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You don’t need to be a rookie burglar trying to live out GTA heist fantasies to take an interest in police scanner apps. These let you tune in to police scanner radio feeds of your local police, fire and other vital departments, putting you (almost) live in on the action as these services go about their vital work.

We say “almost” because for obvious security reasons there’s usually a delay between the original broadcast and what you receive in the app. It’s not great for criminals, but enthusiasts and reporters should appreciate it!

1. 5-0 Radio Police Scanner

Platforms: iOS

This iPhone app is possibly the most polished police scanner out there, giving some credence to the view that the App Store is far more selective about what it allows into its hallowed halls than the Play Store.


5-0 Radio Police Scanner lets you set up alerts and listen to feeds in the background while using other apps. It’s focused around feeds in the US, Canada and Australia, but really you can listen to live feeds worldwide. You can see the exact location of broadcasts and even chat with other listeners on the same broadcasts as you, creating a cool, covert little community.

2. Broadcastify

Platforms: iOS, Android

The daddy of all broadcasting and police scanner apps, Broadcastify has access to “over 6000” broadcasts from numerous official and unofficial sources, including police, fire, shipping, aviation and amateur radio. Its Material Design-inspired interface makes it instantly familiar to use, with a search function, the option to use your location to find your closest feeds, and a Favorites list so you can quickly jump into the feeds most important to you.

One of the best features, however, is the option to set up Push notifications for specific radio stations, so if any major incidents occur on them, you’ll be informed right away. This is the most complete police scanner app out there.

3. Scanner Radio

Platforms: iOS, Android

The most popular option on the Play Store actually draws its streams from Broadcastify, which effectively translates to one of the biggest repositories of police and other streams on the Internet. Likewise, any breaking news and push notifications you get will be beamed over from Broadcastify.

Beyond that, Scanner Radio does its own thing. As well as the usual perks of letting you save favorites and look for scanners near you, one of its better features is Android Auto support, which means you can listen to police radio while on the move. Just don’t go driving around town trying to get to crime scenes before the police, okay?

4. Police Scanner X

Platforms: Android

Police Scanner X tunes in to many of the biggest police precinct radios all around the U.S. and features a table of 10-codes so you can decipher the cryptic, codified language used by the police during communication. You can set your favorite police streams to tune into quickly and can also auto-resume the last one you were listening to. It’s pretty minimal beyond that, but it’s quite possibly all you need.

Between all of the above apps, you should have everything you need to scan police, fire brigade, or amateur ham radio wherever you want. For more phone-based tinkering, check out our list of the hacking apps for Android. Also, see this trick for running iOS apps on Android.

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Content Manager at Make Tech Easier. Enjoys Android, Windows, and tinkering with retro console emulation to breaking point.

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4 Best Apps To Remotely View A Webcam On Ios And Android

Do you have an old desktop computer or Mac gathering dust in your home? Put the device to productive use by converting it to a makeshift security camera. All you need is an app that lets you view your webcam remotely from a mobile phone or tablet.

This guide highlights apps that let you view your computer’s built-in camera or external webcam on a smartphone. With these tools, you can remotely monitor your kids, aged parents, domestic staff, or valuable items from anywhere in the world.

Table of Contents

These apps are a boon for individuals who don’t want to invest in new security gadgets. They’re easy to set up and require no technical port configuration on your router whatsoever. All that’s needed is an active internet connection.

Before You Proceed: Important Things to Note

We recommend plugging your computer into a power source if you use these apps as a make-do home surveillance system. Also, configure your computer’s display to never go to sleep.

We should mention that you might not need these apps if you’re using an external USB webcam with dedicated software that supports live streaming. Native webcam apps with remote streaming capabilities will most definitely perform better. So, check your webcam’s instruction manual or the manufacturer’s website for directives on using the device to view your webcam on Android and iOS devices remotely.

1. AtHome Video Streamer (Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS)

On the desktop client, there’s a “Power Saving Mode” option that sends the app to the background, locks your computer, and turns off its display without terminating the webcam stream. The feature saves battery power (on laptops) and lets you confidentially view your webcam feed.

Visit the developer’s website, download “AtHome Video Streamer” on your computer, and install the “AtHome Camera” app on your Android or iOS device. Launch the mobile client, create an account, tap the plus icon (+) in the top-right corner, and select Add Camera by QR Code.

Launch AtHome Video Streamer on your computer, select Generate QR code and scan the QR code that appears on the screen.

Select your computer’s webcam in the “Camera” section, and the app will play a live stream from the webcam. It will also display the timestamp and your computer’s battery percentage.

Use the control buttons at the bottom of the screen to change the video quality, record scenes from the webcam feed, enable night vision, and adjust other settings.

2. Alfred Home Security Camera (Android and iOS)

This app has a freemium model that grants users access to features like two-way communication, motion detector, and low-light filter (or night vision) for free. The Android app ships with extra features like motion detector reminder, Google Assistant integration, password lock, etc.

Install the Alfred Home Security Camera app on your Android or iOS device and create an account with your email address. You can also sign-up with your Google account or Apple ID. Be sure to verify your email address to sign into the app client. The next step is to link your phone to the Alfred Camera “WebCamera” client.

Visit the AlfredCamera website on your web browser and sign in to your account. Grant the web app access to your Mac or PC’s camera and microphone when prompted. Afterward, toggle on the camera and motion detector options.

Open the Alfred Home Security Camera app on your smartphone or tablet, head to the “Camera” section, and select the webcam with a “Live” placeholder on the thumbnail. That’ll immediately mirror your PC’s webcam feed.

If there’s an external camera connected to your PC, select the gear icon in the bottom-right corner of the video feed, choose the external webcam in the Camera drop-down menu, and select Done.

On the free plan, Alfred Camera automatically records a 30-second clip (called an “Event”) in the “Event Book” when the Motion Detector senses movement. These Events are then grouped into “Event Groups,” a collection of 30-second long clips from the webcam feed. You can export these clips as “Moments,” save them locally on your device or share them with friends. 

Note that unsaved Events are deleted from Alfred Camera’s server after seven days.

You’ll need to pay a subscription fee (from $5.99/month) for premium features like HD streaming, extended video recording (up to 120 seconds), people-only motion detection, simultaneous recording on multiple devices, extended cloud storage, etc.

Alternatives: Remote Management Apps 3. Splashtop (Android and iOS)

Although you need a subscription (from $5/month) to view your webcam remotely with Splashtop, the developers offer a 7-days free trial period. Install the Splashtop Business app on your Mac or Windows PC and smartphone. You also need to install the app’s helper software (i.e., Splashtop Streamer) on your computer. Splashtop Streamer runs in the background and lets you remotely stream your webcam feed without launching the Splashtop Business app.

Install and set up the Splashtop clients on your devices, create a Splashtop account, and sign in to the desktop and mobile apps with your account credentials. 

Note that you must authenticate your devices before using the apps from remotely view your webcam. Check your email inbox, open the authentication email from Splashtop and verify your devices.

Afterward, connect your devices to the internet, launch the Splashtop Business app on your phone, and select your PC on the list of available devices. Wait for the app to establish a connection with your computer and launch the camera/webcam app. You should see the webcam feed on your phone. Tap the menu icon to change the video orientation, frame rate, and adjust other vital settings.

Splashtop also has a Chromebook client and a Chrome extension. So, if you have an old Chromebook, install the Splashtop app on the device and convert it to a live surveillance tool.

4. TeamViewer (Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS)

TeamViewer is one of the best apps that lets you remotely access your PC or Mac from a smartphone. The app, which is free for personal use, utilizes cloud-based technologies to provide screen-sharing, online collaboration, and remote management solutions.

Install the free/personal version on your Windows PC or Mac. You can also run TeamViewer without installing it on your device. Select this installation option if your computer is low on storage space or if you only intend to use the app one time.

Head to the app’s “Remote Control” section and note the connection ID (or “Your ID”) and password.

Afterward, download the TeamViewer app on your iOS or Android device, head to the “Connect” section, enter the connection ID in the “Partner ID” dialog box, tap Remote Control, and provide the password on the next page.

Make sure both devices are connected to the internet, preferably on the same network. The TeamViewer app will initiate the connection and project your computer’s display on your smartphone. Select your PC on the Teamviewer app’s dashboard and enter the partner password. If everything checks out, you should see the webcam feed on your phone or tablet’s display.

View Your Webcam Remotely: Limitations

Try to set up your security surveillance system on a bigger screen. As smartphones have small display sizes, the apps’ picture/video quality (particularly the free versions) is blurry and pixelated. Apps that provide HD streaming (e.g., Alfred Home Security app) often require a subscription.

Remote management apps, as mentioned earlier, lack security features like motion detection, night vision, etc. Plus, you can’t record clips nor enhance the video quality when streaming your webcam via remote management apps. Nonetheless, they’re creative alternatives to standalone webcam apps.

Whatever app you decide to adopt, ensure you grant it the necessary permissions required for optimum performance. You should also visit the manufacturer’s website to understand its usage policies and instructions.

10 Best Flight Tracking Apps For Android And Ios

10 Best Flight Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

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Best Flight Tracking Apps for Android and iOS

It is best to monitor issues such as delays, last-minute gate shifts, or even emergency announcements, specifically during a stressful flight. Moving quickly through each adjustment is preferable to being surprised by unforeseen delays or notifications. That is why these 10 best flight tracking apps for Android and iOS are so handy.

1. Flight Aware

Technical Specifications:

Version: 5.7.3 in Android & 6.5.0 in iOS.


Uses NEXRAD radar overlay to improve flight tracking and push notifications.

Additionally shows real-time weather statistics.

Displays flight status in real-time.

Personalized flight departure and arrival notifications.

Download Flight Aware on Android & iOS

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2. FlightRadar 24

Flight radar24 is a well-known flight-tracking app used in over 150 countries. With it, you can closely monitor global flight trends and monitor your journey. In addition to this, you can view the flight using the 3D representation. You may quickly obtain numerous facts about a flight, including the aircraft type, departure time, and predicted arrival time.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 8.18.8 in Android & 8.18.5 in iOS.


Allows for the 3D presentation of flight data.

A feature for online flight booking.

Provides current information on all flights worldwide.

Can take down a list of every flight you’ve checked in the last 365 days.

Download FlightRadar 24 on Android & iOS

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3. Flight Stats

FlightStats is another excellent free plane tracking app available for both Android & iOS. This flight tracker application provides a smooth experience by giving comprehensive and detailed global flight status by aircraft number, airport, and route. You can effortlessly search for any information thanks to the simple user interface.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 3.3.4 in Android & 3.4.8 in iOS.


The user interface is lovely, clean, and easy to use.

Comprehensive global flight status.

For iOS users, a Siri shortcut is available for simple control.

Works with the Apple Watch also.

Download Flight Stats on Android & iOS

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4. The Flight Tracker

The Flight Tracker app has a simple user interface for easy access to current flight information. Any flight around the globe can be monitored, and arrivals and departures information, as well as aircraft details and seat charts, can also be viewed. You may tweak the app to allow you to keep a record of any flight and get specific arrival and departure information based on your goals.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 2.6.7 in Android & 4.4.4 in iOS.


Can see Terminal and Gate changes in real-time.

Quickly check the weather where you’re going.

Can synchronize with your calendar.

Information about Arrival and Departure in detail.

Download The Flight Tracker on Android & iOS

5. Plane Finder

Due to its variety of features, the Plane Finder app is particularly well-liked among its users. Plane Finder displays real-time moving airplanes on a global map. Additionally, it uses augmented reality to enable you to recognize planes flying in the sky using the camera on your smartphone. In addition, Plane Finder enables you to observe real-time air traffic patterns, operational days, and the whole flight history.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 7.8.3 in Android & 14.8.5 in iOS.


Built-in GPS for a simple route-based position estimate.

Easy access to all flight history.

Can get current weather reports.

Timely updates on current aviation traffic trends.

Download Pane Finder on iOS

Best Flight Tracking Apps For Android

6. Flight Board

You will like the Flight Board App if you favor simplistic styles. The Android flight tracking app has a straightforward user interface that makes it easy to obtain all the crucial flight statistics. By flight number, location, or airline, you may search for a certain trip. With information on 16,000 airports & 1,400 airlines, it offers a global solution for regular travelers everywhere.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 6.7


User interface and design that can be individualized and simple to use.

Provides current reports on both domestic and international flights.

Displays the seat allocations for flights for easy booking.

Real-time flight data are available for all of your preferred airports.

Download Flight Board.

7. ADSB Flight Tracker

Observing and monitoring aircraft in the radar format distinguishes ADSB from other flight tracking applications. It provides the exact time, route, pace, and height of your current journey in real-time by utilizing the GPS feature of your device. You may select airplane data to track particular flights and associated information based on your needs.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 34.6.4


Proximity notices: indicates how close you are to your location.

More than a thousand commercial and military aircraft are in 3D view mode.

Allows for the global tracking of aircraft positions using GPS.

You may also turn your smartphone completely 360 degrees to see where planes are located.

Download ADSB Flight Tracker

Best Flight Tracking Apps For iOS

8. Flighty

Its distinctive and straightforward user interface is a big part of why this is one of the finest flight monitoring applications for iOS. Since there is nothing to teach, anyone, even a beginner, can easily use this app. The application displays real-time flight routes and a pilot flight schedule and has a smoother and snappier user experience. To help you get to your location quickly, it offers TripIt sync, taxi timetables, mail forwarding, & even check-in assistance.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 2.4.2


Alerts for canceled or delayed incoming flights

Worldwide coverage is available 24/7/365.

Real-time flight path monitoring is simple.

Can integrate Flighty with your calendar.

Download Flighty

9. Flightview Flight Tracker

The iOS app Flightview Flight Tracker has a tonne of fantastic features. For example, the push notification functionality sends consumers timely updates on flight status and weather conditions. Along with the most recent flight information, users may access a live display that shows where the airplane is about other parameters such as speed, direction, and altitude.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 4.0.17


Information on flight conditions in real-time at all major airports globally.

Built-in Google map function for easy tracking of your whereabouts while traveling.

Weather forecasting in real-time.

Integration of iPhone Maps with driving directions to the airport.

Download Flightview Flight Tracker

10. Live Flight Status

An app that tracks flights and provides the most recent projected departure and arrival timings, gate numbers, and, upon arrival, the location of the baggage claim carousel. Whether you are seeing somebody at the airport and need to know if the aircraft is delayed, Live Flight Status is ideal for monitoring the progress of your friends’ and family members’ flights.

Technical Specifications:

Version: 1.3


You can find your flight using the app’s simple interface.

It includes more than 92 percent of all flights worldwide.

Detailed arrival and departure information, including terminal and gate numbers.

The data is incorporated by merging real-time flight information from the two top data sources, Flight Stats and Flight Aware.

Download Live Flight Status

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Best Business Card Scanner Apps For Iphone In 2023

The business card reader/scanner apps for iPhone can be a great way to save time when you add a contact to your address book. Combining iPhone’s powerful camera with a really good character-recognition/text-scanning can be useful, and that’s what business card scanning apps do.

In addition to all these features, the feature we liked most, and what makes this application special is the ability to export your business cards to Excel. Scan the business cards you receive after an event or a business trip, and Card Scanner to Contacts + OCR application will create an excel file for you. Thanks to cloud sync, your business cards are synchronized to the cloud, even if your phone is broken or stolen, you will not lose your business cards.

2. CamCard

Having won the trust of 100 million users, CamCard is worth a serious look if you wish to keep your contacts clutter-free. Take control of your business cards without any stress and keep your address book organized without any stress. With a simple user interface, it ensures you are to manage your cards fast and without any hassle. You can flawlessly scan and store cards.

If you don’t want to forget important things, add notes and reminders to your contacts. It sends you the contact updates so that you don’t fail to send congratulations. Lastly, the support of 17 languages Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Korean, Norwegian makes CamCard an ideal contact manager.

3. ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards is a simple, elegant, and neat business card scanner. With the integration of multiple services like Salesforce, SugarCRM, mailer, and Oracle Fusion you can keep your CRM updated with ease. The app allows you to quickly add contacts to your iPhone address and also export them as CSV files.

You get the option to either create new contacts or merge scans with existing records. With iCloud backup, you will be able to sync your contacts across devices. Additionally, ScanBizCards comes in a lite version which you can try before switching to the pro version.

4. Business Card Scanner-sam Pro

As compared to its rivals mentioned in this list, SamCard Pro doesn’t have too many elegant features. However, it does the work of scanning cards flawlessly. The anti-shake photo shooting technology ensures all the information on the cards is captured accurately.

It allows you to shoot both horizontally and vertically. Furthermore, SamCard Pro is compatible with seven languages like English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish.

5. ABBYY Business Card Reader Pro

“Business Card Reader Pro” is lightning fast and boasts of the ability to scan cards with absolute precision. It automatically detects all the edges of the card and removes the defective edges.

With the use of auto-normalization of the phone, as well as extension numbers, it aquatically puts the missing parts. What’s more, it can even correct any typos and fill in the missing address filed to ensure. Additionally, Business Card Scanner Pro supports 25 languages including German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish.

6. CardKeeper

CardKeeper is a simple yet highly effective business card reader for your iPhone. It is fully capable of scanning cards with the desired result. Once you have scanned any card, you can easily add it to your address book.

The app allows you to manage your cards without any hassle. Besides, you will also be able to quickly share your cards via AirDrops. Besides, the support of multiple languages makes CardKeeper more user-friendly.

“Contact Snapper” is an exceptionally user-friendly and perfect app for those who are looking for a high-quality business card reader. What sets it apart from the rest is the ability to support more than 200 languages. The optimized OCR technology enables you to convert images into text with ease.

Important features like QR code recognition and the ability to assign groups to multiple contacts add more value to its profile. It lets you export your address book as PDF or excel to Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive. Business Card Scanner allows you to scan only three cards for free after that you will need to upgrade the app.

8. Business Card Reader Pro

Perhaps the most solid of all, Business Card Reader Pro is a really pricey affair at $6.99, but it’s also one of the most accurate card readers for the iPhone. There’s a lot of features that the app rides on including things like background image processing so that you can scan a bunch of cards quickly, anti-shake to compensate for bad picture quality (caused due to shaky hands), and much more.

The app also features a decent sort, filter, and search function (which is quite helpful because the app functions as a contacts manager). You can export the data to Evernote, SalesForce, and VCard. Easily edit your cards, keep them organized, and back up them to iCloud so that they remain secure and accessible from anywhere.

9. Card Scanner

I rate Card Scanner very highly based on its functionality. What impresses about this business card reader is the ability to recognize 14 languages, which makes it very handy.

You can ask Siri to let you quickly search for photos for business cards. Furthermore, Card Scanner lets you sync contacts with Google Drive, Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Zoho Invoice, Zoho Book, and Zoho Desk.

10. WorldCard Mobile

It lets you easily sort information like position, name, company, fax number, phone number, address or other fields. You can make a phone call, send SMS and email to your contacts right from the app.

The compatibility with 25 languages such as English, French, German, and more makes it very handy for users. Even better, this business contact reader also lets you sync contacts with Google Contacts and manage them with ease.

11. Eight

Apart from reading business cards with precision, Eight also offers a better way to organize the digital cards. For instance, you can add notes and tags to profiles to not only keep them in the perfect sync but also easily find them.

As for the freemium variant, it has most of the basic features that can pretty much take care of your simple needs. But just in case you want a full-fledged business card reader, you can upgrade to Eight’s premium version to unlock many handy features including exporting data and more efficient digitization of the visiting cards.

That’s all!

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8 Of The Best Offline Gps Apps For Android

GPS Android apps help you get around almost anywhere. However, what happens when you’re in an area without a signal? You’re left with zero direction. Plus, you don’t always just need GPS when you’re driving. Thanks to the following offline GPS apps for Android, you’ll still know where you are and how to navigate when your connection is lost.

Apps offering online maps usually have all the same features as other GPS apps, such as turn-by-turn directions, speed warnings, and detailed maps. However, you won’t get real-time alerts since you’ll be offline. The top three apps will cover most every need you have.

1. chúng tôi – Highly Recommended

Maps.Me offers a great combination of standard navigation maps and off-road outdoor fun. Get full turn-by-turn directions while completely offline. You’ll even get points of interest included. Quickly find fun hiking trails as you explore new areas or find a great restaurant in a new city. The maps are optimized to use less space on your phone, so it’s good for devices with limited storage.

Maps.Me is my highest recommended offline GPS app because it’s a great combination of standard and off-road navigation. Downloadable travel guides are also a plus. With optimized maps, you have plenty of room on even older devices to store them and still take travel photos.

2. MapFactor Navigator – Best for Street Travel

MapFactor Navigator is my runner-up. The focus mainly on street travel puts it just behind chúng tôi With support for over 200 countries, it’s a worthy competitor.

3. Polaris GPS – Best for Off-Road Navigation

If you’re looking for an off-road GPS app, Polaris GPS is the clear winner.

4. Magic Earth Navigation & Maps – Best for Privacy-Conscious People

Magic Earth Navigation & Maps is one of the more privacy-oriented GPS Android apps. Maps are powered by OpenStreetMaps, and you can download maps for 233 regions and countries. If your device has enough storage, you can even use the app as a dash camera if you don’t already have one. It’ll record the road ahead in the event of an accident or to safely take video of the scenery as you drive.

5. OsmAnd

Like all others above, OsmAnd uses OpenStreetMap data too. When you download maps, you get full turn-by-turn and visual directions. The free version is limited by how many maps you can download, but a subscription-based plan is available. The app also includes maps for hiking, cycling, and even skiing.

It’s worth noting that OsmAnd almost made the top of the list. However, the limited number of free maps puts it further down.

6. Offline GPS 7. Google Maps 8. HERE WeGo

HERE WeGo focuses mainly on city travel. While you will need an Internet connection, you can book a taxi, check out the bus schedule, and find other modes of public transportation. To avoid getting lost while you’re exploring a new city, the app allows you to download maps for more than 100 countries around the world. Once downloaded, the maps work much like the online versions.

While you may have a signal when traveling in many places, you never know when you may not. It’s always a good idea to have an offline backup of your map just in case you need it. Plus, if you have a limited data plan, offline map apps save you from going over your plan when traveling.

Images credit: Wikimedia Commons / Lamacchiacosta, Wikimedia Commons / Eugene Lisovskiy

Crystal Crowder

Crystal Crowder has spent over 15 years working in the tech industry, first as an IT technician and then as a writer. She works to help teach others how to get the most from their devices, systems, and apps. She stays on top of the latest trends and is always finding solutions to common tech problems.

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10 Best Fishing Apps For Android And Ios Users In 2023

Do you love fishing? Do you want to know what the best apps for fishing are? Go through this list of the best fishing apps for Android and iOS.

Fishing is a fantastic hobby but not knowing when and where to get them could be disappointing. Imagine spending a good weekend morning on a fishing trip but failing to catch even a single fish!

You can say goodbye to these inconveniences with a powerful, feature-rich, and accurate fishing app. This article outlines the ultimate list of the best fishing apps for iOS and Android.

Best Fishing Apps for Android 1. Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time

Fishing & Hunting Solunar Time offers intelligent forecasts by factoring in the season, weather conditions, ambient temperature, water current, and many other metrics. The application utilizes solunar tables to predict the feeding time of fish and other related species in lakes, rivers, streams, swamps, and more.

Automatic and manual GPS

Save locations for future fishing and hunting

Notification for feeding periods

Current fishing opportunities and up to five days forecast

It offers in-app purchases starting from $3.99 per item. However, if you enjoy frequent fishing trips, you can get the Pro version to save money.

2. Fishbrain – Fishing App

If you love fishing, Fishbrain – Fishing App will facilitate smart fishing for you. It’s one of the best fishing apps for Android and provides accurate data.

For US and Canada, you get Navionics depth maps. Choose your favorite fishing spot to get detailed and exceptional coverage of it.

Its AI-powered fishing spot prediction introduces you to new fishing spots. This free app also suggests the top baits for your area so that you can catch bigger fish.

3. Fishing Spots – Local Fishing

Fishing Spots – Local Fishing works like a fishing guide and smart app to offer guided fishing assistance. Its notable fishing features are as follows:

An elaborate fishing map across the country with information like catch types, real-world fishing images, location guidance, etc.

You can create a fishing logbook to track your fishing accomplishments.

Explore new and less-exploited fishing spots that offer a variety of catches and other species than fish.

Creat fishing hotspot waypoints, find GPS coordinates for vehicles, and more.

GPS map filtering with options like fishing spots, catches, stream gauges, buoys, recent reports, etc.

Other major features in this best fishing app for Android are Solunar Forecast, Angler Connectivity, Social Media Feed, Virtual Tackle Box, and Fishing Knowledge Base.

4. Fishing Times

If you’re wondering what is the best fishing app for Android, Fishing Times will be one of the top contenders. It shares the solunar fishing calendar, tide times, and Sun/Moon information with you for early planning of fishing trips.

The app displays the major and minor fishing times using the green bar. It also indicates high and low tide times via the blue bar.

You can also use this free app to know the moon’s phase and time. Rising and setting times for the Sun and Moon are also available.

5. Fishing Knots

The sport of Fishing requires several skills, and the ability to bind the perfect knot is one of them. Fishing Knots is an Android app that teaches you how to tie fishing knots.

It is a personal pocket helper tool that offers the knowledge of attaching your baits like flies, hooks, and swivels.

The tutorials available on this app are helpful for any fishing as they contain all the popular and essential knots.

Best Fishing Apps for iPhone/iPad 6. Fishing Points – Fishing App

Fishing Points – Fishing App is the best fishing app for people in Florida, Texas, and Louisiana. It provides updated information about fish, regulations, and bag limits for popular species.

The app comes with global nautical maps that help you prepare for a fishing trip with the best fishing time, tide prediction, solunar data, and weather forecast.

Daily fish activity forecast, fishing time calendar, major and minor fishing times, hourly waves forecast, sea temperature, and currents are other crucial data you can get from this app.

In Fishing Point, you get a variety of markers and colors to save your fishing locations. You can use this app for free or subscribe to any premium plans starting at $5.99.

7. BassForecast: Fishing Forecast

If you’re into Bass Fishing, BassForecast: Fishing Forecast will help you to a great extent. This all-in-one fishing app will make you a better bass angler.

It analyzes various variables affecting Bass feeding behavior in any global location. Using its rating system, you can plan fishing trips ten days ahead.

BassForecast offers the Adapted Patterns feature to discover bass-catching patterns for low-rated, tough days quickly.

You can save catch data, dates, location, ratings, pictures, and conditions in your Catch Log that you can share with others to keep private.

This free fishing app comes with different subscriptions, starting at $2.99.

8. FishAngler – Fish Finder App

FishAngler – Fish Finder App is one of the best apps for fishing that provides fishing maps, forecasts, and spots for iPhone and iPad users.

This free app enables you to catch more fish by helping you discover new fishing spots, get real-time fishing forecasts, and know the best times for fishing.

Fish Angler includes interactive map layers, bait recommendations, exact catch locations, and private groups.

Using this app, you can connect with your nearby anglers, get fishing tips from them, and flaunt your catches. You also get the freedom to share your fishing info or to keep it private.

9. Fishing Forecast – Fishbox App

Fishing Forecast – Fishbox App is another fishing forecast app for iOS that offers info on spot maps, weather, and times.

Here, you can get accurate information on best fishing times, secret fishing spots and tide tables, solunar, analysis, nautical maps, and using the fishing knots.

You can download the app for free and opt for premium plans, starting at $7.99.

10. Fishing Forecast App: TipTop

Fishing Forecast App: TipTop is an iOS app for the best fishing times and spots. This science-based fishing forecast app considers the habit of each fish species and weather conditions for prediction.

It also has a solunar calendar that helps you increase your chance of catching fish. Using its log, you can track and analyze personal catch records.

Saving favorite fishing spots and storing fishing stats for every spot are additional features of this app. It also uses dark mode to save your battery power. This free app comes with in-app purchases, starting at $6.49.

Best Fishing Apps for Android and iOS: Final Words

Whether you’re a regular angler or go fishing only once in a while, fishing apps greatly benefit you. You can learn about the ideal fishing time and tide chart using the best fishing apps.

Next up, habit tracking apps for iOS and Android.

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