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30 Best Windows 11 Books That Explain The OS Inside Out




Although a long time has passed since the arrival of Windows 11, there are many who still don’t know the features of the OS.

There are plenty of books available that could help you better understand Windows 11 OS, but choosing which one is a tiring task.

You can follow the books mentioned in this guide to easily understand all the essentials of Windows 11.



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readers this month.

In October 2023, Microsoft launched its latest operating system, Windows 11. This was a surprising event for some since one of Microsoft’s officials said that Windows 10 would be the last operating system of the company.

Whatever changed Microsoft’s minds, Windows 11 is indeed a good refreshment over Windows 10. You get a bunch of new features and a new overall design.

There are a few features that many do not know, or did not have the time to explore. In such a scenario, you could go over the help section of Windows 11 and learn more about the OS.

But that is pretty overwhelming for some, and many prefer a guide or a book that could help them better understand all the features of the Windows 11 OS.

This is where this guide comes into the picture, because, here we will give you a list of some of the best Windows 11 books that will help you learn everything about the new OS.

Is there a book for Windows 11?

If you have recently installed or have been using Windows 11 for quite some time, you might have thought, what else the OS can do apart from the daily tasks?

For this, you would go online and search for either a written article or some books that can help you feed information about the OS.

Well, you will find tons of books about Windows 11 available online, which you can purchase from popular shopping sites such as Amazon.

This guide will give you a list, that will list down a collection of books suitable for everyone.

What are the best books to learn everything about Windows 11? Should I upgrade to Windows 11 right away?

One of the most common questions that have been floating around the internet is to whether an upgrade to Windows 11 right away if you are using Windows 10?

The best answer for this would be, depends on what you want from your PC. Confused? Let us explain.

If you are setting up your workstation with all the high-end gadgets, speakers, and whatnot, and want everything to be top-notch with the updated system, then definitely, Windows 11 deserves a place in that setup.

Not only, your PC will be running the latest and most modern operating system that Microsoft has to offer, but it also goes in line with the high-end setup that you are creating for your space.

On the other hand, if you are a work-a-holic, or a person who spends his day in and out on his PC, and are finding no issues whatsoever with Windows 10, then you can continue using Windows 10 on your PC or laptop.

According to Microsoft, the company will continue to support Windows 10 until October 14, 2025. So, that is 3 years from now, and Windows 10 accustomed users can continue using the OS till the expiry date.

This also means that you will receive the latest security patches, access to Windows 11 features such as Auto HDR, virtual desktops, and critical updates throughout 2025 on Windows 10.

How can I upgrade my Windows 10 PC to Windows 11?

If you don’t have time to go through the books mentioned above, and want a simple explanation of how you can upgrade your Windows 10 PC to Windows 11, we have got you covered.

For users looking for a simple and easy-to-understand guide on how they can download Windows 11 ISO or update from Windows 10, simply check out our detailed guide.

We have all the information there, right from how you can download a Windows 11 ISO, what are the minimum requirements that you need to fulfill to upgrade to Windows 11, and all other common doubts that you might have regarding Windows 11.

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11 Best Tensorflow Books (2023 Update)

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TensorFlow is an open-source deep-learning library that is developed and maintained by Google. It offers dataflow programming which performs a range of machine learning tasks. It was built to run on multiple CPUs or GPUs and even mobile operating systems, and it has several wrappers in languages like Python, C++, or Java.

Best Tensorflow Books for Beginners

Book Title: Author Name: Latest Edition: Publisher: Ratings: Link:

Pramod Singh 1st edition Apress

Rowel Atienza 2nd edition Packt Publishing Limited

Krishna Rungta 1st edition Guru99

Pete Warden 1st edition O′Reilly

Thushan Ganegedara 1st edition Packt Publishing

Learn TensorFlow is a book written by Pramod Singh and Avish Manure. The book begins by introducing TensorFlow 2.0 framework and the major changes from its last release. The book also focuses on building Supervised Machine Learning models using TensorFlow.

The book also teaches how you can build models using customer estimators. You will also learn how to use TensorFlow to build machine learning and deep learning models. All the code given in this book will be available in the form of executable scripts at Github.

This book also teaches you about deep learning, unsupervised learning using mutual information, object detection (SSD). The book also shows how to create effective AI with the most up-to-date techniques. In this book, you will learn about GANs and how they can unlock new levels of AI performance.

Tensorflow in 1 Day is a book written by Krishna Rungta. The book teaches you this complex subject in easy to understand English language. It has a fantastic graph, computation feature. It helps data scientist to visualize his designed neural network using TensorBoard.

TinyML: Machine Learning with TensorFlow Lite is a book written by Pete Warden and Daniel Situnayke. With this practical learning reference book, you’ll enter the field of TinyML. The book covers deep learning, and embedded systems combine to make astounding things possible with tiny devices.

This book is ideal for software and hardware developers who want to build embedded systems using machine learning.

Natural Language Processing with TensorFlow is a book written by Hushan Ganegedara. In this book, you will also learn how to apply high-performance RNN models, short-term memory (LSTM) cells, to NLP tasks. You will also be able to explore neural machine translation and implement a neural machine translator.

After reading this book, you will understand about the NLP technology. You will also be able to apply TensorFlow in deep learning NLP applications, and how to perform specific NLP tasks.

This book also teaches how you can build projects in various real-world domains, autoencoders, recommender systems, reinforcement learning, etc. By the end of this reference book, you’ll have gained the required expertise to build machine learning projects.

Hands-On Computer Vision with TensorFlow 2 is a book written by Benjamin Planche and Eliot Andres. This book will help you explore Google’s open-source framework for machine learning. You will also understand how to benefit from using convolutional neural networks (CNNs) for visual tasks.

The book starts with the fundamentals of computer vision and deep learning. The book also teaches you how to build a neural network from scratch. The book helps you to teaches how to classify images with modern solutions, such as Inception and ResNet, and extract specific content using the You Only Look Once (YOLO) method.

Pro Deep Learning with TensorFlow is a book written by Santanu Pattanayak. You’ll also be able to understand mathematical understanding and intuition. It helps you to invent new deep learning architectures and solutions on your own.

The book offers hands-on expertise so you can learn deep learning from scratch. This TensorFlow book will allow you to get up to speed quickly using TensorFlow. It helps you to optimize different deep learning architectures.

The book covers many practical concepts of deep learning that are relevant in any industry are emphasized in this book. The code given in this reference material is available in the form of iPython notebooks and scripts.

Practical Deep Learning for Cloud, Mobile, and Edge is a book written by Anirudh Koul, Siddha Ganju, and Meher Kasam. This book teaches you how to build practical deep learning applications for the cloud, mobile, browsers.

The book teaches you the process of converting an idea into something that people in the real world can use. This book also teaches how you can develop Artificial Intelligence for a range of devices, including Raspberry Pi, and Google Coral. You will also get many practical tips for maximizing model accuracy and speed.

Deep Learning is a book written by Josh Patterson and Adam Gibson. This hands-on guide not only provides the most practical information available on the subject. It also helps you get started building efficient deep learning networks.

You will learn about the theory of deep learning before introducing their open-source Deeplearning4j (DL4J). It is a library for developing production-class workflows. It is one of the best book to learn TensorFlow By using real-world examples, you’ll learn methods and strategies easily.

FAQs ⚡ What is TensorFlow?

Google’s TensorFlow is an open-source and most popular deep learning library for research and production. TensorFlow in Python is a symbolic math library that uses dataflow and differentiable programming to perform various tasks focused on training and inference of deep neural networks.

📚 Which are the best TensorFlow Books?

Following are some of the best TensorFlow Books:

🏅 Are there any prerequisites for TensorFlow Books?

This Tensorflow Books is designed for beginners with little or no TensorFlow Experience. Though basic understanding of Python would be great.

Antarctica Is Leaking From The Inside Out

When climate scientists look at Antarctica, they see a ticking time bomb. If the ice sheet melts, it will raise sea levels by tens of feet, flooding coastal cities around the globe.

For now, the southern continent is relatively stable, but it’s starting to look more like Greenland, where rising temperatures are melting the island from the inside out.

For decades, Greenland primarily melted around the edges. Giant blocks of ice would break free from the coast and vanish into the ocean. Recently, however, Greenland has started melting from the middle. Pools of water are forming atop the ice sheet in the warmer months and then draining out to sea.

Scientists have now discovered the same thing is happening in Antarctica. Two new studies published in the journal Nature catalogue the melting and explain what it could mean for sea-level rise.

In the first study, researchers examined decades of photos from satellites and military aircraft. They documented hundreds of meltwater channels around the perimeter of the continent. They traced some streams deep into Antarctica’s frozen interior and discovered ponds of meltwater more than 4,000 feet above sea level, where no one expected to find liquid H2O.

In some places, the terrain had contributed to the melting. Blue ice and dark mountains absorb more sunlight than the white snow. These features gathered the extra heat needed to thaw Antarctic ice.

Exposed rock and blue ice absorb sunlight, accelerating melting. Nature

“Even though people kind of knew there were melt ponds around, they really didn’t know that water could move long distances across the surface,” said Jonathan Kingslake, a glaciologist at Columbia University and lead author of the study. He said that streams “take water away from the surface of the ice sheet and actually export it all the way into the ocean… And we didn’t really realize this happened at all.”

Meltwater channels tend to grow in warmer months and refreeze in the winter. But scientists worry that rising temperatures spur continual melting, accelerating sea-level rise.

Ice shelves along the edge of the continent are holding back massive, terrestrial glaciers. As the shelves break up, they allow glaciers to slip into the ocean. Meltwater may, in some instances, lubricate the underside of the glacier, hastening its passage to the sea. Meltwater can also burrow into the ice shelf, cleaving apart large chunks of ice. This is what’s happening to the Larsen C Ice Shelf, which is expected to break off the continent soon.

When ice shelves disintegrate, glaciers move out to sea. Ted Scambos & Michon Scott, National Snow and Ice Data Center

Kingslake said the drainage systems appear “quite stable at the moment. But the predictions for the future — for this century — are that melt rates will double in response to global climate change.” He said that “what we really need to know is how is that going to impact the stability of the ice sheet and our predictions of sea-level rise.”

The second study, which Kingslake co-authored, attempts to answer that question.

“When we turn the temperature up — of the atmosphere — we’re going to make more melt, and it’s going to get caught in ponds, and it’s going to act like a jackhammer and ruin the ice shelf,” said Robin Bell, a geophysicist at Columbia University, lead author of the second study and co-author of the first.

But, Bell said there are signs of hope. She noted that meltwater channels have kept West Antarctica’s Nansen Ice Shelf intact. That’s because water is draining to the ocean rather than amassing on the surface, where it would warm up the ice and trigger further melting.

The Nansen Ice Shelf NASA

“Plumbing on our planet matters, and plumbing on the top of the ice sheet matters,” said Bell. The water on the Nansen Ice Shelf isn’t gathering into pools or “falling into these crevices that then pop open. Instead, it’s exiting stage right down this very subtle river valley.” The runoff has a negligible effect on sea levels.

Antarctica is contributing to sea-level rise in other ways, shedding chunks of ice around the edges. Between 2002 and 2023, Antarctica shed 100 gigatons of ice per year — nearly enough water to fill Lake Ontario. Antarctica — like Greenland — is less stable than previously thought. Recent research suggests climate change could raise sea levels by six feet by the end of this century, and by tens or even hundreds of feet in the centuries to come. New research on meltwater complicates scientists’ projections.

Antarctica lost 100 gigatons of ice per year between 2002 and 2023. Groh & Horwath, 2023

“We’re working hard to figure out if this stuff is relevant to sea-level predictions,” said Douglas MacAyeal, a glaciologist at the University of Chicago who was not involved in the studies. He noted that, until recently, “nobody’s been that interested in melting,” because it was thought to be extremely rare in Antarctica.

Scientists will need to better understand the inner workings of the Antarctic ice sheet to forecast sea levels in the decades to come. What happens on the southern continent rarely stays there. Melting glaciers threaten to deliver floods to New Orleans, Miami, New York and beyond.

“This might delay how fast the other parts of Antarctica go,” said Bell, “but it doesn’t mean that Antarctica isn’t susceptible to changing temperatures.”

Jeremy Deaton, Josh Chamot and Owen Agnew contributed to this report. Nexus Media is a syndicated newswire covering climate, energy, policy, art and culture.

30 Best Seeds For Minecraft Pocket Edition You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

Minecraft PC players are always on their high horses with the best Minecraft modpacks and other exclusive features. Minecraft PE, due to slightly limited functionality, has been struggling to catch up until recently. However, these best Minecraft pocket edition seeds are here to change the game for you. From glitched End portals to literally endless ravines, there’s a lot in store for you to explore. These seeds can be used on other Bedrock editions of Minecraft too, but we have selected them keeping PE users in mind. So without wasting more time, dive into this extensive list of the best Microsoft Pocket Edition seeds.

Best Seeds for Minecraft Pocket Edition (December 2023)

Keep in mind that these seeds will only work on compatible versions of the official game. All of the best seeds for Minecraft PE in our list are tested on version 1.17.4 and should work with 5-6 earlier versions too. As for the Java Edition players, we already have a list of the best Minecraft seeds to try in 2023. Nevertheless, some of these Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds will easily outshine many of those Java seeds in the linked list. Let’s see how.

1. The Rarest But Useless Seed With Active End Portal

Now, if you use this seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition, it will give you a good enough world to enjoy the game. But, if you use this seed to visit the cursed End Portal, problems might arise. It’s millions of blocks away from the spawn, so the game’s general structure generation seems to be glitching here. You can find the End Portal at the coordinates below, but it will just be visual and non-functional. Then, there’s the fact that you can even fall through some blocks due to the glitches. So, in theory, it is the rarest Minecraft PE seed but also practically useless.

Seed code: 60873110

Active End Portal Coordinates: X: 11589009, Y: 39, Z: 4689910

2. Circular Ravine with Mineshaft

Seed code: 731814941

Mineshaft Coordinates: X: 2,856, Y: 27, Z: 856

Circular Ravine Coordinates: X: 2826, Y: 64, Z: 836

3. Vertical Desert Village Seed in Minecraft PE

The next seed has a rare desert village that you can even find in the best Minecraft Java village seeds. Though, the rare vertical villages are only known to spawn in scattered savannas. But this seed brings you a vertical, multi-level desert village, and it is one of the most luckiest seeds in Minecraft PE.

The vertical village makes for an amazing view as both the villagers and farmers find their way across the steep edges. To make things even more interesting, the highest village house spawns on the snowy mountain, and it is connected to the village’s back. Meanwhile, the ones at the bottom spawn at the intersection of badlands and desert.

Seed code: 1859011

Vertical Village Coordinates: X: 100, Y: 70, Z: 100

4. Large Villages Next to Mansion

To make matters worse, there’s even a bridge connecting the two across a river. So, you can expect a few of the mansion mobs to find their way to the village. Then, there’s also another similar sized village not so far away. After you are done looting the villages, it’s time to get ready and loot the woodland mansion.

Seed code: 1390448415

Village Coordinates: X: 232, Y: 65, Z: 120

Second Village Coordinates: X: 456, Y: 64, Z: 168

Woodland Mansion Coordinates: X: 248, Y: 66, Z: 264

5. Glitched Ravine Seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition

To add to the highlights, the whole surface of this ravine is lava, and you can even find some ores below if you dare. While going down, you can find multiple openings to a mineshaft as well, making this seed a cursed blessing for players. Not to forget, it is an endless ravine. For some reason, the glitch doesn’t stop here, and there might be a few obstacles. But if you keep following the lava, there won’t be an end even when it goes underwater or if the biomes change.

Seed code: 1669320484

Village Coordinates: X: 120, Y: 65, Z: 184

Glitched Ravine Coordinates: X: -932, Y: 96, Z: -325

6. Contrasting Moods and Huge Flower Forest

This next seed is one of the best Minecraft PE seeds to capture changing biomes. We get two biomes with similar terrain but opposite moods next to each other. On one side, we have a huge flower forest with a plains biome surrounding it. It’s probably one of the largest flower forests you can find in Minecraft Pocket Edition.

And on its opposite side, we have a massive savanna biome. We spawn right in the middle, next to this biome transition and near a tree. The tree features the color schemes of both the biomes, making it one of the best seeds to understand the biome mechanics of Minecraft. There are also bees and sheep in the area that keep moving between the two biomes.

Seed code: 1425516286

7. Mountainous Terrain in Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds

The Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs Part 2 update has reached most Minecraft players, so they are no longer stuck with the regular-looking mountain generation. However, if you haven’t downloaded the update and want large peaks in your Minecraft PE seed, this one is meant for you.

Seed code: 98450566

Large Cold Ruin Coordinates: X: 1560, Y: 50, Z: 40

Village Coordinates: X: 2216, Y: 69, Z: 104

8. Stronghold in Ravine Next to Village

After traveling a few dozen blocks, this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed does the impossible. We not only get an exposed stronghold, but we also get one that’s generated openly in a ravine. Then, to make it better, it’s right next to a village. To support your journey to this exciting village, the spawn location has a Ruined portal with enchanted items.

The stronghold, as you can expect, has exciting loot as well. But yeah, unfortunately, it doesn’t have any eyes of Ender pre-installed. Also, the ravine isn’t huge in size. But it goes deep enough, such that you just have to dig a little to find diamond ores on its surface.

Seed code: -526746112

Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 840, Y: 64, Z: 72

Village Coordinates: X: 1070, Y: 64, Z: 180

9. Pillager Outpost in Lava Ravine

This Minecraft Pocket Edition seed offers probably the weirdest location for a Pillager outpost in existence. With a trapped iron golem, this outpost spawns in the middle of a lava ravine. It’s still connected to land on one side, so you don’t have to worry about falling into the lava while climbing the outpost. Though, pushing mobs into the lava can be useful in this context.

Well, we don’t spawn next to the Pillager outpost, but every Minecraft player will love traveling to see this monstrosity. In contrast to this, we spawn near a beehive in a comparatively calmer forest area. Once you are done looting the outpost, you can explore the ravine as it goes down to the level of diamond ores.

Seed code: -322003417

Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: -710, Y: 78, Z: 390

10. Stronghold, Ravine, and Pillager Outpost in a Village

Moreover, there are no eyes of Ender on the end portal in this world, but the loot is still worth exploring. This PE seed is exciting in many ways. If you plan on trying out only one of the best seeds for Minecraft PE, let it be this one.

Seed code: -1594804186

Village and Ravine Coordinates: X: -715, Y: 64, Z: 1842

Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: -728, Y: 64, Z: 1800

11. Huge Snowy Village with Stronghold

Our next seed brings us one of the newer additions in the game – a snowy village. Many players are yet to discover one in their game, and it might be this seed that might crack the deal for them. The village isn’t present at spawn but traveling to it will fulfill most of your resource requirements.

It’s one of the largest village-based spawns you can come across in Minecraft. Other than that, it also spawns right on top of a major stronghold. It is a rare spawn because these generally spawn under plains villages. Then, the fact that this is a relatively new type of village makes the presence of a stronghold even more exciting.

Seed code: 19825025

Village Coordinates: X: 1050, Y: 69, Z: 500

Stronghold Digpoint Coordinates: X: 1060, Y: 69, Z: 500

12. Four Buried Treasures and Flower Island Village

Seed code: 99310651

Village Coordinates: X: -760, Y: 69, Z: -200

Ocean Monument Coordinates: X: -920, Y: 50, Z: -360

Cluster of Cold Ruins Coordinates: X: -728, Y: 55, Z: -152

Shipwreck Coordinates: X: -744, Y:55, Z: -472

13. Exposed Stronghold Entrance and Library in Village

Seed code: 322161687

14. Desert Temple and 4 Villages Near Spawn

Spawning near a village is usually the first feature most Minecraft players are looking for in any good Minecraft seed. This seed provides us not just one village but four villages, and all of them are within a few hundred blocks of spawn. Three of them are plains villages, while one is a savanna village. But before you start looting all the villages, you might want to explore the desert temple located close to our spawn. In many ways, this seed provides us with the best resources to begin a good survival run in Minecraft Pocket edition.

Seed code: -1490077216

Village at Spawn Coordinates: X: 184, Y: 66, Z: 40

Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 296, Y: 65, Z: -136

Plains Village Coordinates: X: -296, Y: 65, Z: 136

Savanna Village Coordinates: X: 568, Y: 68, Z: 152

Plains Village Coordinates: X: 600, Y: 65, Z: -264

15. A Collection of Lucky Villages

Continuing our appreciation of villages, our next best Minecraft Pocket Edition seed takes the best types of villages in-game and puts them in a single area. To begin, we spawn not far away from a fairly sized plains village, which is built upon a stronghold that can be found using the ravine in the village. Then, close to that village is a desert temple with interesting loot. But if you are greedy for better resources, there is another desert temple next to a desert village within the same biome.

Seed code: ace (A limited number of Minecraft Pocket Edition Seeds also exist as characters. Please keep the capitilization in mind.)

Village with Stronghold and Ravine Coordinates: X: 584, Y: 68, Z: 136

Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 664, Y: 65, Z: 264

Zombie Village Coordinates: X: 1400, Y: 64, Z: 184

Desert Village Coordinates: X: 1080, Y: 67, Z: 232

Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 69, Z: 200

16. Kingdom of Ice Seed in Minecraft Pocket Edition

Here, you will find a snowy village surrounded by frozen ocean and tall spikes. The place feels like a movie set in terms of placement. If you want to create a snow base or kingdom, this Minecraft Pocket Edition seed is best for you. While making your way to these coordinates, you can also find a witch hut in a large swamp biome.

Seed code: 246669682

Snowy Village Coordinates: X: 120, Y: 68, Z: 171

Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 334, Y: 69, Z: 120

Village Near Spawn Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 65, Z: 121

Ruined Portal Near Spawn Coordinates: X: 1032, Y: 67, Z: 8

Witch Hut Coordinates: X: 536, Y: 76, Z: 376

17. Exposed Stronghold in a Farming Village

After going through the whole list of best seeds for Minecraft PE, you might not see exposed strongholds as rare. But they are rare to come across randomly. Well, this seed makes it rarer by spawning the stronghold on top of a farm next to a river. It even takes over almost half of the farmland.

Now, if you break the walls, you can directly enter an on-ground library in the stronghold. After that, finding the portal should be a simple job. This amazing village isn’t at our spawn point, but it’s worth traveling to it, thanks to the presence of an iron golem, an armorer, and of course, the stronghold.

Seed code: 12023120

Zombie Village Coordinates: X: 936, Y: 68, Z: 136

18. 10 Villages and 7 Blacksmiths Around Spawn

Let’s start by clearing things up. All of the villages in this seed are independent. None of them are a combination of two villages merging into each other. Many of them have additional features like Ruined portals, desert temples, cold ruins, and Mineshafts around them. You will have to travel a few hundred blocks to reach some of them, but it will be worth your time.

Seed code: 85292285

Desert Temple Next to Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: -792, Y: 65, Z: 216

Savanna Village on a Stronghold Coordinates: X: 488, Y: 64, Z: 536

Savanna Village Near Buried Treasures and Cold Ruin Clusters Coordinates: X: 504, Y: 68, Z: -236

Desert Village with Temple and Stronghold Coordinates: X: -792, Y: 70, Z: 1048

Pillager Outpost Next to Desert Temple Coordinates: X: -904, Y: 73, Z: 648

19. Calming Winding River Seed for Minecraft PE

After so many twists and turns, it’s time to relax with our next Minecraft Pocket Edition seed. It spawns you next to a river winding its way through the plains, forests, and mountain biomes. The seed is simple in most terms, and if you want to explore the Minecraft world while relaxing, it’s perfect.

You will need to make a boat in Minecraft to make the most out of this seed. Though, for the players looking for glitched or unique seeds, it also has a little circular crater you can check out. It’s equal in almost all sizes, making it feel custom-made instead of a natural spawn.

Seed code: 95475027

Circular Crater Coordinates: X: 582, Y: 64, Z: -16

20. Winter is Everywhere Seed

The winter is here. And this seed makes sure you feel it. It spawns us in the chilly snowy tundra biome. Next to it are snowy mountains and ice spikes. However, what makes this Minecraft PE seed interesting is the floating chunks of land next to the ice spikes. There are 3 villages and 3 Ruined portals in this biome for you to explore.

Once you are done with the ice biome, the wooded hills around your spawn can help you with the rest of your resources. Alternatively, you can also choose to explore 3 huge ravines near your spawn. The snow-based area is large enough to become a whole city in Minecraft if you set your mind to it. You just need to figure out a way to deal with the large number of polar bears in this region first.

Seed code: 1541592643

Nearest Village Coordinates: X: 24, Y: 67, Z: -296

Nearest Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 104, Y: 65, Z: 8

21. Three Blacksmiths and a Stronghold

The village, as you might expect, is fairly large and also offers many other useful resources. But what makes this seed special is the presence of a stronghold under the village. The actual End portal in it is also easy to find as it’s located directly beneath the village.

Seed code: 1287285758

Blacksmiths’ Village Coordinates: X: 1053, Y: 64, Z: -345

22. All Biomes Around Spawn in Minecraft PE

Mapped View

Let’s move on to a resourceful and unique seed for Minecraft PE players. In it, we spawn on a beach next to wooded hills. And around us, within 2000 blocks are possibly all of the Minecraft biomes. I was able to confirm 60 biomes and sub-biomes in that area (also shown in the map above). You might be able to discover more if you get exploring.

But before you begin, you can loot a small cold ruin next to your spawn for added support in terms of resources. This location has a buried treasure map that, spoilers alert, you can use to find the treasure on your spawn island. Then, you can keep exploring your surroundings or even underwater as the area has multiple caves and ruins you can mine.

Seed code: 3568659533

Cold Ruin Coordinates: X: 2345, Y: 42, Z: 26

23. Underwater Igloo with Basement

Generally, Igloos are created or spawned on land. But, as the gods of Minecraft randomness would decide, there’s an igloo underwater in this Minecraft seed. It still has a basement that you can loot, but make sure to hold your breath while you do so. This Igloo is right at our spawn location, next to a village. There’s also a small warm ruin near it if you need more resources. As for the village, it is a rather large snowy village with a variety of villagers and its own Iron Golem.

Seed code: -873280664

Igloo Coordinates: X: 547, Y: 64, Z: 85

24. A Mob Hub Taking Over The Hill

If it wasn’t a zombie village, things would have been pretty deadly for the villagers. But, if you choose to explore this place during the night, things aren’t looking good for you either. So, there’s definitely loot here that might interest you but make sure you are loaded with weapons to take on the attacking mob at night.

Seed code: 2011429558

Zombie Village Coordinates: X: -740, Y: 95, Z: 100

25. Reliable Nether Survival Seed

Unlike most of the other best Minecraft Pocket Edition seeds in this list, this one has special nether benefits too. We start our journey by spawning near a plains village. You need to keep its location in mind before exploring further. This is where we need to make our Nether portal.

Seed code: -2063911105

Village Coordinates: X: 600, Y: 67, Z: 56

Savannah Village Coordinates: X: 175, Y: 67, Z: 195

Desert Temple Coordinates: X: 58, Y: 66, Z: 366

Nether Fortress Coordinates: X: -389, Y: 70, Z: 75

Bastion Coordinates: X: 128, Y: 70, Z: 80

26. Tallest Pillager Outpost in Minecraft PE

We all know that climbing a Pillager Outpost is a risky task. But that statement looks like an undersell if we focus on the next seed. This Minecraft PE seed offers one of the tallest Pillager Outposts you can find in the game. All the surrounding buildings are also all over the place. It’s not that close to the spawn either, but you can find your way to it while exploring a couple of biomes. Even if you don’t consider the loot of Outpost to be worth the efforts, the scenic value of this seed is hard to miss.

Seed code: 1256894139

Tallest Pillager Outpost Coordinates: X: 100, Y:64, Z: 504

27. Monumental Library Seed for Minecraft PE

Here, right next to the monument, is an open stronghold library. There’s no wall blocking it, and there’s even water flowing into it. You can easily find one of the best loots in this area.

Seed code: 1234569

Underwater Library Coordinates: X: -1359, Y:54, Z: -1162

28. Village Island with Underwater Exposed Stronghold

In our next Minecraft Pocket Edition seed, we spawn near an interesting island village. It’s a plains village covering almost the whole island. You can find most of the resources you need to get started in survival on this island. Now, the more interesting part of this village is actually under the island.

If you swim into the ocean, you will find almost the whole stronghold exposed and waiting for you. There are also underwater ravines next to the stronghold. Then, there are also ocean ruins that are combined into the stronghold library. Finally, what makes it better is that there’s also a shipwreck next to the island and the monument.

Seed code: 2029555703

Island Coordinates: X: 1320, Y:72, Z: -328

29. Ruined Portal Merged with Villager’s House

Continuing on the spree of merging structures, we have a villager’s Ruined house with a Ruined portal. This seed is probably one of the weirdest and unique seeds for Minecraft PE we could find.

Seed code: 1416082668

Village Coordinates: X: 152, Y:67, Z: 40

Ruined Portal Coordinates: X: 99, Y:74, Z: 36

30. A World of Taigas in Best Seeds for Minecraft PE

Among all the forest-based Minecraft biomes, Taigas have a separate fan following. Our final seed in the list of best seeds for Minecraft PE caters to them. We spawn on the edge of the Plains and Taiga biomes. And if you explore the plains biome, the best thing to discover is the tiny ravines.

But, if you choose to stick with the Taiga biome, you can locate four taiga villages here. Three of the villages are located within 500 blocks from the spawn point. And for some reason, if you dig around or under them, there are several dungeons with mob spawners that you can come across. Not to forget, we might have a little personal inclination towards the seed code too.

Seed code: bee bom (For this character based seed, the space also counts in the seed code. So, make sure you are using same captilization and spacing while entering it)

Spawn-side Taiga Village Coordinates: X: 104, Y: 67, Z: 152

Taiga Village Coordinates: X: -232, Y: 64, Z: -232

Forest Edge Taiga Village Coordinates: X: -328, Y: 65, Z: 136

Furthest Village from Spawn Coordinates: X: 520, Y: 68, Z: -264

Try out These Best Seeds for Minecraft PE

Twitter Leak Shows That Windows 11 Wallpaper Stickers Are On The Way

Twitter leak shows that Windows 11 wallpaper stickers are on the way




Were you waiting for new additions to be introduced to your new favorite operating system?

A Twitter user shared an interesting post over the weekend, showing some upcoming features.

The most exciting one is wallpaper stickers, followed by some Settings panel modifications.

And, there is even talk of a tabled mode coming to Windows 11, although we’re not sure when.

If you’re among those who decided to leave Windows 10 behind and upgrade to the new operating system, you’ll surely be pleased with what we’re about to show you.

Of course, we are all waiting for Microsoft to implement new features for Windows 11, and some photos leaked on Twitter revealed just that.

We’re talking about an alleged tablet mode taskbar, some notification settings, and believe it or not, stickers.

New features coming to Windows 11 soon

It looks like the tech giant listened to its user base and, thus, Windows 11 will get new visual additions to personalize your desktop in the form of stickers for your wallpaper.

Therefore, we will have options to either add stickers to our existing wallpapers or edit the stickers, if we feel like something is not quite as we envisioned it.

This is obvious from one of the photos leaked over Twitter, which got everyone more than excited about the ability to really make your desktop your own.

Well, as it turned out, somewhere after Windows 11 Insider build 25174, Microsoft added the option to draw custom stickers, but you need third-party software to enable it, for the time being.

Also, please keep in mind that although stickers are available in Windows 11 22H2, drawing stickers is only possible in build 25174 and onward.

Another important factor to consider is that unannounced features are often raw, unstable, or borderline unusable, so remember that when testing.

We recommend backing up important data before using the ViveTool app. Furthermore, remember that stable Windows 11 is the best way to ensure your system remains as bug-free as possible.

Expert tip:

It is also worth noting that the desktop stickers feature still has some notable limitations Microsoft has yet to figure out, besides announcing the thing.

That being said, when using it, note that your wallpaper must be set to fill the desktop, and stickers do not support multi-monitor setups.

But that’s not all that’s new, according to the Twitter user that exposed the Redmond-based tech company’s upcoming plans for Windows 11.

There are also some changes coming to the notifications we receive on the OS. The new Set priority notifications option, which seems to be separate from Focus Assist, is among the future features.

Furthermore, Focus Assist has now been renamed Focus. As announced by Albacore on Twitter, the upcoming Settings panel changes include:

Sustainability: better energy consumption and device recycling awareness

Focus Assist is becoming Focus, now schedulable through Outlook & sporting more granular options

Notification priorities no longer tucked away in UI

And, last but not least, the user has also shared information about an alleged future tablet mode coming to Windows 11, which is a taskbar setting labeled Automatically hide the taskbar when using your device as a tablet.

Redmond officials did say that 2023 will be a year of great changes and improvements for Windows 11 and we’re most likely witnessing the start of this new tech era.

However, these changes will most likely be put through a trial run among Insiders before being released to the general public, so if you are not a Windows Insider, the wait will be a bit longer.

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8 Best Chatgpt Prompts Styles That You Should Try Out Today

Even getting a short and straightforward answer from Chat GPT sometimes becomes frustrating because of how it usually generates its results. Even if you want to just ask for a basic recipe to make apple juice, it will first write an intro, explain why you should drink it and then starts answering the main query.

Prompt Style #1. [Return just the main response. Take out the pre-text and the post-text]

To tackle that add “[Return just the main response. Take out the pre-text and the post-text].” You can save a lot of time by using this simple string. This string tells the module to skip the introduction and conclusion and go right to the main answer to my question.

[Guide to voice and style: Write at a 5th grade level. Use clear and simple language, even when explaining complex matters. lean toward short sentences. Don’t use jargon or acronyms.]

Prompt #2: Simple way to explain or write anything: [Guide to voice and style: Write at a 5th-grade level. Use clear and simple language, even when explaining complex matters. lean toward short sentences. Don’t use jargon or acronyms.]

Using the above prompt, you’re specifying Chat GPT to explain anything in simple English.

Check this article: 100 Most Useful ChatGPT Prompts For Writers

Nonetheless, you may find that regular talks in Chat GPT are boring and artificial.

All you have to do is use this prompt:

[Voice and style guide: Write in a casual, friendly way, as if you were telling a friend about something. Use natural language and phrases that a real person would use: in normal conversations]

Prompt #3. [Voice and style guide: Write in a casual, friendly way, as if you were telling a friend about something. Use natural language and phrases that a real person would use: in normal conversations]

[Format your response using markdown. Use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and bold to organize the information]

Here’s what you will get:

Being creative with Ai is the best thing you can do. Even if we take the same example from the above points, “What is a Black Hole?” there are multiple ways Chat GPT can answer that. And our favorite is when it gets punchy and metaphorical.

Using this prompt will add magic to even a simple sentence:

And here’s what you’ll get:

Want your GPT responses to be more persuasive? Chat GPT can easily do it for you.

It creates a sense of engagement and connection, making the information more memorable and relatable. It also helps to break up dry, technical language, making it more accessible and enjoyable to read.

Here’s the prompt:

Let’s see how it works if we provide it with a similar example:

Prompt #6: [Voice and style guide: Use a convincing tone, rhetorical questions, and stories to keep the reader interested. Use similes, metaphors, and other literary tools to make your points easier to understand and remember. [Write in a way that is both educational and fun.]]

The most compelling part about this prompt is the way it can be used to discuss any topic. This piques the reader’s interest, making them want to keep going until they find out what happens.

Here’s how to do it (remember to keep the text inside quotes):

Rephrase this text “your text” in [style]

Let’s take our example on Black holes, and ask GPT to answer the same questions in Shakespeare style:

All you have to do is add [Author Name style] to the end of each query, as we did in the image above.

Chip Heath

Dan Ariely

Seth Godin

Simon Sinek

Brené Brown

Mark Twain

Ernest Hemingway

Maya Angelou

William Shakespeare

Gabriel Garcia Marquez

By experimenting with different styles, you can find the one that works best for your specific needs.

Update the detailed information about 30 Best Windows 11 Books That Explain The Os Inside Out on the website. We hope the article's content will meet your needs, and we will regularly update the information to provide you with the fastest and most accurate information. Have a great day!