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0x80070015 Bitlocker The Device is not Ready: 8 Ways to Fix Regain smooth usage of your drives




Bitlocker error 0x80070015 will restrict your use of drives and may be triggered by malware on your device. 

We recommend backing up your files before performing any of the fixes we recommend in this guide. 



To fix Windows PC system issues, you will need a dedicated tool

Fortect is a tool that does not simply cleans up your PC, but has a repository with several millions of Windows System files stored in their initial version. When your PC encounters a problem, Fortect will fix it for you, by replacing bad files with fresh versions. To fix your current PC issue, here are the steps you need to take:

Download Fortect and install it on your PC.

Start the tool’s scanning process to look for corrupt files that are the source of your problem

Fortect has been downloaded by


readers this month.

If you are a Windows user and have encountered the error message 0x80070015 Bitlocker The Device is not Ready, you may wonder what this message means and how to resolve it.

This error message can occur when trying to encrypt or decrypt a drive using Microsoft’s Bitlocker encryption software.

We will run you through common triggers and the best solutions to fix the error.

Why does error 0x80070015 in Bitlocker occur?

Error 0x80070015 in Bitlocker can occur due to a variety of reasons. Here we enumerate some of the primary triggers:

Hardware issues – If the drive you are trying to encrypt or decrypt has physical damage, it can cause the error. Additionally, if the drive is not connected correctly or is experiencing power issues, it may lead to an error.

Software conflicts – Conflicts between Bitlocker and other software on your system can cause the error. This can occur if you have recently installed or updated software that interacts with the drive you are encrypting or decrypting.

Malware or viruses – Malware or viruses can also cause the error. These malicious programs can interfere with the encryption or decryption process.

Corrupted system files – If system files on your computer become corrupted, it can cause various errors, including the Bitlocker error.

Drive format issues – If the drive you are trying to encrypt or decrypt has formatting issues, such as being formatted in a file system that Bitlocker does not support, it can lead to the error.

Overall, error 0x80070015 in Bitlocker can occur for various reasons, and identifying the root cause can be challenging. However, you can resolve the issue by troubleshooting.

How can I fix 0x80070015 in Bitlocker?

Before diving into any fixes, we suggest checking the drive connection. This error often occurs on external drives, so ensure the device is correctly connected to your computer. You can also unplug and plug it back in to establish the connection.

It would be best to close all the programs using the drive before jumping into any solutions.

1. Run the Hardware and Devices troubleshooter

Windows has its built-in hardware troubleshooter that can fix general issues causing your hardware to malfunction. If you’re having trouble with the troubleshooter itself, this fix guide might come in handy.

It is worth mentioning that some external drive manufacturers offer dedicated troubleshooters. If the device is not ready and the error persists, go to your drive manufacturer’s website and check if any drive troubleshooter is available.

If so, download and install the troubleshooter and run it to fix your drive.

2. Uninstall and reinstall the USB controller driver

You may want to repeat the process for all outdated drivers. It would be best to have a yellow mark on the obsolete drivers.

Expert tip:

If you want to apply this, you should simply select the Update driver option from the context menu and choose the method to automatically update the USB driver.

Otherwise you can always rely on an automated tool such as Outbyte Driver Updater which not only search, find and update the USB driver on your behalf, but will do it for any other outdated or missing driver on your device without hesitation.

⇒ Get Outbyte Driver Updater

3. Assign a drive letter to your external drive 4. Install the latest drivers in compatibility mode

Install the latest driver for USB from your drive’s manufacturer website, and try installing it in Windows compatibility mode to run the program using settings from a previous Windows version.

5. Run a full system scan

Malware may cause various issues on your computer, including errors. Perform a full system scan to detect malware on your computer and fix the Bitlocker error 0x80070015.

6. Repair your files

The simplest way to repair your registry is to use a dedicated tool, such as CCleaner. Remember to back up your registry first in case anything goes wrong.

You can also use Microsoft’s System File Checker to check for system file corruption. However, this utility is only available on Windows 10.

Ensure you’re running the latest Windows OS updates on your machine. As a quick reminder, Microsoft constantly rolls out Windows updates to improve the system’s stability and fix various issues. For example, an update may fix the Bitlocker error 0x80070015.

8. Clean boot your computer

A clean boot starts Windows using a minimal set of drivers and startup programs to eliminate software conflicts that may occur when installing a program, updating it, or simply launching it.

The BitLocker error code 0x80070015 can be frustrating when accessing encrypted data on a BitLocker drive. However, our shared solutions will help you resolve the issue.

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Sound Not Working On Firestick? Here Are 8 Ways To Fix It

In most cases, it can happen when you have accidentally muted your TV. Although technical issues like misconfigured audio settings, faulty HDMI port/cable, and software bugs can be responsible too. As long as the audio output of Firestick is not damaged, it can be solvable with minor tweaks on the settings. 

Before moving on with the major fixes, let’s do a quick preliminary check first. Sometimes, simply adjusting minor tweaks on the sound settings can help troubleshoot the problem.

Press your Firestick remote’s Volume Up button to increase the volume. You may have accidentally muted the device.

Press Unmute or Volume Up button on your TV’s remote. It can be the TV’s sound that is muted.

Perform a power cycle on your Firestick. Let the Firestick be cool before powering on. When you use it for a long time, it tends to overheat and cause issues with the system. It will also help to clear your Firestick cache.

Check HDMI extender and replace it if needed. Also, you need to use a high-speed HDMI 2.1 cable to stream HD content on your Firestick.

If you are using Echo Dot, Alexa, or any other external devices, disconnect them. Restart your Firestick and check the sound again. 

Check Internet Connection and improve it if needed. 

You can run Audio and Video Diagnostics on your Firestick devices to identify the problem. This will allow you to verify the audio capabilities of your TV or external audio devices. Then, you can set the surround sound as per the supported format. However, this feature is not available for all Firestick devices yet.

We have taken Fire TV Stick 4K as an example. Check out the steps.

Go to Settings.

You can scan the displayed QR code for more support.

You can change the audio settings as per the audio capabilities of your TV or external audio to solve the problem. Although if there is no Audio and Video Diagnostics tool, pick the Best Available option for an effective result.

Press remote’s Home button.

Only Bluetooth accessories that support HID and SPP are compatible with Firestick devices. So, if you are able to connect a Bluetooth device but the output sound is not working, reconnect the device. Also, ensure that the connected device is not paired with other devices. Although you may be able to pair up to two Bluetooth devices, Firestick will connect to only one at a time.

Go to Settings.

Now, restart your Firestick device.

Note: Your Firestick remote might not control third-party Bluetooth-connected devices. So, use the default controller of the Bluetooth device itself to adjust volume.

Sometimes, the audio problem might lie in the specific app itself. So try playing a show on another app to check the sound. Many users reported the issue occurred mainly on YouTube and Netflix. Reinstall the app to troubleshoot sound not working issues.

Open Settings.

Navigate to Home screen and open Search.

Enter the App name, Select the app and choose Download button.

Navigate to Settings.

Note: Do not disconnect Firestick’s or TV’s power cable while it is updating.

In case the problem persists, the last viable fix is to reset your Firestick device to its original settings. Then, you can set up your Firestick device and audio settings initially from the beginning.

Open Settings.

You can seek help from the Amazon Customer support team when resetting the device still does not fix the sound problem. The technical support will guide you through fixes. Although you might have to get a new replacement if they can’t help you.

How To Fix Microsoft Surface Device Screen Not Rotating.

If your Microsoft Surface device currently doesn’t allow you to rotate your screen correctly, follow along as this guide takes you through several different troubleshooting steps you can use to fix this issue. More often than not, this issue is caused by a software issue or an incorrect setting. 

How to Fix Google Chrome and/or Microsoft Edge Chromium ‘Aw, Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage’ When Endpoint Protection is Enabled.

Microsoft Surface devices have come a long way since they were first released and now work near flawlessly with Windows 10’s current version. That said, there are still times when you may encounter some minor bugs with the touch screen actions or the way the screen rotates. Thankfully, most of these issues are usually software related, so can be fixed with very little trouble. Though do take a little bit of time to identify. The issue this article will be addressing is screen rotation on Surface devices not working correctly or as quickly as it should/used to.

Before you start the steps shown below, make sure you have checked your screen rotation settings. To do this swipe from the right edge of the screen to reveal the Action Center, then make sure the Auto Rotation Lock symbol is dimmed. If it is that means it’s deactivated. To activate it, tap the lock or use your mouse, and it should be working again. If you have the cover/keyboard attached your surface device it will auto-lock to landscape, so keep this in mind. Once you’ve done, this Restart your device as well.

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How Do You Fix Microsoft Surface Devices Not Rotating Screen Correctly?   Run the Sensors Troubleshooter to Fix Screen Not Rotating on Microsoft Surface Devices.

The final thing you can try before restoring your Surface device to defaults is the Microsoft sensor troubleshooting tool. This tool aims to diagnose all your Surface devices sensors and has a great track record for doing so. 

Restore Your Surface Device to Default Settings.

If nothing so far has worked, the last option you can try is factory resetting your Microsoft Surface device. This should get things working again, however, it does take a hell of a lot of work to get your device back to the way you like it. So use this as a last resort. If after a clean slate/restore your device still doesn’t function correctly, you may have to send it in for an RMA or back to the place you purchased it.

On a Side Note…

How to Use More Than One WhatsApp Account At the Same Time on Windows 10, MacOS, and Linux.

9 Ways To Fix No Hdmi Signal From Your Device

Whether you’re trying to set up multiple monitors or use an external display for your laptop, the “No HDMI signal” error might pop up. This message could indicate issues with either of your devices (source or destination).

You could also experience it due to incorrect source/projection settings, outdated drivers/firmware, or damaged components. But before diving into the related fixes, we recommend checking the loose connections first and try replugging the HDMI cable.

Adjusting the correct input source is an important thing to consider. If you’ve plugged in your HDMI cable to one port and set the input source to another, your monitor won’t display anything or will likely throw the “No HDMI Signal” error. Here’s a quick workaround to this problem:

Next, find the Input Source option and expand it, as demonstrated below.

If you get the “No HDMI signal” error after connecting your laptop to an external monitor, there may be an issue with the projection setting. 

There are four different options available – PC Screen Only, Duplicate, Extend, and Secondary Screen Only. While the latter three options will cast your laptop content, the first one will not send an HDMI signal to the external display. Here’s a simple guide to changing the projection setting to fix this problem:

Sometimes, the bugs and glitches within your monitor could interfere with the HDMI signals. In such a scenario, performing a power cycle (turning the monitor on and off) will reset the configuration parameters, which might fix the error.

Here’s how you can do this the right way:

Firstly, turn off the monitor using the power button.

Wait for at least two to five minutes before you plug in the power cord.

Now, connect the HDMI cable and check if you still get the “No HDMI signal” error.

Damaged ports and cables could be the other reason you’re facing a signal problem on your device. To identify whether HDMI is working or not, check for bent/broken ports and cables.

You may even plug in another HDMI device on the port to identify if it has some sort of issue. Likewise, you can try a spare cable to find out if the former one was faulty. If you encounter any problems with the HDMI cable, kindly replace it with a new one. 

Well, you may even get a Syncwire HDMI cable for better durability and flawless transmission. Thanks to its metal construction, the cable won’t get damaged even after being bent over 3000 times.

Another method to solve the “No HDMI signal” is to check the issue on another working monitor. This is to identify whether any components of your display device are damaged.

If you do not get any signal, know that there are problems with your PC, cables, and ports. However, if the desired content is displayed on the screen, it’s a clear sign to troubleshoot your monitor or you might even need to replace it!

The display adapters are responsible for sending display images to the monitor or related devices. Any issues with its drivers can directly affect the signals despite the type of monitor connection you’re using.

Likewise, only one display in a multi-monitor setup may show the “No HDMI signal” error. This is probably due to an outdated or corrupted monitor driver.

Lastly, restart your computer. Now, the monitor should detect the HDMI signal.

If the memory module hasn’t been installed properly, your device simply won’t boot. So, there’s a maximum chance that your output device won’t display anything or throw a signal error.

In this case, we recommend reseating the RAM sticks and cleaning the slots well. This ensures no debris or dust is stuck while the memory module is seated. Below is a simple guide that should help you clean and reseat the RAM:

First of all, properly shut down your computer.

Then, unplug all the connectors.

Push the two clips in opposite direction and remove the memory module from its dedicated slot.

Now, clean the slot and the RAM stick using a brush and compressed air.

Finally, turn on the computer and reconnect the HDMI cable. This time, you shouldn’t get the “No HDMI signal” error on your monitor.

Firstly, connect your monitor to a working laptop.

Download and install the required firmware and this should do the trick.

The final option is to perform a factory reset to restore the monitor to its original configuration. This will fix any bugs or glitches that might have interrupted the HDMI signal. For demonstration, we have used the MSI Optix G241V E2 model. But the steps should be similar on other monitors too:

Press the OSD button located on the rear side of the monitor.

Then, navigate to the Settings section.

Select the Reset option.

Ps5 Keeps Crashing – 8 Ways To Fix It

New hardware shouldn’t cause problems to its users. If your PS5 keeps crashing, it means you’re experiencing hardware or system errors. Understanding its causes can lead you straight to the solutions.

In essence, the circumstances causing your PS5 to crash and freeze are easy to identify. You may be dealing with Rest mode errors, an overheating console, a wrong HDMI device link, or outdated system software. Alternatively, there could be a random hardware issue or a random bug in one of your games. 

We’ve found several reports on forums, like Reddit, detailing how the PS5 keeps crashing or freezing. In particular, the error occurs while playing Spider-Man Remastered, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, CoD: Vanguard, and Returnal. 

Taking a deeper look at the reasons why your PS5 keeps crashing may help you prevent the problem:

Rest Mode: The power saving mode can lead the console to random crashes, as the firmware may enable it by default. It’s the most common reason for the problem. 

Damaged power cord: If you see any signs of damage in the cable or the adapter, proper power won’t reach the console. It causes the PS5 to crash and freeze.

Outdated system software: If the console is running on outdated firmware, you’d have to update to the latest version. 

Faulty game: Damaged or corrupted game files may cause crashing and freezing. Re-installing the game could fix the problem. 

Overheating console: Lastly, your console may be overheating. You can clean its insides, or put it somewhere where it can receive more fresh air.

It’s normal for any hardware to crash now and then. However, if your PS5 keeps crashing, you may want to check our solutions.

We’ll go through a series of solutions in a logical manner. You can try them one by one until you find the one that works.

Before moving forward, though, please restart your PlayStation 5 to erase random power bugs. Additionally, check your power cord for signs of damage.

The rest mode feature allows you to download and install games and updates while saving power. Likewise, it will enable you to download games from the PlayStation Remote App and let the console start the process remotely. 

Moreover, whenever you download games in Rest Mode, the internet speeds are faster than usual. 

Additionally, it also charges your PS5 controller and other peripherals. It does so while saving power. 

The feature has been unstable so far. For starters, sometimes you may fail to properly exit Rest Mode, which means the console gets stuck in a loop. In other words, if you let the console idle for a couple of minutes (like pausing a game), it may go to Rest Mode automatically. 

The crashing may also occur after waking up the console from the power-saving feature. 

So, until a system update makes Rest Mode more reliable, it’s best to turn it off completely. Here’s how to do it: 

Disabling Rest mode is the immediate solution, but only if there’s no extra damage in the console. However, if you’re still encountering errors, move on towards the next fixes. 

The next step is updating the PlayStation 5. The console should do it automatically, but it could miss an update if your connection is not stable.

Here’re the steps for a manual update:

After the process ends, the console will restart automatically. Then, test it again and see if it fixes the problem. 

The next step is rebuilding the database. We can do it through the Safe Mode troubleshooter.

The feature cleans up the console’s data to fix errors, faulty game files, and hard drive corruption. It’s the solution if particular games are crashing the console. 

Here’re the steps:

The process may take a while. Afterward, the console will restart automatically. Please try the console again at this time. 

Perhaps it’s a single game the culprit or a couple of titles that crash the game all the time. 

For example, if you can play various games without issue, but there’s one that keeps crashing, you can try reinstalling it. 

Here’s how to reinstall a PS5 game: 

Bear in mind the PS5 should auto-update games and apps. However, the auto-update feature may be off. 

Here’s how to manually update your PS5 games: 

Keeping games to their latest versions prevents continuous crashing.

Additionally, you can enable auto-updates: 

Auto-download will check the latest versions of your games and apps whenever you have an internet connection. 

Beyond a threshold, the PS5 will throttle its components to try and lower the temperatures and avoid heavier damages. However, if the situation continues, the GPU, CPU, ram, or SSD storage can suffer the consequences.

An overheating PS5 is very hot on touch, and it also freezes, crashes, and restarts. There’s also an error code (“PS5 is too hot”) as well as frame drops and glitches indicating the console is overheating.

The glitches can be black or white dots and purple, green, black, or white screens. Additionally, the fans may be making louder-than-usual noises, like a plane taking off. 

Here’s how you can lower your PS5’s temperatures: 

Instead of using Rest Mode, turn off your PlayStation 5 after long gaming hours.

Notice how much time you play AAA titles like Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Put the console in an open area, preferably nearby windows, doors, or A/Cs.

Clean the area around the console regularly

Put the console on top of its stand. Moreover, put the whole setup on cold surfaces like wood, marble, or stone.

Leave room between the back vents and the walls. The PS5 must have space to breathe.

Clean the vents regularly with a cleaning brush and a low-powered vacuum. Only do this with the PlayStation unplugged.

If the fan is making noises, you should clean the PlayStation from the inside. You’ll find the information on our PS5 overheating guide. In essence, you can lift both PS5’s lids and clean the insides with a cleaning brush, canned air, and a low-powered vacuum. 

Hopefully, lowering the temperatures will allow your games to run smoothly. 

The last resort is resetting the console to factory presets. If your PS5 keeps crashing after prior solutions, it will erase any potential bug. 

Because a factory reset will delete your data, you can manually back up your files in an external hard drive. 

Plug an external drive into your PS5

Now, here’s how to reset the console to factory presets:

The process may take a while. Along the way, though, follow the instructions to put your console back in service. 

Lastly, restore the data you backup:

If all else fails, you should contact PlayStation Support to get service or receive a new console. It would mean your device has a random hardware error, like a faulty optical disc drive, preventing proper functionality.

Alternatively, you can take your console to a service store.

10 Ways To Fix Can’t Connect Iphone Hotspot On Android Device

One effective way to connect your Android phone to an iPhone hotspot is to pair both devices via Bluetooth before turning on the Personal hotspot service (on your iPhone). Here’s how you can pair your Android phone to an iPhone:

1. Enable the Bluetooth Service on both smartphones and search for the available Android device to connect in the iPhone’s Bluetooth list.

2. Next, tap on your Android device name and pair it to your iPhone by tapping the Pair button on both devices.

3. That’s it! You’ve successfully paired both devices via Bluetooth. You can now turn on the ‘Personal Hotspot’ service on your iPhone to connect your Android phone for internet access.

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Mobile Data to configure it.

2. Next, turn off the toggle for Mobile Data to disable cellular data service on your device.

If you’re facing issues while connecting your Android phone to an iPhone hotspot all of a sudden, then it might be due to an existing bug or glitch associated with the Personal Hotspot service. To resolve this issue, you can manually toggle off and on the personal hotspot service to fix it. Here’s how:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on Personal Hotspot to configure it.

3. Wait for a few seconds and re-enable the iPhone hotspot by turning on its toggle.

1. Open the Settings app and tap on Personal Hotspot.

3. Further, turn on the toggle for ‘Maximise Compatibility‘ to apply the enhanced settings to your iPhone hotspot.

Sometimes an issue with the existing network settings might prevent your Android device from connecting to your iPhone’s hotspot. To fix it, you should reset the existing network settings on your iPhone to restore the personal hotspot service.

1. Tap on General inside the Settings app on your iPhone.

3. Next, tap on the Reset button.

4. Further, press the Reset Network Settings to remove all the existing network configurations from your iOS device.

An issue with the hotspot service doesn’t necessarily mean a problem with your iPhone but can also indicate incompatible or incorrect WiFi configurations on your Android device. To fix this issue and allow your Android device to connect to an iPhone hotspot successfully, you must troubleshoot the existing WiFi settings on your Android phone.

One of the most common reasons behind the iPhone hotspot issue on Android devices is the incorrect WiFi connection password. If you’re unsure about the hotspot password, here’s how you can locate and view it on an iPhone.

1. Open the Settings app and tap on Personal Hotspot to configure it.

2. Further, tap on the WiFi password to view the configured hotspot password.

3. You can also edit this password to your preference.

The network carrier on your iPhone also provides timely updates to improve the existing network settings, especially when you switch to a new network or travel to a different location. In such a situation, you must check for any network carrier updates to improve cellular data connectivity to share the internet across different devices. Here’s how you can check the same:

1. Head to the Settings app on your iPhone and tap on General to view associated options.

2. Next, tap on About and wait for a few seconds to receive any new network carrier updates.

3. Tap on the install button when prompted to update your existing network carrier settings.

Suppose you haven’t successfully connected your Android phone to the iPhone’s hotspot after trying all the above methods. In that case, you can utilize Bluetooth tethering to provide internet access to your device. Here’s how:

1. Pair your Android device and iPhone using the first method listed above.

2. Next, tap on the connected iPhone device in your Bluetooth list.

3. Turn on the toggle for internet access to use the cellular data of your iPhone via Bluetooth tethering.

This setting is only available for iPhone 12 series and above models that support enhanced network settings.

Q2: I am getting an “Incorrect Password Error” while connecting to my iPhone Hotspot.

You should ensure you’re typing the correct password on your Android device to connect to an iPhone hotspot. You can refer to the steps above to find your iPhone hotspot password.

Q3: I can’t discover the iPhone hotspot on my Android device?

We hope you’ve learned to fix issues connecting your Android phone to an iPhone hotspot using the above methods. If this comprehensive read has aided you in accomplishing the same, then hit the Like button and share it with your friends to help them avoid unnecessary trouble while connecting to their iPhone hotspots. Subscribe to GadgetsToUse for more informative troubleshooting guides like this one.

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