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Abyssrium World

Price: Free to play

Abyssrium World is the latest game in the popular series. This one is similar to a city-building simulator except you’re building your own ocean landscape instead of a city. Players upgrade their stuff and build more things as they progress. The game bills itself as relaxing so there isn’t a lot of timed events or things like that. You just log in, play, and then stop playing when you’re done. It is a free to play game, though, so of course you can progress faster with microtransactions if you want to. Luckily, there isn’t anything to really progress to so you don’t really need to if you don’t want to.

Google AdMob

Price: Free

Believe it or not, Google didn’t have an official app for AdMob until earlier this month. This one does about what you would expect. People who use AdMob can log in, check your app earnings, get insights, and check payments. The UI is fairly straightforward with colorful graphics and easy menus. It won’t blow anybody’s mind but it’s not really supposed to.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Company of Heroes

Price: $13.99

Company of Heroes is real-time strategy game. It takes place during World War II and players start during the Invasion of Normandy and make their way through the European Theater of Operations to defeat the Nazis. It’s a full port of the PC game except with mobile phone controls so you get every minute of the PC game for the single $13.99 price tag. The graphics, game play, and mechanics are all very well done and this is one of those games we only meant to test for a few hours and it turned into an all day affair. This is definitely one of the best RTS games to hit Android in a while and it’s not a free to play game either.

Adobe Account Access

Price: Free

Adobe Account Access is an admittedly boring app but it serves an important function. It lets you quickly sign into your Adobe account without the need for two-factor authentication. You would log into an app or the website and use this app to authenticate rather than a code. That’s about all it does and all it’s meant to do. The app works just fine, but it doesn’t support a number of popular older devices so you may need to wait for a few updates to make sure your phone is compatible. It’s otherwise free to use.

Joe Hindy / Android Authority


Price: Free / Up to $10.99

Mousebusters is a retro game that appears cutesy on the surface, but it’s actually kind of dark. Players take on the role of the Mouse Busters who take on the growing darkness in the hearts of an apartment buildings’ tenants. The story is actually pretty decent and the game play elements are enjoyable. You have to buy the full game to see all of the content, but at least it’s not free to play like most mobile games. You can play a fair amount of the game for free if you want to. This one is actually surprisingly good.

You're reading 5 Android Apps You Shouldn’T Miss This Week!

5 Android Apps You Shouldn’T Miss This Week

Gaming Chromebooks are apparently on the way from Lenovo and HP. They’ll even include some gamer features like RGB keyboard support and other stuff. However, it seems like the main focus for these Chromebooks is game streaming rather than gaming directly. Reports say that they’ll ship with Stadia installed out of the box along with access to NVIDIA GeForce Now game streaming. Hit the link to learn more.

Google’s Password Manager is now usable straight from your home screen. Basically, you just open the password manager, hit the Settings cogwheel, and add it to your home screen. It’ll add an icon to your home screen that you can use to access your passwords much faster. Here is a how-to in case you want step-by-step instructions.

Twitter’s board approved the Elon Musk buyout already. However, Musk is delaying the sale. This week, we found out a few reasons why that might be. The fake accounts problem is one we already know about. Additionally, putting together the financing and getting shareholder approval still stand in the way. A shareholder vote is expected in late July or early August.

Samsung Pay morphed into Samsung Wallet this week and that comes with both good and bad news. We’ll talk more about the new features later, but one of the bad parts is that it no longer works on non-Samsung devices. People without Samsung phones can’t install it and even if they can, it doesn’t work anymore. That’s a bit of a bummer.

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas

Price: Free to play

Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas is a mobile RPG and partial strategy game. The goal is to become a successful leader of a city while also exploring the world and defeating evil. It boasts a large number of character races and plenty of places to explore and experience. You’ll also be tasked with rebuilding a city and expanding it. There is also a story to play through and the graphics are pretty decent. The launch was a little rough and the combat mechanics feel a bit like an idle game, but we’re sure it’ll find its niche as time goes.

Health Connect by Android


Price: Free to play

Petness is a pet grooming simulator game. Pets come into your shop and you groom them within a certain time limit. Doing so nets you stars for each level. They’ll get up and move around to make things a little more difficult for you. The game also includes boosters to make things easier, a story to play through, and some extras to collect. It’s not a super serious or deep game. It’s also reasonably family-friendly with a bunch of cute animals. This is something you’d play if you enjoy games like Candy Crush or a restaurant simulator.

Samsung Wallet

Disney Mirrorverse

Price: Free to play

Disney Mirrorverse is another new mobile RPG, except this one is an action RPG. It features both Disney and Pixar characters in an original story. Each character you unlock has its own set of spells, skills, and abilities to help you get through everything. It’s one of the more competent western gachas that we’ve played and it has a lot of potential. The only issues are some occasionally janky on-screen controls and the game’s UI isn’t the most visually appealing. Hopefully, the developers improve that stuff over time.

Top 5 Android Apps To Transfer Files From Android To Any Device

Top 5 Android Apps to Transfer Files from Android to Any Device Best Apps to Transfer Files Between Android Smartphone and Other Devices 1. MiDrop

Rating: 4.8 stars


The app is ad-free and works very fast. The highest speed reaching 50 m/ second which is 200 times faster than Bluetooth.

Files can be shared in 1 tap across all Android devices.

You can transfer files without internet which means even if you don’t have mobile data or Wi-Fi, the app will still work.

Download it from here!

2. Zapya

Rating: 4.6 stars


With the inbuilt messenger feature that the app comes with, you can share media and chat with your friends at the same time without having to use the internet.

The app enables you to back up all your essential files on your PC or Mac.

The app supports over 20 languages.

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Download it from here!

3. SHAREit

Rating: 4.6 stars

There is a reason why SHAREit has over 10 million installs and why it has been around for a while now. It is lauded as the best app for sharing music, videos, photos, images, apps and all other kinds of files. SHAREit also comes with a powerful media player with the help of which you can manage your videos and music.


Despite being 200 times faster than Bluetooth, the app doesn’t compromise on the file quality while file transfer takes place.

It has a graceful music player with powerful equalizer for the next level experience.

It supports over 45 languages and has millions of high-quality songs and videos which are smartly categorized into curated playlists.

Note:As it is a Chinese app, it may not be available to install in India, because the Indian government has banned some of the apps from China.

Download it from here!

4. AirDroid

Rating: 4.5 stars

AirDroid is a spectacular way of not just transferring data from Android to pc but also managing the smartphone from platforms like Linux, Mac and Windows. Also, the app replicates your calls, app notifications and SMS onto your large screen just as they would show up on the screen of your smartphone.


With the help of this app you can answer all your calls and messages with the help of your desktop screen.

You can locate your lost phone with the help of the app.

The app also enables you to share and record your phone screen and the surrounding environment, thanks to the remote camera feature!

5. Resilio Sync

The app lets you transfer docs, videos, photos all sizes and shapes with no bar on the storage limits. The app uses BitTorrent peer-to-peer technology because of which the file transfer takes place in speedy fashion.

Rating: 4.4 stars


The files are encrypted during transfer since none of the information is stored on third party servers.

As soon as the video is taken, or image is captured, the sync option automatically creates a back-up.

Files can be uploaded on all platforms – PC, tablet, Mac, NAS from anywhere.

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Thanks to the apps above, you can now have your files on your tips in a safe and secured manner. Gone are those days when you had to use USB storage and flash drives to transfer files. No matter who it is that you wish to transfer your files to. Transfer files between Android and PC or go the other way around it’s time to go cross-platform in no time at all. So, have fun transferring!

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5 Cool New Android Launchers You Should Try

When it comes to custom launchers for Android, the first option that comes in mind for a lot of people is Nova Launcher. While that is quite natural as the launcher has been there for a long time providing a lot of features and customizations, many of you might be looking for new launchers with more new cool features which inspired us to compile this list of 5 new Android launchers you should totally check out.

1. Lawnchair

The first pick in this list is Lawnchair, which is my favorite launcher ever since I found it. There are a lot of customizations in the launcher which lets you dive deep into details to make your phone just as you want. And speaking of attention to detail, I must mention the eye-candy Settings of the launcher which is total bliss to look at. You can customize everything from themes, desktop icons, home widget, dock, and app drawer. It also allows a few handy Gestures like Double tap to sleep the device.

I have been personally using the launcher ever since it got released and I would totally recommend it. If you need to be one of the first ones to receive and test the latest update, do join their Telegram Channel here and download the latest version of the launcher. You can also install the Play Store version if you need completely stable builds.

2. Hyperion Launcher

Hyperion Launcher is another great launcher if you need a few more in-demand customization features. The launcher is developed by the team behind popular theme engine Substratum.

The launcher can be downloaded from the Google Play Store for free. However, you will have to make an in-app purchase of Rs.159 or buy Hyperion Supreme unlocker app for the same cost to get access to more features like Gestures, disabling app suggestions, smart widgets and much more. One of the unique features Hyperion launcher has over other launchers is the support for locking apps using fingerprint but you will get that only when you buy the app.

Download Hyperion (Free, In-app Purchases)

3. Niagara Launcher

Download Niagara (Free)

4. Customized Pixel Launcher

If you are someone who loves the Pixel launcher and want to make a few customizations, Customized Pixel Launcher would be your best bet. Also, the fingerprint lock feature I was talking about in Hyperion launcher is available here for free. The app is available for free and you can buy the donate app if you would like to support the developer.

5. Before Launcher

Before Launcher is the launcher you should choose if you want a minimalistic experience from your Android device. The app has a filtered notification tray that shows notifications from the apps you select. It also allows you to select the apps you need on the home screen. Swiping right will give you access to the entire list of apps. The most recent apps will be displayed on the top of the app list for quick access. You can also turn on incognito mode in settings to stop the app from tracking recently used apps.

Download Before Launcher (Free)

Removing Samsung’s Default Android Apps

Pre-installed apps on Android smartphones—not excluding Samsung smartphones—sometimes can be pretty annoying. They don’t provide much utility for you and they take up storage space. The slang term for these kinds of apps is bloatware; unnecessary pre-installed features that use up too much memory and RAM.

These pre-installed apps can furthermore make your phone’s battery dry out faster. Not to mention that they will take your data allowance for updates and such. So, how do you deal with this nuisance?

Generally, two means are applicable so you can go about ditching your apps: the easy and risk-free way or the more radical, more effective way but a risky one. Let’s take a look at the easy one first.

Disable Samsung’s Preinstalled Apps.

The following method is geared towards Samsung’s smartphones. Other phone brands can still follow the same guideline.

Open the App Drawer

Hold-press any app that you want to disable then tap disable when the window pop up (the option to uninstall usually available for downloaded apps but not for the pre-installed ones).

This way, the disabled apps will not run in the background anymore, freeing up some RAM space. The apps are not really ‘disappear’ from your phone, they are still installed in your memory. Should anything happen that might disrupt your system, you can choose to enable the apps once again.

If you want to make all the bloatware completely gone, follow these procedures. Note that this approach can void your warranty and harm your phone system if done incorrectly. Proceed with caution.

Root your smartphone.

Rooting gives you full access to the entire files in your smartphone system. This is necessary if you want to delete any pre-installed apps. If a user chooses to root their phone, this means that their user-privilege is escalated, making them able to edit any files, even possibly delete very important system files by accident. This is why smartphones are not rooted by default.

Phone manufacturers won’t fix any damage to a rooted smartphone even if it’s still under warranty since it’s the user’s fault, not them. They often threaten to void warranties to any user dare to root their phone.

Root your phone only if you know what you are doing. If you still want to and can take responsibility for your action, go ahead and follow this step.

Launch the app and start the rooting.

Wait until the result screen tells you if the rooting is succeeded or failed.

Once you have rooted your phone, we can move on to the next process.

Remove pre-installed apps using System App Remover

System App Remover is one of the best Uninstaller apps. This free app menu presents a list of apps—whether downloaded or pre-installed—that you can safely remove from your system without necessarily harming it. This feature is pretty useful especially for those not familiar with Android systems.

Download and launch the app.

Give it root permission for System App Remover to be able to delete your pre-installed app.

Go ahead and uninstall any desired app. System App Remover provides automatic backup in case you incidentally remove something.

There are other apps that you can use such as Titanium Backup that also offers many features.

59 Chinese Apps Ban: Here Are 5 Indian Alternatives You Must Download

The ban of 59 Chinese apps has opened gates for homegrown apps. While you are missing Tik Tok, we bring you a list of five Indian alternatives that you can try

The ban gave hope to Indian apps to try out the market and somewhere it was the must needed movie.

We all are aware that countries like China do not allow the use of apps created by countries to be used by their consumers. And it’s time that Indians too start relying on apps by local entrepreneurs.

While we know you might be missing the Chinese apps, we have curated a list of Indian alternatives that you can download.

Top Indian app you must watch in 2023 1. Chingari

2. Rooter

From the absence of this massively multiplayer online strategy platform Clash of Kings, Rooter functions as a homegrown distinctive app.

Additionally you have other interesting choices such as Indoor sports feed comprising movies, images, surveys, etc. and scorecards from 10 Indian languages including Cricket, Football, along with several different sports.

3. Trell

In the lack of TikTok, Trell delivers short-video making attributes on its own platform. Article the banning of TikTok, the app was installed by over 12 million users thus far.

4. Kaagaz Scanner

With programs like CamScanner not available, Indian app Kaagaz Scanner has emerged as a superb substitute. The app has been already downloaded 100k occasions and is manufactured by Sorted AI. Presently on Google Play Store, the app doesn’t need its users to make an account to scan files.

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5. Ludo King

Ludo king Based on the popular board game Ludo, Ludo King is a homegrown free-to-play app created by Gametion Technologies. Known to everyone, this game has created a rage and people are head-over-heels obsessed with it.

Bringing in the childhood memories back, the game supports up to 6 players in local multiplayer modes and lets you choose between gameboard themes like Nature, Egypt, Disco, Candy, and Christmas and can play offline.

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