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Another great CyberLink YouCam alternative that we want to show you is AlterCam. This software is quite simple to use, and it comes with 50+ different live effects that you can add to your webcam video.

Besides live effects, you can add various images or text overlays to your webcam and create some impressive effects.

In addition to various effects that you can add, you can also record video streams with ease. It’s also worth mentioning that you can use AlterCam with multiple applications simultaneously.

To do that, just select AlterCam instead of your webcam in any application and you’re good to go.

This tool allows you to broadcast any video file to your webcam, and you can also capture and broadcast your desktop. In addition, you can alter your voice in real-time and achieve some interesting effects.

It’s worth mentioning that AlterCam software fully supports HD video resolution, and thanks to the GPU acceleration most of the processing will be performed by your graphics card.

Overall, if you’re looking for webcam software that supports various effects and that can broadcast your desktop, AlterCam might be the perfect choice for you.

⇒ Get Alter Cam

Improve the quality of your streams

Perhaps one of the most beneficial facts of the webcam software is how it affects content creators. If you are a YouTuber, or you stream content on special platforms, these apps are crucial.

They really do make a difference. From changing the resolution to adding text on your screen, or using image filters to make your face more interesting to the viewers; every detail matters.

A webcam software that provides full customization might be what keeps you from going viral or gaining traction on social media.

Stay safe thanks to monitoring

As you might have read above, many of these apps have support for different camera setups. This is great when you have lots of surveillance cameras around your house or office.

You can set up the software on a designated PC, and watch all of the footage live, at once, simultaneously, on the same display.

This will not only make it easier for you to check out the activity on those cameras, but it will also save lots of money you would otherwise waste on multiple displays.

There are multiple factors to camera quality

Obviously, if you want to have the best webcam quality, the software is important, but there are many other factors which we need to take into account when we talk about it.

First and foremost, the most important factor is the capabilities of your devices. If you get the most expensive camera, it will be capable of streaming at high resolutions and framerates.

Secondly, the room light and temperature will also contribute to the image quality. A darker room will heavily decrease the frames and clarity of it.

Lastly, we have camera angles and the software we use to improve certain aspects of the footage. Ensuring that all of the aspects discussed are attended to properly will result in a crisp and clear image.

Since we’re discussing the topic of cameras, is your antivirus blocking messing with your webcam? Here’s a thorough guide about fixing the antivirus if it’s blocking your camera.

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6 Best Uninstaller Software For Windows

In our day to day computer usage, we install a lot of programs on our PCs, and get rid of them when they are no longer required. Probably this is the reason that installing and uninstalling programs is one of the most commonly performed activities on a computer.

But thanks to some really great uninstaller software available, you can easily ensure that doesn’t happen. Sounds like something you can use? Let’s dive in, and find out more about the 6 best uninstaller software for Windows.

Best Uninstaller Software for Windows 1. Revo Uninstaller Pro

But that’s not all. Apart from the core uninstaller module, Revo Uninstaller Pro also includes useful tools such as Autorun manager (to configure auto-run programs), Browsers cleaner (to delete browsing history), Backup manager, and a lot more features like that. It’s even available as a portable application. So if you’re looking for a powerhouse tool that can not only free your computer of unwanted programs, but also remove general junk files, go for Revo Uninstaller Pro.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (Desktop).

Price: Paid version licenses start from $39.62, 30 days trial available. In addition, a free version with reduced functionality can also be downloaded here.

2. IObit Uninstaller

Feature laden programs don’t always have to cost a fortune, and IObit Uninstaller is solid proof of this, delivering a whole lot of features for free.

IObit uninstaller lists all the detected programs installed on your PC, although you can also filter the list to view only applications that recently installed, or used infrequently, and things like that. Just like Revo Uninstaller Pro, there are multiple uninstall options available, such as Batch Uninstall and Force Uninstall (for those especially pesky programs).

Powerful uninstall functionality is IObit Uninstaller’s speciality, but it’s not the only thing it’s good at. In fact, it can also detect and uninstall all the browser toolbars and plug-ins that (can) slow down your browsing experience. Other than that, IObit Uninstaller also lets you manage startup programs, clean up invalid files, shortcuts etc., and even shred files so that they can’t be recovered. Bottom line is, if you’re on the hunt for an all rounded uninstaller program that also includes some good PC management features, and most importantly, is gratis, things can’t really get any better than IObit Uninstaller.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (Desktop).

Price: Free


3. Ashampoo Uninstaller

As an extremely capable uninstaller software, Ashampoo Uninstaller has just about every feature you’d expect from an application like it. You can uninstall programs using multiple methods (e.g. silent uninstall, uninstall with auto purging of left over files). However, surprisingly Ashampoo Uninstaller doesn’t support batch uninstallations, which is why it’s placed at third on this list.

But don’t worry. Ashampoo Uninstaller has a whole truckload of PC optimization features that more than make up for that. Simply go to the Tools sub-module, and you can find additional sub-utilities that can be used to do everything from defragmenting disks and optimizing registry, to managing startup programs and deleting duplicate files. What’s more, you can even adjust group policies, shred files, and do lots of other stuff. All in all, Ashampoo Uninstaller is more like a complete PC optimizer program with robust uninstallation prowess, but that also makes it a bit more complicated than competing applications like Revo Uninstaller Pro and IObit Uninstaller.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (Desktop).

Price: $49.99, 10 days free trial available, extendable to 30 days with a free trial license.

4. CCleaner

Even though CCleaner isn’t strictly an uninstaller software, it’s still a part of this list because it’s just too good. And although there are paid versions of it available, the free version is just as feature loaded.

Probably the most well known system cleaning and optimizing application out there, it packs in a lot of goodies in a really lightweight package. At its core, CCleaner basically deals with removing all kinds of unwanted files, broken registry entries, missing shortcuts etc. from the computer, thus making it faster and bloat-free. However, CCleaner also includes some handy additional tools that make it even more awesome.

And one of those tools is the Uninstall sub-module, which, as the name suggests, lets you not just quickly remove installed applications, but also delete false traces of already deleted files. In addition, CCleaner’s other sub-modules let you find and delete duplicate files, securely delete files, manage startup programs, and do a lot more. So if you’re looking for a pretty rounded uninstaller software that is also more of a PC optimization suite, but don’t want to spend the money that the previously mentioned Ashampoo Uninstaller demands, CCleaner is going to serve you just perfect.

Price: Free, Pro versions start at $24.95.


5. Absolute Uninstaller

Nearly all the uninstaller software discussed so far pack in a handful of extras as well, in addition to the core uninstallation features. And while that’s not a bad thing, there might be users who want something simpler?

Absolute Uninstaller displays all your installed software applications as a list, though you can change this view. The listing can be filtered to show only recently installed programs, large programs, and the like. All you have to do is select the program you want to get rid of, and hit the Uninstall This Program button. Multiple programs can be removed as well, using the Batch Uninstall option. Can’t get any easier than that, right?

Note: Absolute Uninstaller’s setup program is auto configured to download and install Glary Utilities, a system optimizing program from the same vendor as itself, at the last step of installation. However, you can easily un-check this option at the end of the installation.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (Desktop).

Price: Free.

6. Geek Uninstaller

Looking for the absolute easiest and straightforward way of uninstalling one or more of the software programs installed on your Windows PC? Geek Uninstaller is what all you geeks (and non-geeks) need.

Platform Availability: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (Desktop).


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All pumped up to remove those unwanted programs?

Mx Player For Iphone: 6 Alternative Video Players You Can Use

MX Player is quite simply one of the most widely used video players on Android. It comes with a plethora of great features, such as gesture based controls, support for a wide variety of video formats, and more. Unfortunately, MX Player is not available on iOS. While you will find a number of apps dubbed MX Player for iOS or MX Player for iPhone on the App Store, they are just faux apps trying to cash in on MX Player’s popularity.

1. nPlayer

nPlayer is probably the closest you can come to a complete alternative for MX Player on iOS. The app comes with support for almost every video format you’d like to play, just like MX Player on Android. It has a decently good enough UI, as well, and with support for MX Player like gesture controls, the app is definitely one of the best MX Player alternatives you can get on iPhone. You can swipe along the video to scrub through the video timeline; you can also swipe up/down on the left part of the video to adjust brightness, and on the right side to adjust the video playback volume. nPlayer also supports post processing, subtitles, as well as the ability to adjust the aspect ratio for playback.

With AirPlay support, you can easily stream your videos to your AppleTV. With nPlayer, you can even watch your videos in picture-in-picture mode, which can come in handy on devices with larger screens. Unfortunately, the PiP mode only works inside the app, but that is mostly because of the restrictions Apple places on apps.

Apart from that, nPlayer can also stream videos over networks, and you can use services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, and more. You can also use nPlayer to view videos over WebDAV servers, FTP servers, SMB servers, and a lot more. nPlayer also comes with a web browser built right in, so you can easily search, and download videos from inside the app itself.

Download ($8.99)

2. AVPlayer

AVPlayer is another iPhone video player that you can use as an alternative to MX Player. Just like MX Player, AVPlayer has full support for almost every video format that I tested it with, plus, it supports Dolby Digital (AC3) sound, along with Dolby Digital Plus. The app offers post processing capabilities, and will let you control things like the contrast, and the saturation of the video.

Just like MX Player, the app comes with gesture based playback controls, however, they work differently on AVPlayer, which is something you might need to get used to, in order to appreciate it properly. You can swipe to the left/right to move the video 10 seconds back, or forward, respectively. You can also swipe up, to increase the playback speed to 1.5X the original. If you need to bring the speed back to normal, simply swipe down. The app supports up to 2X the original speed of the video, which is good enough, but not as much as nPlayer’s 4X speed support.

Additionally, AVPlayer also supports adjustable aspect ratios, resuming playback from where the user left off, and more. You can even directly open videos from emails, with the “Open In” feature. The app also comes with a decent folder management system, one where you can move, rename, and create folders, as well as lock the folders with a passcode. All in all, AVPlayer is definitely an app you can consider, especially if you don’t want to spend $8.99 on an app like nPlayer.

Download ($2.99)

3. VLC

VLC is one of the most well known video players out there, be it on Android, or iOS. Just like MX Player, the VLC app comes with support for almost every video format. It can even play H.265 encoded videos flawlessly. VLC automatically organizes your videos, and music into separate libraries, which is something I definitely like. While playing videos, the app offers a plethora of useful features, such as the ability to increase, or decrease the audio delay, the subtitle delay, as well as the playback speed. VLC also supports post processing of the video, and you can adjust things like the brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, and gamma values of the video being played.

Download (Free)

4. Infuse

Infuse is a great app that you can use for watching videos on your iPhone. Infuse can play almost every video format you throw at it. You can play all of the basic formats such as MP4, and MOV, but Infuse can also easily play formats such as MKV, MTS, FLV, and a lot more. Infuse also includes support for Dolby Digital audio (AC3/EAC3). The app fully supports MX Player like gesture controls for playback. So, you can slide left/right to scrub through the video, and you can adjust the volume, and brightness with simple swipe gestures, as well.

Download (Free, $6.49 in-app purchase for Pro upgrade)

5. KMPlayer

KMPlayer is another decent alternative for MX Player on iPhone. It supports a lot of different video formats, including the common ones like MP4, and AVI, as well as some really rarely used formats such as XESC, NSV, and more. With KMPlayer, you’ll even be able to play HEVC (H.265) encoded videos with ease, and even videos encoded with the VP9 codec. Just like MX Player, KMPlayer supports gesture based controls such as swiping to scrub through the video, and swiping up, or down, to adjust the volume, and brightness of the video.

Download (Free)

6. Kodi

Kodi is a very powerful media center application available for almost every platform you might need a media center on. Adding plugins to Kodi can increase its power exponentially, but it’s this complexity that makes Kodi come last on this list. Also, installing Kodi on a non-jailbroken iPhone is not very easy, but you can follow our guide to get it up, and running on your non-jailbroken iPhone, as well.

With Kodi, you can organize all of your media in a central library, share them over a network, and stream them from any device. However, as far as using Kodi as an alternative to MX Player goes, Kodi comes with a plethora of great features. You can easily add all of your movies, and videos to the Kodi Movie Library. Just like in MX Player, you can play almost any video on Kodi. The app doesn’t come with any gesture controls, but it does have a plethora of other power features that makes it worthwhile.

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Use These Apps as MX Player Alternatives on iPhone

To sum things up, if you have been looking for MX Player on iOS, these are some of the best video players you can use, which offer functionality similar to what MX Player does on Android devices. While not every video player on this list offers every feature that you may want, some apps, like nPlayer, and AVPlayer definitely offer every feature you may want from a video player. Things like support for multiple video formats, and the Dolby Digital codec (AC3/EAC3), along with gesture controls, the ability to stream videos over a network, among many more.

6 Ways To Use Social Media For Ecommerce In 2023

And these strategies work. Consider these stats from Hootsuite’s Global State of Digital 2023 report:

57.5% of internet users aged 16 to 64 buy a product or service online weekly

26.5% of social media users go to social platforms to find products to buy

In this article, we’ll walk through how to use social media ecommerce to grow your business.

Bonus: Learn how to sell more products on social media with our free Social Commerce 101 guide. Delight your customers and improve conversion rates.

What is social media ecommerce marketing?

Social media ecommerce marketing is the practice of using social media to promote an online store by generating brand awareness, interest in products or services, and sales.

Popular social media ecommerce tactics include:

Promoting and driving traffic to an ecommerce website or branded app

Selling products directly on social media

Engaging with customers and prospects directly on social channels

Providing pre- and post-sale support to customers

Collecting insights about your industry and market

Building an online social media community around your brand

Many brands use all of the above tactics to create a thriving social media ecommerce marketing strategy.

Social media ecommerce marketing vs. social selling vs. social commerce

You’ve likely heard the terms social media ecommerce marketing, social selling, and social commerce. They’re often used interchangeably, but they’re not the same thing.

Let’s take a look at how they’re different.

Social media ecommerce marketing

This is when ecommerce businesses use social media as a marketing channel to promote their brand, product, or service to drive more sales and connect with customers.

Social selling

This is when brands use social media to identify, connect with, and nurture sales prospects. It’s a tactic that helps businesses reach and engage with sales targets via social media.

Think of social selling as modern relationship-building. The goal is to connect with potential customers, and offer support and guidance. Then, when that person is in buy mode, your product or service comes to mind first.

Social commerce

This is when brands sell products or services directly on social media using native solutions like Facebook Shops, Instagram Shops, Pinterest Product Pins, or TikTok Shop.

Social commerce lets customers shop, select, and complete purchases without leaving social media apps.

6 ways brands can use social media for ecommerce

1. Build brand awareness

There’s no better marketing channel for generating buzz than social media. It’s the perfect place to promote your new store, products, services, events, or promotions. And it’s great for engaging in conversations with your target audience.

To successfully build brand awareness, create a consistent posting strategy with a unified voice and message. Publish on multiple channels, in multiple formats. Engage with hot topics, hashtags, and in direct conversations with users.

Building brand awareness is a process. It takes time. To help, follow these tips:

Showcase your personality and values

Be consistent in your messaging

Speak to the right people

Demonstrate your value

Respond to feedback

Brand building example: tentree

Tentree is a clothing company that doesn’t shy away from their mission to promote sustainability. They lean into this message on social media. Take this tweet, for example, that showcases self-sustaining cabins in Finland. The post doesn’t directly promote Tentree’s products, but it’s inspiring and aesthetically pleasing, and it reinforces what the brand is all about.

2. Advertise

Here’s the ad reach by social media channel, according to Hootsuite’s reporting:

2.17 billion on Facebook Ads

1.44 billion on Instagram Ads

1.02 billion on TikTok Ads

849.6 million on LinkedIn Ads

The audiences are huge. Too huge, in fact. Which is why these social channels also have

powerful targeting and segmentation tools.

Identify your target market and audience

Layer targeting parameters to zero in on that audience

Create a compelling content strategy to speak to them

Define your goals and KPIs for each channel

Pick the ad types that align with your goals

Specify the right conversion metrics

A goal to drive brand awareness, for example, is best suited to:

Store visits, ad impressions, and engagement

If you want to drive sales, you’d want to go with:

Direct purchases, product page visits

Advertising example: The Bay

3. Sell products directly on social media

Social commerce has never been easier. Currently, there are four social media apps with native built-in social selling capabilities:





Twitter and Snapchat have also both partnered with Shopify to create social commerce tools of their own.

This is where social media ecommerce marketing overlaps with social commerce. Where the reach and brand-building power of social media can lead to direct business.

The benefits of using social commerce solutions include:

They’re free to set up

They create memorable, interactive online shopping experiences

They streamline the sales process

They extend the places in which sales can happen

They enable headless commerce

They give you the ability to create live shopping experiences

If you’d like to give social commerce a try, check out these guides to setting up:

4. Increase sales with an ecommerce chatbot

To paraphrase Uncle Ben, with great scale (and sales) comes great responsibility. Brands who expand their footprint and sales capacity on social media need to make sure they scale customer support as well.

Ecommerce chatbots are the most effective way to do that. By leveraging an AI-powered chatbot like Heyday by Hootsuite, brands can:

Easily connect and interact with consumers 1:1 across multiple channels

Offer pre- and post-sale support at any time

Offer discounts, suggest products, and highlight promotions automatically

Answer FAQs

Guide users through the buying process

And they can do all that at scale for a fraction of the cost of a support team.

Interested? Learn how to use chatbots for Instagram and Facebook.

Ecommerce chatbot example: DeSerres

Arts and crafts supply store DeSerres saw significant sales growth during the pandemic. To keep up with demand, they installed an AI chatbot on their website. One of its main jobs is to make product suggestions to help answer user queries and drive sales.

5. Customer support

No social media ecommerce strategy is complete without taking customer support into account. Social platforms are ideal for nurturing and supporting existing customers. Because of that, they’ve become a de facto customer support channel for most major brands.

Customers may come to your profile to:

Find information

Ask questions

Give feedback

Engage with your content

Offer insights into what they want

Apart from providing a good customer experience, social proof is another reason to make sure your social profiles are interactive. Prospects will see public interactions with customers. This will impact whether or not they want to make a purchase. How you handle complaints publicly speaks volumes about how you handle them privately.

Customer support example: Ray-Ban

6. Social listening

With the right tools, social media can be a data goldmine for your brand. Social listening is the process of scanning social media for mentions of your brand or relevant conversations.

67% of marketers say social listening is a useful way to track and understand their customer needs. Not only that, it offers invaluable insights like:

What products people love most

Where recurring problems or issues might lie

The public’s sentiment toward your brand

This allows you to address issues, seize opportunities, and refine your message to meet market demands.

7 actionable social media ecommerce tips

At this point, you’ve probably got a solid idea of where you’ll focus your social media efforts. But tips like “build brand awareness” are sometimes easier said than done.

Need some actionable next steps? Here are some bonus tips to help steer you in the right direction.

1. Showcase your personality

Buyers want to make a connection with brands. How do you do that? By being yourself. And not being afraid to show some personality.

Social media is the perfect tool to craft your brand personality. You can use humor, engage in a social cause, be the most responsive brand in the market, and more. Whatever you do, the goal is to make it easy for potential buys to remember and recognize you.

Let’s look at the king of brand personality on Twitter: Wendy’s.

Wendy’s pulls no punches when it comes to their social profiles. They make jokes, they roast people, and they engage in banter with competitors. As a result, they’ve grown a cult following of online fans.

2. Collaborate with others

Collaboration is the key to success on social media. Engaging influencers and partnering with other brands are two ways to turn collaboration profitable.

Influencer marketing is worth $16.4 billion in 2023. And it’s not hard to see why. It’s become one of the most popular social ecommerce marketing tactics to expand reach, social proof products, and win new followers.

Collaborations are equally important. More and more brands are partnering with other companies who have similar audiences. When they do, may create high-value bundle giveaways or promotions that each brand co-markets to their respective followers.

In both cases, brands amplify and validate their products and services to enormous social media audiences.

Glamnetic is one example. This Shopify customer uses an extensive network of influences to promote their products. They provide influencers with free products, and ask them to demonstrate them on their channels. In return, the influencers get an affiliate link that gives them a kickback on sales generated.

3. Use video as much as possible

Video has quickly become the most popular—and influential—content type of social media. 88% of people say they want to see more video content from brands. And the same amount said they’ve been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a brand’s video.

It’s no coincidence that TikTok and Instagram Stories are two of the most popular channels in the social media game. Both offer invaluable opportunities for brands to post paid and organic video content to engage users.

Video doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t need high production value or glossy effects. All it has to do is demonstrate value, showcase your personality, and speak to your customer.

Take Vessi, for example. They use Instagram Stories to promote products, share brand and career stories, and generally create a more engaging experience.

4. Post user-generated content

User-generated content packs an enormous punch on social media. This includes content like user reviews, product unboxings, or anything in which a customer uses or discusses an item they purchase.

Encourage your customers to share pictures and videos featuring your products on social media. Ask them to tag your brand. When they do, reshare the content to your own profile.

Bam. Now you have free content that’s social proofed and shows your product in action.

This tactic also has the added benefit of making customers feel connected with your brand. It creates engagement, and shows that you hear and value your customers. Wins all around.

Here’s another example from Vessi where they share an unboxing video from a customer.

5. Work smart (and use social media management tools)

51% of social marketers find managing all messages and posting schedules in one place to be their biggest challenge. Any ecommerce social media manager reading this is nodding their head furiously right now.

To make scaling and managing their social media presence easier, most leading brands turn to tools like Hootsuite.

Social media management tools let you:

Manage multiple social media accounts at the same time

Ensure content and messaging is unified across all channels

Track and organize conversation with your audience

Schedule posts ahead of time

Monitor social mentions and relevant conversations

Track and analyze performance

Social media management tools are non-negotiable for ecommerce brands that want to scale multiple content streams across multiple channels. If you haven’t onboarded one yet, you’ll thank us when you do.

6. Post often

Post early, and post often. That should be a mantra for any ecommerce brand starting out on social media.

Posting often helps you gain traction, test what works, and build a following. Having a regular posting schedule, likewise, ensures that you are consistent with your social media strategy.

This is how you keep your brand top of mind and build an online community.

It’s tough to work smart when you don’t have the right tools. Here are two essential social media ecommerce tools you can start using today.

Heyday: conversation AI chatbot

Heyday is an AI-driven chatbot that connects your ecommerce website with social channels like Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp.

Leading ecommerce brands use Heyday to:

Answer FAQs

Assist with package tracking

Provide product recommendations to customers and prospects

Offer post-sale support

Gather feedback on user needs

Provide multilingual support

Even better, Heyday seamlessly integrates with Shopify stores. Simply download the app and install it on your store — and you can start offering automated FAQs on Shopify in less than 10 minutes.

Request a free Heyday demo

Hootsuite: social media management dashboard

Hootsuite helps ecommerce businesses of all sizes (including solopreneurs!) schedule and publish posts, engage with your followers, and track your success across platforms from a single, easy to use, interactive dashboard.

Here are some Hootsuite features that ecommerce brands find particularly useful:

Create Instagram posts with shoppable product tags in Composer (and schedule them to go live at recommended times when your audience is the most active online)

Set up a social listening stream to track what people are saying about your brand and your competitors

Try for free for 30 days

Social media ecommerce statistics

Still not convinced to give social media ecommerce marketing a try? We’ll let hard data do some talking.

In 2023, sales through social media platforms hit an estimated $992 billion. That’s expected to hit $2.9 trillion by 2026. Needless to say, social media is the place to be for ecommerce brands.

What’s driving that growth? A few things.

According to Hootsuite’s Global State of Digital 2023 report:

There are 4.7 billion social media users worldwide

47 million new social users are added each month

Users spend 2 hour 29 minutes per day, on average, on social media

And they use an average of 7.4 different social platforms each month

Social media is popular (duh). And it’s getting exponentially more popular globally.

At the same time, social commerce is also exploding. 30% of internet users in the United States make purchases directly on social media. And they’re only in second place. China is the clearcut leader for social commerce. Almost half of Chinese internet users shop through social platforms.

Facebook was the most popular social channel for purchases in 2023 (likely propped up by Marketplace). Hot on its heels are Instagram, Pinterest, and TikTok.

The main growth story in social ecommerce, however, is TikTok. It has seen explosive growth in the last few years, surpassing 1 billion active users in 2023.

Instagram, for its part, is no sleeper either. With a total potential ad reach of 1.44 billion, Instagram is a social commerce channel that can’t be ignored.

Brands have more social commerce tools and larger audiences at their disposal than ever before.

Social media ecommerce FAQ

Which social media is best for ecommerce?

It depends on your marketing and sales goals. TikTok is a game-changer for brand awareness. Instagram and Facebook are the leaders in social commerce and direct sales. Pinterest is perfect for lifestyle marketing. Together, all social platforms create an unbeatable web of opportunities for sales and marketing.

What is the role of social media in ecommerce? What is the impact of using social media for ecommerce?

Social media helps develop stronger and more meaningful relationships between brands and customers. Social accounts double as customer support and direct communications channels. This helps grow stronger brand affinity and relationships with customers. Once that’s achieved, social commerce enables direct, frictionless selling to engaged and loyal audiences.

Engage with shoppers on social media and turn customer conversations into sales with Heyday, our dedicated conversational AI chatbot for social commerce retailers. Deliver 5-star customer experiences — at scale.

Get a Free a Heyday Demo

Turn customer service conversations into sales with Heyday. Improve response times and sell more products. See it in action.

6 Best Vpn For Singapore In 2023

Our Best VPN Recommendation Best VPNs for Singapore

ExpressVPN is one of the easy-to-operate and renowned VPN services. It does not require multiple configurations to achieve fast and secure connections.

ExpressVPN offers fast VPN connection speed irrespective of the server you use. So, it is the ideal VPN service for someone who wants to watch streamed content on numerous platforms which are unavailable in Singapore.

Key Specs:

iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows

No of Servers: 3000+ Server Countries: 94 Split Tunneling: yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: yes Kill Switch: yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc.

No-logging policy: yes Ip addresses: Dynamic Simultaneous Connection: 5

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Private DNS on every server.

Split tunneling and Network kill switch available.

Guaranteed High-grade encryption.

Strict no-logs policy for better anonymity.

It is equipped with the TrustedServer feature.

Keyed-Hash Message Authentication Code.

Available on Smart TVs and consoles.


It offers breakneck speeds for streaming.


Slightly higher price.

✔️ Pricing: ExpressVPN comes with three subscription plans. The $12.95 for a one-month, $9.99 six-month, and $8.32 12-month plan. And a 30-day money-back guarantee.

✔️ Protocol Supported: When it comes to protocols that this VPN offers, the choice is quite versatile. The most common one is the Lightway protocol. The others are L2TP/IPsec, OpenVPN UDP or TCP, IKEv2, and PPTP. Every protocol has something exclusive and designed to cater to specific user needs. For example, the IKEv2 is the best for mobile VPN users. And for the best streaming experience, OpenVPN TCP is the best.

✔️ Privacy and Log Policy: ExpressVPN does not store activity logs, browsing history, IP addresses, session duration, timestamps, or data. It only stores data related to your account, like aggregate app statistics, app diagnostics (crash reports), and MediaStreamer logs (after consent).

30-Day Free Trial

2) NordVPN – Best for its Device Compatibility

NordVPN is the best fit for browsing and includes various user-friendly features. It is an ideal option for watching online TV series and movies. It is essential for those who like to watch content on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or other streaming platforms.

The downloading speed of this VPN is among one the best ones you can find. It also makes it a solid option for those who wish to enjoy online gaming or simple browsing. The service is completely compatible with all the streaming and torrenting options. It is one of the cheapest VPNs for Singapore offering 5427 servers scattered in 60 countries.

Key Specs:

Linux, Windows, macOS, iOS

No of Servers: 5427 Server Countries: 60+ Split Tunneling: yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: yes Kill Switch: yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu

No-logging policy: yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: 6

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


It provides dedicated IP addresses to users.

Obfuscated servers for maximum anonymity.

Split tunneling is enabled.

It offers an unlimited data allowance.

It comes with multiple browser extensions and up to 6 devices in control.

Provide a feature for private DNS leak protection.

High lightning speed for the most popular servers.

MeshNet feature is also available.

SmartPlay option is available for streaming content.


Has a high number of fast-connection servers with obfuscated features.


Compared to peers, lesser number of simultaneous devices supported.

✔️ Pricing: You can get NordVPN from $3.49/month with six simultaneous connections. Each subscription includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. There is also an option for a free 3-day trial on iOS devices.

✔️ Protocol Supported: Protocol has a significant impact on the overall VPN experience of a user. Therefore, selecting the right one is prudent. The options in Nord VPN are OpenVPN, IKEv2/IPsec, WireGuard, and NordLynx protocol. It comes with both UDP and TCP ports, ensuring maximum protection with strong encryption. You can also choose NordLynx if you want the fastest connection possible.

✔️ Privacy and Log Policy: NordVPN’s No-Log policy means all your information will be protected. If any abuse or leak comes from their side, you can pursue them in a court of law. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about misuse of your credentials, as NordVPN is the first VPN provider to submit its practices for review.

30-Day Free Trial

3) SurfSharkVPN – Solid Choice for Security

SurfSharkVPN is one of the most reliable and affordable solutions available in the market and is one of the best deals you can find. It’s optimized for mobile and PC devices, while its dedicated mobile app makes all the usability differences.

It is one of the cheapest VPNs for Singapore that relies on split tunneling and enables several simultaneous connections for Singapore users. It offers numerous servers that allow easy navigation through apps like Kodi, HBO Max, or Disney+, as you can keep your IP address hidden. You can easily see that SurfShark VPN is designed to be a budget option for common people, and this incredible app confirms it!

Key Specs:

Mac, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android

No of Servers: 3200 Server Countries: 100+ Split Tunneling: yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: yes Kill Switch: yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime, Hulu

No-logging policy: yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited

Free Trial: Yes – 30-day free trial Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Use an unlimited number of devices.

Camouflage mode for maximum protection.

Military-grade encryption enabled.

NoBorders mode feature available.

Private DNS and protection against leaks.

No restrictions for devices and the number of people using them.


Special servers with the best connection speeds.


Not having the best long-term subscription plan.

✔️ Pricing: Surfshark VPN is quite affordable, with plans starting from as low as $3.99/month. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee so that you can try their service without any risk.

✔️ Protocol Supported: SurfShark offers three secure and up-to-date protocols OpenVPN, IKEv2, and WireGuard. If you want to maximize your mobile experience and always stay protected, we highly recommend using IKEv2 as it’s the fastest and most secure protocol for VPN.

30-Day Free Trial

4) AtlasVPN – Best Singapore VPN for Streaming Content

AtlasVPN is a high-performing and secure VPN explicitly suited for torrenting and online streaming services. The main benefit this VPN offers is the malware block. You can easily and safely browse the net, knowing that you can’t get targeted by any harmful malware.

It also offers a safe browsing feature to make your browsing experience more secure. This VPN has with many features that can benefit someone using it for streaming purposes.

Key Specs:

Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android and iOS

No of Servers: 750+ worldwide Server Countries: 35+ Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

Amazon Prime, Hotstar, iPlayer, YT

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Dynamic Simultaneous Connection: Unlimited

Free Trial: Yes – 30 days Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


It provides SafeSwap and SafeBrowse features.

Split tunnelling enabled.

A great option for malware blocking.

Offers best-in-class WireGuard protocol.

Offers the ability to use a Network kill switch.

MultiHop+ servers feature the strongest encryption.

The most secure servers with strong protocols.


Perfect for streaming content.


Not having the best app design.

✔️ Pricing: Atlas VPN offers free VPN services, so you don’t have to pay subscription fees. However, the paid version provides additional features, such as unlimited bandwidth, ad blockers, and split tunneling. The paid package version begins from as low as $3.29 per month with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

✔️ Protocol Supported: There are only two types of protocols available for AtlasVPN users. The first one is the WireGuard protocol, which is perfect for streaming and protection in general. The second one is a well-known IPSec/IKEv2 protocol that is more oriented toward gamers and those looking to stay under the radar.

✔️ Privacy and Log Policy: AtlasVPN is dedicated to providing the best service to its customers. Therefore, they have a strict no-logs policy enforced. It means you can expect them to keep any information they have hidden securely in their database. With both connection logs and usage logs kept safe, you can rest assured to browse the internet and enjoy the Singapore IP address without any problems.

30-Day Free Trial

5) CyberGhost VPN – Best VPN in Singapore for Gaming

CyberGhost VPN comes with a wide array of optional IP addresses. This VPN contributes to your exceptional gaming experience with several usability features for Singapore players. One of them is that this VPN comes with over 9135 servers from more than 91 countries!

It makes a dream come true for every Singaporean who wishes to maintain privacy and security. This option also uses the split tunneling feature, where you can cut down the server connection in less than a second by using the Internet kill switch feature.

Key Specs:

Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, FireStick

No of Servers: 9135 Server Countries: 91 Split Tunneling: yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Torrenting: yes Kill Switch: yes


No-logging policy: yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: 7

Free Trial: No- 45-day money-back guarantee Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


Split tunneling supported with MultiHop+ servers.

It offers a special in-game mode for gamers.

Perfect public Wi-Fi security is guaranteed.

A dedicated IP address is offered to all users.

It helps you to bypass internet censorship with ease.


Easy unblocking of any streaming platform.


Mac users constantly experience problems with some servers.

✔️ Pricing: CyberGhost offers three pricing plans 1) Monthly plan of $12.99 2) Half yearly plan of $6.99 for 6 months 3) 2-year plan of $2.19 per month for + 2 months bonus.

✔️ Protocol Supported: We all know that choosing the right protocol can greatly influence our experience with VPN software. Therefore, you can choose from OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), IKEv2, WireGuard, and L2TP/IPSec. However, if you need the strongest and most secure connection, we would highly recommend using WireGuard.

✔️ Privacy and Log Policy: CyberGhost’s privacy policy doesn’t track when a user accesses a particular website. They also do not monitor, store any information  or tamper with it at any time.

45-day money-back guarantee

6) Private Internet Access– Best for Online Streaming

Private Internet Access is an ideal option for online streaming because of its fast and secure connection. When it comes to downloading speed, you can achieve fast downloading at more than 12 MB/s, which is an overall great speed. On top of that, Private Internet Access is also one of the most secure options you can stumble across.

The overall security of this VPN is reflected by its 256-bit encryption and security protocols implemented. Moreover, this VPN only focuses on 2000 servers, fewer than NordVPN. Still, you’ll find unmatched speed and satisfying security with this option.

Key Specs:

iOS, Android, Linux, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

No of Servers: 10,000+ Server Countries: 84+ countries Split Tunneling: Yes

Data Allowance: Unlimited Bandwidth Torrenting: Yes Kill Switch: Yes

YouTube TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu

No-logging policy: Yes Ip addresses: Static Simultaneous Connection: 10

Free Trial: No- 30 days money-back guarantee Today Best Deal’s: Check Now!


VPN for routers and consoles is available.

It offers strong VPN encryption.

Antivirus and split tunneling equipped.

Fast and secure connections are guaranteed.

No leaks with a dedicated IP address and private DNS.

Multi-divide connectivity.

Offers digital identity protection.

Add and Malware blocker.


Perfect for those who want to pay with crypto.


There aren’t that many features.

✔️ Pricing: The monthly Private Internet Access plan is $11.95, which is affordable considering what they offer. You can commit to a year subscription and pay $3.33 monthly. However, if you want to use the service for three years, you’ll pay $2.03 a month and get three months free.

✔️ Protocol supported: The PIA protocol comes with two options, OpenVPN and WireGuard. It means you can enjoy a fast and secure connection no matter the choice. However, there are differences between these two. For example, WireGuard is perfect for streaming and overall internet activity. But an OpenVPN protocol with both UDP and TCP options is better for security.

✔️ Privacy and Log Policy: PIA (Private Internet Access) takes your internet security and information seriously. It has the best no-logs policy of all VPNs. Private Internet Access will never use your IP address, browser history, or similar info. Also, they will always protect your credentials and the email information you provided.

30 days money-back guarantee


Here are some important points you should keep in mind while selecting the best VPN in Singapore:

Unblocking: If you are in Singapore, you might come across geo-restricted and government-censored content. So, opt for a VPN that helps you bypass restrictions and unblock a wide range of websites and streaming services.

Speed: Connecting to servers in some other countries while your internet traffic is encrypted may slow down your connection. For this reason, you should look for VPNs that offer the fastest speed.

Security: Any high-quality VPN should encrypt your internet traffic and protect you from leaks. It is especially important if you’d like to avoid the security risks posed by hackers and snoopers. Some VPNs offer an extra layer of security by providing Double VPN servers, encrypting your data twice.

Privacy: In Singapore, your ISP may be required to hand over data to the government. If you’re worried about your online privacy, it’s essential to use a VPN which operates a strict no-logs policy so that there’s nothing to hand over if requested.

Ease and Fast: You should always look for a VPN that is easy to operate and provides fast and accurate information.

Value for money: You must opt for a VPN that offers value. While plenty of other VPNs offer some of these features, many are priced similarly or even higher.

No, using a VPN in Singapore is not illegal, but it’s also not something that government would appreciate. However, you can benefit from everything a VPN offers with regards to security and servers.

Best VPNs for Singapore

Best Web Design Software For Mac In 2023

Keeping up with the ever-evolving world of website development can be an intimidating task. Everything comes down to choosing the right software for your Mac. Several reliable tools can bring your web design concepts to fruition. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of the best web design software for Mac to get your dreams up and running.

1. WordPress – Editor’s Choice

WordPress is a powerful, popular, and free content management system (CMS) that is widely used for web development. It is open-source software that can be installed on any web hosting platform, making it a great choice for Mac users who want to develop their own websites.

WordPress is a user-friendly platform that can be used by both beginners and experienced developers. It offers a wide range of plugins, themes, and other features that can be customized to create a unique website. Additionally, WordPress is easy to use and update, making it a great choice for those who want to maintain their website themselves.

I personally enjoy the software’s vast customization options, which allow us to readily modify web pages to suit our particular needs. Aside from that, the software also receives regular updates placing it first on my list of the best website-building software for Mac.

Note: chúng tôi and chúng tôi are two distinct websites that shouldn’t be mixed up.


Completely customizable design

Powered up by plugins and widgets

Creating E-Commerce is simple

A vast library of ready-to-use templates is available


The learning curve is steep

Need to pay a web host

Price: Free (Plans start at $4)

Free trial

2. Wix – Customizable web development tool

Wix is an all-in-one website builder for Mac that is renowned for its user-friendly interface and extensive customization options. The software offers a vast array of custom-built templates that can be easily tailored to your specific needs through a simple drag-and-drop process. Moreover, it allows you to integrate WooCommerce or social media into your website.

This cloud-based platform enables you to access and edit your website from anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection. Wix also provides a range of tools and resources to help you optimize your site for search engines, monitor its performance, and engage with your audience.

One of the major benefits of using Wix is the support one receives from the makers. The platform has a responsive and knowledgeable help center that includes tutorials, videos, and articles to guide you through the process of creating your site. Additionally, if you encounter any technical or design-related issues, you can reach out to the customer support team via email or phone.


Free plan

Have built-in SEO tools

Comes with more than 300 integrations

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) editor integrated


Can’t change the template for a published website

E-commerce is not available with each plan

Price: Free (Plans start at $16)

Free trial

3. Shopify – Create your store here!

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that has established itself as an industry leader. It is a cloud-based tool that provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with an easy-to-use platform to create an online store. This platform is particularly attractive for Mac users due to its wide range of features, which include product management, order processing, payment gateway integration, and customer relationship management.

The key selling point of the software is the user interface that allows you to design your online store using pre-designed templates, customize them to match your branding, and manage your entire sales process in one place. Aside from that, you do not require any prior coding knowledge to use it; as a result, the tool is accessible to all users.

Additionally, Shopify’s easy-to-navigate payment process is a standout feature that sets it apart from other web development software for Mac. It supports a variety of payment gateways, including major credit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay, allowing merchants to accept payments from around the globe.

Furthermore, the tool provides a secure checkout process that meets the highest standards of security and fraud prevention, which is important for giving customers peace of mind when making purchases. Overall, Shopify is an excellent choice for anyone looking to create an online store on their Mac.


Built specifically for e-commerce

3-day free trial

Third-party apps available


Limited free themes

Fewer modification choices

Can’t create a blogging website

Price: $9

Sign up now

4. SquareSpace – Mark your real estate online

SquareSpace is a feature-rich platform that makes it simple for users to easily construct beautiful websites, online stores, and blogs. Website development is made simple for users of all ability levels by the software’s user-friendly interface and extensive selection of templates.

The platform also makes it simple to integrate third-party technologies, such as social media and e-commerce platforms, to assist companies in enhancing their online presence. Also, the software provides a number of marketing tools that customers may utilize to promote their websites and increase their internet presence.

It also has the capacity to offer dependable and secure hosting services. Finally, SquareSpace is a well-liked option among users because it provides top-notch customer assistance. The platform offers round-the-clock phone, live chat, and email customer care to make sure consumers can always get the assistance they require.


Award-winning templates

14-days free trial

Responsive designs

SEO capabilities


Pricier than competing website builders with the same features

Price: $16

Sign up now

5. Drupal – Adaptable web design tool for Mac

Drupal is an open-source CMS that is considered one of the best web design software for Mac. It offers a strong framework for creating scalable, dynamic websites, web applications, and online communities. Thanks to its extensive customizability, flexibility, and modularity, it can be used for a variety of web development projects.

The software’s adaptability and scalability are two of the tool’s USPs. With different content categories, user roles, and permissions, the program enables developers to build sophisticated websites. Additionally, the development community, which regularly releases updates and security patches, guarantees the stability and security of your website.


Framework is flexible

Allows creating custom content types and views

High-quality security measures implemented


UI is not beginner-friendly

Site building is time-consuming

Price: Free

Free trial

6. Weebly – Professional website maker software

Weebly is a popular and free website builder that offers an easy and intuitive way to create a professional-looking website without any coding skills. It is an excellent web development software for Mac users, allowing you to design and manage your website directly from your Mac computer.

With this tool, you can choose from various customizable templates and drag-and-drop tools to create your website’s pages and content. You can add text, images, videos, forms, and other elements to your website effortlessly, making it easy to create a website that meets your unique needs.

One of the reasons for adding this program to my list of best web design software for Mac is its user-friendly interface, which makes it easy for anyone to create a professional-looking website quickly. The platform is also highly customizable, allowing you to add your own branding and style to your website.

Additionally, it also offers a powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to sell products and services directly from your website. You can easily set up an online store, manage inventory, and process payments using Weebly’s built-in tools.


Responsive-design themes

Site stats included

Allows you to switch themes without rebuilding your site

Uptime is good


No interface-wide undo feature

customer service in testing is slow in responding

Price: Free (Plans start at $10)

7. Joomla – Dependable website builder

Joomla is an open-source web development software that can be downloaded for free on Mac. It is a popular choice for developers who want to create dynamic and interactive websites that include blogs, online stores, and social networking platforms. Aside from that, It is maintained by a strong community of developers, making it one of the dependable tools to consider while crafting your website.

One of the standout features of Joomla is its CMS capabilities, which allow developers to manage website content easily, organize pages and menus, and configure permissions for multiple user roles. Additionally, it offers a wide range of customizable templates and extensions that enable users to create unique and sophisticated websites without needing to do extensive coding.


User-friendly interface

6,000+ extensions

Visual editor

Freedom in backend management


Require some coding knowledge

Gets pricey with paid extensions

Price: Free

Free trial

8. GoDaddy – Hosting website builder

You can select from various section templates that have already been created and modify them to match your brand or sense of style. Additionally, the platform provides a wide range of features, such as social media integration, SEO tools, and e-commerce functionality. To make your website stand out, you can also add your own photos and multimedia content.

Small businesses, bloggers, and individuals who want to build a professional website on their own without assistance from a web developer should use GoDaddy Website Builder. Besides this, you can also check for the cheap hosting plans offered by the service provider.


Customizable section templates

Reformats content when switching themes

Pricing plans are cheap


Templates aren’t visually appealing

Creative freedom is not available

Price: Free

Free trial

9. Hostinger – Creative web dev software

Hostinger is a great option if you want to create a professional-looking website but don’t want to deal with coding or selecting a web host. However, it’s important to note that this website builder isn’t free.

Nevertheless, its user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for beginners, and its drag-and-drop editors, customizable templates, and pre-built elements allow you to create a website that meets your requirements.

Using a hosting website builder has several benefits, including the ability to optimize your website for search engines, monitor its performance, and engage with your visitors. With Hostinger, you can integrate social media, add contact forms, and leverage email marketing tools to connect with your audience. These features make it a valuable tool for building an effective online presence.


Beginners friendly

Affordable than most of the options on the list

Built-in features


Lacking customization

Dependence on the platform

Price: $2.99

Sign up now

10. SITE 123 – Responsive web designing tool

Although SITE 123 may not top my list of the best web development software for Mac, it is undeniably a top-tier tool that has become the preferred choice for both individuals and businesses seeking to create visually appealing websites.

The software’s sleek interface and user-friendly features have made it a go-to option for web development. One of its standout features is the vast collection of pre-designed templates that ensure a polished and professional look for your website. All of these templates support responsive design and can be optimized for both desktop and mobile devices.


A vast collection of pre-designed templates

Templates support responsive design

Wide range of features and tools to enhance your website


Not much customization offered

Price: Free (Plan starts at $5.80)

Free trial


Why is Mac a good choice for web development?

Web developers frequently favor Mac for web development because of its svelte design, user-friendly interface, and high-performance capabilities. Macs are also renowned for their dependability, security, and interoperability with well-liked web-building tools.

What’s your choice?

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