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Though, there are public companies investing in quantum computing (QC) and ETFs covering such companies, their exposure to QC is limited. High net worth individuals can buy stocks of companies that are focused on QC to get higher exposure to the QC market growth.

To learn more about quantum computing technologies, companies and stocks:

Quantum computing technology vendor landscape / ecosystem

QC vendors are categorized based on the type of product they provide:

End-to-end solutions



Trapped ions

Superconducting material

Semiconducting material


Research labs

To learn more about QC companies, feel free to read our article QC companies of 2023: Guide based on 4 ecosystem maps

Public companies investing in QC

Most of the companies investing in development and innovation of quantum computing technologies are startups. However, big companies such as Google and Amazon have cloud platforms for quantum computations, whereas Microsoft Azure released their own quantum tools. Other tech companies such as AT&T and NEC collaborated with universities and research laboratories to explore quantum properties, algorithms, and applications.

Public companies with medium to high exposure to quantum computing tend to be sparsely traded companies with a few hundred millions in valuation. Some have grown substantially in value, for example Archer Materials Limited has grown 9x from September 2023 to April 2023.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the public companies investing in QC hardware and software:

CompanyTickerCategoryExposure AlibabaBABASoftwareLow SoftwareLow ArcherARRXFHardwareMedium AT&TTSoftwareLow SoftwareLow BaiduBIDUSoftwareLow FujitsuFJTSFHardwareLow SoftwareLow HitachiHTHIYHardwareLow SoftwareLow IBMIBMHardwareLow SoftwareLow MicrosoftMSFTSoftwareLow MitsubishiMSBHFSoftwareLow NECNIPNFHardwareLow NvidiaNVDAHardwareLow SoftwareHigh Quantum Numbers CorporationQNC:PURHardwareHigh ToshibaTOSBFHardwareLow

Private QC companies

High net worth individuals can invest in private company stocks via private equity exchanges like EquityZen.

Here’s a comprehensive list of private companies investing or focused on quantum computing technologies:

CompanyCategoryFunding (M) PsiQuantumHardware$509 Software$199 Software$216 Software$82 ZapataSoftware$67.4 1QubitSoftwareCA$45 Software$36 Software$18 QC WareSoftware$15 Q CtrlSoftware$15 Delft CircuitHardwareN/A HuwaweiSoftwareN/A QuemixHardwareN/A Turing Inc.HardwareN/A

Quantum Computing ETFs

There is a single ETF which covers stocks with exposure to quantum computing however most of the included stocks are machine learning or other hardware stocks. Therefore currently, there is not an ETF that is purely focused on quantum computing.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) are similar to stocks. ETFs can be traded on exchanges and have unique ticker symbols to track their prices. However, unlike stocks, which represent individual companies, ETFs represent a basket of stocks. For the quantum computing industry, the most significant ETF is the Defiance Quantum ETF QTUM which claims to provide exposure to companies on the forefront of cloud computing, quantum computing, machine learning, and other transformative computing technologies.

QTUM ETF tracks the BlueStar machine learning index and quantum computing, which includes ±70 stocks who develop or use quantum computing technologies, or whose products and services are required for machine learning based on traditional computing.

Are QC stocks worth the investment?


While quantum computing is still in its “theoretical phase”, there is on-going progress in efforts to close the gap between research labs and real world applications. Today, quantum computing technologies have many applications in both research and industry. Applications for quantum computing related patents are increasing steadily each year with the USA in the lead. IBM alone has filed 554 patent applications in 2023, followed by D-Wave and Google.

Therefore, we believe that QC will find more opportunity in the future in real-world applications. However, as with any emerging technology, different companies are following different approaches to commercialize QC. Therefore, the risks are high and many companies will inevitably fail as the approach that they follow may not turn out to be the successful one. A good analogy is the traditional computing market which created immense value after a period of numerous failures and merger&acquisition activities in the early days of traditional computing.

For more on quantum computing

To learn more about QC technology, feel free to read our in-depth articles about the technology, applications, and future:

You can also check our comprehensive list of quantum computing companies.

If you are considering buying off-the-shelf QC products, let us help you:

Cem regularly speaks at international technology conferences. He graduated from Bogazici University as a computer engineer and holds an MBA from Columbia Business School.





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In Public Health, Knowledge Is Power

In Public Health, Knowledge Is Power SPH partnership helps public housing residents find resources

(Top) Ruth Barkley (left) talks with Patricia Hynes, an SPH environmental health professor. (Middle) Public housing tenants participate in training. (Bottom) Hynes runs a grant-writing workshop.

As a longtime tenant of the Cathedral Housing Development inBoston’s South End, Ruth Barkleyknows that her fellow public housing residents are more likely to suffer fromill health — including asthma, diabetes, and hypertension — than other cityresidents.

She also knows that many residents land in the health-caresystem ill-equipped, lacking information about issues ranging from choosing adoctor to buying prescription drugs.

Until recently, Barkley, 77, who has lived at Cathedralsince 1965, didn’t think she could do much to empower her neighbors aroundissues of health.

Now she knows differently.

Their work paid off: the Cathedral Tenants United Task Forcesecured a $3,000 PHH-PRC grant that it is now using to run workshopson elderly health, family health, addiction, and other topics.

“When we started out with the grant training, I didn’t knowwhat we were getting into. I wasn’t sure we could do it,” says Barkley, who is agreat-grandmother. “But by the final session, when we had designed a programthat could be beneficial to all the age groups in our development, it wasreally exciting.”

The training program, dubbed Knowledge Is Power, or KIP,was the brainchild of Doris Bunte, a former CEO of the Boston Housing Authority,who chairs the PHH-PRC’s Community Committee for Health Promotion. Bunte wantedto find ways to help public housing residents help themselves by teaching themhow to apply for grants and tap community resources. She worked with Patricia Hynes, an SPH environmental health professor, to design the KIP program.

Initially, groups of tenant leaders from three Bostonhousing developments went through the training program, learning how to analyzeand respond to a grant proposal. Bunte and Hynes designed a wide-rangingcurriculum for the tenant leaders that covered “everything from the ethics ofbeing responsible for a grant to legal issues to budgeting,” Hynes says.

Two of the tenant groups completed thetraining program. So far, only the Cathedral group has submitted a proposal for funding; tenantleaders of the other development are still working on their proposal, whichfocuses on the issue of childhood obesity.

Barkley says the four, three-hour training sessions sheattended were challenging, but she is proud that Cathedral made it through theprocess and secured a grant. The tenant task force designed the series ofresident workshops with help from PHH-PRC staff members Tegan Evans, programmanager for training and education, and Eugenia Smith,program coordinator for the Community Committee for Health Promotion.

“We wanted to do something that would be beneficial to allof our residents,” Barkley says. “One of the things that bothers me is thatwhenever we have a program in our development, it’s usually just for youngstersor teens or for one particular age group. Too often, you educate the kids, butnot the parents. We wanted to do a program that could go all the way from theelderly right down to the tots.”

Barkley says she hopes the workshops will help to educateresidents about health issues and community resources so that they “know theiroptions and aren’t afraid to ask questions” of health-care providers. She saysthe program’s larger value is simply in bringing residents together.

“Too often in public housing, you become isolated to somedegree — from each other and from the community outside,” she says. “Thisis a way of bringing folks together and trying to build partnerships with thecommunity.”

“Once they have a successful program going, the hope isthey’ll be poised to go to other institutions and form partnerships,” Hynessays. “That’s the long-term goal.” By bringing in speakers from communityorganizations, she says, “the spin-off will be a network of relationships with healthproviders.”

The PHH-PRC is one of 33 Prevention Research Centersnationwide funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The center is a partnership among the BU Schoolof Public Health, the BostonHousing Authority, the Boston Public Health Commission, and the CommunityCommittee for Health Promotion. The mission of the center is to engage publichousing residents in community-centered research and education programs.

For her part, Barkley is hopeful that other housingdevelopments will follow Cathedral’s lead in developing health-promotionprograms. She says she is proud that the 420-unit development, whichwent through some “very bad years” of crime and violence, has regained a measureof stability in recent years, in a neighborhood that has experienced a steadygentrification.

“We have our own little United Nations in Cathedral —blacks, whites, Asians, Jamaicans, Dominicans — you name it, we’ve got it,”Barkley says. “The more ways we can find to bring everyone together, the betterfor all of us.”

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Public Relations: For When Being The Best Isn’t Enough

Being the best at what you do simply isn’t enough in today’s noisy, hyper-competitive world.  

I cannot forget a call I recently received at my PR firm – a crying man asking to speak with me. Sobbing, he told me he was valedictorian of his medical school class and is the best at what he does, yet can barely make a living.  He explained; “I went to school to learn to help people, not be a PR person.” (The sobbing was clearly the result of a domestic fight about finances as the call ended abruptly with screaming between the man and his wife.) As he wrote me later;

“I have no time for reading a zillion books, written by as many PR experts, making me crazy by telling me to do a zillion different things to get publicity. My question is how does someone like Dr. Phil who really is not very good at what he does, become world famous, while someone like me, who is very good at what he does remain broke all the time. Can you point me in a direction as to how I can become better known? I usually show a negative profit in my business at the end of the year.”

The truth is I couldn’t help him, honestly because he couldn’t pay the bill – and that’s the harsh reality of the world today.

Many people today work for themselves – and that requires public relations and marketing skills. Being the best is not enough and everyone today is a brand which must marketed.  And make no mistake, marketing yourself is no just optional – and there are some absolute basics which everyone must do (and should urge their teenage kids to start doing even now). Think Ahead.

Some basic (super low-budget) tips:

 Be the Master of Your Domain. Every person on Earth should buy the domain for their full name as well as iterations of that name. Simply non-negotiable, if even to protect yourself.  At the very least post contact information and your resume and bio to the site.

Create profiles on the most popular social media properties – Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. I don’t care what you use them for – but anyone in business today should be participating to some degree in these venues.   Personally, I don’t post any personal information to any of these properties as I am private about my family, and no one needs to see pictures of my children or home.  Everyone can use marketing as they best see fit – but the basics must be tackled.

Creating Content is not optional.  At minimum post 4x a year to any of the existing user-friendly platforms like Blogger or WordPress (very SEO and user-friendly). For nearly anyone, those posts will reflect thoughts, ideas, and insights and will often appear on page one of many Google searches.

P.T. Barnum fairly encapsulated this whole idea with the quote:

“Without promotion something terrible happens… Nothing!”

For today’s bread winner, no matter what the profession, marketing one’s self is more crucial than ever. And the reality is, if you do not have the skills to be your own PR, you’ll have to hire someone to do it for you.

How To Install Ios 11 Public Beta On Ipad

The appeal to running iOS 11 right now is particularly strong with iPad, which receives a variety of notable new multitasking features that really improve the iPad experience. So if you have an iPad laying around that is compatible with iOS 11, or maybe you want an excuse to buy an iPad 2023 model, you might find it worthwhile to give the latest beta builds a try at this point.

Installing iOS 11 public beta onto an iPad is easy, but it’s likely an unfamiliar process to many users. No worries, this tutorial will walk through each step, and you’ll be up and running iOS 11 on the iPad in no time at all.

Prerequisites for iOS 11 beta on an iPad

An iOS 11 compatible iPad (or treat yourself to a new iPad, you deserve it!) – including iPad Air 2, iPad Pro, iPad 2023

An active internet connection to download and install iOS 11 beta from Apple

An Apple ID, this is needed to enroll in the iOS beta program

A new backup made of the iPad before starting the iOS 11 install process

Several GB of free storage space available on the iPad

Acceptance that beta system software is less stable, less reliable, and has generally worse performance than final versions of system software

Sound good? Ok now let’s backup your iPad, enroll in the beta, and install it!

First: Back Up

Back up your iPad before doing anything else, you can back it up to iTunes or iCloud, or preferably to both.

However you backup the iPad, don’t skip it, and let it complete before going any further. This is very important, a backup made of the iPad ahead of installing iOS 11 insures that you can downgrade and restore your data should the need arise. Failure to backup before installing system software (beta or otherwise) can lead to permanent data loss, do not take that risk. Just backup, and make it a habit to back up your devices regularly. If anything ever goes wrong with your device(s), you’ll be glad you have those backups.

How to Install iOS 11 Public Beta onto iPad

Backup your iPad if you have not done so already

On the iPad, go to this website here on chúng tôi to sign up in the iOS 11 public beta program

Enroll the iPad and choose to download the iOS beta profile

When the Install Profile screen shows up, choose “Install” and then agree to the pre-release consent form (I am sure you will read it very carefully!)

Restart the iPad when requested to install the iOS beta software profile

When iPad boots back up again, open the “Settings” app and go to ‘General’ and then to “Software Update”, here you will find the iOS 11 public beta is available to download and install

Confirm that you want to install the iOS 11 beta and agree to the terms and conditions (I’m sure you will read those too)

The iOS 11 beta will download and verify the update, then reboot to begin and complete installation showing a black screen with an Apple logo  and progress bar

When the iPad has finished installing iOS 11, it will boot back up and you will see a white screen saying “Update Completed” where you can walk through a few simple setup steps to configure some options

Your iPad is now on iOS 11 public beta!

The best way to experience iOS 11 is with hands on activity, so play around and explore. There are a lot of new features available in iOS 11, both in the core operating system and in the default apps.

Where much of the iOS 11 greatness for iPad comes into play is with multitasking. The familiar iPad multitasking features still exist, like Slide Over, Picture in Picture video, Split View with side-by-side apps, but the new productivity boosting multitasking features are things like the new Dock, which can be accessed from anywhere just like a Mac), being able to drag apps open to run side by side directly from that Dock, drag and drop support for side-by-side apps, and the all new Multitasking screen and Control Center which behaves a bit like Mission Control on the Mac. The whole iOS 11 experience on iPad is great, and it’s where iOS 11 really shines – even in current beta form.

Have fun with iOS 11 on the iPad! If you run the iOS 11 public beta, when the final version comes out in the fall you will be able to update directly to that, just as you would with any other software update. And if you decide you hate the experience for whatever reason, remember you can downgrade iOS 11 beta back to iOS 10 if desired.

And yes, you can also download the iOS 11 public beta for iPhone too, but the significant changes and additions to iOS 11 are found on the iPad, and we have received a fair amount of questions about this, thus it’s worth a specific mention.

Have you checked out the iOS 11 beta on the iPad yet? What do you think?


Tvos 11: How To Join The New Apple Tv Public Beta

This year tvOS joined macOS and iOS in offering a free public beta version of upcoming software updates, and Apple released the first tvOS 11 public beta for testing early last week. There aren’t a ton of flashy new features in tvOS 11, but there are a few nice improvements that you can start using now. Here’s how to start using the tvOS 11 public beta on your Apple TV and what you can expect:

Why should you consider running the tvOS 11 public beta? For starters, running the tvOS 11 public beta gives you an opportunity to try new features and provide feedback to Apple about the software update before it’s finalized and ships to all users. Apple doesn’t provide a Feedback app on the Apple TV, but you can use the Feedback app on iOS if you’re running the public beta version of iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad.

There are also a few new features to start using on tvOS 11. Apple TV gains fast switching to AirPods just like on iPhone, you can automatically change the appearance from dark mode and light mode based on local sunset and sunrise times, and Home screens can sync between multiple Apple TVs running the iOS 11 beta.

In the future, tvOS 11 should also include AirPlay 2 support for multi-room audio playback and more, although the current betas do not yet include this feature.

So how do you join the tvOS 11 public beta? The process for tvOS is super easy compared to how iOS and macOS both work.

Sign up for free at chúng tôi using the same Apple ID that you use on your Apple TV for iCloud, iTunes, or Game Center.

Launch the Settings app on Apple TV, then look for System and Software Updates.

Turn ‘Get Beta Updates’ on, then select Update Software.

The only issue joining the tvOS 11 public beta in my experience was not seeing the ‘Get Beta Updates’ option despite using the same Apple ID with the chúng tôi website as iTunes, but using my other Apple ID (for iCloud) on the chúng tôi website resolved the issue immediately on my Apple TV.

tvOS 11 (so far) is a much smaller update than iOS 11 or even macOS High Sierra, so there is generally less stuff to break and less risk attached to running the public beta version. For me, I rely far less on tvOS running smoothly than I do iOS and macOS, too, so it’s OK if something is wonky here or there.

With that being said, I haven’t personally experienced any issues with either the public beta or developer beta versions of tvOS 11 yet (mainly using Netflix and Hulu apps) but your experience may vary so still proceed with caution.

As for major new features, we may have to wait for this fall for a possible Apple TV hardware update as Tim Cook hinted at much more to come with tvOS later this year, which could mean a new box may be required for more impressive features.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

FTC: We use income earning auto affiliate links. More.

How To Download And Install Ios 16 Public Beta On Iphone

Apple announced iOS 16, the latest iteration of its mobile OS, at WWDC 2023 in June earlier this year. After releasing three developer beta builds over a month’s span, Apple has now released the iOS 16 public beta to allow everyone to test and experience all the new features firsthand. iOS 16 brings along lock screen customization, lockdown mode, iMessage and SharePlay improvements, and more cool features. If you’re someone who likes to be on the bleeding edge and wants to try out new features prior to the official release, you have come to the right place. We have compiled a detailed step-by-step guide on how to download and install the iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone.

Install and Test iOS 16 Beta on iPhone (2023)

In this article, we have included the complete list of compatible iOS 16 devices, basic requirements to install the update, and more. You can also follow the same steps to install the iPadOS 16 public beta on your iPad. That said, let’s dive in.

iOS 16 Beta Supported Devices

iOS 16 is supported on 19 iPhone models, ranging from the latest iPhone 13 series to the iPhone 8 and the 8 Plus that was released back in 2023. That means the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the first-gen iPhone SE didn’t make the cut to get the iOS 16 update. Even the 7th-gen iPod Touch will not be able to run iOS 16.

You can check out the complete list of iOS 16 supported devices and more information using the linked article. And if you plan on installing the update on your iPad, here’s a list of iPadOS 16 compatible devices as well.

Backup Your iPhone Data Before Downloading iOS 16

Method 1: Back up Data from iPhone Settings

Apple makes it pretty easy to back up your data to iCloud from your iPhone on which you plan to install the iOS 16 public beta. Here are the steps you need to follow:

2. Here, tap on “iCloud Backup” and make sure the “Back Up this iPhone” toggle is enabled. If it isn’t, enable the toggle and tap on the “Back Up Now” button. That’s it.

Method 2: Back up Data Using Finder/ iTunes on Mac or Windows PCs

How to Download iOS 16 Public Beta Profile

Much like the developer betas, you need to enroll in the beta software program and install the iOS 16 beta profile on your iPhone to use the newly added features. Here’s how to go about this process:

1. First, open Safari and go to chúng tôi on your iPhone. Scroll down and tap on “Sign in” next to “Already a member?”.

2. Log into your Apple account and accept the beta software program agreement. Then, on the next page, scroll down to the “Get Started” section and tap on the “enroll your iOS device” link.

3. After that, scroll down and tap on the “Download profile” button.

Install iOS 16 Public Beta on Your iPhone

Now that you have successfully downloaded the beta profile, follow the steps below to install the iOS 16 public beta build on your device:

1. On your iPhone, head to the Settings app and tap on the “Profile Downloaded” option at the top.

2. Then, on the next screen, tap on “Install” in the top-right corner. You might need to tap “Install” a couple more times to reach the install page.

Test Out New iOS 16 Features Right Now!

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