RAM & SSD options: You are able to get more powerful specifications in a gaming laptop than you can in a MacBook, which translates to better performance in game.

Higher maximum refresh rate: Some of the new MacBook Pros can boost up to 120Hz, but the majority are capped at 60Hz, which is below what you’d want if you’re playing any kind of competitive shooter as it effectively caps you to 60FPS. By definition, gaming laptops tend to have a minimum of 120Hz, and often 144Hz-165Hz refresh rate displays, which is fine for most gamers, though those interested in maximising in-game performance have 240Hz, 300Hz, or 360Hz options.

Much more cost-effective: Whilst the price of gaming laptops varies considerably, almost all of them will let you get core specifications of similar power to a MacBook, for considerably less money. Most of what you’re paying for in a MacBook is the brand, which doesn’t translate to actual performance.

MacBook pros (no pun intended)

Is a gaming laptop better than a MacBook? Final Word

We hope this short guide has helped you answer the question: Is a gaming laptop better than a MacBook? In terms of how it applies to you. Make sure you have a look at our different best gaming laptop guides (organized by price point in the mega menu), which includes the best gaming laptop under $500, best gaming laptop under $1,000, and best gaming laptop under $2,000.

Qué Regalarle A Un Amigo/A Por Reyes

Así que, si tienes dudas sobre qué puedes regalarle a tu amigo o amiga, ¡no te preocupes! En este artículo te ofrecemos ideas de regalos para Reyes. Muchos de ellos son regalos personalizados (que suelen gustar bastante) y también regalos que no te costarán una fortuna.

Caja de regalo: Álbum de fotos

Este regalo nos encanta porque podrás personalizarlo con fotos y notas. Además, conforme lo vaya abriendo irá descubriendo todos los detalles que hayas escondido en él. 

En el interior puedes guardar el regalo (aunque la caja-álbum ya nos parece un regalo en sí mismo). Tal vez un pequeño detalle de los que escribimos a continuación.

Cuesta 14,99 € y puedes comprarlo en Amazon España.

Succionador de clítoris Womanizer

¿Has pensado en regalar placer? Cada vez el placer femenino está más normalizado, sobre todo gracias a la existencia de este tipo de marcas que se centran en crear productos para estimular el clítoris. 

¿No te parece una idea de regalo maravillosa? Esta marca Womanizer ofrece productos de calidad, diseñados con productos de alta calidad y diseños ergonómicos capaces de adaptarse a cualquier necesidad y gusto. 

Además, esta Navidad, el modelo Womanazer Classic cuesta 119 €.

Pulsera personalizada

La tienda online Al Natural ofrece distintos modelos de pulseras que podrás personalizar con el mensaje que tu elijas, tal vez una palabra que suelas usar con tu amiga o una frase que identifique vuestra amistad. 

Puedes consultar toda su selección de productos en su página web, cuentan con bisutería, pero también pulseras de tela de todo tipo. Merece la pena echarle un vistazo. 

El modelo de la foto cuesta 18 € en su página web. 

Taza de Mr Wonderful

Mr Wonderful es una marca que se caracteriza por ofrecer distintos productos con frases motivadoras y, como no, también incluye frases de exaltación de la amistad. 

En su catálogo hemos encontrado esta taza con un mensaje que seguro que le encanta leer a tu amigo o amiga. 

Puedes comprarla en su página web por 13,95 €.

Kit “Amiga eres la familia que se elige” de UO

Al igual que Mr Wonderful, la marca UO cuenta con un amplio catálogo de ideas de regalos que te ayudarán a sacarle una sonrisa a tu amiga o amigo. 

En este caso, nos ha encantado este kit “Amiga eres la familia que se elige”. Incluye un par de calcetines con la misma frase que da nombre al kit, una pulsera charm y una postal para que puedas escribirle esas palabras que tanto la/lo emocionarán.

Cuesta 44,95 € en la web de WearUO.

Lámpara 3D personalizada

Esta lámpara 3D te permite elegir la foto que quieras para que cada vez que se encienda tu amiga o amigo pueda ver la foto que hayas elegido. 

La lámpara no necesita pilas, se conecta con un USB. Los colores van cambiando, podrá elegir el que más le guste. La placa es de metracrilato rígido transparente, solo tendrás que enviar la foto que deseas a Wanapix, la empresa que comercializa este modelo de lámpara.

Cuesta 19,90 € y puede comprarse en su página web.

Libro: Morder la manzana

¿Has pensado en regalar un libro? Un libro siempre es un buen regalo, sobre todo si, como este de Leticia Dolera, te ayuda a aprender de temas tan necesarios y urgentes como el feminismo. 

Obviamente, la elección del libro dependerá de la persona a la que se lo vas a regalar. Si buscas inspiración, hemos recogido también nuestra guía con los mejores libros electrónicos o eBooks.

Este libro, Morder la manzana de Leticia Dolera puede comprarse en la web Planeta de Libros y cuesta 17,90 €.

Tarjeta regalo Netflix

Si tu amigo o amiga es fanático de las últimas series del momento o disfruta viendo una película detrás de otra, regalarle una suscripción a plataformas que ofrecen este tipo de contenido, como Netflix o HBO, puede ser un regalo útil y original al mismo tiempo. 

En este caso, debes saber que Netflix ofrece la posibilidad de comprar tarjetas regalo. Cuando la compres, la persona que la reciba tendrá que canjearla en su propia cuenta Netflix para que se le descuente de su propia suscripción. 

Puedes leer toda la información respecto a las tarjetas regalo de Netflix en su página web. 

How To Insert A Record Into A Table In A Database Using Jdbc Api?

A. You can insert records in to a table using the INSERT query.

Syntax INSERT INTO TABLE_NAME (column1, column2, column3,...columnN) VALUES (value1, value2, value3,...valueN); Or, | Field   | Type          | Null | Key | Default | Extra | | ID      | int(11)       | NO   | PRI | NULL   | | | NAME    | varchar(20)   | NO   |     | NULL    | | | AGE     | int(11)       | NO   |     | NULL    | | | SALARY  | decimal(18,2) | YES  |     | NULL    | | | ADDRESS | char(25)      | YES  |     | NULL    | | import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.SQLException; import java.sql.Statement; public class InsertRecordsExample {    public static void main(String args[]) throws SQLException {             DriverManager.registerDriver(new com.mysql.jdbc.Driver());             String mysqlUrl = "jdbc:mysql://localhost/mydatabase";       Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection(mysqlUrl, "root", "password");       System.out.println("Connection established......");             Statement stmt = con.createStatement();             String query = "INSERT INTO CUSTOMERS(" + "ID, Name, AGE, SALARY, ADDRESS) VALUES "          + "(1, 'Amit', 25, 3000, 'Hyderabad'), "          + "(2, 'Kalyan', 27, 4000, 'Vishakhapatnam'), "          + "(3, 'Renuka', 30, 5000, 'Delhi'), "          + "(4, 'Archana', 24, 1500, 'Mumbai'),"          + "(5, 'Koushik', 30, 9000, 'Kota'),"          + "(6, 'Hardik', 45, 6400, 'Bhopal'),"          + "(7, 'Trupthi', 33, 4360, 'Ahmedabad'),"          + "(8, 'Mithili', 26, 4100, 'Vijayawada'),"          + "(9, 'Maneesh', 39, 4000, 'Hyderabad'),"          + "(10, 'Rajaneesh', 30, 6400, 'Delhi'),"          + "(11, 'Komal', 29, 8000, 'Ahmedabad'),"          + "(12, 'Manyata', 25, 5000, 'Vijayawada')";       int i = stmt.executeUpdate(query);     System.out.println("Rows inserted: "+i); } } Output Connection established...... | ID | NAME      | AGE  | SALARY | ADDRESS         | | 1  | Amit      | 25   | 3000.00 | Hyderabad      | | 2  | Kalyan    | 27   | 4000.00 | Vishakhapatnam | | 3  | Renuka    | 30   | 5000.00 | Delhi          | | 4  | Archana   | 24   | 1500.00 | Mumbai         | | 5  | Koushik   | 30   | 9000.00 | Kota           | | 6  | Hardik    | 45   | 6400.00 | Bhopal         | | 7  | Trupthi   | 33   | 4360.00 | Ahmedabad      | | 8  | Mithili   | 26   | 4100.00 | Vijayawada     | | 9  | Maneesh   | 39   | 4000.00 | Hyderabad     | | 10 | Rajaneesh | 30   | 6400.00 | Delhi | | 11 | Komal     | 29   | 8000.00 | Ahmedabad | | 12 | Manyata   | 25   | 5000.00 | Vijayawada | 12 rows in set (0.06 sec)

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