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7 Best Youtube Seo Software [2023 Guide]




If you have a blog or a Youtube channel, definitely you will have to boost your rankings in order to meet your goals, objectives, and KPIs.

Youtube is a video content tool that

has over 1 billion which is the second largest search engine on the planet, so it is complicated to be in the top-ranking position considering the competition.

We found the best YouTube SEO software that will help you raise your authority and get your video content to the right audience.

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Anyone who has shared video content online via social media knows the power of YouTube SEO software in raking in the views and likes.

When it comes to video, the numbers don’t lie. If you look at the top three social media channels that people share and consume video content, that is Snapchat, Facebook and YouTube, you cannot afford to ignore the SEO component.

There’s a high, and increasing demand for video content, plus, YouTube has over 1 billion users making it the second largest search engine on the planet.

Your best bet to get noticed among the billions of videos uploaded is to invest in YouTube SEO software.

In fact, statistics from various social media surveys and research, reveal that video content is experiencing a meteoric rise, with an eleven times higher surge expected between 2023 and 2023.

This just goes to show you how much you need to get yourself a YouTube SEO software that will not only help you meet your goals, objectives, and KPIs, but also get your content to the right eyeballs.

This article explores the best YouTube SEO software you can pick from to execute your video content plan, and rank your video content better on organic searches.

YouTube SEO software to boost your search rankings 1. Serpstat’s YouTube SEO Software (recommended)

As a YouTube SEO software, SerpStats provides keywords based on Google Suggest, generating key phrases you can use through a filtering mechanism that delivers not just phrases, but also the kinds of queries people type in search fields.

This is a more useful SEO tool as it delves deeper into what exactly is searched for, not just generating suggestions or auto-complete results.

⇒ Try Serpstat free here

2. YouTube Search Filters as a YouTube SEO tool

Most people, video creators included, would do some online research before they embark on producing and finally uploading video content. This helps in brainstorming as well as opening your mind to what is possible, what gaps exist, and what you can do differently with your content to make it unique, shareable, and create high engagement. Most of all, to get noticed by your target audience.

This is where YouTube Search Filters come into play.

You can choose the topics, keywords, and even sort them by relevance for example if you check the most recent videos or specific dates. You can also sort videos by rating so you can see what your audience loves and thinks highly of.

Check for channels and playlists to see what those in your industry are doing, especially if you want to be more unique and fill a specific need. This will really help you with your search engine optimization for your video content.

3. YouTube Search Auto-Suggest as a YouTube SEO tool

This YouTube SEO software uses long-tail key phrases to get more specific keywords and get ranked for your unique keywords that bring more organic traffic to your video content.

It’s more like using Google’s auto-complete function when you’re searching for long-tail keywords.

YouTube, too, gives you the option of using auto-complete or auto-suggest, which helps you also tailor your keywords to match the popular online searches.

When you open YouTube, you’d normally type in your search terms and it automatically generates suggestions and search results.

From the long-tail key phrases you type into the search field, YouTube’s autocomplete/auto-suggest function will bring up different results in the specific topic, and from there you can gauge what your audience looks for mostly.

It is rich and easy to use resource for keyword ideas.

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4. Google Plus as a YouTube SEO tool

This is a rich resource for ideas on keywords. It not only lets you get more ideas to enhance your video content but also gives you the latest trends and user-generated content that relate to your content.

Expert tip:

Everyone needs to know the latest and hottest trends, because without them, then you’d probably be creating stuff for your eyes only.

5. Cyfe YouTube SEO Software

This is a YouTube SEO software that delivers amazing results for your video content marketing needs.

With Cyfe, you can monitor various search results from different social platforms such as Twitter or Google Plus, which reference YouTube videos with your keywords or key phrases, and also get different variations on hashtags. It helps you track brand mentions, fan growth, demographics and other metrics.

You can also monitor your emails, and other analytics, and finally, generate automated reports from the same.

It comes with a user-friendly dashboard and it has a free version with great features. Cyfe also lets you track different websites to see top referral links, SEO keyword or key phrase rankings, and simultaneously monitor IT metrics such as your website’s uptime, app performance, and server load, among others.

Download Cyfe from the tool’s official website.

6. Vidiq YouTube SEO Software

This YouTube SEO software tool that helps you with your keyword insights, tags, and keyword research.

It gives you insights on how to rank for a specific keyword, thus you can determine whether your video content will rank effectively, or not.

Like Cyfe, this tool lets you monitor social media channels for metrics such as brand mentions, competitor analysis, and top-performing video content.

When you connect your YouTube account to Vidiq, the software imports all the video content on your channel and this reflects on your Vidiq dashboard so you can monitor everything from one place. With Vidiq, you can track social chatter, engage your audience, maximize your organic reach and also collaborate with your team (if you’re working with one).

You can request a demo on Vidiq’s official website.

7. TubeBuddy YouTube SEO Software

Besides this, the tool’s salient features include:

Transcriptions that you can use as articles if you have a website

A/B testing functionality, which lets you test your video’s tags, descriptions, titles and other elements that affect search results and traffic

Opportunities you can exploit for your video content

Best practice audit to ensure you don’t make mistakes with your videos

Download TubeBuddy.

Useful tips to optimize your video for YouTube SEO

While having YouTube SEO software is great, it’s good to know how to actually optimize your video content so as to achieve the best SEO rankings.

Here are some useful tips you can use to get you started:

Include your focus keyword on video filenames as Google uses this to determine the content you upload. Put the most important tags first so your video can be discovered, especially in the ‘related videos’ section.

Use a minimum of five words for your videos so as to include your focus keyword with a long-tail key phrase.

Search engines like Google depend on the description on your video to gauge its quality, content type, and depth, so you need to get this right. Give specific descriptions with focus keywords, for a minimum of 200 words. You can include a link to your site to drive traffic back your way.

Build engagement by encouraging your audience to share your videos as this tells search engines your content is good and popular.

You can also distribute your video content by placing the link on email signatures, embedding on your website, or even sharing on high traffic sites such as Quora and other social media channels.

Create playlists rich in keywords by grouping your videos according to similar themes. This lets YouTube in on what your videos are about.

Research your target audience then use the findings to make decisions on your video’s tone, style and watch time (length). Videos of more than 5 minutes seem to get more views these days. Just make it good enough to offer value.

Note: Google generally uses video results for how-to content, reviews, tutorials, fitness content, and funny or humorous videos, so you can borrow a leaf from this when creating your video content.

Do you have a YouTube SEO software tool? Tell us your experience and whether any of these came in handy.

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5+ Best Local Seo Software

5+ best local SEO software [Free, Paid]




SEO works when you optimize your site to provide amazing content while also providing a brilliant user experience for search engine users.

The key to local SEO, like with SEO in general, is to capture someone’s attention while they are still receptive.

Identifying the core keywords to target is often very simple and self-explanatory for the majority of small companies.

The free SEO audit will go through your site’s URLs and alert you to any problems with titles or shallow content.

Numerous surveys have shown that more than 70% of consumers perform internet searches before visiting a business or making a purchase.

Search engine optimization (SEO), also known as organic search marketing, is simply a process that sends signals to search engines that your site is the best, most trusted, and most authoritative in your industry.

What is the best way to do local SEO?

They’re a great source for targeted traffic, so in order to prove that yours is the best site worth showing to your target audience, you can do either of two things:

Get an SEO specialist to ensure you rank at the top of search engine results

Get an SEO software tool that can analyze your site and help you rank better.

A specialist will analyze, review, and implement changes to your site so as to optimize it for search engines – in short, they know which buttons to press to get you at the top.

Identifying the right local SEO software and implementing it can make all the difference in terms of a local business’s online visibility.

What parameters should I look for in a local SEO software?

An effective keyword tool research includes competition analysis, as well as the insights of strategies you employ to get a higher position and a clear outcome.

Consider the local SEO software provider’s ability to offer you a website audit with suggestions for improvement in search engines depending on your location.

SEO execution on several platforms, including social, mobile, and desktop, with change tracking and monitoring data, is a cornerstone of an active online presence and a consumer trust builder.

Last but not least, customer support with ongoing expert coaching is an important factor to consider when selecting a local SEO software provider.

Remember that in such a competitive industry, you should only get the service from a trustworthy vendor, through the company’s official website, to avoid any scams or money waste.

Now that you know what SEO software can do for you, and what to consider as you look for one, the next step is to find a reliable tool.

What are the best local SEO software to boost my rankings?

This tool offers comprehensive keyword research, domain analytics, backlink tracking, as well as search breakdowns on desktop and mobile platforms.

Although it is not as compact as Moz Pro, this tool has a fantastic feature called SEO ideas, which gives it a competitive edge over other tools.

It also comes with Trello integration, which means you can create a task and delegate to your team.

Why we like SEMrush:

Its SEO ideas feature offers unique value

Identifies high probability ranking pages

Hyper-local SEO targeting

Keyword suggestions

Proactive SEO recommendations

Custom business solutions for special marketing needs such as on-site training, add-on features, and custom keyword databases

Position tracking tool checks which keywords trigger different SERP features, both owned by you and those owned by your competitors


All the tools and reports your business needs nowadays to stay ahead of the competition and attract growth.

Free trial Visit website

This tool is revered for its exceptional web crawling capabilities (over 6 billion pages on a daily basis), comprehensive domain monitoring and analysis, as well as in-depth SERP analysis.

Ahrefs comes with a dashboard that displays everything you need to execute your SEO activities, both in summarized and detailed formats.

This SEO software tool meets all your SEO needs by providing comprehensive reports, competitor analysis, keyword research, backlink checks, research on what content works for your niche, keyword rank tracking, and monitoring your niche through alerts.

It also comes highly recommended by leading marketing and SEO names such as Neil Patel (KissMetrics), Brian Dean (Backlinko), and Jon Cooper (Pointblankseo), among others.

Why we like Ahrefs:

Displays exact words competitors rank for

Has a 240+ million keyword database in the US, and in more than 100 other countries

Mammoth database of 3 billion keywords

Covers all your bases in keyword research and ongoing monitoring

Exceptional domain analysis

Provides insights on searcher behavior

Runs the world’s largest, top-notch index of live backlinks (over 12 trillion)

Crawls over 4 billion web pages every 24 hours, with fresh data updates every 15 minutes

Site explorer feature helps you see all backlinks and SEO metrics for any website

Content explorer feature helps you know which sites don’t link back to you, best-performing content, and search traffic

Provides automated daily/weekly/monthly ranking reports

Tracks keyword rankings from any location

Provides graphical ranking history report

You can set up keyword alerts related to your business and the tool sends you an email notification of this (helps you get new opportunities to serve your audience)

⇒ Get Ahrefs

This toolkit has four sections that are jam-packed with features that make it appropriate for your SEO requirements, which include SEO Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SpyGlass, LinkAssistant.

The Rank Tracker allows you to monitor your search rankings by tracking your keywords and checking them within a specified time schedule.

This feature lets you see where you rank based on keywords, and the best part is that its interface is user-friendly, while providing accurate data and additional insights for decision making.

Why we like SEO PowerSuite:

Unlimited free trial option (but with limited features)

If you get this tool, you can opt to get its four elements separately (if you don’t need all of them)

Helps track your site’s rankings

Helps you optimize your site, posts, and pages

Helps you identify link building opportunities

Detailed reporting with customizable templates

With SEO SpyGlass you may take a peek at your competitors’ backlinks, and in turn, help you identify viable or suitable link-building opportunities for your own site.

It also helps you identify possible harmful domains, gives detailed statistics for your backlinks, offers multiple backlink data information/sources, and generates useful reports for decision making.

The Website auditor lets you optimize your website so you can rank well based on keywords.

It literally does all the legwork, giving you useful analysis on your content, an overview of your domain, and generates a full audit of your site thus you’re able to identify what’s wrong, and take the necessary measures to correct and/or optimize your site.

The Link Assistant allows you to identify what sites you can approach, manage your emails, and still track links you may have earned in the long run.

It also comes with Google Analytics integration and helps you identify link-building opportunities you otherwise wouldn’t have seen.

SEO Power Suite

It includes everything necessary for the SEO field, such as SEO analysis tools, keyword research tools, backlink checkers, content editors, and PPC ad optimization.

Free trial Visit website

You cannot search for SEO software tools without coming across Moz Pro.

This tool helps you improve your search engine visibility and rankings, by deciphering the volumes of data online, to give you the highest quality of data, and actionable insights for decision making.

Salient features include keyword rankings, keyword research, link analysis, site crawling, page optimization, and comprehensive reporting with action-based recommendations.

Why we like Moz Pro:

It is an all-in-one SEO software tool combining all elements of the perfect SEO tool into one single suite

It is user friendly, no need for expert technical knowledge on SEO to operate it

Ties SEO data directly to business outcomes

Access to SEO metrics for every page you visit online

Identifies outreach opportunities for rich backlinks

Benchmarks your site versus those of competitors

Identifies helpful, valuable, and strategic content topics for your site

Monitors the web for mentions of your brand, products, and competitors

Access to inbound marketing resources

⇒ Get Moz Pro

After you have done an SEO analysis with one of the above-mentioned SEO tools, you absolutely need to go hands-on and start working to improve your web pages in order to gain more traffic.

WordLift focuses on semantic SEO and it will help you reach a wider audience, unleashing the power of artificial intelligence to enrich your content.

This tool analyzes the content of your articles and pages, detects the content through natural language processing, and then adds a layer of chúng tôi metadata.

Expert tip:

There is even more: WordLift is like a smart librarian that will help you organize your content. In fact, it improves the information architecture of your website and offers your readers relevant internal links and ultimately an engaging user experience.

Why we like WordLift:

Offers a unique and comprehensive approach to semantic SEO

Adds to your content the chúng tôi markup, allowing search engines to best index and display your website

Organizes your content building a publicly available knowledge graph of your website

Extends the average dwell time of your website, keep readers engaged with relevant content recommendations

Enriches your content with a meaningful internal linking

Supports your writing process with trustworthy and contextual facts

Expands your website with an internal vocabulary, which adds a great value in terms of SEO, because it helps search engines understand the semantic domain of your website.

There are several plans, to meet the needs and expectations of businesses and websites of any size. WordLift Business Subscription also includes full access to WooRank, an SEO platform that analyzes your website and allows you to measure your progress in terms of SEO rankings.

WordLift is available both as a plugin for WordPress and as a Cloud service, that can be used on any CMS thanks to an easy-to-install javascript library.

⇒ Get WordLift

Google Search Console is a free SEO tool provided by Google that allows you to monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot the visibility of your website in Google Search results.

You don’t have to sign up for Search Console to appear in Google Search results, but it can help you understand and improve how Google perceives your site.

The primary difference between Search Console and the other tools we’ve reviewed is that it only provides statistics on your own domain, not your competitors’.

To activate it, you must first authenticate that you own the website by connecting it to your Google Analytics account or submitting a file or meta tag to it. By doing so, you have access to a wealth of helpful and free data from Google.

Let’s see the main features of Google Search Console:

Detects coverage issues

Identifies crawl errors

Offers sitemap information

Detects mobile compatibility issues

Scans for security issues

The Google Search Console message system will notify you if the website’s health is threatened by malware or hacking. The messaging system also notifies you if vital pages have been deleted or if chúng tôi has blacklisted key pages.

⇒ Get Google Search Console

Google Analytics is an excellent free SEO tool for a variety of reasons, the most important of which is its zero cost.

Another significant benefit for site owners is the ease with which it can be set up. You can track the majority of your website’s visitors in just a few easy steps.

You may track a plethora of information about site visits by signing up for an account and inserting a little bit of tracking code to every page.

Let’s take a look at the main benefits of Google Analytics:

Browser report for device compatibility

Visitor purchase report

Customer behavior report

Mobile performance report

Page timing report

The website report is the most essential component to consider when considering improvements to the website. A well-planned and stated report may help you increase visitors to your website while also increasing conversion rates.

When you operate an online business, you will want to employ Google Analytics for your website to get a better understanding of your customers and their behavior on your website.

⇒ Get Google Analytics

Google Trends is a free SEO tool that allows you to explore which cities or sub-regions look for specific keywords or search phrases over time. This is an important asset for your local business since it works perfectly in parallel with Google Analytics.

You may explore people’s search interests and discover extra information such as the most relevant articles, interest over time, interest by location, trending searches, and related topics.

Let’s have a look at the main benefits of Google Trends:

Geographical keyword-related data reports

Frequency of a search term in Google

Comparative keyword research for event-triggered spikes

Popular and rising keywords per industry

When you search for a phrase, you will get a map that indicates the regions of the world where the term is most popular.

You may also travel back in time and compare distinct phrases from 2006 for example, to the recent 36 hours to better comprehend the relationship between them.

⇒ Get Google Trends

The free SEO tool Google Ads Keyword Planner assists you in researching keywords for your search campaigns and is such a great tool to use especially for local campaigns.

You can use this asset to find new keywords linked to your business and obtain estimates of the number of searches they receive as well as the cost to target them.

Google Ads Keyword Planner is one of the top keyword research tools for finding blogging keywords. The most essential factors, as they always have been, are relevancy and search intent.

To accomplish this, type the search word into Google and observe who and what is ranking. To access statistics from previous ad campaigns, you must have monitored your ad with Google Analytics.

Let’s have a look at the main benefits of Google Ads Keyword Planner:

Google Ads Keyword Planner also gives you another option for creating search campaigns based on in-depth keyword research. You need to have a Google Ads account to utilize the Google Keyword Planner. If you don’t already have an AdWords account, you can create one in a matter of minutes.

We recommend that anytime you optimize your website, should use this free Google Ads tool to generate keyword ideas. This can help greatly in the ranking of your website on search engines as well as keyword research.

⇒ Get Google Ads Keyword Planner

What is the difference between traditional SEO and local SEO?

Both traditional and local SEO services seek to enhance your rankings in internet search results so that more people can find, contact, and purchase from your e-business.

Traditional SEO focuses on improving your site’s exposure on a national or global scale, whereas local SEO assists you in capturing local search territory and interacting with local customers.

Furthermore, local SEO solutions employ tailored strategies to help you connect with customers in your specific geographic region, in a detailed and more focused niched market.

Why is local SEO software good for me?

Keyword research, backlink tracking, and trend analysis give insights into your pages so you can keep real-time track of the results in a search engine.

You can select the most effective strategies for increasing your site’s search relevance offering information above your competition based on your geographic position.

As background information, industry analysis provides recommendations on elements on your website that may be improved, thus reports on optimization metrics are easily generated. 

The SEO software market is constantly getting new tools, so if you’re confused about which SEO software tool to pick for your site, you can also read about automatic SEO software that can give you a glance at the best-optimizing practice with an all-in-one assistant.

Hopefully, now you are on a secured path of ranking and optimizing your local business with these great tools that can greatly have a significant impact on your visibility and e-commerce sales.

Still experiencing issues?

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7 Best Oscilloscope Software For Windows

7 best oscilloscope software for Windows




Oscilloscopes are electronic test instruments that allow you to observe constantly varying signal voltages, usually as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time.

Since it is rather difficult to obtain a quality digital oscilloscope because of high costs, you can rely on oscilloscope software. This technology has come a long way with software being able to analyze other signals from circuits or devices.

You can find more interesting audio software on our website.

If you need more info on sound cards, our dedicated section is always here to help.

Oscilloscope is an electronic test instrument that allows observation of constantly varying signal voltages , usually as a two-dimensional plot of one or more signals as a function of time. Other signals which can be converted to voltages and displayed.

Meanwhile, oscilloscope is ideal for designing, diagnosing, learning, and working with electronics. Moreover, it is difficult to obtain a quality digital oscilloscope because of high costs, and even professionals are often limited in equipment access to designated engineering spaces.

Oscilloscope software has come a long way with this software able to analyze other signals from circuits or devices. Most of the oscilloscope software available are spectrum analyser which read input signals and give FFT viewing mode in which users can read the frequency, crest factor, peak voltage and other perimeters.

This is an oscilloscope software that allows users to analyse input signal.

This input signal is received through the 3.5mm audio jack of a PC and is converted to graphical presentation of signal spectrum, measure frequency, plot Lissajous patterns and FFT spectrum.

The user interface of this Oscilloscope software, also gives various options to analyze input signal.


FFT mode: This gives users the access to Transforms the input signal to display amplitude vs time spectra in amplitude vs frequency spectra .

Trace modes. Winscope enables three trace modes which are three spectra trace modes which are YT Single Trace, YT Dual Trace, and XY Mode.

⇒ Download it here

Capture sounds like a real technician with these great tools!

This Oscilloscope software receives its data from Soundcards with 44.1kHz and 16 Bit resolution. Sound card oscilloscope has lots of features specifically being a signal generator and having other tools.

Users can also change the spectra plot parameters to view and analyze real-time signal spectra carefully. The channel amplitude for both channels can be set separately or both channels can be synced for common channel amplitude.


Trigger modes

can be configured by users to

off, automatic, normal and single shot

signals of the two channels can be

increased or decreased

New user interface with cu

rsors to measure amplitude,

Frequency and time

in the main window




can be selected in the settings tab


multi soundcard system.

Signals source for the oscilloscope can be internal to the computer or from external sources like microphone

⇒ Download it here

Editor’s Note: If you’re interested in other audio software, check out our wide collection of guides.

This is a simple oscilloscope software that basically shows the XY spectra of a signal. Users can input signal by using the 3.5mm audio jack or through a PC’s mic, this software can also be used to view a view the waveform of an audio file. It is very compatible with many audio file formats.

The major drawback of this software to users is the inability to analyze signal but the software gives some useful options whereby users can change certain parameters like stroke weight, hue (color), intensity and waveform scale.


New improved 3D interface (side-by-side and anaglyph) when playing 4-channel files

New Stereo Mic input

The software supports both Windows and Mac OS X (32bit)

Image sequence can now be exported after gotten

Supports new audio file format and existing ones like fav and mp3

⇒ Download it here

Expert tip:

It also gives users access to displays real-time waveform and FFT waveform of input signals. Users also have flexible control over parameters like the dynamic range of the graph frequency and frame rate,


Users can view waveforms from either left or right and from both channels

Selection of various graph such as Smoothed Spectrum, Filterbank, or Auditory Filterbank, spectrum

⇒ Download here

This is a popular and premium oscilloscope software. This oscilloscope software has lots of features and tools which helps with signal spectra analyser. Users will discover extensive tools to view signal data. Users will also know the values of various parameters, measure frequency, apply filters.

The unique interface on the software gives users a two signal spectra with one displaying the usual signal spectra, while the other displays FFT spectra

Users can tweak the zoom factor, ms/d value, positions of X and Y plots, etc. Certain values, such as: frequency, mean value, crest factor, peak voltage, and ZRLC. There are new options to capture spectrums.

Users can apply various filters on the input signal, then measure values and view spectra.Users can Set different filters for Channel A and B. The software comes with preloaded FIR low pass, FIR high pass, FIR band pass, FIR band reject, and IIR Notch. Users can also apply custom FIR filters to it.


Offers Spectrum Analyzer with amplitude and phase display

Users can use filters

Values are computed in real-time

⇒ Download it here

This software builds on the success of the first Discovery module with new features and great performance.

The Analog Discovery 2  contains a 2-channel 14-bit oscilloscope function with a sample rate of 100 MS/s, bandwidth beyond 30 MHz, a voltage range of ±25 V, and a max buffer size of 8,192 samples.


Analog discovery 2 is a decent performance oscilloscope, with features such as an integrated 2-channel 14-bit arbitrary waveform generator, logic analyzer, pattern generator, voltmeter, programmable power supply, network analyzer, spectrum chúng tôi is capable of handling most projects.

For a moderate cost of 300 dollars, analog discovery 2 gives nice money value, the Analog Discovery 2 comes with free software, unlike other USB oscilloscopes.

⇒ Get Analog Discovery 2

is an oscilloscope software that uses audio input from a Frequency Analyzer is an oscilloscope software that uses audio input from a microphone connected to a PC and displays a real-time signal spectrum.

The software can also be used to analyze audio files in WAV or BMP format.


Frequency Analyzer gives users a flexible configuration to change waveform parameters and scales. Users can choose from 8 or 16 bits per sample, FFT speed, points per transform and sampling frequency.

The process of analyzing by frequency Analyzer begins with the microphone converting the sound to the voltage the sound card of the pc then acts as a digital voltmeter which measures the sound signal up to chúng tôi number of measurements -per-second parameter can be set and controlled using a drop-down combo box.

The Fast Fourier Transform speed can be controlled as users can select the number of samples that go into a single transform using the “Points per Transform” combo box.

Looking for the best microphone there is? This guide will surely help you find it!

In conclusion, this post has highlighted the best oscilloscope software for Windows PC. And also the oscilloscope software list above gives great value and is the best available with quality features of their functionality.

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7 Best Software To Track Sales And Improve Cash Flow

7 best software to track sales and improve cash flow




It’s easy to improve cash flow and keep your business profitable when using the appropriate software to track sales.

To make sure you achieve all your company’s goals, all this software has specific features for this.

We always recommend staying informed, so you should visit each software’s own page for more details.

In this article, we aim to cover the best software solutions for sales tracking on the market.

Stay on top of your finances with this simple and intuitive software! Moneyspire comprises easy-to-use features to help you keep track of your income, set budgets, and automate recurring financial transactions.

Manage all your accounts including bank, credit cards, cash, investment, other asset, and other liability

Import OFX, QFX, QIF, and CSV documents from your financial institutions

Supports all world currencies and enables transfer between foreign accounts

Take control of your money!

Sales tracking software tools help with forecasting, workforce scheduling, optimization, and determining pricing and strategy plans for the company.

While this may work with offices that get very low sales volumes, it is still not ideal. Using traditional ways of tracking sales can lead to poor performance.

Poor customer experiences, inefficient and ineffective use of sales staff and their time, fewer deals closed, and lower revenue with each deal are all the results of that.

Thankfully, technology has sorted out all these hassles by providing software to track sales. These manage, track, and guide each aspect of the sales process.

That’s possible thanks to a set of workflows that let the sales staff know where each prospect is at any time, and what steps they should take next.

Today, however, with better integrations and machine learning, some software to track sales can recommend the best follow up actions.

Even more, sales teams can get insights into the status and health of their department generally.

Some features you will find with popular sales tracking software include pipeline and cycle management, dashboards, and the next best actions.

There are also pipeline editors, web-to-lead features, social media integrations, collaboration tools, and basic content management functions.

Here are the top six software tools to track sales.

This software helps you keep track of all expenses to the very last dime. Customizable dashboards will keep you updated with all the costs in real time.

Easily get the full picture of sales, a specific deal or just taxes for the last trimester. By having detailed access to all types of data, you ensure that all goals and sales targets will be achieved in time.

The main key features of chúng tôi are:

Brilliant sales management and expense tracking

Centralized projects management with great workflows

Simple decision-making with real-time updated dashboards

Smart automation of repetitive processes and workflows

Integrations for great communication and collaboration

User-friendly interface with great capabilities

Save time by having detailed access to all expenses and boost efficiency when it comes to setting future targets and goals.

Even profitable companies can experience cash flow problems. Get ready to leave them all behind with the help of Bitrix24. Over 7.000.000 businesses have already done that!

Bitrix24 is actually a collaboration app with complete tools for sales management and communication.

It comes as a united platform for your tasks, contacts, and projects. What’s more interesting is that you can use the self-hosted version of Bitrix24 to run on your server.

This means that you’ll enjoy full control over data and source code access, along with countless integration and customization options.

Key features that Bitrix24 brings to the table:

Unified workspace to easily handle daily operations

CRM to quickly grow your sales

Efficiency guaranteed by millions of Bitrix24 CRM users worldwide

Convenient group chat

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Pipedrive is a web-based software tool to track sales and manage your business pipeline by planning your sales activities and monitoring deals.

It is built with activity-based methodology and streamlines each sales action that goes into converting a lead or prospect into a successful sale.

Being cloud-based, the sales team and other staff involved can access it from any location and at any time, with any browser or mobile app dedicated to the same.

It also gives full visibility of the different pipelines, through its robust interface which has details of the progress stages per deal and actionable points.

One of its strong features is the activity and goal tool that lets sales teams track pending activities in the pipelines, and gives custom sales reports to monitor single or group level targets, analyze sales data and generate reports that can be used for decision making.

The mailing system is easily and seamlessly integrated with many email providers such as Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo, among others.

So, your team can send and receive email messages from different accounts using their Pipedrive account.

It also integrates with other leading sales tracking and customer relationship management tools for easy transfer and sharing of contacts, as well as with MailChimp, Zapier, Trello, and Google Maps.

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Zoho is a well-known brand in business software and this particular software to track sales is a cloud-based CRM tailored to suit small and medium-sized businesses.

Its interfaces include tools such as customer support, sales tracking and marketing automation, product configuration, reporting, and customer analytics.

With this software, you can use the multichannel support to connect with your customers and prospects via email, live chat, phone, or even social media.

It also has a gamification feature through which you can gamify the sales process while rewarding active and achieving sales staff who meet and/or surpass their targets.

The mobile app lets you access sales activities and information on customers from any iOS or Android devices, while its Blueprint feature helps automate sales processes through workflow and macros definition for regular tasks.

It integrates with existing software such as Google Docs, Microsoft Office and Sharepoint, with add-on apps for specialized business, collaboration, and productivity requirements.

⇒ Get Zoho CRM software here

It is available for free and suitable for any business type in various segments such as accounting, construction, and others, offering a real-time view of the whole sales funnel while tracking customer interactions automatically via email, social media or phone.

You can add up to a million contacts, with unlimited users and your free access has no time limit, however, the contacts added may be added to the Hubspot Marketing Hub if used together.

Once you start using it, you’ll also find some free versions available in the paid marketing and sales software so this tool goes over and above what a typical CRM does, so you can improve your sales processes.

It integrates with email providers such as Gmail, GSuite, and Outlook.

⇒ Get Hubspot CRM software here

Don’t know the best software for selling online and drawing customers’ attention? It’s time to change that!

This is another cloud-based sales and marketing solution that offers CRM, e-commerce, and marketing automation features in a single suite.

It helps small businesses in different industries deliver on their sales volumes and customer support experiences.

With this software to track sales, you can segment contacts, track customer interactions, send email messages, and run marketing campaigns based on email opens.

Even more, it lets you manage your e-commerce from inventory, payments, and purchases, plus setup online shopping carts while tracking activity from the online store.

It has reporting and analytics tools that help you analyze variables like emails and campaigns, sales, revenue projections, and others to track the return on investments of your sales activities.

You can also use it remotely as it is cloud-based, with your android or iOS smartphone or tablet, and it integrates with apps such as QuickBooks, Salesforce, Outlook, and Gmail.

⇒ Get InfusionSoft here

No less important, you should always rely on dedicated scheduling tools to keep your agenda organized.

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Effective Seo Implementation For Software Businesses

Clarity in mind means clarity in content means clarity in hierarchy and structure – and structure is what Google loves.

The structure is important for every good SEO strategy but especially for software businesses where we balance different products, product features, use cases, and solutions as well as new releases, tutorials and knowledgebase articles within the same website.

In this article, you will learn how you can create content for the different customer avatars in an integrated system that works for SEO.

We will talk about the core of your website as well as the technique of ‘siloing’ your website to create topical relevance and thus compete with high authority websites in your niche.

Giving Software Prospects & Users What They Want: The Core of Your Website

When people search for your brand, come to your website by referral, or compare software products, they will typically start on your homepage.

The homepage and your main navigation (header) are the centerpieces of your website. They highlight the product you are offering, the features and use cases – as well as the different parts of the website that users can navigate to.

The typical software business homepage and navigation will include:

Products (or product features).

Solutions by need, industry, and role or task.

Case studies.

About and contact page.

Resources and tutorials.

The purpose of these pages is mainly lead generation and conversion. They are meant for users at the middle and bottom of the funnel.

This is where you will want your copywriters to create sophisticated and in-depth pages that highlight the value you are providing.

Creating a Main Navigation That Supports Your SEO Efforts

If your product has customers avatars in different industries or positions, you will want to use the product or solution pages to tailor your sales copy to their needs.

A mega menu can help to direct different prospects to “their” sales page.

The menu includes different presentations of your products:

By brand name or by features.

By main purpose or functionality (keywords).

By industry.

By role.

By task.

Not every website needs to display all these categories but these are a great framework to segment your users and filter prospects in the right funnel.

Here is an example of such a mega menu that creates clarity and structure.

Now you might know that these categories overlap and that they have relationships between each other that could cause content duplication (which Google does not like).

This means that different parts of the menu will link to the same page where it makes sense.

Here are some examples:

This is the software business hack for SEO. Serving different needs without causing duplicate content or keyword cannibalization.

Content Creation for a Software Businesses: The ‘Blog’

Now that we understand the core or front-end of your website, let’s look at your website from a content marketing and SEO perspective.

Users can find you through Google by entering the brand name or the product keywords (e.g., law enforcement software, bookkeeping tool, data visualization templates, website building tools). These are mapped against your homepage our your product pages as discussed above.

Homepage – Brand name

Product page 1 (or feature 1) – Product keywords

Product page 2 (or feature 2) – Product keywords

But users can also find your website by searching for a variety of topics and issues:

Tutorials for your software

‘How to do X in Y software’

‘X not showing in Y software’

Resources and whitepapers

Reviews and comparisons of your software and other tools

“Software X vs. Software Y”

“Software X review”

Content marketing and SEO content about different topics, this will mainly be related to the industries, roles, and tasks outlined above – and the needs that the different customer avatars have.

The process of structuring those ideas, especially those for content marketing, is called siloing.

Silos are the parent topics that cluster all your content writing.

A silo allows creating subsections of the website that are optimized for certain keyword themes.

Parent topic 1 – Silo 1 with all the blog posts

Parent topic 2 – Silo 2 with all the blog posts

The concept of silos is similar to how objects relate in programming.

Top-level silos or categories inherit certain qualities to their child pages. This mindset of objection orientation is exactly what you want to apply to your silo structure for SEO as well.

Every apple is a fruit. But not every fruit is an apple. And living in the silo of ‘fruits’, make the ‘apple’, ‘banana’ and ‘oranges’ pages share certain qualities.

The purpose of the silos is to create structure and relevance.

Relevance is the invisible ranking factor that makes your page appear in the top positions of Google.

And structure approach for content marketing allows creating this relevance by clustering related topics.

You now know exactly where to place new content ideas on the website and the process of keyword research will allow uncovering content gaps on your website structure.

But instead of getting side-tracked on another topic (finding keywords), let’s summarize how a software business can structure their website for SEO and conversion.

When All Parts Play Together

This graphic shows an idealized website structure that improves clarity, relevance and ranking chances.

We can see that the core of the website, silo pages, and articles follow a clear structure and hierarchy based on the relationship that these objects have within each other.

On the level of silos, we can find the following categories:


Resources and White Papers

Review and Comparison

Content Silo 1

Content Silo 2…

This can vertically expand as much as needed and your content team keeps up with.

The third level, the level of posts and pages, is shown for tutorial and silo. But every silo will have their own child pages. Ideally, 10-30 of them at the bare minimum to gain SEO traction.

It is important to understand that the most search traffic will arrive from the “bottom” of the pyramid, from certain pages or posts that are optimized for relevant keywords.

Now, it is your turn.

Is the website of your software business optimized for SEO?

More Resources:

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7 Tips For Local Seo And Ppc Success

I count my lucky stars that my fortunes don’t rely on SEO and PPC alone. I’m happy to be part of a couple of agencies with a full range of interactive and traditional marketing solutions. That means I don’t have to pretend like SEO and PPC always are the best choice for clients. They’re not.

I thought it might be refreshing to talk about when SEO and PPC are NOT a great choice for local businesses- but not just to discourage you- The reasons they don’t work can tell us something about the businesses, what they should do next, what makes a good business in a certain niche, and so on.

First, let’s think about what makes for success in search:

We’ll look at each of those in the ideal situation, and how problems in each can lead to marketing failures for local businesses.

1. How a Lack of Relevant Keywords Can Doom Search Efforts

I typically divide keywords into two groups:

Brand names

Category (general) keywords

Category keywords could be vertical-related, offering-related, or geomodifiers. For a mexican restaurant, it could be “mexican food”,  “myrtle beach restaurant”, or “myrtle beach mexican restaurant”.

Where this breaks down:

2. Why Your Prospects Aren’t Buying From You

Naturally, we need our visitors to do something: if not purchase, then fill out a lead form or get on the email list. One of the three main components of ROI is CR (conversion rate). This pain point has a lot to do with the other four items-

Keywords: People that search some keywords convert, and people that search others do not. So, if you don’t rank for the high value keywords, or can’t afford to buy them, you won’t get the revenue.

Competition: The more competitive your niche, the more price shopping there will be, and the lower the conversion rate and ROI. If you can’t win against the competition for the best keywords, you won’t get a positive return.

ROI: Some searchers come from more expensive keywords, and each keyword produces a different CR and amount of revenue. If competition drives down average sale, ROI may be negative.

3. Bleeding Out Due to Lack of Competitive Advantage

Too many businesses never think this through. Why should they choose you over your competition? What do you have that matters to your prospects that they can’t get elsewhere?

The problem with its opposite, the blue ocean, is that if your offering is so new that competition is low, few people know about it- and search capitalized on existing demand via search queries. So you might need a more attention-grabbing story-telling medium like TV, radio, or social media instead. If you’re lucky, you can attach it to a category keyword, but your conversion rate may be low because people are still trying to figure out what you are and if they like it.  So you either need a lot of money and patience, or you luck out and get into a category that’s not as competitive as mesothelioma lawyers or online dating.

Really, this is just math. The question is if the cost is low enough, the average sale high enough, and the conversion rate good enough. Use this PPC ROI Calculator to play out a variety of scenarios, and you begin to grasp how they’re related.

The worst situation for local businesses is if you don’t have a brand name or mindshare, and you have to go into category keywords. These keywords are much more expensive, and the searchers are window shopping more, which brings the conversion rate down.

We’ve seen with tourist destinations with lots of independent hotels that the single hotel owners have more difficulty. It’s easier for groups with multiple hotels to offer a portal site that satisfies the window shoppers yet retains the sale for one member of the group. Solo hotels are competing against these groups, national chains, AND the megasites like TripAdvisor.

These lonely go-it-aloners don’t get great ROI on category keywords in PPC, and they don’t have the content or authority to get many searches for those category keywords via SEO.

5. Untrackable Advertising Creates Doubt and Shuts Down Efforts

If you don’t have tracking, the more skeptical local businesses will assume they’re getting nothing for their efforts. Or if all business is bad, they may assume SEO and PPC aren’t doing anything either. In fact, it could be that most of their business is coming from SEO and PPC, but if you aren’t tracking it, they won’t know. Shutting down those efforts would not only hurt the search provider but also the business.

On the flipside, counterintuitively, some local businesses refuse to believe the numbers. This reminds me of a study I read years ago about doctors reading research. They tended to believe research that confirmed their biases, but if they found research that ran counter to their beliefs, they questioned the study’s methodology. I’ve also seen people question the researchers’ motives. We need to be aware of this very human tendency in ourselves when we look at our analytics.

The above is all rather negative. I’ll leave you with 7 tips for Local Search Success, the positive prescription for how to beat all those problems and win at the local search game:

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