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10 Powerful Alternatives To The Windows Task Manager Best Alternatives To The Windows Task Manager 1. Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a free program made by the Microsoft Windows Sysinternals group. It shows data about running procedures on your Windows framework. The presentation in Process Explorer can be part of two sheets utilizing the View menu. The top board shows a rundown of the as of now dynamic procedures and the base sheet shows diverse data about a chose procedure from the top sheet, contingent upon the model chosen for the baseboard in the View menu. In DLL mode, the DLLs and memory-mapped files the chose procedure has loaded. In Handle mode, the handles opened by the procedure chose in the top sheet.

2. AnVir Task Manager Free

AnVir Task Manager Free is probably the best option in contrast to Windows Task Manager. It gives nitty- gritty data about your procedures, administrations, startup projects, processor, and capacity drives, and it additionally allows you to screen and track their conduct. The UI is part of tabs: applications that run at startup, applications that are right now running, forms, administrations, drivers, and logs. It incorporates insights concerning the DLL records utilized by programs, arrange inbound, and outbound traffic, storage drives the load, performance graphs, internet connections, and so on. Moreover, AnVir Task Manager Free can likewise be helpful for finding malicious software, as it gives you pieces of data with respect to the security risks of each running procedure, administration, and a startup application.

3. System Explorer

Off all the highlights System Explorer has, one of the interesting ones is the History tab where it tracks and stores all the procedure activities like network associations, command executions, and so forth. Furthermore, the UI is flawlessly partitioned into discrete tabs out of the case. When in need, you can include your own custom tab by tapping on the “+”. Obviously, being a decent task manager elective, you can do standard things like changing procedure need, affinity, finishing hazardous procedures, suspending or restarting processes, and so on.

4. Daphne

Daphne is a killer of running procedures. This program permits you to close down running tasks in four distinct manners: you can kill them at this moment or at a particular time, in two different ways: regularly or “pleasantly.” If you decide to stop a procedure “politely,” you should remember that if a procedure has something essential to do, it can’t close. For the situations when it is difficult to coordinate a program with its running procedure, Daphne, similar to Process Explorer, offers a helpful tool called Find. Unlike Process Explorer, you can likewise utilize this component to kill a task by dragging the objective on its window. Another component given by Daphne is called Traps. Utilizing this tool you can make a trap for a procedure. A trap is a pre-indicated set of tools that are applied to a particular task when it shows up. This element is helpful when you have a procedure that consumes numerous resources when it starts, and you can’t execute it.

5. Process Hacker 6. MiTeC Task Manager DeLuxe

Notwithstanding the constant checking of system procedures, services, and network connections, TMX permits the administration of startup applications and tasks. You’ll discover the charts and graphs for different screens educational, and I like that TMX can quickly lift benefits for any procedure.

7. WinUtilities Process Security

WinUtilities Process Security is another tool for tracking and manipulating procedures and services that are running on your PC, in view of their security level. It discloses to you whether the task is reliable or not, so you can place it in isolation in the event that it is risky. It additionally has a component that permits you to discover deals regarding a procedure on the Internet, and the UI is likewise more amiable contrasted with different projects in this rundown. WinUtilities Process Security is particularly valuable when you speculate that a type of malware infects your Windows PC or device.

8. Moo0 System Monitor

Task Manager isn’t tied in with killing, suspending, or restarting processes and services. One of the significant elements of a decent assignment chief is to show system resources initially. Moo0 System Monitor is actually that. Utilizing a desktop widget, Moo0 System Monitor shows an assortment of data like CPU utilization, CPU temperature, GPU use, GPU temperature, power use, circle I/O, arrange use, memory use, and so on. Obviously, you can tweak the desktop gadget to show just the data you need.

On the off chance that you are searching for a decent task manager elective that shows broad information about your system resources and wouldn’t mind the absence of the capacity to see or kill a process, do check out Moo0 System Monitor.

9. Security Task Manager

Security Task Manager is likely extraordinary compared to other task managers which you can have on your Windows PC. Security Task Manager shows you the procedure that is as of now running on the system. The extraordinary thing about this task manager is that it can give you whether the running procedure is dangerous or not.

It shows the security history of the running procedure and it’s lightweight and doesn’t expend a lot of RAM. It gives all of you the running procedures in the system.

10. Free Extended Task Manager

All things considered, on the off chance that you are scanning for a Task Manager elective that looks precisely like Windows 7 and Windows 10 task manager, at that point, you have to pick Free Extended Task Manager. Much the same as the default task manager of Windows, Free Extended Task Manager additionally has Applications, Process, Services, Performance tab. You can likewise be killing applications from the task manager.

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Task Manager Is Blank & Not Showing Processes In Windows 11/10

If your Task Manager is blank & not showing processes in Windows 11/10, then here are a few things you can do to successfully fix the blank Task Manager issue. This can happen due to system file corruption or malware infections.

Windows Task Manager is blank

Here are a few things you could try to fix the blank Task Manager issue:

Restart PC and see

Ensure that display columns are selected

Scan computer for malware

Run System File Checker

Repair System Image using DISM

Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State.

1] Restart PC

This is the most common solution that you can use to fix the problem. Sometimes you can get rid of that by restarting your system.

2] Ensure that display columns are selected

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3] Scan computer for malware

One of the reasons why people get this issue is because of malware. If your computer is infected by malware, you may face blank Task Manager problems. Scan your computer with your antivirus software. You may also use a second-opinion malware scanner.

Even though most of us may have antivirus software installed on our Windows computer, there may be times of doubt where you might want a second opinion. While one can always visit online antivirus scanners from well-known security software to scan one’s PC, some prefer a standalone on-demand antivirus scanner installed locally. At such times you may use these on-demand antivirus scanners.

Run the scan at Boot time or in Safe Mode for best results.

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4] Run System File Checker

Running SFC will repair corrupted or damaged Windows files. You will need to run this command from an elevated CMD.

5] Run DISM Tool

When you run the DISM tool, it will repair Windows System Image and Windows Component Store in Windows. You will have various options including /ScanHealth, /CheckHealth, and /RestoreHealth. In an elevated command prompt you need to run the following command:

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth

When you run this tool, a log is created at C:WindowsLogsCBSCBS.log. This process takes around 15 minutes or more depending on the level of corruption.

6] Troubleshoot in Clean Boot State

A Clean Boot is used to diagnose and later troubleshoot issues with your system. During a Clean Boot, we start the system with a minimal number of drivers and startup programs which helps isolate the cause with interfering software. Once you have booted in the Clean Boot State, check if the problem persists.

If it does not then there is some third-party process interfering with its proper functioning. Enable one process after another and see which process makes the problem appear. Thus you can find the offender.

If the problem does not disappear, then you may need to use the Reset This PC option.

Why is my Task Manager empty?

There could be several reasons why your Task Manager is empty on Windows 11/10 PC. From a malware/adware attack to countless running apps – anything could be responsible for this error. However, you can encounter this issue due to high CPU or disk usage as well. That is why you can follow the aforementioned tips and tricks to get it fixed.

How do I fix Task Manager not showing processes?

If the Task Manager is not showing processes, you can try restarting your computer first. Then, you can ensure that the corresponding column is selected or not. Apart from that, it is suggested to run the System File Checker, CHKDSK, and scan your computer with an adware removal tool.

I hope something here helps you.

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Airplay For Windows: 8 Best Airplay Alternatives To Mirror Screen In Windows 10

The Apple ecosystem is known for a seamless experience. And, AirPlay (along with iMessage and AirDrop) has long been a popular component of Apple’s highly impressive ecosystem. For those unfamiliar, it is designed for wirelessly streaming content like photos, videos, and music from iDevices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac to Apple TV as well as compatible smart TVs and speakers. With the arrival of AirPlay 2, iDevice users can play audio to multiple speakers in perfect sync and also individually control the speakers. Unfortunately, Microsoft Windows lacks a feature that can compete with Apple’s wireless streaming protocol. And that’s exactly what has led me to explore the best AirPlay alternatives to mirror screen in Windows 10.

Best AirPlay Alternatives for Windows 10

Before exploring the apps, be sure to check out a few pivotal points as they can play a big role in helping you choose the right app that can ideally live up to your task:

Which AirPlay Alternatives Can Suit Your Needs Better?

There are many screen-mirroring apps in the market. While some apps excel in streaming content from a mobile device to a Windows computer, others work spotlessly in beaming content from PC to modern devices like Apple TV, Chromecast, PS4, etc. And then, there are the ones that go well beyond the basic features. To ensure you can find the right answer to your needs, I have included all of them. As to which app can be perfect for your requirements, it all comes down to what you are looking for and how much you can spend. That all being said, let’s find out what these top AirPlay alternatives have in store, shall we?

Best AirPlay Alternatives to Stream Content to Windows PC 1. ApowerMirror

Aside from seamless screen mirroring from your mobile device to PC, the software has got some pretty cool features for Android users. For instance, you can use this tool to control your Android device from a computer using a mouse and keyboard. If you are a gaming aficionado, you can get the most out of this feature to play your favorite Android games on your Windows 10 PC.

Unlike AirPlay, ApowerMirror can also allow you to record your phone screen and even capture screenshots. As for price, ApowerMirror comes for free. But the freemium version is quite limited in functionality and you will need to go for the pro version to unlock all the goodies.

Pricing: Free, premium version is available for $12.95/month

2. AirServer

When it comes to mirroring screens across devices with the maximum efficiency, AirServer is the one you can fully trust to stand up to your pro demand. The app makes the best use of Miracast/Wi-Di technology to stream high-quality content. As it also supports AirPlay and Miracast-enabled Android devices, you will be able to mirror your device screens across multiple platforms, unlike Apple’s wireless streaming protocol that’s quite limited.

Today, many new Windows PCs come with support for Miracast. Hence, this software can let you mirror screens between PCs as well. Another feature that has caught my eyes in this software is that it can allow you to stream multiple devices to your receiver. Therefore, you can monitor multiple screens without having to switch between devices.

If you are a gamer, you would really appreciate the functionality to not only stream the game from your mobile device but also record your action for sharing with your friends or followers. Talking about price, AirServer is a bit more expensive $40 than most of its counterparts. But if you want a versatile screen mirroring receiver, you can’t go wrong with it.

Visit: Website 

3. Mobizen

Though not as powerful as some of the notable names mentioned in this article, “Mobizen” is a good mirroring software. With the help of it, you can easily stream your photos and videos to your Windows PC. Apart from allowing you to mirror your device screen, it also lets you transfer files between your computer and mobile device. Therefore, it can safely claim to be a fine alternative to not only AirPlay but also AirDrop.

You can use the mouse and keyboard of your computer to take control of your mobile device. Times when you are busy working on your computer, you will find it really convenient to receive your entire phone notifications right on your computer. Better yet, Mobizen is also very handy at screen recording and instant messaging.

Pricing: $2.99/month 

Best AirPlay Alternatives to Stream Content from Windows PC 1. Reflector 3

In terms of functionality, “Reflector 3” is probably the most versatile AirPlay alternative for Windows. The software excels in mirroring phone, tablet, and even PC to the big screen – pretty much like AirPlay. So, whether you want to stream music from your mobile device to your Windows computer or mirror videos from your PC to your TV, this app can live up to your billing without any problem.

Reflector 3 boasts an impressive user-interface, ensuring you can comfortably master it without going through a lengthy learning curve. One of my favorite features of this software is the ability to mirror multiple screens of any types simultaneously. This feature could come in really handy when playing top-notch multiplayer games.

Not to mention, the live streaming feature that can let you share your screen activity on YouTube. As a YouTuber, you would like to have this app to become more interactive. Though I’m really pleased with this software, I would appreciate it more had the app been for free without limited trial.

Visit: Website 

2. Squirrels AirParrot 2

Developed by the same company as Reflector (mentioned above), AirParrot is equally impressive. You can use this software to wirelessly stream media files or your device’s screen to a wide range of media receivers. The app makes the most of Quick Connect technology to instantly connect a device running Reflector. Therefore, you can conveniently beam audio, video, screen, presentation and more to a number of media receivers at one go. Without mincing my words, I would say that AirParrot is far superior to AirPlay in this aspect.

To me, the biggest highlight of AirParrot is the ability to stream media files in 5.1 surround sound and without any loss of quality. It’s this quality that has made it a firm favorite for those who love to enjoy high-quality sound.

Pricing: Free trial of 7 days, the premium version comes at $12.99 

Visit: Website 

3. Airflow

The thing that makes AirPlay stand out is the ability to mirror videos spotlessly without any quality loss. Should you want an app to deliver the best video mirroring or be very close to what Apple’s wireless streaming service has to offer, Airflow has to be your top bet. It has got all the qualities to compete with Apple’s wireless streaming protocol – as far as wireless video streaming is concerned.

Besides, it also has the support for 5.1 audio support (surround sound) and DVD and Bluray subtitles. Additionally, you can organize your video files into playlists so that they remain in the right order and are easily accessible.

Pricing: $18.99

Visit: Website 

4. iTunes

If you are looking for an AirPlay alternative just to stream audio from your Windows PC, look no further than Apple’s iTunes. The software comes with basic AirPlay audio streaming and works efficiently in streaming music from PC. More significantly, it’s available for completely free and quite easy to get started.

Pricing: Free

Visit: Website 

5. Tubecast

This one is a must for YouTubers! Should you want a YouTube-based app for Windows 10 to cast your videos on most devices like Apple TV, smart TVs, Roku, XBox 360, XBox One, PS4, Amazon Fire TV, DLNA and Chromecast, Tubecast would be worth taking a close look. Moreover, you can also use this software to download your YouTube videos and even play the sound of the videos under lock.

Keep in mind, it doesn’t have a standalone screen mirroring feature and is specifically designed for casting YouTube videos to many devices. Besides, the app is available for a free trial of just 7 days. After that, you will have to buy the premium version (around $1) to continue.

Though not an ideal AirPlay alternative, Tubecast could prove to be a game-changer, if you are on the hunt for an app that can let you cast YouTube videos.

Pricing: Free-trial of 7 days, the premium version is available for around $1

Download Tubecast from Microsoft Store 

Stream Media Wirelessly with Best AirPlay Alternatives for Windows

Now that you know the hacks about how to mirror screen in Windows 10, make the most of them to not only liven up media viewing but also spice up gaming. With reliable performance, these best alternatives to AirPlay can go a long way in enhancing your user experience. Anyway, let me know which app has caught your eyes and the features that have impressed you the most.

Realtek Hd Audio Manager Not Working Or Showing On Windows 11/10

Realtek HD audio driver is a commonly used audio driver on Windows. Some users are reporting that the Realtek HD audio manager is not working or showing on Windows 11/10. If you face this issue, then this post will help you.

Realtek HD audio driver helps us play audio on our Windows PC. Imagine that you are playing an audio clip and you are unable to hear anything. The speakers are working fine, the audio is playing fine. We try to fix it by increasing or decreasing volume and troubleshooting the Realtek audio driver. What if you cannot find the Realtek HD audio driver in the Device Manager? How can you fix it? Let’s see the ways to fix the issue.

Realtek HD Audio Manager not showing up in Device Manager

If the Realtek HD Audio Manager is not working, showing, or missing from the Device Manager in Windows 11 or Windows 10, you can fix the issue using the following methods.

Update the Realtek HD audio driver

Show hidden devices

Add legacy hardware

Reinstall the drivers

Reset BIOS to default

Let’s get into the details of each method.

1] Update the Realtek HD audio driver

If the Realtek HD Audio Manager is not working on your PC, it might be due to outdated drivers or missing files. The first fix you should try is to update the Realtek HD audio drivers in the Device Manager. Also, check for Windows Updates in the Settings app using which we can update the drivers automatically.

2] Show hidden devices

If you are not seeing the Realtek HD Audio Manager, there are chances that the Realtek HD Audio Manager or the devices associated with it are hidden by mistake. You have to select the option to show hidden devices in the Device Manager. The devices that are hidden will be visible and you might find the Realtek HD Audio Manager in them.

3] Add legacy hardware

Then follow the on-screen instructions and select Search for and install the hardware automatically (Recommended) and follow the steps and install the device manually.

This can fix the issue you are having with Realtek HD Audio Manager.

4] Reinstall the drivers

If the issue is still not fixed, you have to uninstall the Realtek HD audio driver and reinstall it manually to fix the issue. It will fix the issue and you can easily play audio using the Realtek HD audio devices.

5] Reset BIOS to default

Sometimes, the changes that you make or occur in the BIOS settings might affect the devices that you use on your PC. The only way to fix the issues that occur on that instance is to reset the BIOS to default. After that, you will be able to use Realtek HD Audio Manager without any issue.

Why is my Realtek not showing in Device Manager?

There might be a lot of causes for the Realtek devices to not show in the Device Manager. The devices might be hidden, or the drivers are outdated or corrupted, or some settings in BIOS affected it. You can fix the issue easily using the above methods.

Realtek HD audio manager “No driver was supported in this driver package” issue

When you see the “No driver was supported in this driver package” error while trying to use the Realtek HD audio manager, you have to update the drivers or reinstall them if necessary to install the right drivers for your PC.

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How To Open And Use Windows Services Manager (Services.msc)

At times you may need to open and manage your Windows Services. You may want to stop some service, start it, disable the service, delay its start-up or resume or pause the Windows Service. At such time, the Services Manager, which is a built-in tool in the Windows operating system, will help you. This post will show you how to open your Windows Services, using Services Manager as well as the Command Prompt.

Windows Services are applications that typically start when the computer is booted and run quietly in the background until it is shut down. Strictly speaking, a service is any Windows application that is implemented with the services API and handles low-level tasks that require little or no user interaction.

How to open Windows Services Manager

To open the Windows Services Manager on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer, do the following:

Select Run

Type chúng tôi in the Run box which opens

Windows Services Manager will open.

Here you will be able to start, stop, disable, delay Windows Services.

Let us see how to do this in a bit more detail.

Here, under the Name column, you will see the list of Services running on your system, along with their description. You will also be able to see their Status -whether they are running or stopped, along with the Startup types.

TIP: You can also write chúng tôi in Run box, Start search, Command Prompt, or PowerShell, and hit Enter to open Services Manager.

Types of Windows Services startup

Windows 11/10 offers four start-ups types:


Automatic (Delayed Start)



Read: How to restore missing or deleted Windows Service.

How to Start, Stop, Disable Windows Services

Here, under the Startup type drop-down menu, you will be able to select the startup type for the Service.

Under Service status, you will see buttons to Start, Stop, Pause, Resume the Service.

In the Properties box, you will also see other tabs like Log On, Recovery & Dependencies, which offer additional options and information.

Read: What does Automatic (Trigger Start) and Manual (Trigger Start) mean for Windows Services?

Use Task Manager to Stop, Restart or Start Services

You can also Stop, Restart or Start Services using the Task Manager.

Manage Windows Services using Command Line

You can also use the Command Prompt to start, stop, pause, resume service. To use it, from the WinX Menu, open Command Prompt (Admin) and execute one of the following commands:

To start a service:

net startservice

To stop a service:

net stopservice

To pause a service:

net pauseservice

To resume a service:

net continueservice

To disable a service:

sc config "Name Of Service" start= disabled

It is recommended that you not change the default settings unless you know what you are doing, as this can cause some parts of your operating system to stop working. When you stop, start, or restart a service, any dependent services are also affected, so you want to be careful here.

This post will show you in detail how to Enable, Disable, Start, Stop, or Restart Services in Windows 11 or Windows 10 using PowerShell, Command Prompt, Task Manager and Net Command.

How to Refresh a Windows Service?

When you refresh any Windows Service, the contents are re-read into the memory and the changes are reflected the next time the service is accessed. Here’s how you can Refresh a Service:

Open Services Manager

Locate the Service you want to refresh

That’s it! Hope you find this post informative and helpful enough.

TIP: See this post if your Windows Services do not start.

10 Powerful Youtube Channels For Data Science Aspirants!


The path to spread data science has been blazed by people determined to make the world a better place

Here is a list of Top 10 Data Science Channels on YouTube. Feel free to add more.


Also, the Internet has bridged the gap between humans and learning resources. From blogs to videos, self-paced learning resources for any domain is available to fellow humans in abundance. Moreover, the Covid19 pandemic has increased the stress on self-paced free learning resources as many people are exploring their interests in various domains. And YouTube is at the forefront of free video-based learning for data science.

Since the COVID19 pandemic has left us all stuck at home, why not use this time productively and invest your time in the knowledge of tomorrow? So in this article, I will be covering the top 10 Data Science YouTube channels to enrich yourself.

Check out our platform for Free Courses on Data Science Machine Learning and much more.

Sentdex has been around since December 16, 2012, and has 919K subscribers. More than 1000 video and text-based tutorials have been uploaded by Sentdex. The channel is owned by Harrison Kinsley. He is also a founder of multiple businesses, all of which leverage the Python programming language.

He offers some of the best content related to python programming. For aspiring data scientists, he has created tutorials for machine learning, deep learning, facial recognition, and reinforcement learning. Other videos offered by him are about finance, data analytics, robotics, web development, game development, etc

Grant Sanderson founded the channel 3Blue1Brown with the vision to drive explanations by animations. He graduated from Stanford University in 2024 with a bachelor’s degree in math. Sanderson wanted to practice his coding skills. Consequently, he went ahead and made a graphics library in Python, “Manim” acronym for “mathematical animations”.

His videos cover topics like Linear Algebra, Calculus, Differential equations, and Neural Networks.

freeCodeCamp is a non-profit organization that helps you learn to code by building projects. It was found by Quincy Larson, a software developer who took up programming after graduate school and created freeCodeCamp to help students progress from beginners to job-ready professionals.

The channel has gained 2.19M subscribers since it was started on December 16, 2014. They have videos related to Basic Python programming, Data Science Machine Learning, and Deep Learning. A live course on Deep Learning with PyTorch is currently streaming on their channel.

Joshua Starmer started StatQuest to explain statistics to his former co-workers. He started StatQuest on May 23, 2011and now has 313k subscribers. This is one of the best channels for learning data science as he really stresses on the theoretical aspects of statistics and machine learning along with practical applications.

He wanted to show the simplicity behind all the confusing terminology. Therefore, he stripped away the terminology and illustrated the concepts using pictures. Josh simply breaks down every technique into small, simple steps. Thus, making major methodologies easier to understand. There are 180 such videos on this channel.

Krish Naik works as a Lead Data Scientist at Panasonic IIC, pioneering in machine learning, deep learning, and computer vision, an educator, and a mentor. He has been regularly on his channel for the last 2 years. Till now the channel has garnered 212k subscribers and 10 million views.

His channel extensively covers everything essential for a data scientist. The content includes machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, computer vision, etc. He has also covered Tableau and Microsoft Power BI. Some topics related to model deployment are also covered.

Giles McMullen owns this data science YouTube channel. He is a journalist specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning. He started his channel on 16 Aug 2008. Python Programmer has around 184K subscribers and new videos are uploaded every Thursday.

Corey Schafer started his YouTube channel on May 31, 2006. He has been creating tutorials and walkthroughs for his 600K subscribers. Tutorials on his channel are suited for beginners as well as experts.

His tutorials cover topics such as Python, Git, Development Environments, Terminal Commands, SQL, Programming Terms, JavaScript, Computer Science Fundamentals, and many other tips and tricks.

Tim, a first-year computer science student, created the channel “Tech with Tim” on April 22, 2014. He aims to provide free education in the programming and software engineering domain. “Tech with Tim” now has 334K subscribers.

Brandon Foltz started his channel on August 11, 2011. Since then he has been sharing his knowledge with his 210K subscribers. He specializes in teaching, curriculum design, and course design and has an experience of almost 16 years in this field.

His tutorials focus on introductory statistics, finite mathematics along with management science, operations management, and basic accounting. It is amongst the few YouTube channels focussing on the theoretical understanding of statistics and mathematics used in data science in depth.

365 Data Science is an e-learning platform that provides courses in the data science discipline. They share quality content and use a learner-friendly method of explanation. But one of the best parts is that they make use of real-life examples to relate better to. 365 Data Science joined YouTube on 07 August 2023 and now has 115K subscribers. Further, they have more than 100 videos on their channel.

They offer tutorials on Python, Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and many more topics. Their videos also include information about the trends and educational requirements for various job roles in the data science industry.

End Notes

To summarize, in this article I introduced you to various YouTube channels for data science that provide end-to-end knowledge about various concepts involved. Instantly subscribe to these channels to attain knowledge about Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Since there is a huge emphasis on free knowledge, we really recommend you check out our free courses on the link below-


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