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5 best audio mixers for streaming & video editing




If you’re steaming, it’s important to properly adjust the audio levels, and this is where an audio mixer comes in handy.

Whether you’re streaming on Twitch or creating YouTube videos, a great audio mixer is a must-have, especially if you want to quickly and easily adjust the audio levels.

Today we’re going to show you the best audio mixers for streaming, so don’t hesitate to take a closer look at the list detailed below.

Multicolour LED metering

Highly portable 4

XLR inputs with 48V phantom power

Extended compatibility

MultiMix 4 USB FX internal FX processor

Not for DAW use

Check price

If you are looking for a portable mixing desk with 4 channel mixer with 1/4inches line-level inputs and a high impedance input for electric guitar and bass, then Alesis MultiMix is an ideal choice.

You need to know from the very start that it easily connects to all your studio equipment thanks to the included 1/4inches outputs for monitors, amplifiers, and recording devices.


Comes with 8 inputs

Modern 3-band British equalizer

Includes 2 XENYX mic preamps

Ultra-low noise mixer

Minor issues with a USB connector

Check price

If you’re looking for a good audio mixer for YouTube, this model might be just what you need. The mixer weighs only 2.4 pounds, and it has 8 inputs.

In addition, there are two onboard studio-grade XENYX Mic Preamps and a 3-band British equalizer. The device also has a USB interface, which is perfect while making YouTube videos.

That’s why this premium ultra-low noise, high headroom analog mixer is on this list. Users worldwide confirm that it works incredibly well, with no issues regarding Windows 10 sound drivers.


On-board pan, volume, and equalizer controls

A USB port for recording and playback

Built-in DSP effects

Cubase LE software

Issues with 48V phantom power and noise

Check price

Another great mixer for video editing and streaming is Alesis MultiMix 8 USB FX. This device comes with 8 channels and a USB port for easy recording and playback.

The mixer has XLR inputs with gain trim, switchable-high pass filters, and there’s also 48V phantom power available.

Multiple effects are also available, so you can easily modify the sound coming from the mixer.

No less than 8 channels

A USB port for recording and playback

DSP sound effects processor

Built-in 32-bit/24bit DSP sound-effects processor

Modern design

Minor Bluetooth issues

Check price

This audio mixer comes with eight channels so it’s perfect for making YouTube videos. The mixer has a built-in 32-bit/24bit AD-DA converter DSP sound-effects processor.

The USB port is also available so you can use it for audio playback or recording. Bluetooth support is there as well, so you can play music directly from your phone or tablet.

If you want to fine-tune your sound, keep in mind that you can easily do so using a 7-band graphic equalizer.

Modern 12-channel mixer

Comes with 6 low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps

ReadyFX effects

Can be used with headphones

Comprehensive instructions

USB noise

Check price

If you need a professional audio mixer for video editing or streaming, this might be the perfect model for you.

This mixer has 12 channels and it comes with 6 low-noise Mackie Vita mic preamps. ReadyFX effect engine is also available and it brings you 16 different audio effects.

Regarding the sound enhancement, there’s a 7-band graphic equalizer and 3 band equalizer for each channel. A USB port is also available and you can use it for audio recording or playback.

Video editing and streaming require that you properly optimize your audio, but that doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you have a proper audio mixer.

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5 Best Spotify Alternatives For Music Streaming

The service is renowned for its deep library of more than 40 million songs. You can find tons of old favorites or discover new artists and bands. Not only that, but it also offers collaborative playlists, podcasts, early album access, and its new music discovery algorithm delivers excellent playlists each week tailored to your tastes.

Table of Contents

Best Alternative to Spotify for Music Streaming

If you’re looking for the best Spotify alternatives, our list of free and paid music streaming service favorites will help you pick the right one for you.

Apple Music boasts a content mix of 60 million songs ad-free, and audio or video playlists curated to suit your music tastes. The music quality is clean, snappy, and entertaining compared to what you get on Spotify.

While the service was designed for Apple devices, you can still access it on a range of platforms including Android devices, Windows PC or your favorite internet browser.

The smart interface is simply laid out and effective so you can navigate easily. You can also download your favorite tracks to play them offline, view song lyrics, and access some exclusive music including the Beats 1 radio station.

Plus, Apple Music integrates with Apple Watch and Siri perfectly, and you stream directly from a HomePod without any issues. However, you can set up the service on your computer or smartphone and stream music via your Bluetooth speaker.

Once your Apple Music trial period is over, you can choose from the Individual plan $9.99 per month for one account, Student plan is also available for $4.99 per month or $14.99 for a Family plan.

Note: If you want to switch from Spotify to Apple Music, check out our guide on how to convert a Spotify playlist to an Apple Music playlist.

Amazon Music Unlimited is one of the best Spotify alternatives for Amazon Prime subscribers because it saves you a few bucks, has a huge music library, and you can stream music from an Echo or other Alexa product.

The service may not beat Spotify in terms of personalization and sharing features, but it’s still a reliable option and it works on a range of platforms. 

Some of these platforms include Android, iOS, Windows and Mac via its desktop app or web player. Some in-car music systems, TVs, Fire tablets and audio products also support Amazon Music Unlimited, but you can’t use it on multiple devices at a go.

The service costs $9.99 per month, but if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you’ll pay $7.99 per month or $79 annually. You can also select a Family plan for $14.99 with support for six people, or go for the cheaper plan at $3.99 per month if you just want to stream music on an Amazon Echo or Echo Dot.

For new members, a free 30-day trial is available, after which the subscription will continue automatically for the regular monthly price unless you cancel.

French company Deezer is a one-stop-shop for all your music needs with 56 million tracks to discover and listen to, podcasts and live radio.

Some of the best-in-class features you can get in Deezer include Shuffle Mode, which allows you to discover new tracks, and the SongCatcher, which identifies songs playing in your surroundings.

If you want personalized recommendations, you can tell Deezer Flow what you like and it’ll create the perfect mix based on your tastes, and help you find new artists and tracks. You can also discover podcasts, though the library is a far cry compared to the 1.9 million podcasts in Spotify’s library.

Deezer also lets you organize your music by genre or artist, listen to any playlist you want or create your own, and use the Favorites feature to add the tracks you love to your collection. Plus, you can play Deezer from a range of platforms including Windows, Mac, Chromebooks, Android and iOS devices, Apple Watch, Garmin, Fitbit, smart TVs, and Xbox One game consoles.

If you’re plugged into Google’s ecosystem of products or want to listen to songs on demand, YouTube Music is a convenient Spotify alternative.

YouTube Music is smart, serving you interesting playlists based on your location, and you can search for a song based on its lyrics. The platform offers a decent music library and integrates well with Google’s other apps including Google Assistant.

If you have an iOS device, you can access YouTube Music wherever you are, or stream music on the web. However, the app doesn’t integrate with Alexa, so you’ll be stuck if you try to play music through an Echo.

YouTube Music also offers a free ad-supported version like Spotify, so you can try it out before committing to a monthly plan. If you like what you hear, you can subscribe to the discounted Student plan for $4.99 per month or Family plan for $14.99 with support for six people.

A one-month free trial is included with each premium plan, but if you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you can enjoy YouTube Music for free besides ad-free video playback and exclusive video content.

Tidal is slightly different from Spotify and other music streaming services owing to its high resolution audio quality, and a HiFi plan with 1,411Kbps in FLAC format. This means that you get to listen to music in full CD quality, though your audio gear also needs to be of higher quality to enjoy the benefits of lossless audio.

The service offers excellent sound performance, offline listening, and access to 3D audio tracks. You can use Tidal on a range of platforms including Android, iOS and desktop, all of which offer high-res streams.

If you like hip-hop and R&B, Tidal offers some notable exclusive content and launches, music videos, access to select sports or concert tickets, and behind-the-scenes content.

Although Tidal’s music quality beats Spotify’s 320Kbps bitrate, the service lacks some features like lyrics and you can’t upload your own songs. If you want the best high quality music streaming experience, Tidal is unquestionably it.

Tidal doesn’t have a free version but a 30-day trial is available for new members who sign up for a regularly priced plan. Tidal Premium plans start at $9.99 for an individual account and $14.99 for a Family plan that supports six people. The HiFi plan starts at $19.99 for a single account and $29.99 for a Family account for six people.

For students, there’s a Premium plan for $4.99 a month or $9.99 a month for the HiFi option.

Get Your Music Fix

Whether you’re at home or on the go, a good music streaming service is key to keep up on all the latest songs. Whichever service you choose, you’ll have a better time with your music if you play it on good headphones, speakers, and other audio equipment that sounds great.

If you’re looking for audio gear, be sure to check out our roundups of the best Bluetooth speakers and best Bluetooth earbuds on a budget. For kids, check out our Spotify for Kids review or turn to our guide on the best music apps for kids.

5 Best Usb Audio Interfaces For Low Latency

5 Best USB Audio Interfaces For Low Latency [Great Options]




Low latency audio interfaces are audio interfaces that are designed to minimize the issue of audio latency. This is something that can ruin sound quality, especially when it is at a level that is detectable by the human ear.

There are numerous caused for why low latency occurs, and it can happen in a variety of cases, such as during the recording stage, during playback, during DSP, or during transit.

If you run into this issue and are looking to minimize it, then you need a good audio interface. Luckily, we’ve compiled a list of what we think are the best audio interfaces that can deal with low latency.

Note: Deals are subject to change. Keep in mind that the price tag often varies. We recommend going on the vendor’s website to check the price. Some of the products may be out of stock by the time you’ve made your purchasing decision. So, hurry up and hit the buy button.

Two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps with plenty of even gains

Two instrument inputs designed for seriously hot pickups

Conversion and sample rates up to 192kHz/24-bit

Cue mix switching, with four analog outputs

May sometimes emit static

Check price

There’s a reason why the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2  is the most popular audio interface in the world, and that is because it focuses on good sound, ease of use and beginner-friendliness.

This model is compact yet versatile, with two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps.

It also ensures super-low latency and the same class-leading sound quality and digital conversion that the Scarlett line of products is known for.

24 bit/192kHz resolution

Crystal Preamps that deliver pristine, transparent sound

+48v Phantom Power accommodates all microphone types

Hi-Speed USB connection with USB/Direct balance knob for zero-latency monitoring

Rugged metal chassis

Occasional quality control issues

Check price

The M-Audio Track 2X2 provides you with high-quality signal capture in a way that has never been easier thanks to the brand-new Crystal Preamps.

These provide you with a transparent, low-noise solution is that ensures that you get the best quality audio from your microphone or any other instrument that you may be recording at the moment.

USB-C bus-powered and +48V phantom power (global)

2×2 audio interface with MIDI for macOS and Windows

24-Bit resolution

44. 1, 48, 88. 2, 96, 176. 4 and 192 kHz sampling rates

2 mic/instrument/line inputs with mix-l solid-state mic preamps

Occasional quality control issues

Check price

Focusing on sound quality above all else, the PreSonus Studio 24c 2×2 operates at up to 192 kHz for the ultra-high-definition recording and mixing of all your songs.

Expert tip:

Eight analog inputs

Class-leading conversion and sample rates up to 192kHz/24 bit

Super-low roundtrip latency for using your plug-ins in real-time without the need for DSP

Focusrite iOS Control

May have software issues

Check price

The Focusrite Scarlett 18i8 is a compact and flexible 2-in, 4-out USB audio interface that makes it easy to perform and record studio-quality audio even at low latency.

The fact that it is so compact and only powered via USB makes it great for jobs on the road.

More so, the small casing hides two natural-sounding Scarlett mic preamps, super-low latency, MIDI I/O, four analog outputs and the same sound quality and digital conversion as the rest of the Scarlett range.

24-bit/192kHz resolution for professional recording and monitoring

High-speed USB connection with USB/Direct balance knob for zero-latency monitoring

Rugged metal chassis

Large central control for easy volume adjustment

Hefty price tag

Check price

The M-Audio M-Track 8X4M is a USB audio interface made to provide you with pretty much all the studio-grade features you could expect.

Not only is it durable and does it provide crystal-clear sounds, but it also comes with plenty of software tools as well.

These include the Pro Tools First, M-Audio Edition, Eleven Lite, Ableton Live Lite, and more.

Many people think that creating music is just a matter of pulling a few strings and pushing a few buttons, but they fail to realize the work and issues that appear during professional studio recording sessions.

One such issue is low sound latency, and if you too want a way to deal with it, then getting an audio interface specifically designed to tackle this issue is a must.

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5 Best Wireless Keyboards For Mac

If you’re a new Mac owner, you’ve probably noticed that Mac keyboards look a little different than those used on Windows PCs. Even worse, your options for native Mac keyboards are pretty limited compared to the almost infinite keyboard selections everyone else has. 

If you’re looking for the best wireless keyboard for your Mac or MacBook, one of these excellent give choices might just do the trick 

Table of Contents

1. An In-House Upgrade: Apple Magic Keyboard

The first keyboard in our list is the only first-party device here. If you have a MacBook or one of the desktop Macs that ship with a wired keyboard, the latest wireless Apple Magic Keyboard offers an excellent wireless experience. We loved the original Magic Keyboard, but it did have some problems. 

The major issue was the reliance on AA batteries, which always seemed to die just when you wanted to get down to work. The new generation of Magic Keyboard has a built-in rechargeable battery, so at worst you’ll have to plug it in before getting on with things.

The Magic Keyboard is also excellent for iPad and iPhone users, letting you get real work done. Sadly Apple doesn’t provide an easy way to quickly switch between devices. Other than that, this is an excellent general-purpose wireless Mac keyboard that feels great to type on and takes up almost no space. Sadly that svelte form does come at the expense of a numpad and full-size cursor keys.

This is by far the safest choice. We think most people will be thrilled with the Apple original, but if you’re looking for something a little more special, read on!

2. The Creative’s Choice: Logitech Craft Advanced Wireless Keyboard

Historically Macs have been the tool of choice for creative professionals. From video editing to sound production and everything in between, Macs are reliable professional workhorses. This is where the Craft Advanced’s party trick sets itself apart from the competition. At the top left of the wireless keyboard, you’ll find a circular knob called the “crown”. 

This can be used to finely adjust things in the software you’re using. For example, you could use it to scrub through a video timeline or to finely adjust color channels. It depends on specific software support for the control surface, but if you do use apps that are officially compatible with the Craft, it can be a real boon to productivity. 

Of course, if you’re a super-serious creative pro, you might want to look at dedicated control devices. But for those who don’t need high-end creative hardware controls, the Craft is an interesting half-step.

3. The Wrist-saver: Logitech Ergo K860

Apple’s own keyboards are pretty comfortable to type on, but that doesn’t mean they have good long-term ergonomics. If you’re spending hours and hours typing on your Mac, you owe it to your health and comfort to get something a little more wrist-friendly.

The Logitech Ergo K860 is a proper, curved, split-keyboard model that has native Mac support. Like other Mac-compatible keyboards from Logitech, the keys are double-labeled with both Windows and Mac commands, so you can switch between macOS and Windows via Boot Camp with ease. 

Apart from the radical curve of this keyboard, it also comes with a rather innovative palm lift. Which is the opposite of how keyboard lifts usually work. The shape and design is the result of research that showed where the main stress points are while typing. According to Logitech, the K860 should minimize wear and tear on your weary joints.

4. The Keyboard Expander: HoRiMe Wireless Numeric Keyboard

If you’re already using a wireless keyboard, this helps you maintain a wire-free workspace as well. We like that this matches the aesthetic of Apple’s own peripherals as well, so it won’t look out of place next to your Mac. 

The only real issue is the use of micro USB for charging. USB C would have been a more sensible choice these days. In the greater scheme of things, this is a minor issue.

5. The “Everything Apple” Wireless Choice: Logitech K380

Yes, the last keyboard on our list of best wireless keyboards for Mac is once again a Logitech, but that just goes to show how the peripheral giant keeps coming up with the goods! This K380, which is also available in colors other than rose, offers an interesting alternative to the standard Magic Keyboard.

We particularly like the round keys, using scissor switches. So it should feel pretty close to the traditional laptop typing experience. Which is of course also the case on the Magic Keyboard. However, apart from price, why not simply get the Apple keyboard? It all comes down to the easy multi-device switching. You can register three different devices and then simply press one of the three device buttons on the keyboard to seamlessly switch between them.

Touch Typing

While the Mac accessory market is relatively small compared to the PC market, that doesn’t mean you have to be happy with whatever Apple shipped with your computer. While these five choices are, in our opinion, some of the best wireless keyboards for Mac in their respective categories, there are still many more choices for Mac lovers out there.

While you wait for your shiny new keyboard to arrive, why not check out the Best macOS Keyboard shortcuts? If you’re struggling with your old keyboard, you should also swing by Certain Keys On Your Mac Not Working Properly? Just in case you think your current keyboard is broken when it might not be!

5 Best Keyboards For Visually Impaired

5 Best Keyboards For Visually Impaired [2023 Guide]




Being able to use a computer is a necessity nowadays. Unfortunately, people with vision problems often have to struggle in performing even the easiest computer tasks because of improper keyboards.

Nonetheless, there is a solution that can help them overcome this hurdle as customized keyboards are available. Now is the time to find quality keyboards for the visually impaired.

We have already gathered the best choice on the market. So, waste no more time and take a closer look below. 

Quiet typing experience

Large letter keyboard model

Simple wired USB connection

Compatible with Windows and Mac OS

Full refund and replacement options

Poor placement of certain keys

Check price

If you want one of those keyboards with high-contrast keys and large lettering for improved visibility, then the Nuklz N large print computer keyboard is an ideal choice.

Thanks to its intuitive wired USB connection, it is completely plug and play. Rest assured that no drivers or special software are requited.

Not only does the black on a white background make it easier to see the letters but they also appear larger, helping you find the pesky backspace key.

Easy to install by plugging with standard USB

Doesn’t require a special software


Nice touch and quiet keys

Extended OS compatibility

Not very stable on a smooth surface

Check price

This keyboard has high contrast thanks to its white keycaps and large, crisp black letters. The QWERTY English (US) 104 key layout makes it excellent for anyone who’s ever used a standard keyboard before.

Besides the fact that there is no need to readapt to a new layout, do note that it is fully compatible with Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / 98, Mac OSX, and Mac OS.

No less important, the cord for this keyboard is a great length. It easily reaches from the top of the desk to the hard drive on a wheeled cart on the floor.

Bold print which makes the keys visible

Spill protected

Additional keys for common commands

Fast response time

Great price

Some letters wear off after prolonged use

Check price

EZSee’s new and improved computer keyboard comes with large white keys, black jumbo oversized print letters, and a black frame.

Expert tip:

The EZSee keyboard comes with a USB connection and it is compatible with Windows 7 and 10, Vista, XP, 2000, and 98.

Big square keys

Large black-on-white letters and numbers

Long battery life

Battery indicator

6-years warranty

No Android compatibility

Check price

This Chester Cree wireless large-key keyboard model boasts imposing keys and bold letters, and it has a 100 feet operating range.

You may use this portable keyboard with different gadgets such as a pocket computer, smartphone, or even with a TV as a monitor.

It is compatible with Mac and Windows and it can be used wirelessly or wired, through USB. There are two versions: black lettering on white keys and white lettering on black keys.

The same size as a standard Apple LogicKeyboard

No adaptation effort for Apple users

A light touch is sufficient when pressing the key

Very light

Increased stability

Higher price compared to other keyboards

Check price

The high contrast markings and large-sized letters and numbers enable users to accomplish any computer tasks with ease and accuracy. The lettering was designed to stand the test of time.

This keyboard comes with large black letters on yellow keys which ensures great contrast and enhanced visibility. It has a USB connection.

People with impaired vision need to use the computer as much as everyone else. These specially designed keyboards can improve their experience and ease their work.

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Best Portable Audio Recording? Zoom H1 Review

Before actually owning the zoom h1, I did do my own research on the product. Everyone’s conclusion was that it felt like a cheap toy. However, I feel as though, while it is all plastic, it still feels sturdy.  I have dropped this mic before and it has yet to crack. (I hope it doesn’t of course!)  And upside to it being all plastic is that it is very light. The build itself is a very small mic intended for on the go usage. It might just be me, but there is something satisfying when you can buy an a product for use, and not have to worry about it getting scuffed up. Coming in an all plastic and cheap form actually makes me want to bring it around more. I toss it into my bag and go. And I think that’s a very important factor when considering this type of product to buy. Just don’t expect a tank when your buying this product. Keep in mind the satisfying buying price of it and you won’t have any complaints.

To be blunt the sound is fantastic.  With an onboard mic that you get with your typical DSLR, you’ll notice the sound levels are not equal. Every now and then I would record a conversation with two people, and while they are at the same exact distance from the camera, every now and then one voice would be extremely high while the other would be low.– Not with the zoom h1. If I aim the mic correctly, the audio is not only equal, but it is also accurate.Another problem that I had before using the Zoom h1 was the fact that my onboard mic picked up a certain humming noise in the background. The h1, as im sure many if not all external mics, fix this problem.  The Zoom h1 mic also removed the audio echo that I received with many other cameras. (Especially webcams)

I do not have a wind filter, as it does not come with one, but I have noticed, to no surprised, that in semi-windy condition, without a wind filter, it does pick up a lot of wind noise.  A LOT. Not a negative thing, that’s typical, but don’t be put off by it and buy a wind filter. (If you intend to work in windy conditions)

The Zoom H1 does cannot be directly connected into your camera. You must manually sync you audio. It could be a major pain, and it is something you definitely want to consider. I believe in the new Final Cut Pro X there is a way to automatically sync the audio, but even then, I would of course rather just have the audio recorded right into our DSLR. If this is a problem, you might want to consider the Zoom H1′s big brother: the Zoom H4n.

The zoom consumes only one AA battery, but I still wish it had a charging feature.  It also does have  tripod screw in so if you have an extra tripod you can mount it equally to your camera.

For a budget mic, I think it is a great product.  I do envy the Zoom H4n, but considering the price this product it is going for, I can’t complain much. It’s a mic, that I use to supplement everything, my DSLR, my webcam, and sometimes even my phone. The only downside I would have to say is, again, you have to manually sync the audio in post production. So do I recommend this mic? Yes, yes I do!

The Zoom H1, your portable audio recorder now the perfect supplement to any DSLR or video recording device. Small and affordable, but what does all of that sacrifice?

Update the detailed information about 5 Best Audio Mixers For Streaming & Video Editing on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!